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GAME ODF II-IR<l1DNES" ~ Guide to the Houses v'" © 2011 Home Box Office. . This website may contain adult content. All Rights Reserved. Inc.

.. ((OUTS is the Fury" Baratlieon FamiCy -------------- -------------The Stannis Baratheon Renly Baratheon The House of Baratheon was fol.I'-. healer Lord Petyr Baelish "Littlefinger" Master of Coin Varys Master of Whisperers Renly Baratheon Master of Laws Stannis Baratheon Master of Ships ------------- The Court -------------RoyaC Ser Barristan Selmy Kingsguard Commander Ser Jaime Lannister Knight of the Kingsguard II Sandor Clegane "The Hound" Bodyguard Janos Slynt Commander of the City Watch Ser llyn Payne Headsman Lancel Lannister King's Squire D Ser Loras Tyrell Knight 1'1 ----------------- SwomHouses ---------------- House Caron House Swann © 2011 Home Box Office. House Baratheon ~. Joffrey Baratheon Myrcella Baratheon Tommen Baratheon -------------TheKi119's smafC CounciC------------ Lord Jon Arryn Hand of the King (deceased) ml Grand Maester Pycelle Counselor. Inc. All Rights Reserved. More recento/. the Baratheons of Stonn's End seized the Iron Throne from the Mad King Aerys Targaryen and have rufd the Seven Kingcfoms since.U'ldd after the conquest of Aegon Targaryen 6y the conqueror's genera[ (and rumored 6astan{ 6rother) Drys Baratheon. Joffowing Ro6ert's Re6effion. This website may contain adult content.

House Stark ~ (Winter Is Coming" The StamFamify -------------- -------------- Tfie Stark famio/ traces its [image 6ack to tfie First Men..000 years ago ancC eventuaffy jorgecf a fasting peace with tfie continent's cfrui. nurse Hodor Servant Lord Jon Umber Bannerman III ----------------- SwomHouses ----------------- House Bolton House Cerwyn House Hornwood House Karstark House Mormont House Umber HBC!J © 2011 Home Box Office. Tfie Starns stU[worship tfie oa Gods of tlieir fore6ears at tfie Iieart tree in WinteifelL Brandon Stark deceased Robb Stark Sansa Stark Arya Stark Bran Stark Rickon Stark Jon Snow ------------- The Star~ HouselioCcf Theon Grey joy Ward.!'-. Inc. This website may contain adult content.counselor Jory Cassel Captain of the Guard Ser Rodrik Cassel Master at Arms Septa Mordane Tutor Old Nan Storyteller. hostage II Maester Luwin Healer.cfic natives. who farufec[ in Westeros more than 10. All Rights Reserved. . tfie chifc!ren of tfie Forest..

000 years ago ani sett(ed"at easterlY Roc~ The AniaCs married the ditughters of the King of the Rock (an ancestor Tyrlcn Lannister Lancal Lannlster of LImn the efever.egane "The Mountain" the Targaryens 6rought dragons to conquer the continent. The Lannisters rufetf as fegenditry tric~r Joffrey Baratheon Myrc:ella Baratheon Tommen Baratheon IWtgs in their reabn untif ser Gregor CI. House Clegane House· crakenall House Lefford Hous·e Marbrand House Prester House Swyft © 2011 Home Box Office.s of Wester os under contro( of the Iron Throne. All Rights Reserved. the who acquired the Rock through his wiCes during theAge of Heroes). This website may contain adult content. --------------- Tne Lannister F(lmt0' ---------------- The Lamtisters tfesceruf in part from a group of And'.af aaventurers who invaaea Westeros more tlian 6. Inc. . House Lannister {{Hear Me Roar" V'\. pCacing alI the fonf.I'-..

Duty. When the invaders atuu:ke.d. Harren's other supporters soon joffowaf suit. . Edmyn Tu[o/ re6e[[ed ~ainst the Kil19 of the Isfes.~ House Tufo/ ~. Harren the B[ac~} and j Catelyn Tully Eddard Stark "Ned" Lysa TullY Edmure Tully Robin Arryn ~ ------------- Tll[IY HOlLsefwCd' ------------- sidecf with Ae90n Tar9aryen.r FamilY ------------- The principa[ house of the River[ands the Tu[ys of Riverrun rose to powercfu. Inc. (ffamio/. All Rights Reserved. This website may contain adult content. Horror" ------------Tlie Tu(§. pWliTI9 the W'o/ for the new king.ring the Tar9aryen conquest. --------------- Lord Walder Freylll Bannerman SwornHouses --------------- House Blackwood House Bracken House Frey House M:allister House Whent H• © 2011 Home Box Office.

All Rights Reserved. the Rhaegar Targaryen deceased Elia Targaryen Martell deceased Viserys III Targaryen Daenerys Targaryen Khal Drogo Dothraki horselord Rhaenys Targaryen deceased Aegon Targaryen deceased Targaryen HousefioUf amfAffies ----------- Targaryens invacCecf -- Ser Jorah Mormont Exiled knight Magister Illyrio H8E) © 2011 Home Box Office. . This website may contain adult content.~ House Targaryen ((Fire and BCood" ------------Tlie TargaryenFamio/ V"' ------------- Aerys II Targaryen deceased Rhaella Targaryen deceased The Targaryens came from the ancient civifi. After an unknown c!isaster known as the Doom ofVafyria wipecf out their fiomeliuuf aruf kiffed most of the wor[c['s c!ragans. 6rirt9i:119 c!ragans from the eastern continent aruf settfing on the isliuuf of Dragonstone.mtion 0fVafyria. Inc.

Acconfing to Core. the Arryns serve as wardens of the East from their mountain strongho~ the Eyrie . Robin Arryn Tully Sworn Houses House Baelish House Royce HJIE) © 2011 Home Box Office. the Arufa[ knight Ser Aro/s Arryn took the vafe from the first Men. All Rights Reserved. This website may contain adult content.a key ckfense Alys Arryn deceased Ronnel Arryn deceased against the viofent dans that surround their home. fighting from the 6ack of a giant Jafron. ."-' ouse Anyn H (~ High as Honor" -------------- V" TIieArrynFamifll--------------- Jasper Arryn deceased Located" in the Vafe. Inc.

All Rights Reserved. Inc." [e4 6y HJIE) © 2011 Home Box Office. With Iiis enormous 6rooli of chiUfren. who tooR Iiis eighth wife. a 15-year-o~ wlien he himseCf was over 90.House Frey (~ High as Honor" Walder Frey Joyeuse Frey Erenford 8th wife Weaft~ ancf poweifuL the Freys are 6annennen sworn to House Tufo/ ancC control the river crossing known as The Twins. This website may contain adult content. . The House is Walder Frey. it is said of him that he coufcC (jieU! an a111'o/ out of his 6ritclies.

to House Redwyne H8E) © 2011 Home Box Office. . But after the Targaryen conquest ruminate!! the Gardeners. the 'I)treffs 6ent the knee to the Iron Throne . This website may contain adult content. Inc. All Rights Reserved.aruC then rose Willas Tyrell Garlan Tyrell Loras Tyrell Margaery Tyrell Sworn Houses 6ecome principaf house aM warden of the South at Highgarden./' ((Growing Strong" Olenna Tyrell Redwyne t Luthor Tyrell deceased For centuries.~ House Tyreff'. the Sionafo/ inte111'UlJTie£{ 'I)treCfsserved aruC occaMace Tyrell Alerie Tyrell Hightower with House Gardener. the ancient famio/ of the King of the Reach.

£ nis HBe © 2011 Home Box Office."-'House Gre.joy Famify ------------- Balon Grey joy Alannys Grey joy nee Harlaw Euron Grey joy Victarion Grey joy Aeron Grey joy House Gre.joys to serve as fordsfrom PyRe Roddrick Grey joy deceased Maron Grey joy deceased Asha Grey joy Theon Grey joy Ward of Stark. LegeruC lias it that the Grey King rufd the sea itseLf and tooR a mennaidJor wife.joyV"' (We Do Not Sow" ------------Tlie Gre. After the Targaryen conquest. the peopfe of the Iron Isfarufs chose the Gre. This website may contain adult content. All Rights Reserved. Inc. .joy's power dates 6ack to the great Grey King du.ring the Age ofHeroe5.

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