Where do dogs come from?

Picnic Wars in Sheep Meadow

I should stretch more.

Just took a stretch break.


Sunset on the hill outside the Mövenpick.

iOS makes it easy to do díffērêñt letters.

Me chilling in Sternschanze neighborhood in Hamburg, Germany

Falafelstern is the BOSS. Get the Shawarmabox to go and take it to your hotel room. Midnight snack: accomplished.

Feels very disrespectful of me not to know more German words.

Learn ~25 travel words in 5 languages total = new goal.

Travel Languages
• Japanese • German • French • Hindi • Spanish

Bonus Points for: Arabic, Thai, Chinese (?), Russian, Portuguese

Crosswalk signs. Obey them.

I have seen the sketchy people who don't obey the major intersection crosswalk signs. Not my crowd, thanks.

German engineering.

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