This is some information about one type of scanner which is Canon Flatbed Scanner CanoScan LiDE 25.

The product code is SCN318, Manufacturer code is LiDE 25 and Model Number is LiDE 25. First of all the scanner is approximately 38 mm thick, so it does not require any power cable and it just needs a single USB cable connected to the computer, this is the only way you will ever need to connect. The LiDE 25 has double cover, the cover keeps pressure on whatever you place on the glass, making it ideal for scanning thick documents, magazines and books even the small packages of documents. The scan function scans documents straight and directly to PDF (Portable Document Format), which is good for speeding up the work flows and reducing the need of extra conversion software. In addition, text is automatically filled in Portable Document Format files at the same time of scanning, allowing editing and searching. However, the standard of the scanner level is to correct photos printing and to correct unclear colors. In addition the dust and scratches are automatically detected, corrected and saving hours of manual retouching. The specification of the scanner are, scanning element which is contact image sensor, the optical resolution of the scanner is about 1200x2500 dpi, scanning gradation color is about 48 bits input and 24 bits output, the maximum document size is A4/ Letter (216 x 297 mm), also the max horizontal scan size is approximately 8.5 but the max vertical scan size is approximately 11.7, The preview speed is 16 seconds and scanning speed is 16 msec/line. Also, the power supply is powered by USB port. The weight of the scanner is approximately 1.5 kg, it is 1.3 heights, 25.7 cm width, it is 38.4 cm length and the scanner can be used for windows 98, 2000 and can use in the new windows as well. Finally, the features of the scanner are, Compact, slim and stylish, using USB bus power, it is about 1200 x 2400dpi with 48 bits color depth, straight scanning to PDF, QARE Level 3 dust/scratch removal and backlight correction, comprehensive software suite, 3 EZ buttons, Multi-photo mode and Z-lid for thick document scanning.

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