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How to Benefit from the Attorney Generals’ $1 Billion Mortgage Servicing Settlement How to Prevent Foreclosure
Who should attend? Distressed Homeowners
If you made your mortgage payments to one of these banks, you may be eligible for relief: • Ally/GMAC • Bank of America/Countrywide • Citi • JPMorgan Chase/WaMu • Wells Fargo/Wachovia Even if your mortgage is not serviced by one of these banks, this workshop can help you prevent or deal with foreclosure in the best way possible.

Homeowner Relief & Foreclosure Prevention Workshop

Why should I attend? We Can Help
• You may qualify for loan modifications including principal reduction if you are in default or at risk of defaulting on your mortgage payments. • You may be able to refinance at today’s historically low interest rates if you are current in your payments but your home is worth less than the mortgage loan amount. • If you lost your home to foreclosure, you may be eligible for between $1,500 and $2,000. • You will learn about new bank servicing standards that change the way banks deal with borrowers. • You can work one-on-one with housing counselors and lawyers. This free service will help you develop your own best action plan, whether or not you qualify for relief under the Settlement.

What should I do? Attend The Workshop
Attend this workshop if you believe you may be eligible for relief or you want to take steps to avoid future mortgage trouble. To work with counselors, if possible, please bring copies of the following: a detailed hardship letter; your two most recent paystubs for income verification; your last two monthly bank statements; your 2007 and 2008 tax returns; default letters or late notices from lenders; foreclosure notices or threats; and a list of monthly household expenses. If you don’t have these documents or are not sure what to bring, please still come to the event so we can connect you with a housing counselor.

Saturday March 31st, 12:00pm
For more information about the workshop, call 410-576-6956. More Information and Resources: Maryland Attorney General’s Call Center: 410-576-6300 Contact MDHOPE Hotline: 1-877-462-7555 to be connected with a free housing counselor in your area.
Douglas F. Gansler, Maryland Attorney General

Sanctuary at Kingdom Square 9171 Central Ave, Capitol Heights MD 20743

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