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HCP presentation

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Background of The Update

• 2005: Scoping meeting • 2006: Two workshops • 2007: Street Standards Study • 2009: 1st Draft Plan • 2010: 2nd Draft Plan • 2011: Final EIR and Public Hearings

Geography of Hollywood

Purpose of The Community Plan
• Accommodate growth sustainably. • Focus development around infrastructure. • Preserve neighborhoods and historic resources. • Provide mobility options. • Promote good design.

Infrastructure Investment in Hollywood: The Red Line and Metro Rapid Buses


Metro Rail Stations and Metro Rapid Bus Lines

Focusing Growth in the Regional Center

Allowing Development to Citywide Standards
• Remove Development Limitations (Ds) on commercial zones.

• Establish Floor Area Ratio Incentive Areas with FARs of 3:1 and 4.5:1 in commercial zones.

Floor Area Ratio Incentive Areas in the Regional Center: FARs 3:1 and 4.5:1

New Height Limits in Hollywood

Designing Attractive Storefronts
A Pedestrian Qualifying Condition provides standards for building orientation, pedestrian and vehicular access, and transparency standards.

Protecting Historic Resources
Development projects which utilize FAR Incentives or R4 Density Incentives, and impact historic resources, are subject to review by the Office of Historic Resources.

Retaining and Promoting Media-Related Jobs

Retaining and Promoting Industrial Jobs

Managing Neighborhood Traffic
Neighborhood Traffic Management Plans calm traffic by reducing the speed and volume of traffic.

Expanding Mobility Options

Existing and Proposed Bikeways

Making Streets Walkable

Modified Street Standards maintain existing dimensions of the Walk of Fame

Melrose East Streetscape Plan

Design Overlays on Hillhurst, Melrose and Santa Monica Boulevard

City Planning Commission Actions
• Strengthened restrictions on development in the hillsides. • Limited development along Franklin corridor. • Adjusted zoning to maintain existing scale of neighborhoods in East Hollywood. • Expanded the number of proposed design districts. • Strengthened protection of historic buildings in R4 Density Incentive areas.

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