?What does RAM mean RAM stands for (Random Access Memory), it is the place where the computer temporarily stores its operating system. So, it is temporarily data store because when we restart the compute or .turn it off anything in the RAM will be disappeared or erased The computer's processor can reach the data quickly and easily. Also, it is the place where the data stop and the processor deal .with When we add more RAM to the computer, we reduce the number of time the processor must read the data from the hard disk, this .usually allow the computer works fast RAM is considering as a board, which has a group of fixed chips .and these chips are responsible to store the data till we use it RAM divided into different type and it depends to the type of .processor and motherboard (DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory -1 (SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory -2 ( RDRAM ( Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory -3 (DDRAM ( Double Data Random Access Memory -4

Each part of the Memory considered as a compact circuit contains .million cells that formed the union of Transistors and capacitors


The transistors and capacitors make together on cell of memory cells, each cell of these cells equal one bit of data. We know the bit is the smallest unit of information and we know 8 bits considered .one byte and this byte is enough to store one character or number

Written by: Bader Khalfan Al Salmi

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