Topic- Electrical Engineering (EE) 1. What is this?

If we talk about EE then we talk about machines (AC/DC) (1-Phase/3-phase) (Transformer (step-up/stepdown)), transmission line, power transmission, protection, current, voltage, ammeter, voltmeter wattmeter, drives (AC/DC) (1-Phase/3-phase) servomotors. Carrier in electrical engineering If we want to make the carrier as an electrical engineering. There are following ways:I. You can apply in government sector. II. There are so many job opportunity in private sector. Where we can apply and start your carrier. Future in above field There are so many options to make future in electrical engineering. I. You can become a Scientist. II. You can become BOD (Board of director ) or top management in any core electrical company. For example: - Siemens Ltd. Siemens Ltd. Worked in 4 different sectors a. b. c. d. Energy Infrastructure Health care Industry



In the core industry, they require only 5% (up to 5%) M.B.A. only on corporate level but it type of industry Require approximate 60% of engineer


Is any sort of degree required in above field during bachelor or master or after that? if yes what are those
There is two way to go to B. Tech. or B.E. th th Complete 10 and 12 class with science & then you appear entrance exam. th nd Complete 10 class and 3 year Diploma and take admission in 2 year (B. Tech. or B.E.) directly. In case of M. Tech. or M. E. , We require B. Tech. or B.E. graduate but it is not necessary, if you had done your B. Tech. or B.E. from electrical then you have to do your M. Tech from electrical, you can opt for any other stream.

I. II.


Which are best colleges where these are taught?
Best college of engineering is IIT , NIT , & some private institute in all India

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