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Resolution regarding wind farming in Florida
Whereas nearly all of peninsular Florida is within the Atlantic Migratory Flyway, and Whereas wind turbine operation in a major flyway would place resident and migratory birds in undue jeopardy, and Whereas recent innovations in wind turbine technology have produced computerized bird detection systems that result in a shutdown of rotors until the birds are at a safe distance, and Whereas the Everglades Agricultural Area is suited to and planned for Everglades restoration and wind turbine footing pads and the necessary maintenance infrastructure could counter the restoration effort Be it resolved that the Everglades Regional Conservation Committee is in favor of all forms of renewable energy, but wind turbines must be sited in locations conducive to bird safety, and the proximity of the Everglades Agricultural Area to the Atlantic Migratory Flyway precludes the installation of wind turbines as a power generation source. Be it further resolved that, if built, any footing pads must be constructed below grade and maintenance roads must be either elevated or equipped with sufficient culverts so as not to impede sheet flow requisite to a restored Everglades.

This resolution was adopted by the West Pasco Audubon Society on March 20, 2012.