INTRODUCTION Organizational study is a direct investigation about the functions and activities carried out in an organization. It gives a clear insight into real life situation. Such studies enable others to know about the functions and the importance of each department in an organization. Organization refers to the structure of relation among positions and jobs which are building up for the realization of the common objectives it prescribe the relationship with various positions and activities in the business which is help by persons. In other words organization is a harmonious adjustment of some common purpose. Organization involves the dividing and grouping to the work to be done in an enterprise. To know more about the organization, its functions and activities, an organization study of “RUBCO CO-OPERATIVE LTD” was done. This short time study helps to get an overview about production department, finance department, marketing department and H.R. Department of Rubco.



The study is mainly based on the details collected from each department. A study on all the departments can help to improve the process and there by overall improvements in the company’s performance can be made.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The study is about the major functioning of RUBCO rubberized coir mattress division. v. To have an understanding of the profile of Rubco Mattress Division and its various activities ii. 2.1 Objectives of study The organization study was done on behalf of the fulfillment of MBA degree. Pampady. This study is very beneficial to the future managers as they put into the real life situations. To find out problems if any and to put forward suggestions To get an idea of the organization and its various departments To get familiarize with various activities of the company To get the feel of actual working environment and to get acquainted with it vii. vi. Each and every activities of the company is studied very carefully with the data available. The organization study was conducted for the following purpose. To learn and maintain a good relationship with the organization 6 . To acquire knowledge regarding the functional as well as the managerial aspects of the company iii. iv. i.

Service and marketing. . purchase. the company selected should have large number of departments and also should be one that is engaged in active performance in production.2. 2. The prime consideration in selecting Rubco RCM LTD for the study is its tremendous growth during the past years.  Busy schedule of the officers and employees prevented lengthy discussion. A detailed study of all the functions in the organization couldn’t be completed in the time frame. and higher growing opportunity. human resource and exports.  Information collected from workers and employees are only true to certain extent. quality control.  Reluctance from the organization to give all information required for the study.3 Limitations of the study  The period available for the study was limited. marketing. maintenance. production and planning. It has all the major departments including finance.2 Reason for selecting the company For conducting an organization study that would be beneficial.

 Official records of RUBCO  Organizational manuals  Annual reports  Websites  Magazines .4 Data collection method The study includes both primary and secondary data 1. organizational manuals etc. these are the secondary source of data which are obtained indirectly. Secondary data Secondary data were collected from published and unpublished sources like official records. Primary data Data were collected from various sources like formal and informal interview and discussion with mangers and other officials at various levels.  Formal and informal interviews managers  Direct observations  Interview with the employees 2. They are the actual data collected by the researcher through the following source.7 2. The researcher has taken information from the following ways.

8 2.5 Period of study The period of study was 46 days commenced from the month of July 20 th to September 4th 2011 .


10 .

Duroflex. there was dearth of this raw material.INDUSTRY PROFILE Rubberized coir mattress segment is a high competitive. This was the beginning of Rubberized coir industry. after various alternative tried like sisal fiber. This necessitated a suitable alternative product for rubberization and which would suit to their specifications. Rubberized coir mattress industry has more than 45 odd brands and over 200 different models.S. Prior to the year 1960 people hardly had any idea of this novel and high utility product. The major players in the industry are Kurl – on. The Indian rubberized Coir Industry is nearly five decades old. In those days the world famous car manufactures. As their production increased from 100 cars per day to 300 cars per day. Sulfex. Many other units came up during sixties itself. the coir fiber was decidedly found to be the best. jute fiber. Volks Wagon of Germany. This segment is having more than 50 % of the market share in the mattress industry. Rubco and Sunidra. 11 . The birth of rubberized Coir Industry is quite amusing and interesting. were using horse hair as cushion filling material for their car seats. M. It was in 1964 that M/s/ Bharat Motors of Chennai established its manufacturing unit.

Government of India recognized Rubberized coir mattress as a healthy and hygienic product. health clinics etc. FORM MATTRESS Form mattress segment comes at next place after rubberized coir mattress industry. The cotton mattress industry has a market share of 50%. sleep well. This mattress is priced very low. OTHER TYPES OF MATTRESS ARE  Cotton Mattress  Form Mattress  Spring Mattress COTTON MATTRESS The cotton mattress mainly targets lower income group.After nearly one decade of its introduction. The major players in form industry are MM form. 12 . This industry having a market share of 9 to 10% this industry mainly target consumer belonging to upper income and upper middle income group. Slowly many state Governments recognized rubberized coir as “Wealth from waste” and advocated the use of rubberized coir mattress in various hospitals.

during early 60s this product got some market recognition in early 70s. Over the last decade. The basic raw material for Rubberized Coir Industry is the brown coir fiber and the natural latex rubber. Sealy Kurl – on etc. In the next 3 decades over one hundred manufactures have entered rubberized coir field. GROWTH DURING LAST 4 DECADES From a handful of manufactures. packaging industry (Pharmaceuticals. hospitals theatres and auditorium. Today rubberized coir products are increasingly used in many industries notably in transport industry like railways and buses. heavy engineering. 13 . The major players in spring industry are spring well. electronic etc).SPRING MATTRESS The industry target consumers belonging to the upper income group. the brown coir sector has registered a tremendous growth.

C) SIMMONS BEDDING COMPANY Simmon Bedding Company is a major manufacture of mattress and is one of the oldest companies in the United States. Texas. INDIAN SCENARIO The rubberized coir mattress market of India is estimated to be highly fragmented with little brand loyalty. King Coil Founded in 1988.WORLD SCENARIO There are mainly three major players in the industry and are as follows a) Sealy Corporation Sealy Corporation is the major mattress manufacturer and it got the name from the place it started. Koil has over a century of experience crafting high – quality. for over 152 years. The major players in the rubberized coir mattress industry in India are. b) 14 . affordable bedding both in United States and throughout the world. Sealy.

STATE SCENARIO In India. a Manipal group company came into existence in 1962. Green husks of coconut are immersed in the salty back waters for 10 to 12 months. Century is the first mattress manufacturer with ISO – 9001 -2000 series and ISI Certification. Duroflex b) Duroflex is the largest exporter of sleep and comfort products from India started its operations in 1963. The main players in rubberized coir mattress industry are 15 . Started its rubberized coir plant at Hyderabad in 1988 under the brand name “CENTURY”. Now the company has got three manufacturing units for rubberized coir mattress. Kurlon Limited is the brand leader in the mattress industry and has acquired major market share in the branded mattress segment. Ltd. c) Century Mattress Century fiber plates Pvt. the coir industry has developed very well especially in Kerala where they produce ‘Retted Fiber’.a) Kurlon Limited Kurlon Limited.

16 . C) RUBCO Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Limited (Rubco) was set up in the year 1997. b) Eastern Sunidra Eastern sunidra Mattresses pvt. Duroflex is the largest exporter of sleep and comfort products from India . the Eastern Group of Companies.a) Duroflex Duroflex is the leading mattress manufacturer in India which started its operations in 1963.. Rubco was incepted with prime objective of effectively utilizing the abundant rubber resource of Kerala. Ltd. Is a part of Kerala’s renowned business conglomerate.

suited for mass production. which are technically more demanding or better. the demand of the product is in growth stage. Products.000 persons. Now in rubberized coir mattress industry the competition is more and more. At the beginning of the value chain are approximately 300 fibers milers with usually less than 10 employees and an estimated 500 supplies of coir pith. employing more persons. or dust. such as high – end twine. Their output is either purchased for direct export or undergoes manufacturing for twine. 17 . brushes. mats and brushes. rubberized coir and erosion control blankets are predominantly produced in larger facilities. rubberized coir mattresses and pots.The Indian coir industry has a diversified structure. reflective of the board ranges of raw materials and value – added products involved. geo textiles and pith products. The industry provides at least part – time employment to an estimated 40. So only the quality mattress industry can survive in the competitive world.


Since its inception in 1997. But this problem has come to an end since 1997. It has entered into various Rubber and Rubber wood based industries like Hawai Chappel with reputed Malaysian Technology. is promoted by the provisional Government of Kerala to promote Rubber based industries in this part of the country. So rubber has become the backbone of our economy. RUBCO has traveled long. Due to the bad impact of globalization the overall market of rubber fell down Kerala. Among the total production. because The Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Ltd. 19 . India. Rubberized Coir Mattress. small state of Kerala contributes 92%. (RUBCO) came into existence in this year on the purpose of exploring the infinite possibilities of rubber. Today India enjoys 4th position in the production of natural Rubber (NR) in the world. block Rubber (SMR). Kerala State. casual shoes etc. is situated in Kannur.COMPANY PROFILE Kerala state rubber Co-operative limited (RUBCO). that time instability in price of rubber was one of the major problem that farmers facing in the market. conventional and procured tread rubber. Pale Latex Crepe (PLC). Cycle Tyres and Tubes. The farmers were no getting fair price for their effort.

Divisions operating under Rubco Group are involved in a wide range of business such as footwear. furniture. Rubco is led by a professional management team and supported by a committed workforce. RUBCO adopts the best and latest process in the production. 280 Crore Conglomerate with well diversified operations.VISION AND MISSION For last half decade with a vision to become a global leader in the production of Natural rubber products and innovative product development. RUBCO has grown into a Rs. 20 . Rubco is now poised to enter a high growth phase with several initiatives that will take the Group on path Expansion and Diversification. “RUBCO means Rubber and Rubber means RUBCO” Today. Rubberized Coir Mattress and Natural Rubber. cycle Tyre and Tube. from a single unit company. Rubco is the largest Exporter of Natural Rubber to all leading Rubber based companies in India.

Rubco manufactures and markets variety of products from footwear to furniture.280 crore conglomerate with well diversified operations and market presence extending beyond the boundaries of Kerala. redefined the way the cooperative sector functions and set the pace for the cooperative Movement in Kerala today. Rubco was set up in the year 1997 with the objective of effectively utilizing the abundantly available rubber resources of Kerala. from a single unit company. from Cycle tyre tube and tyres to mattress. both radial and bias for Heavy Vehicles. LCV. Passenger Cars and other four wheelers. establish.  Tyres for three wheelers and two wheelers  Purchase and sale of rubber in any form such as Latex. maintain and manage the business related to manufacture and sale of tyres. Rubco has grown in top an Rs.OBJECTIVE SOCIAL  To ensure a steady market with remunerative price to rubber growers for their natural rubber  Welfare of rubber grower particularly of small and marginal segment OBJECTIVE COMMERCIAL  To Promote. 21 . Crumbs and Laces  Manufacturing of Rubber Wood based on products GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF ORGANIZATION Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Ltd (RUBCO) has in a short span. Sheets. Today.

Rubco hopes to create opportunities and bring Industrial progress to a land that accounts for 92% of the country’s natural rubber production. Substantial investments in modern manufacturing facilities. coupled with well organized marketing activities. Even in the domestic market. natural rubber trading has being a blend of social obligation and commercial practicability led by a professional management team and ably supported by a committed workforce. Rubco is a major supplier of natural rubber to all leading Tyre combines in India. have seen Rubco’s products earn a reputation for quality and significant market shares. 22 . Rubco is also a Government intervention agency towards market stabilization and has been serving the farming community directly and indirectly to get reasonable price. arresting drastic fall in price during peak production periods. Rubco is now poised to enter a high growth phase. with several new initiatives that will take the group on a path of expansion and diversification rubber holds immense potential. sourcing from them state –of –art technology. Rubco is largest exporter of natural rubber in the country today.Rubco has also entered into technological alliances with world leader in the respective field.

Sri George Mathew 4. Sri K. Koman Nambiar 2.V. Narayan He is a veteran Co-operator and is holding various positions as Chairman in Central and state level cooperative organization. Four ex – officio directors viz Register of cooperative societies. Rubco CHAIRMAN : Mr. OTHER DIRECTORS 1. Sri. Sri. E. Mathew He has more than 25 years of experience as CEO in corporate sector. Sri V. Kerala State Cooperative Bank Ltd. Panneri Mukundan 3.ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT The Administration and management of RUBCo vests in the Board of Directors consisting of fifteen members as follows: Nine directors elected by ‘A’ class shareholders from among themselves Two directors elected by ‘B’ class shareholders from among themselves. Azzez 6. Chandran 7. MANAGING DIRECTOR : Mr. Kerala Chairman of the Indian Rubber Board President. M. Vasavan 5. Jacob D. N. Sri U. Managing Director. Manoharan 23 . Sri N.

Palakkad District Cooperative Bank. The top share holder are Government of Kerala. Sri K. Trivandrum PROMOTERS Government of Kerala along with Indian Rubber Board and some district and primary Cooperative Banks in Kerala are the promoters of RUBCO.The Registrar of Cooperative societies. Thrissur District Cooperative Bank. 11.The Chairman Rubber Board. TVM 14. The President. Kannur District Cooperative Bank.Kerala State Cooperative Bank. Sri V. Kottayam 13.N. Mathew 12. Government of Kerala holds the majority of the shares.8.Ernakulam District Cooperative Bank. Saseendran 9. Gopi 10. 24 .P. Kottayam District Cooperative Bank. Rubber Board.Smi Jacob D.S.Smt Satyabhama K. Trivandrum District Cooperative Bank and Kollam District Cooperative Bank.

Commenced operations in October in the year same 15 October 1997 17th February 1998 28 May 1998 th th year Commenced procurement of rubber Commenced procurement of rubber from farmers through depots Foundation stone laid for foot wear manufacturing rubber Koothparambu.L. factory and thread at manufacturing unit Vaiuavelicham June 1998 July 1998 Industrial Centre.C. factory in Sreekandapuram 25 23rd June 1999 Signed long significant technical collaboration agreement with .MILTESTIONS OF RUBCO 9th June 1997 Registered RUBCO. Ltd 11th February 1999 Entred in to an important agreement on technological collaboration for manufactures of ultra light weight 2 March 1999 nd footwear with H-tech sectors Foundation stone laid for P. Exported rubber to Singapore & Nepal RUBCo takes over the reins of Sreekandapuram Latex (Pvt).

8th March 2000 Entered in to a technical collaboration with Pancarwarna management and Consulting service. Kottayam 9th December 1999 Entered into to an agreement 15000 with M/s Tog Teik (Pvt) Ltd of Singapore from India. Manufacture shoes. 6th May 2000 1st January 2001 Foundation stone laid for Malaysia of casual for of Export Metric tons of rubber first time casual shoe project Rubco factory huat wood furniture commenced commercial production 26 .Huat Berhad of Malaysia for the processing of wood and furniture that 13th August 1999 19th October 1999 Rubco Footwear hit the market Foundation Stone laid for the rubber wood processing and furnituring unit 30th October 1999 Foundation stone laid for Rubberized coir foam Factory at Pampady .

Outlay of 20 . Ltd of Australia for production Virgin oil automobiles and with a capital. Ltd Started activities of coconut complex for the production of virgin coconut oil and ancillary products 6th December 2002 Started RUBCO RUFAS Scheme (collection of natural rubber latex from farmers) 20th December 2002 Expression of interest submitted to the government of Kerala for setting unit for the production for of rubber components million USD 23rd January 2003 Signed the MOU with of Coconut Coconut Pacific Pvt.16th June 2001 20th April 2002 Incorporation of RUBCO tire India Pvt.

27 PRESENT STATUS OF THE ORGANIZATION Rubco is a well diversified industrial conglomerate with a strong presence in the rubber based industrial segment. In a short span of time Rubco has successfully introduced a wide range of fast moving rubber based products. RUBCO FOOTWEAR DIVISION-Making Impressive Strided Rubco’s footwear division manufactures a range of quality casual rubber Footwear. perfect blend. In the short span. Today Rubco group of companies has established new factories of Rubber Footwear. Rubco was formed with the prime objective of utilizing abundantly available rubber resources of Kerala. . This division also manufactures honey comb rubber mats in fascinating colors. processed rubber and rubber molded coir mats. Rubco has made its presence felt in fiercely competitive markets on account of the excellent quality of its products.6 million pair’s annum. Rubberized coir mattress. The plant employs sophisticated machinery and has production capacity of 3. quality raw material and superior manufacturing methods make the Rubco range second to none. The product range includes sturdy regular and comfy ultra-light (manufactured under the renewed Malaysian technology). Cycle Tyres & Tubes.

The production facility spread over 25000 sq. Rubco Rainbow is a colorful range of ultra light casual footwear with cushioned insoles and extra soft straps. technologically superior cycle tyres and tubes suitable for rough terrains and track.28 Rubco’s footwear range presently comprises of three leading brands Rubco Hawaii.On the Fast Track Rubco Cycle Types & Tube division has already gone on stream manufacturing a range of sturdy. The entire range of cycle tyres is being exported to the U. soft insoles and power grip technology. Rubco’s range of cycle tyres and tubes has advanced features such as high non skid depth improved wet-skid resistance. Rubco Hawaii has durable flexi strap. . offering true value for money. The plant has an annual installed capacity of 3 million tyre and tube. Rubco Rainbow and Rubco Classic. Is equipped with modern imported machinery including Taiwan made CNC mould which imparts better finish to the tyre.K. RUBCO CYCLE TYPES& TUBE DIVISION. Rubco classic is a top quality Hawaii that provides excellent wearing comfort and durability. High tensile copper coated steel bead wires add durability and rim holding capacity.ft.

The edge-geld panels manufactured using sophisticated finger jointing technology.LTD. Rub wood. are easy to saw. is emerging as the deal substitute to rain forest wood. comprise of dining tables and chairs. durability and finish as the latter.Design on the Future. this division manufactures a range of elegant furniture and quality edge-geld panels using the eco-friendly rubber wood. and also helps preserve the environment. The products are being exported to UK. USA. as it offers the same strength. . The furniture manufacturing plant has a processing capacity of 40. drill. futons kitchen cabinets and computer and office furniture and is available in the choice of designs and finish. Rubber wood properly treated and processed. designer wardrobes. bore on stain and have excellent nail. A joint venture with Long Huat Group Berhard of Malaysia. Japan and many other countries across the globe. a world leader in rubber wood furniture.000 metric tons per year.29 RUBCO HUAT WOODS PVT. the furniture range.holding capacity.

this division sustaining excellent customer relations.Crafting Winning strategies Rubco Sales International (RSIL) is a public Ltd. new Rubco Sreekandapuram Latex Pvt. Apart from gathering market information and monitoring the supply chain system. Company promoted by Rubco to spearhead the sales and the marketing activities for Rubco’s entire range of product in the domestic and international markets. by sound backroom operations unit was turned around and is today posting profits.Tapping opportunities. LTD. Ltd became a part of the Rubco group when a loss. Within a short span of its inception. competent network domestically as well as globally and undertaken the successful launch of Rubco’s product. RUBCO SALES INTERNATIONAL LTD. is also responsible for nurturing and . In a short span of time. RSIL could effectively develop a deft.making unit was taken over by Rubco by acquiring 65% of its shares.30 RUBCO SREEKANDAPURAM LATEX PVT.Rubco is in the process of expanding the scope of operations of this unit in line with market trends . The company manufactures Block Rubber ( ISNR) and pale Latex Crepe( PLC).

The process methodology is commonly known as Direct Micro Expelling (DME) Technology. The place is accessible by road and rail from all other parts of the country.31 VIRGIN COCONUT OIL The project envisages establishment of 100 co. . The place is blessed with all infrastructure facilities for setting of such a project. Coconut oil is a much sought after product for edible use in the households and non-edible use as hair oil and as cosmetic and industrial oil. This is a highly sought after item as a health product and is used as massage oil and also as baby oil for massaging small kids. To start with.operative coconuts processing units in kerala. this will be increased to 200 units subsequently for the production of coconut oil directly from green coconut nuts without going through conventional copra or milk route. The centralized packing unit is at Thalassery in Kannur District. Coconut oil extracted from fresh coconut kernel by Direct Micro Expelling Technology is of very high quality and commands a premium price because of its use as a health product. The project also proposed to set up a centralized packing cum marketing unit for Virgin coconut oil manufacturing the cooperative processing units.

1. It will have a production capacity of 6 million tyres and tubes annually.33 million numbers of radial and bias tyres per annum which 75 million would be utilized for the truck drivers. Capacity and Product Mix: The plant will have a 2. about 35 Kms from Kannur city. . The ground work is underway and the division will be launched in the near future.32 FUTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION: The main future plans and the progressing proposals of Rubco group are: RUBCO TYRES INDIA(PVT) LIMITED Rubco is in the process of setting up a project for the manufacture of tyres and tubes for two and three wheelers. heavy duty trucks and light commercial vehicles. Location: The project will be located in the proposed industrial growth centre being developed at Valiyavelicham.5 million for light type passenger’s tyre and balance would be for two or three wheelers. passenger cars.

Kottayam which started its operation in 2001. Kannur district. at Poothakuzhy near Pampady. The manufacturing plant is among very few in the country to employ advanced Austrian machinery. sourced from DOA. sourced from DOA-Austria a technology leader in rubberizes mattress.33 RUBCO CASUAL SHOE PROJECT Investment: 96 million Employment:600 persons Location :Thalassery. Austria. 280 Millions. Rubco’s rubberized coir mattress division is an ambitious project realized with an investment of Rs.5 million pair per annum. Kerala Capacity:1. . is an ambitious project realized with an investment of 260 million. The manufacturing plants among the very few in the country to employ advanced Austrian machinery. RUBCO MATTRESS DIVISION Rubco’s rubberized coir mattress division. 75% of the production is earmarked for export.

a proceed that result in a deeper penetration of latex in to the sheet. The plant has an annual installed capacity of 4. By virtue of their ingenious design and constructing and the unique 3-D technology.34 Rubco rubberized coir mattresses are scientifically designed to provide proper back support without compromising on comfort. This provides the mattress with uniform density throughout and an extra cushioning effect. . making it very elastic. A unique of the main sheeting plant is that it facilities Vertical fiber Orientation.A. Rubco rubberized mattresses are very comfortable and ensure a healthy and restful sleep. The furnishing section is equipped with most modern computer controlled machines imported from U.8 million units.K and U.S. Strict quality control is observed at every stage of production to ensure that Rubco rubberized coir mattress always measure to the highest quality. Rubco rubberized coir mattresses are crafted from the finest materials and finished to perfection in one of India’s most modern manufacturing plants. consisting of mattress and other rubberized coir products.

Further. Vertical Fiber Orientation (VFO) ensures extra cushioning effect and high durability in the mattresses.35 THE UNIQUE VFO ADVANTAGE Rubco rubberized coir mattresses are manufactured using the machinery as well as technology from DOA sheet forming machine has the unique advantage of producing uniform density vertical oriented fiber sheets. . considerable sheet thickness and densities varying from 80kgs to 250kgs can be obtained.

e) DOSTH An economy model that offers true value for money is available in 2 and 3 inches. d) HITECH PILLOW TOP Superior quality mattresses finished to world class standard is available in 7 inch thickness. . Also available in customized dimensions and thickness for large quantities (100 and above) b) HEAVEN PLUS A luxury model that is elegant as well as comfortable. c) HI-TECH A hi.36 PRODUCT PROFILE OF RUBCO RCM DIVISION Rubco manufactures a wide range of mattresses catering to diverse segments of the market.end model with an accent on finish and luxury available in 5 inch thickness. The range consists of: a) HEAVEN Premium model that provides unmatched sleeping comfort is available in 3 inch and 4inch thickness. which is available in 5 inch thickness.

Available in 3 inch and 4 inch thickness. iii. Available in 3 inch and 4 inch thickness. enabling a relaxed healthy sleep. Tourist resorts etc. h) HEAL A quality product suitable for use in hospitals. Available in 5 inch thickness. iv. ii. OTHER PRODUCTS FROM FACTORY i. Yathri combines superior sleeping comforts with perfect back support. i) RELIEF A special mattress scientifically designed for orthopedic patients. Rubberized coir block Coir block Cushions Soft touch pillows . Layer upon layer of rubberized coir and latex enhance the comfort while soft and elegant quilting adds a luxurious feel for use in hospitals is available in 3 & 4 inch thickness. (J) 9.37 f) SAFAL A regular mattress that combines comfort and durability is available in 3 and 4 inches (g) YATHRI An elegant mattress meant for hotels.30 PM Economy model.

To maintain and improve the existing cordial relationship between employees and management by mutual interactions levels and further improve efficiency of executives. 7. OBJECTIVES 1. To introduce new varieties of mattress so as to increase the range of mattress catering to the diverse segment of the market. Maximize the capacity utilization of the existing plant 2. supervisors to meet future challenges. To ensure strict quality control and ISI standards of the product to compete in the global market.38 ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS AND OBJECTIVES GOALS The organizational goal of Rubco –RCM division is to make Rubco a leader in the market of rubberized coir mattress. in accordance with the market demand of the product and to make them available to the distributors. To execute production on time. 3. 6. To maximize the cost reduction. . To increase the profitability of the company and to maximize generation of surplus to enable Rubco to finance its diversified projects. 4. 5.

Rubco was formed with a prime objective of utilizing abundantly available rubber resource of Kerala. rubberized coir mattress. It represents the pattern of relationships among the components of an organization. In a short span of time Rubco has successfully introduced a wide range of fast moving rubber based products. -The human aspect . -The form of structure. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Organizational structure is the structure of relationship among positions and job created for the purpose of accomplishing the objectives of the enterprise. processed rubber and rubber coir mats.39 PRESENT STATUS OF THE ORGANISATION RUBCO is a well diversified industrial conglomerate with a strong presence in the rubber based industrial segment. They are: -The form of structure. -The functions to be performed. cycle tyre and tube. Today rubco group has factories of rubber footwear.

The organization chart shows the lines of responsibilities between various departments of the company. An organization structure should be designed to clarify who is do what tasks and who is responsible for what results. The company organization structure is diagrammatically represented by an organizational chart.40 The pattern of relationship governs duties and activities of persons who are dependent upon each other for accomplishing the objectives of the enterprise. to remove obstacles caused by confusion and uncertainty of assignment and to furnish decision making and communication networks reflecting and supporting enterprise objectives. .


Lab and quality department f. Product development d. The departments show the horizontal differentiation in an organization. Production department a. Marketing department . Production planning and control e. Production (main plant) b Production (furnishing) c. The main departments are: 1. Engineering department 4.43 DEPARTMENTS Departmentalization is a method of arranging activities to facilitate the accomplishment of organizational objectives. The organizational process of determining how activities are to be grouped is called departments. Administration cum personal department 2. Stores department Purchase department 3. b. Finance and accounts department a.

Training and developing managers j. Conducting job analysis b. Conducting orientation and training programs for new employees. acquiring their services. Since every org is made up of people. In other words HRM is the people concerned dimension in management. compensating employees and attending to their labour relations. business education. . HRM refers to a set of programmes.44 ADMINISTRATION CUM PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Human Resource Management HRM is the process of acquiring. e. Selecting job candidates d. Communication discipline) i. Providing incentives and benefits g. counseling. Managing wages and salaries f. health recreation and social action. This is true regardless of the type of the organizational. Planning Labour needs and recruiting job candidates c. Appraising the performance h. health and safety and fairness Concern. appraising. functions and activities designed and carried out in order to maximize both employees as well as organizational effectiveness. The main functions are. government. training. developing their skills. Building employee commitment with employee9 interviewing. motivating them to higher level performance and ensuring that they continue to maintain commitment to the org are essential to achieve organizational objectives. a.

... …………….. Picture……………(page maker files attached)….45 STRUCTURE OF THE DEPARTMENT ………………….

(d) HR manager shall be responsible for the proper administration of the statutory and non statutory welfare programming in the Rubco rubberized coir mattress division. discipline.RESPONSIBILITIES OF HR MANAGER (a) The HR manager is responsible for the manpower planning. optimum use of time. selection. . achieving the targeted production etc. (b) He is responsible for providing advices and guidance / assistance to the officers and staff working in the unit under the control of The General Manager in the matters connected with performance appraisal. harmonious relation. (e) HR manager shall be responsible for complying with various labour legislations. performance appraisal. pay scale and other required sanctions from managing director / chairman for filling up manpower requirements from time to time. training. maintaining discipline and harmonious industrial relationship Rubco RCM. training compensation package. recruitment. (c) HR manager is responsible for obtaining necessary function for the creation of posts.

Job analysis Job analysis is the procedure through which a HR manager has to determine the duties of the position and characteristics of the people to hire for them. In brief the function of HRM are. Completing those tasks that will help the organization achieve its overall objectives.47 (f) The HR manager is responsible for formulating HR policies and interpretation of different labour laws. Human Resource Planning. capable of effectively and efficiently. 2. . Human resource planning is understood as the process of foresting an organization’s future demand and supply of the right type of people in the right time at the right place. (h) The HR manager is responsible for identifying the training needs of the organization and its employment and prepare training calendar and arrange various training programmes for the employees. (g) The HR manager is responsible for preparation of wages and salary bills and passing it to finance department for disbursement. 1. the organizational resources and end users of all products and services. In its essence HRM is the qualitative improvement of human being who is considered the most valuable asset of an organization. In other words HRP is the process by which an organization ensures that it has right number of and the right kind of people at the right place at the right time.

48 3. • To review the organization structure and distribution of duties with the organization for the job evaluation. Recruitment: RUBCO RCM division follows a centralized system of recruitment programmes and its implementation is done at corporate level. 5. • For the foundation of performance appraisal . Selection Selection is the process of differentiating between applicants in order to identify and hire those with a greater likelihood of success in a job. In RUBCO RCM division selection of employees are done at two levels-workers level and at the managerial level. 4. Selection is concerned with picking the right candidates from a pool of applicants. Recruitment is the process of searching for and obtaining applicants for jobs from among whom the right people can be selected. Job Description: Job description is preparing for a number of different purposes in an organization. Selection is negative in its application as it seeks to eliminate as many unqualified applicants as possible in order to identify the right candidate. The area follows. • To define responsibilities of a job.

is provide a new employee with the information he or she needs to perfume comfortably and effectively in the planned induction programme for the fresh employees about their job. . . Thus orientation programme conveys three types of information. also called as induction. 8. It helps to avoid purely subjective judgment.Provide an objective standard against which candidates can measure.Personnel specification will help identify training and development plans for successful candidates. Orientation. The question and acceptable response are specified in advance and are rated for appropriateness of content.• To provide information about a post to be filled for recruitment/selection purpose. Orientation and placement. their co workers and the organization . A personal specification helps to:- . 49 6. Personal Specification: Personal specification is a set of criteria developed from the job and organization context which describes the skill and attributes of a job holder. It is most useful to find a candidate for a job who fulfills all requirements. Rubco rcm division is conducting interviews in their selection process.

Rubco rubberized coir mattress division is taking care of the placement of the employee because when an employee has been hired or oriented he or she must be placed in his /her first job. usually by changing the employee’s attitude for increasing his /her skill and knowledge .50  General information about the daily works routine.  A detailed presentation of the organization polices. founder. .Training and development RUBCO RCM DIVISION HR authority is conducting training and development programe for employee to improve current and future employee performance by increasing an employee’s ability to perfume through learning. 9 . the evaluation of the programme is conducted by time interview. work rules and employee benefits. objectives.The need for training and development is determine by the employee’s performance deficiency. After giving orientation programme for the new employees. operations and products or services as well as how the employee’s job contributes to the organizational needs.  A review of the organization history. Placement is understood as the process of allocation of people to the job . It is the assignment or reassignment of an employee to a new or different job. After the orientation programme.

The method for performance appraisal is for evaluating performance of employees on rating scale method because this is the simplest and most popular technique for approving employee performance . They are: A. initiative.Welfare measures: Labour welfare is a term which must necessarily be elastic. 11. Festival allowances are given to the employee on the occasion of notified festivals. . Al employees in the organization are covered under the employee state insurance (ESI) scheme.51 10. alternatives. the degree of industrialization and educational level of workers. cooperation and the like . Performance appraisal Performance appraisal is the systematic evaluation of the individual with respect to his/ her potential for development. each representing a job related performance criterion such as dependability. Each scale ranges from excellent to poor. The typical rating scale system consist of several numerical scale. Rubco RCM division conducts performance appraisal once in a year. output. It has some what different interpretation from country to country according to the different social customs. The management of Rubco is well aware of the growing necessity of welfare activities and pursues a policy of improving the facility aimed at total well being of its workforce . attitudes. No other insurance scheme prevails in this organization B.

Safety measures in Rubco Mattress Division Cleanliness and drinking water: The factory and its premises are kept spick and span. Annual bonus/ incentives are paid out to the employees as per the company rules. In RUBCO RCM is RUE (Rubco Employee Union) . The union is lead by CITU. Trade Union Employee association constitutes one of the stakeholders relations. This association are popularly known as trade union. There is a cordial relationship that exist between and union . The trade union that exists. It is important to develop communication and update HR polices and rules so that managers and employees will know what is expected.C. 52 12. Relation between employees and management : The relationship between manager and employee must be handle effectively as both the employee and the organization are to propose together whether or not some of the employee’s rights must be addressed. 13. . The accumulation of dirt is removed daily. Effective arrangement is made at suitable points suited for all workers employed there with sufficient supply of drinking water.

Finance theory in general. Financial Function a. . e. Prepare profitability trend reports and wage analysis. The finance in the modern business world is the life blood of the business economy.emerged as a distinct field of study at the turn of 20 th century. d. 53 FINANCE DEPARTMENT Financial Management Financial management.First aid: First aid facilities are provided in the factory for all the employees. b. f. Quarterly and yearly financial report preparation. rests on the premise that the goal of financial management should be to maximize the wealth of shareholders. Making banks statements g. We cannot imagine a business without finance because it is a central point at all business activities. Preparation assisting the coordination at all works connected with finalization of accounts. Safety : A well equipped security force is provided for safeguarding everything inside the factory premises. Passing and settlement of all miscellaneous advances. c. also referred to as corporate finance or managerial finance . Keeping personal life of employees relating to salary computation and annual increment. Perform works connected with insurance coverage of fixed asset. Finance Management Department Finance refers to the application of skills in the manipulation in the use and control of money.

54 Picture…………(page maker attached)….. Assisting statutory/ Vigilance / auditors from head quarters. Make internal and external purchases. .h. i. …………………….

The company will give the creditors a further of one month. cash is the common denominator into which all current assets can be reduced because other major liquid assets. During the budgeted year. Credit period allowed is 6 days to 90 days. Cash management Cash management system is done of the key areas in any business. then legal . if any further requirement of capital is faced then a proper justification has to be made . The requirement of capital will be specified for approval. The collection of credit will be handled by senior sales officers up to 180 days and it will be handed over to the factory manager. If the requirement is seen as an important one then approval of the capital is sanctioned. Apart from the fact that it is the most liquid asset. Credit control function A trade credit arises when a company sells on credit and does not received cash immediately. A company grants credit to protect its sales from the competitors and to attract potential customers to buy its product at favorable terms.Capital budgeting The capital budgeting is done at the being of the year itself. receivable and inventory get eventually converted into cash.

action will be taken against the person or the company. as there should be limitation in the utilization of funds. 56 Planning of funds. Allocation of funds. This is the estimation done by the observation over the physical activities of the company. Fixed assets. Recording transactions Each and every transaction that takes place in the company has to be recorded properly for the purpose of having better control over the funds optimality. Depreciation of fixed assets is charged on diminishing balance method. Providing funds to proper place at proper time is also an importance task to be done by the financial manager. Planning of funds is a careful estimate made by the manager about the total funds required. He studies the cash requirement of each department and then funds are distributed. . Fixed assets from the major part of the working of any company. All the transaction are recorded in journal and posted to the ledgers. Cost control The cost is controlled either in the acquisition of raw materials or reduction in operating expenses or both. If the cheque has bounced or has been dishonoured then the company can sue or take legal action against the person or the company. The company will always have a comparison of budgets and actual.

 Size of inventory – maximum level and minimum level. for new .  Coordinating sales. The major purpose of this department is to receive raw mate materials from the suppliers to different departments and there after verify the bill/ invoice to ensure of incoming materials and to confirm the quality and value with purchase order. It should neither be too high to block the funds unnecessarily nor be low to halt the production for the wants of materials.  Providing proper storage facility.  Arranging responsibilities for carrying out inventory control function and providing the report necessary for supervising the overall activities. disbursements and procurement of materials and developing the form of recording the transaction. production and inventory policies. Inventory management Management of inventory means an optimum investment in inventories .  Establishment.  Arranging the receipts. The inventory management includes the following aspects.57 Stock in Stores Store department is an auxiliary department of the financial department .  Ascertaining minimum safety level.timing schedule procedure and lot of size orders.

STRUCTURE OF STORES DEPARTMENT ……………………. i.Picture……… ……………………. liquidity and structure wealth.For effective inventory management in a business unit there should be proper coordination of activities and policies of the purchase. It function under accounts officer. Working capital management is managing the current assets and current liabilities of a firm in such a way that a satisfactory level of working capital is maintained. it is neither inadequate nor excessive.. STORES DEPARTMENT Stores department is an auxiliary department. production and sales department. 58 Working Capital management.(pagemaker attached) . Working capital management policies of a firm have a great effect on its profitability.e.

3. Rejected products are stored in stores department itself. 6. Storage of material in safe and conventional location 4. Monthly check and other periodical checks are done to certify the actual inventory values in quantities . 7. Maintenance of accounts. . Sales return management 9. Efficient and orderly record keeping of all materials in storage. Prevention of damages. Such products are sold out as separate sale items. Timely intimation to proper authorities regarding out of stock condition. 2.Functions of Stores department 1. Issue of material against written authority 5. Such products are inspected before and after by the quality control department. Material documents of this department are produced in coordination with the production department. There is a separate section for rejected product. losses and unauthorized uses etc. 8. Rejected materials managements. Receipt of incoming material.

60 Classification of materials Raw materials -Latex -Coir -Chemicals -Cloths -Fabrics General Engineering Materials -Electrical items -Mechanical items -Capital item tool etc Stationery Items and Furniture -Furniture .

So this department can be said as.-Paper -Bill books 61 PURCHASE DEPARTMENT This is the department which purchases the required raw materials for the production of mattress. The main function of purchasing department is to ensure unintempted flow of production. CLERK JR. The general manager then does further action to buy the required raw materials. CLARK . he will inform it to the accounts officer and he will pass on the information to the general manger. STRUCTURE OF PURCHASE DEPARTMENT PURCHASE OFFICER JR. The store keeper verifies the materials and if it goes beyond minimum require level. the backbone of Rubco.

quantity. Number of items passed. Vendor rating is done on the basis of product.service etc. rejected and the reason for rejection if any will be specified. which is based on desired quality. price of the materials and the reports from the production department in the case of latex or chemicals. Receipt of material: Materials are collected by the receipt store and the details will be given to the section for inspection. Receipts store will then prepare materials . Source selection: Source selection involves selecting the best supplier from different suppliers. price . Vendor rating: This responsibility lies with Rubco head office.62 Purchase Functions : Source identification: Source identification involves the identification of suppliers from which purchase are to be made.

receipt report and then sent it to the concerned sections i. purchase and accounts . Requisition The power of approving material requisitions is with rubco head quarters.The original will be retained by the receipt store. Purchase Proposal: . Mechanical items. GENERAL ENGINEERING ITEMS: Electrical items. cloths and qualified fabrics. papers & bill book..e. PURCHASE PROCEDURE 1. STATIONARY ITEMS AND FURNITURE: Office equipments. spare parts and capital item tools. cleaning products. 2. PU forms and threads. 63 CLASSIFICATION OF MATERIAL The materials used in Rubco RCM division are broadly classified as: RAW MATERIALS: Latex. coir rubber chemicals.

Number of items passed and reason for rejection if any will be specified.e. purchase order is prepared and placed with proposed party. quantity. price of the material and reports from the production department in the case of latex or chemicals. 4. Receipts store will then prepare materials receipt report to be sent to the concerned section i. 6. The order rate. Purchase order: After fixing the right supplier. Vendor rating is done on the basis of product. delivery schedule and terms of payment will be mentioned.After purchase requisition has been approved by the head office.. Receipt of materials: Materials are collected by the receipt store and the details will be given to the section for inspection. the order is placed. purchase and accounts. Original copy will be retained by the receipt store. Vendor rating: The responsibility lies with the Rubco head office. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT . 64 3.

RUBCO RCM division has progressively recorded high productivity and profitability. The purpose of rubber latex is to bond the resilient curled coir fibers together and to impart a shape to the product. Production department is equipped with efficient and qualified managers and supervisors. 65 STRUCTURE OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT PRODUCTION MANAGER PRODUCTION MAIN PLANT PRODUCTION FURNISHING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT LAB AND QUALITY DEPARTMENT PRODUCTION PLANNING ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 1) Production (Main Plant) : The main raw materials used for the production of bare mattress are the curled fiber. Raw materials and coir is .

chemicals are also required for the production. 66 STRUCTURE OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT (MAIN PLANT) Shift IN-Charge Production Supervisor Production Supervisor Production Supervisor Skilled Operator Skilled Operator Skilled Operator Skilled Operator Skilled Operator Highly skilled Workers Skilled Workers Semi Skilled Workers Unskilled Workers . Along with the main material compounding. Most of the compounding chemicals are purchased internally.acquired by the company from internal sources.

The no: of workers are Highly skilled Skilled workers Semi skilled Unskilled Casual worker 19 23 30 45 99 . Strict quality Control is observed at every stage of the production to ensure that Rubco rubberized coir mattress always measure up to the highest standard.67 PRODUCTION CAPACITY: Rubco mattress production facility is among the very few in the country to employ state-of-the-art Austrian machinery. pillows and other rubberized coir products. The plant has annual install capacity of 4. The machinery as well as the technology is sourced from DOA of Austria.8 million units comprising of mattress. The furnishing section is equipped with most modern computer controlled machines imported from UK and USA.

. packing and dispatching of mattress and cushions. The section is also responsible for the inspection of mattress and cushion labeling. The furnishing department shall be responsible for the furnishing of different models of mattress and cushions as per standards. STRUCTURE OF FURNISHING DEPARTMENT Shift In-Charge Production Supervisor Production Supervisor Production Supervisor Highly Skilled Workers Skilled Workers Unskilled Workers Semi Skilled Workers .Temporary worker - 13 68 2) PRODUCTION (FURNISHING): Furnishing department is carrying vital part in the total production function of rubberized coir mattress division. The bare mattress from production department is brought into furnishing department and it is fabricated with rexin and clothes and is packed and made ready for dispatch.

Sealing Machine 8. PU Forms 3. Sewing machine 5. Tapes Labels Fixed on the Mattress . Poly ETHYLENE covers 9. Handle stitching machine Consumables required for furnishing department 1. Threads 5. Border Stitching Machine 3. Quilted fabrics 2. Expanded poly ethylene sheets 6.69 MAJOR MACHINES IN THE FURNISHING DEPARTMENT 1. Comer Cutting Machine 6. Tape Edge Machine 4. Fabric cutting Machine 7. Threads 7. Labels 8. Clothes 4. Quilting Machine 2.

The purpose is to ensure that it meets the requirement and quality standard. Brand Name 3. human skills and other inputs into finished products. This is applicable to all product modification of the existing company. Objective of production planning is to provide a physical system together with a set of operating guidelines for efficient conversion of raw material. MRP sticker 4. Operations planning involves the organization of an overall manufacturing operating system to produce a product.1.Product development essentially involves developing product to suit customers' needs and conditions . redesign and fabrication of new or modified product and testing it to find its usefulness . Quality CHEK sticker 70 3) Product development The product development carried out is concerned with the identification of the most economically feasible method for applying the principles through research It involves design. The required quantity and quality is specified through production planning and the production is done according to this planning. . - 4) Production Planning and Control It is done on the basis of specification or orders placed by RUBCO Sales international & based on domestic order placed by authorized distributors. IS1 Sticker 2.

Higher capacity utilization 2.71 5) Lab and Quality Control Department The adoption of quality management system should be a strategic decision of an organization. Quality objectives: In order to implement the quality policy. Lower level of breakdowns 5. the quality objectives are established as follows. Lower level of rejections 4. particularly the objectives the products provide to sustain and win product's acceptability in the market. Higher level of profitability 3. Rubco's products have found domestic and international acceptance largely due to its stringent quality maintenance and quality control of mattress produced Rubco's quality policy is to give enhanced satisfaction to the customers through the manufacture and supply of rubberized coir mattress by the use of modem manufacturing equipments .They voluntarily meet the entire product and process related regulatory requirements and are committed to improve their performance in all spheres of activities. 1. Least possible customer complaints . The design and implementation of an organization's quality management system is influenced by varying needs.

Electrical maintenance . Higher level of customer satisfaction.6. It is ensured that quality policy and objectives are understood. 72 6) ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Hierarchy of Engineering Department ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE ENGINEER Electricians Skilled Workers Functions of Engineering department: 1. implemented and maintained by all the personnel in the organization. Instrumentation 2.

Selling is preoccupied with the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by means of the of activities associated with creating. product. goods & services to create. Theodore Leavitt of Harvard drew a perspective contrast between the selling and marketing concepts: Selling focuses on the need of the seller: marketing focuses on the needs of the buyer. Expansion of . Boiler unit maintenance 73 MARKETING DEPARTMENT The traditional definition of marketing is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and service from producers to consumers. delivering and communicating consumer value to its chosen target markets. Maintenance & utility 4. promotion and distribution of ideas.3. exchange values that satisfy individual and organizational goal". Now Kerala market is dominated by Rubco mattress industry. The marketing concepts hold the key to achieving its organizational goals which consists of the company being more effective than competitors in creating. The effective marketing strategy that they have adopted is the reason behind this explosive growth of Rubco. while marketing is the whole cluster. delivering and finally consuming it. The American Marketing Association offers the following definition "Marketing is a process of planning and executing the conception of pricing. MARKETING STRATEGIES Rubco mattress has attained wide market coverage in Kerala within the short period time of it being established.

. and promotion . place. Planning for introducing new products into market and entering untapped segments is their innovative strategy.e.existing market into other geographical areas. product.e. i. It is classified as four Ps of marketing i. now Rubco is the market leader in Kerala mattress industry and they are about to expand their market all over South India in order to attain their target turnover. price. 74 STRUCTURE OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing Department Marketing Manager Sales Executive Clerical Staffs MARKETING MIX Marketing mix is the set of marketing tools that Rubco RCM Division uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market..

. depending on the specific use they are meant for. They come in varying sizes and thickness. The range comprises of everything from regular mattress to special orthopedic models and high-end luxury varieties. construction and the unique 3-D technology. Pricing is one of the most important activities for any organization.Promotion 75 PRODUCT: Rubco rubberized coir mattress are scientifically designed to provide proper back support without compromising on comfort by virtue of their ingenious design. Pricing policy adopted by RUBCO RCM division is Transfer Pricing. Rubco rubberized coir mattress is available in nine variants each catering to a specified user segment. As they do not sag. Rubco manufactures a wide range of mattresses catering to diverse segment. Rubco setup its price at transfer price. A general guideline as to the total markup of 11% of the distributor. PRICE: Price denotes value of a product or service expressed in money.Place . they are very comfortable and ensure a healthy and restful sleep.Price . Rubco mattress are firm without being hard and are extremely durable. Transfer price is the price at which Rubco transfers products to distributors. .Product .

ADVERTISEMENT AND PUBLICITY The major purpose of advertisement and publicity is to promote effectively through providing information to customers to make them aware about the characteristics of the product. Hoardings . publicity. Various schemes and offers are announced for distributors during festival season. Wall paintings 2. Price quoted is inclusive of transportation charges. Rubco allows 2% discount on cash sale. Personnel Selling and sales promotion. the advertisement methods that Rubco RCM follows are given below: 1. The effective formulation strategies are formed by the marketing department.a markup of 25% to the retailers. Sales promotion schemes 3.advertising. Visual/electric media 4. 76 PROMOTION: To win the battle of competition every manufacture has to choose a number of promotion tools which can be classified as.

. UAE.5. The distribution network is given below: Exporting Activities: As Rubco RCM division strictly follows its quality policy. Exhibitions 6. Sales incentive scheme 77 PLACE (DISTRIBUTION) Rubco mattress is made available all over Kerala and Tamilnadu by its wide distribution network. Rubco plans to market in other countries also. the products satisfies the expectation of the customers. Netherlands. Laminated boards 7. Retailers trade 8. Germany and other middle East countries regarding export of rubberized coir mattress. Turnover discount to distributors 9. Now they are going to expand their marketing network all over south India. Rubco receives inquiries from SriLanka.


this is one of their major strength.79 SWOT ANALYSIS The overall evaluation of company's strength. 1. 3. 6. opportunities and threats is called SWOT Analysis. 5. In the company there does exist a cordial relationship between employees and top level management and among dealers and distributors. wide range of products is capable to challenge variable environment . Rubco has well developed corporate strategy. weakness. Rubco mattress division has lot of product varieties and price ranges. Style of leadership that the company follows is Leadership through dedication and coordination. Through effective marketing Rubco products could have acquired wide market acceptance & customer preference within a short period of being established. That encourages employees of the organization to work towards their organizational goals. 2. 4. The strength of the company lies with the quality of their product.

7. Good financial management system that is existing in the organization.conditions. WEAKNESS: 1. 8. technical advice marketing intelligence. goodwill and customer service. 80 3. Ability of the top level management to manage strategic changes. Effective management system is one of their strength. 2. OPPORTUNITIES 1. Therefore the company has to conduct a lot of training programmes to make the employees suitable for the work environment: so large volume of productive time is consumed to make them experienced workers and to familiarize with a work procedures. Rubco is going to expand their market in overall south India. The company has introduced lots of product varieties into the market therefore customers have lot of alternatives to make their own decisions. but transportation from Kerala to other markets will be a big Burden they are facing in the market when comparing to their Competitors they can easily supply goods into market according to Market demand because they are having manufacturing plants in other States. 9. The company is newly established: therefore most . wide network and interaction with customers. The weakness appearing most conspicuous to make their product acceptable by customers is the higher prize compared to their competitors. 3. .of the employees are fresher’s.

2. RUBCO RCM division has not yet fully tapped their 100% utilization of existing machine capacity, so opportunities lies there. Undertake new. 3. Rubco mattress is facing high level competition in the market but their products are having higher demand in the market, it is because of the quality policy that they are adopting in their production process. 81


1. RUBCO RCM Division has very high regional and domestic Competition from other companies like Kurl-On . Duroflex and Sunidra mattress. 2. Competition in the market is increasing day by day because of lot of unauthorized companies in the market. They are products of low quality at less price and attracting small customers. This is the major threat that company is facing in the market. 3. Each and every company is facing threats in the market because customer's requirements are changing day by day. 4. Change in the environmental factors can make influence in the sales growth. 5. Taste of consumers are changing day by day. 6. Rising labour cost is another threat that each company faces today.




FINDINGS 1. Presence of good industrial relations with local unions and there is a greater co-operation between management and employees. 2. Workers fear of loss of jobs and hence resist modernization of plant. 3. Wage system is fair in Rubco. 4. Workers health and safety are given prime importance. 5. Labour turnover is very low. 6. Trade union plays a vital role as bargaining agents. The management is sometimes forced to accept unreasonable demands made by the unions.


Considerably within a short period of time being established Rubco divisions has earned the reputation of being a leading manufacturer of rubberized coir mattress by virtue of an enviable manufacturing infrastructure. As a result of efficient monitoring and quality control at every stages of production, wastages and rejections are brought down. Whatever be the orders, whatever be the risk, whatever be the tasks Rubco RCM division will live up to the expectations of the people by providing a wide range of mattress and other rubberized coir products, catering to drive segment of the market, enforcing strict quality measures and standards for its products. We can see Rubco as non competent leader in the field of rubberized coir mattress in the near future itself.

Based on the study conducted, the following suggestions are made: 84

• The company has to take about the conveyance facility to employees.• In the present market Rubco Mattress is facing overall demand in the market. in order to tap market demand. Rubco has to tap their 100% utilization of existing machine capacity that they are not yet fully tapped. • Rubco has to adopt a strategy that would result in lowering the production and distribution cost than that of its competitor to win the market. 85 . in order to tap the target market. • The company has to make strengthen their supply chain in other states.

Professional management 2. It is preferably ranked at the top with consideration to quality. This is one reason that makes the Rubco rubberized coir mattress division. The company has adequate resources available for expansion. Cordial relationship between employees and top management 4. The core competencies of the organization is as follows: 1. the most innovative brand in the industry. Effective leadership 3. 5.CONCLUSION The organization study has helped to make a valuable conclusion through the analysis of different functional department of the Rubco rubberized coir mattress division. It enjoys the confidence and support of its employees. 86 . Presently it is the prominent niche in the market. The company has well established network in industry with sound manufacturing and marketing experience.

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