13.6.3 Archiving Programs for Purchasing and Inventory Management (New) Use As of SAP ECC 6.

0, SAP_APPL 600, the following reports for the archiving of purchasing info records, Purchase requisitions, and physical inventory documents are available in the components purchasing (MM-PUR) and Inventory Management (MM-IM). - Archiving of Purchase Requisitions: write program (RM06BW47) - Archiving of Purchase Requisitions: delete program (RM06BD47) Availability Check in Enjoy Purchase Order and Requisition (Changed) Use As of SAP ECC 6.0, SAP_APPL 600, display and checking of availability are invokable separately in the Enjoy purchase order and requisition in line with the system behavior on the Sales side. You invoke the display and checking of availability in the Enjoy purchase order (transaction code ME21N) and the Enjoy purchase requisition (transaction code ME51N) as follows: - To display the availability overview, choose Environment -> Availability - To check availability, choose the Check Availability icon. System Behavior After Availability Check for an Item (Changed) Use If you carry out the availability check for an item of a stock transport order, hitherto the system adopted confirmations as per the desired date/time only. As of SAP ECC 6.0, SAP_APPL 600, you can define in Customizing how the system reacts if the desired quantity cannot be confirmed for the desired date/time. You have a choice of two settings: - Confirmation as per desired date/time This is the standard setting and corresponds to previous system behavior. - Delivery proposal - Full confirmation Effects on Customizing You make the settings in the Rule for Adoption of ATP Results in Purchasing field in Customizing for Purchasing under Purchase Order -> Set Up Stock Transport Order -> Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule.

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