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H ow to produce ne atl y abutting driv s e

When using underground design, there are a number of ways of creating drives so that they intersect neatly, rather than cross over. One method for rectangular drives involves creating a single drive outline, which can then be linked using the Applications|Underground|Drive Linking|Link Single Outline command: Create control strings for both drives, snapping the end point of one string onto a point or segment of the other. Open the Applications|Underground|Drive Linking settings dialog and check the Generate Wall Strings box to switch on the generation of wall strings during drive linking. Select both strings and use Applications|Underground|Drive Linking|Link Drive Centreline to create a wireframe of each drive. This will also generate roof centreline and left and right wall strings. Then remove the drive wireframes. This can be done using Wireframes|Tools|Unlink Wireframe and select the drive wireframes. (You could also use the erase all wireframes command). Next, erase the centreline strings, so that only the wall strings remain. By default the wall strings are coloured green. Use Design|String Tools|Connect to create two strings from the four wall strings. Close the strings by selecting Design|Open/Close|Close and select the strings to close.

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Combine the two strings into a single outline, with Design|String Tools|Combine.

Create the wireframe of the final, combined drive using Applications|Underground|Drive Linking|Link Single Outline

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