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Mattamayura Institute Urban Retreat Guidelines

All Level Immersion Participants April 1st 3p- April 8th 530p, Satsang April 5th 7-9p Soft Landing April 9-12th This is a program designed to a) increase spiritual practice and receive the tangible benefits thereof and b) remove aspects of your lifestyle that buffer, avoid or otherwise take the edge off being fully present with your real situation. It is an experiment, not a sustainable lifestyle: for one week you ride that edge, push the edge, and move out of your comfort zone. Lean on community and your devotion for support and focus your intention. Attitude- Orientation to Right View Orientation to Truth ("what is really true for me?") Openness, curiosity, spirit of discovery and humility Yogic Discipline Focused Intention Daily Practice Mindfulness- Presence and Awareness Cultivate Contentment Follow Serendipity (the flow of shakti) Challenge your self-images

Follow the Dina-Carya to the utmost

Increase practice time by approximately 50% some unstructured time every day is also very important Buddy check ins -- 5 min (or more) shares every day aerobic exercise 15-20 min per day reflection, contemplation of life situations and of a scriptural passage Contemplate dreams Journal Prnyma Lineage Deity Worship - Basic internal Par Pj, optional external pj Grounding Practices Daily textual devotional study

Intensify Practice "Intuitive Flow" sana followed by a sit Increase sit time by 50% About half of meditation time techniqueless (non-conceptual)

Restrictions Cleansing Diet--Aryuvedic 7 day detox program with option=com_content&view=article&id=15&Itemid=69or personalized NO entertainment: Music, TV, film, internet, social networking, magazines, news, novels, texting, chatting, gossip, sarcasm, etc. (heart-centered conversation with friends in person is okay) -- you are on RETREAT Renounce all indulgences unless they are performed ritually (i.e. not as indulgence, but meditatively) In Thought, Speech, and Action, set intention for: Compassion Purity/cleanliness non-grasping sense control & abstinence non-stealing humility Disciplined use of energy mindfulness no wasting honesty

Reading Material FoT manual/reader The Flowering of Innate Awareness- translated by Christopher Tompkins Paraa Puja document Helpful tips Pay special attention to beneficial things that make you uncomfortable-- lean into those more challenge yourself, face fears, speak truth When it feels challenging is when it is most important to have discipline: recall its only a week, no excuses, sit in your power, and stay oriented towards your intention. Have the faith to follow the serendipity which often can only be accessed with clarity of presence and courage to throw off shoulds Integration A 2-4 day integration period is just as important as the retreat period. Make a soft landing by not over scheduling yourself, slowly and mindfully reintroducing aspects of your previous life back into your routine; some things may want to fall away as a result of the retreat process-- let them! Avoid conflict and major decisions. Optional One or two days of "Rounds" Fasting- liquid (limit physical activity) Observation of Silence for one or more days Art/creative manifestation Shadow Yoga Basics Course begins April 4th! anonymous random acts of kindness energy of appearances-- simple loose fit clothes with no adornments or makeup (or, if that is normal for you, try the opposite to experiment with challenging self-images)