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Tere is only one candidate who

can win this district for Democrats:

Dr. Milad Pooran for Congress.
Governor Howard Dean
P.O. Box 655
Jefferson, MD 21755
Paid for by Milad for Congress
FEC# C00505156. Dr. Milad Pooran is a member of the Air National Guard, USAF Reserve.
Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement
by the Air National Guard, USAF Reserve, US Air Force or the Department of Defense.
Dr. Milad Pooran
have a candidate in the Congressional Primary for Marylands new 6
District. His name
is Milad Pooran, and like me, hes a medical doctor. Hes also served our country in public
health and for 13 years in the Air National Guard, including a tour in Iraq as a combat medic.
Tis year, we have a real chance for Democrats to win this seat for the frst time in 20 years
but that wont happen if we nominate candidates who represent the special interests.
Dr. Pooran will go to Congress to help working families and solve real problems.
Hell stand up to the lobbyists and bankers who are stealing our American Dream.
Dr. Milad Pooran is the only candidate who can beat the Republican attack machine
and defeat Roscoe Bartlett in November and hell be a great Congressman!
VOTE Tuesday, April 3
in the Democratic Primary!
Early Voting thru March 29
Join Me in Supporting the One Candidate Who Will Protect
Our American Dream Dr. Milad Pooran for Congress!
Governor Howard Dean