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CD S~fereo System

Operatin,g: Instructi.o,ps

Dear customer
Thank you for purchasing this product. For optimum performance and safety, please tions carefully, These operating instructions System Main unit Front Speakers Surround Center read Ihese instruc-

Table of contents

are applicable to the following system. SC-AK57 SA-AK57 SB-AK57 SB-PS70 SB-PC70

Supplied accessories Precautions , . __.. _ ,,.... Concerning the remote control . . . . . . . . . . Placement of speakers. _ Connections Front panel controls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

.. 2 .. 4 .. 5 .. 6 _. 7 . . . . . . .. 10

,.. ...... ...... _. .. .


13 14

Turning the demo function off. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 12 Economy mode _.. _. _.. _ _.. _.. __ _ _ 12 Setting the time. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Presetting radio broadcasts __.

The model number and serial number of this product can be found on either the back of the bottom of the unit. Please note them in the space provided below and keep for future reference. MODEL NUMBER Main unit Speakers User memo: DATE OF PURCHASE DEALERNAME DEALERADORESS TELEPHONE NUMBER _ _ __ __ SERIAL NUMBER

Listening to radio broadcasts

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..


Listening to compact discs

_ 16
16 17 18 18 18

Loading and checking CDs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Sequential play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Random play _. _ Repeat play. _ _ Direct access play . ._ . _. _ ___


Program play _.. _ _ 19 To listen to special CDs and tracks _. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 20

Listening to tapes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..



Before recording. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Recording from radio broadcasts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Recording from compact discs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
Sequential recording .. __ To record special CDs and tracks _. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

22 23 24

______ 24

Tape-to-tape recording.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..


Supplied accessories
Please check and identify the supplied accessories. Use numbers indicated in parentheses when asking for replacement parts. (Only for U.S.A.) To order accessories contact '-800-332-5368 or web site (http://www_panasonic_com). AC power supply cord (RJA0065-A) _. . . . . .. 1 pc.


FM indoor antenna (RSA0006-J)



__ ..


1 pc.





Boosting the super woofer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Using the built-in sound quality/sound field setti ngs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Varying the sound quality with the manual equalizer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Varying the sound quality with the acoustic image equalizer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Surround systems. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6CH DISCRETE INPUT mode. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enjoying sound with DOLBY PRO LOGIC
To playback a DOLBY PRO LOGIC source

.. .. .. .. .. ..

27 27 28 29 30 32 33

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and. if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions. may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one of the following measures: .Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. .Increase the separation between the equipment and reo ceiver. .Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected . • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/Tv technician for help. FCC Notice; This system complies with new Part 15, except for the radio receiver, which complies with old Part 15. Subpart C of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (I) This device may not cause harmful interference. and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesirable operation. The radio receiver is not subject to above item (2). Any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment would void the user's authority to operate this device.

Enjoying sound with stereophonics . . Enjoying sound with simulated stereo Using the virtual rear surround effect. Using the multi rear surround effect. . Using the center focus effect. . . . . . . . Using the seat position function. . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. ..

34 34 35 35 36 36

Using the timer.
Using Using using Using the the the the

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
... ... .. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. ..

37 38 39 39

play timer. . . . . . record timer. . . . play/record timer. sleep timer. . . . .

Using an external unit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Convenient functions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

40 40

Concerning compact discs 41 Concerning cassette tapes 41 Troubleshooting guide. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 42 Maintenance 43 Technical specifications. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. backcover Product service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. backcover




AM loop antenna set (RSA0022) .AM loop antenna • AM antenna holder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. DO NOT REMOVE SCREWS. NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

1 pc, 1 pc.


Remote control transmitter


. . . . . . . . . ..

1 pc.


Remote control batteries (R6, AA size, UM-3) . . . . . ..

" o

2 pcs.


The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.


Before using this unit please read these operating instructions carefully. Take special care to follow the warnings indicated on the unit itself as well as the safety suggestions listed below. Afterwards keep them handy for future reference. 3. Heat-The unit should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators and the like. It also should not be placed in temperatures less than SoC (41°F) or greater than 3SoC (950 F). 4. Condensation-Moisture may form on the lens in the following conditions ... -immediately after a heater has been turned on. ein a steamy or very humid room. ewhen the unit is suddenly moved lrom a cold environment to a warm one. II moisture forms inside this unit, it may not operate properly. To correct this problem, turn on the power and wait about one hour for the moisture to evaporate.

QI 1/1

1. Power Source-The



unit should be connected to power supply only of the type described in the operating instructions or as marked on the unit. the unit is equipped with a polarized AC power 2. Polarization-If plug (a plug having one blade wider than the other), that plug will fit into the AC outlet only one way. This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug. If the plug should still lail to fit, contact your electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. Do not defeat the salety purpose of the polarized plug. 3. Power Cord Protection-AC power supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them. Never take hold 01 the plug or cord if your hand is wet, and always grasp the plug body when connecting or disconnecting it. 4. Nonuse Periods-When the unit is not used, turn the power off. When left unused for a long period of time, the unit should be unplugged from the household AC outlet.

1. Ventilation-The
unit should be situated so that its location or position does not interfere with its proper ventilation. Allow 10 cm (4") clearance from the rear of the unit. Foreign Material-Care should be taken so that objects do not lall into and liquids are not spilled into the unit. Do not subject this unit to excessive smoke, dust, mechanical vibration, or shock. Magnetism-The unit should be situated away from equipment or devices that generate strong magnetic fields. Stacking-Do not place heavy objects, other than system cornponents, on top of the unit. Surface-Place the unit on a flat, level surface. Carts and Stands-The unit should be used only with a cart or


3. 4. 5. 6.

1. Outdoor
Antenna Grounding-If an outside antenna is connected to the receiver, be sure the antenna system is grounded so as to provide some protection against voltage surges and built-up static charges. Section 810 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA No. 70-1990, provides information with respect to proper grounding of the mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, location of antenna-discharge unit, connection to grounding electrodes, and requirements for the grounding electrode. See figure below.

stand that is recommended by the manufacturer. The unit and cart combination should be moved with care. Quick stops, excessive torce, and uneven surfaces may cause the unit and cart combination to overturn. 7. Wall or Ceiling Mounting-The unit should not be mounted to a wall or ceiling, unless specified in this operating instructions.


(- page 43 for details.) Clean the cabinet, panel and controls with a soft cloth lightly moistened with mild detergent solution. Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder or solvent such as alcohol or benzine.


1. Damage










2. Water and Moisture-Do not use this unit near water-lor example, near a bathtub, washbowl, swimming pool, or the like. Damp basements should also be avoided.

Requiring Service-The unit should be serviced by qualified service personnel when: (a) The AC power supply cord or the plug has been damaged; or (b) Objects have fallen or liquid has been spilled into the unit; or (c) The unit has been exposed to rain; or (d) The unit does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance; or (e) The unit has been dropped, or the enclosure damaged. 2. Servicing-The user should not attempt to service the unit beyond that described in the operating instructions. All other servicing should be referred to an authorized service personnel. For the address of an eutnorizea servicenter: In the U.S.A. 1·800-211-7262 or web site (http://www.panasonic.com) In Canada 905-624-5505 or web site (www.panasonfc.calfdbckca.htm)


-If the remote control is not to be used for a long period of time. remove Ihe bat1eries and store them in a cool. and be sure they are not short-circuited. Over time your hearing "comfort level" adapts to higher volumes of sound. -Slowly increase the sound until you can hear it comfortably and clearly. -Do not use rechargeable type batteries. The batteries should be replaced if commands from the remote control transmitter do not operate the unit even when the transmitter is held close to the front panel. sound level: BaHery life The battery life is about one year. -Do not spill water or other liquids into the unit. the glass doors' thickness or color might make it necessary to use the remote control a shorter distance from the system. -). do not attempt to disassemble them. Once you have established a comfortable -Set the dial and leave it there. -If this system is installed in a rack with glass doors. or batteries of different types (manganese and alkaline. One that lets the sound come through loud and clear without annoying blaring or distortion-and. most importantly. dark place. you to avoid prolonged exposure to excessive Insert the batteries observing the correct polarities (+. -Never subject batteries to excessive heat or flame. After all. To prevent damage -Never place heavy items on top of the unit. and without distortion. RQT4802 .). To establish a safe level: -Start your volume control at a low setting. This manufacturer and the Electronic Industries Association's Consumer Electronics Group want you to get the most out of your equipment by playing it at a safe level. -Do not disassemble or reconstruct the unit. So what sounds "normal" can actually be loud and harmful to your hearing.Concerning the remote control Selecting fine audio equipment such as the unit you've just pur-' chased is only the start of your musical enjoyment. We recommend noise. etc. Now it's time 10 consider how you can maximize the fun and excitement your equipment offers. Remote control signal sensor About 7 meters in front of the signal sensor Transmission window ---~ Operation notes -Do not place obstacles between the remote control signal sensor and remote control unit. Taking a minute to do this now will help to prevent hearing damage or loss in the future. Sound can be deceiving. without affecting your sensitive hearing. -Do not attempt to recharge alkaline or manganese batteries. -Do not expose the remote control Signal sensor to direct sunlight or to the bright light of an invertor fluorescent light. Use of baHeries -Do not mix old and new batteries. -Take care to keep the remote control signal sensor and end of the remote control unit free from dust. we want you listening for a lifetime. Guard against this by setting your equipment at a safe level BEFORE your hearing adapts.

If the irregular coloring is still visible. Failure to do so may lead to damage to the amplifier andlor the speakers. the listener at ear level. when the TV is turned on again move the speakers further away from the TV. surround speakers can also be connected to the system in order to enjoy a feeling of depth and movement of sound.~acementol. because the effect varies to some degree depending upon the type of music and the music source. lIm ~ . do not touch the speaker cones if you have taken the nets off. -Do not attempt to attach these speakers to walls using methods other than those described in this manual. the position should be adjusted to your personal preference. RQT4802 . lIm The wall or pillar on which the speaker systems are to be attached should be capable of supporting a weight of 5 kg. and may result in the risk of fire. turn off the TV for between 15 and 30 minutes. • Center speaker TV (not included) Surround speakers As well as enjoying normal stereo reproduction with the left and right front speakers. We recommend that surround speakers be placed on the side of. [] J I _ su~~"i1gll (left) (Right) lIm . or slightly behind. Place the speakers so that the superwoofer is on the outside. Center speaker Place the center speaker above your TV. Caution -Use the speakers only with the recommended system.Keep your speakers at least 10 mm ('%2") away from the system for proper ventilation. as close to it as possible. Consult a qualified service person if damage has occurred or if you experience a sudden change in performance. I I I! Surround speaker (Left) Surround speaker (Right) Attaching to a wall [!J Set speaker onto screws and slide through bracket to lock into position. If such distortion occurs.peaker. Front speaker (Left) ~~"p"ke.----~- The front and center speakers are made so they can be used in close proximity of a TV. Place the speakers with the Panasonic logo facing toward the listening position. M unit am (Right) Front view Front view . -To avoid damage to the speakers. However. but irregular coloring may result due to how the system is placed. The demagnetizing function of the TV will eliminate the distortion.

turn the antenna to the angle 01 best reception and least interterence. The combination of the main unit and front speakers provide the best sound. in a position where radio signals are received with the least amount of interterence. CD ~ Connect the front speakers. D Connect 1m ~ the FM indoor antenna. For best reception: An FM outdoor antenna is recommended.' To prevent damage to Circuitry. (. (Right) ROT4802 .) Connect the AM loop antenna. turn on the system and tune in a broadcast station. r. Connect each end of the speaker cables to the terminal levers of the same color. Tape the antenna to a wall or column. twist the vinyl cover tip and pull off. AM loop Use only the supplied front speakers. Rffht. the surround speakers. • To prepare the antenna wires and speaker cords. Then.i.=J Connect Black (-) Gray (+) rn Connect the AC power cord.Connections o Plug the AC power cord into a household AC outlet only after all other connections have been made . Red (+) positive (+) ~ Connect the center speaker.page 8. After attaching the antenna. never short-circuit and negative (-) speaker wires. Using other front speakers can damage the unit and sound quality will be negatively affected.

Core wire em When the unit is not in use. antenna should be installed by a qualified technician ~. CD Remove a piece of the outer vinyl insulator. etc. EXT AM loop antenna (included) t~ ~ .5-12m-l AM ANT LOOP ~):2!=~f":::::.Connection5 J You may need an outdoor antenna if you use this system in a mountainous region or inside a reinforced-concrete building. 30mm ®~ Shield braid em An outdoor only. @ Expose the core wire.I • - AM outdoor antenna (not included) I. FM outdoor antenna (not included) FM outdoor antenna r::J 750 coaxial cable (not included) Disconnect the FM indoor antenna it an FM outdoor antenna is installed. @ Twist the shield braid. .. Run 5 to 12 m of vinyl-covered wire horizontally along a window or other convenient location. I ~ ~ RQT4802 . disconnect the outdoor antenna to prevent possible damage that may be caused by lightning. 15mm 1--1 AM outdoor antenna tEl Connect the outdoor antenna without removing the AM loop antenna. Never use an outdoor antenna during an electrical storm.

but it is possible to connect another subwoofer (not included) to the SUBWOOFER OUT terminal on the rear panel of this unit.Connections '-------~~-. lID sound only when [6CH DIS- Rear panel of this unit AUX2 LINE OUT position RQT4802 . The extra subwooler can produce CRETE INPUT] is selected. A DVD player with a built-in DOLBY DIGITAL decoder is recommended.l You can enjoy only sound of the video cassette recorder.1 ch OUT ~ Sound cannot be produced unless an DOLBY DIGITAL decoder is connected. AUXl Video casseHe recorder [!. refer to the manual of the units which are to be connected.1 ch OUT) This unit has equipment is sound will be fects found in rn player Dolby Pro Logic circuitry. lID II II This example shows how to connect a record player with a (PHONO OUT/LINE OUT) switch. II the audio output of video connected to the AUX1 or 2 terminal of this unit. -When units other than those described below are to be connected. Set the switch on the back of the record player to "LINE our. A record player with a built-in phono equalizer is recommended. DVD player with 5. R L AUX2 To improve the sound effect The front speakers have built-in subwoofers. please consult with your dealer. I I DVD player with 5. Record player (!] Video cassette recorder (not included) Rear panel of this unit li I I Sound cannot be produced unless an phono equalizer (not included) is connected. SURROUND Laser disc player (not included) Rear panel of this unit Laser disc player/DVD (without 5.1 ch OUT (not included) J Rear panel of this unit -For details. This will allow you to enjoy the brilliant images and powerful sounds available on DVD software. the reproduced with the same powerful stereophonic efmovie theaters.

. .. . REC/STOP) 23 Reverse mode select button (REV MODE). . . In standby mode. .-----:::---+-'® ~~\E~~~ m~~J @ Eco mode button (ECO) 12 (J) Input select buttons and indicators (CD. Q)II) 12 Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice versa. 33 Super surround on/off button and indicator (SUPER SURROUND) 34 Simulated stereo on/off button and indicator (SIMULATED STEREO) 34 Display AV effect buttons and indicators (CENTER FOCUS. . .. . .•... . 38 Deck1 open button (~ DECKl OPEN) " 21 Clockltimer button (CLOCKfTIMER) " 13.WOOFER) 21 27 RQT4B02 . . .. . •. . . @I--!-----.. . TUNER/BAND. . . ... . 21 Basic operating buttons Functions change according to the source. . . 16 @ Display select/demonstration button (-DISPLAY/-DEMO) 12. . SEAT POSITION) 35. . ... 40 ® Deck 1 cassette holder 21 @ Disc select buttons and indicators (DISC1-DISC5) 17 QD Disc tray open/close button (OPEN/CLOSE ~ 1-5) . page No. .. .. . . .40 @ Headphones jack (PHONES) .21. . . . . . @ Deck2 open button ( ® DECK2 OPEN) Super woofer on/off button and indicator (S. .37... . .~~ I Center console rn @ 3D EO indicator (3D EO) @ 3D AI indicator (3D AI) ® DOLBY @ @) ® @ @ @ @ @ @ ® @ @) @ PRO LOGIC on/off button and indicator ([][] PRO LOGIC) ... . MULTI REAR SRND. the unit is still consuming a small amount of power. . . . . AUX1/2. ...38 Tape edit button (TAPE EDIT) 26 Recording start/stop button (.. •. 6CH DISCRETE INPUT) 14.40 @ Volume control (VOLUME) 15 ® Deck 2 cassette holder 21 l~~~... . ~ . TAPE DECKl/2. VIRTUAL REAR SRNO.36 3D AI EO button (3~ AI EO) . . _ J 20 18 16 12 I Main unit [] Name Ref. . . . 29 Jog control and joy stick (SOUND CONTROL JOG) 27 Play timer/record timer button and indicator (e) PLA Y/e) REC) 37. . . . . . Standby/on switch (POWER. .. . . .. manager button (CD MANAGER) . .. . .. Random play button (RANDOM) @ Disc tray @ AC supply indicator (AC IN) .. .. ... . •..17. . ® CD CD ® This indicator lights when the unit is connected to the AC mains supply..I r-------1@ I i L~~_~_ front panel controls .

.21 18 18 18 15 G Skip/search G Play/pause G Stop button f) Random buttons button ( . . ..40 33 32 29 36 27 27 21 18 19 19 32 ~ lllll~~~~' I IIII~ w Wi\ C~ SEl.. . . ..... ..21... CU r:\ UP AVEmCT G"'I II II CD . DOWN/OFF buttons (T &) ... . page 12 o Input " Standby/on select buttons (CD... 0 function in exactly the same way as the buttons No..... ... . . . .. . .. 40 39 @ r= :1 button 34 34 (D Super surround on/off button (SUPER SURROUND).. . . 21 17..17..•. ... . • . . CANCEL REPEAT AAN~ \!.ECT o ~G ~ . .. . . TUNER. .F e ~ ~ Reverse side playback button @ Numeric buttons . ..•.. .. 35. . 8QG. ... button (S. .. @ Disc button (DISC) .•... ~IV •• /'~ @ Program button (PROGRAM) @ Cancel button (CANCEL) .... . . ....... [TEST] (Test signal output): Hold down [SHIFT] and press [CH SELECT].... .. ..... .. . 36i~--~m~G)~1111 @ 000011111 re ® _ ~ 44 ~ iiii~rlc5(b1 ~ 111...22 17.... ..... . . . ' @ Repeat button (REPEAT) a> Volume buttons (VOLUME +.. . ) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• ~~~~ @r.. . (. I @ Select buttons (SELECT <II1II ... . test button (CH SELECT. ... button (RANDOM) ......... . .E)QQG1111 @ Muting button (MUTING) @) Sleep button (SLEEP) (D Simulated stereo on/off (SIMULATED STEREO) .. ® (f) DOLBY PRO LOGIC on/off button ([]C PRO LOGIC) @l Channel select. @ Shift button (SHIFT) [6CH] (6CH DISCRETE INPUT): Hold down [SHIFT] and press [AUX1/2].... fl) 3D AI select button (30 AI) .. ...UI ~ ~ 1111·" E) ~ ~_J Cf-3 IIII ~ WN LECT @ EO select button (EO) . .•. TEST) .. ... .. 1-0) ..36 32 17.. . . AUX1/2) 14. ... .. (..Front ponel controls Remote control Buttons such as on the main unit....).•.. . . .. .. ...m IIII SRECiJ ~ ~ ~R.. . . . . . . (?'10.... .. . .. . . .. ~~/ ) .. ..... . .. ...) .. . . @ AV effect button (AV EFFECT) @ UP/ON...WOOFER) (<1liii/v) ••••••••••• ED Super woofer on/off IIII 1111s51cs"" 1 6 0-0fD em. ... TAPE. .111/.. . / .. .... . . • .. -) RQT4802 .. . .. ...II. . Name button (~) " Ref...•... ... . .

..--.---.-----------------------------! I .. I I ~----._------------------. Turn DEMO olf if EGO is used.. turn the • DISPLAY! CJ Press and hold {-DISPLAY/-DEMO] DEMO" is displayed.:ECO (on) When ECO is on: When the unit is turned off. --.. This lunction is set to on at the time of purchase. \J_-. the mode can be switched EGO. mnI When the unit is off.. I. a demonstration shown when the unit is 011.5 W ~. _-_ .I _DEMO Turning the demo function oR (DEMO) EiI l __ ~ __ J is I II the clock has not been set. etc.. the display panel remains blank but the AG IN indicator stays to show the unit is still connected to the AG power output.:DEMO (on) until "NO When this mode is used the power consumed when the unit is switched to standby mode reduces from a maximum of 13... To get the most from the economy demo function off . //1/11 . _DEMO • DISPLAYI NORMAL (off) EGO (on) Blank O..L U _) /r: J- 1""1..._---_. 01 the display mode (see below). The demonstration is shown if DEMO is on.6W. regardless of the condition of the EGO mode. I --------_ . Turning ECO on and off: Press [POWER] to turn the unit on.6W ~.. The display changes each time the button is pressed: NORMAL (off)::. 13.-.-~-----------------------~ RQT4802 I I .\}__ 1/ U .. This mode is set to on at the time of purchase .u (- TlI-/ltlll: I (U/: Display Power consumption in standby mode Glock display.----------------------------~ . Every time you press and hold the button. Press [ECO]. but not the other way... NO DEMO (oll)::.5 W to O..y' rl I I _'_ r: L_/ II 1"\ _-_ ... Irom NORMAL to ACIN c::::::::J (h / \! I( __ U _ h ris» _ ..

The clock is displayed constantly. The clock is shown for about 5 seconds then the previous display is restored. Clil// t I·...=-=-/ . _.I I lC _]r: I ....m. . was displayed before you Displaying the clock When the unit is off When ECO mode is off.·n _ . ~ L 1 ")Ll!_ ~ ~ - I Cl /11/ I n\ I C'U~-"C - .. ~ Press time... • DlSPLAYI -DEMO o D Press [POWER] to turn ~ CLOCK--->V PLAY .. Press [-DISPLAY/-DEMO)... L r----------------------------------] . ~ --.~ ...Setting the time The example in the figure shows how to set the time for 4:25 p.e:lREC L__Previous display. When the unit is on Press [CLOCKfTIMER] so 'CLOCK" is shown..J ~ (within 5 seconds or so) the unit on. CLOCK! TlIIER and then the display [::: -..... : I .... C \ -" I .._ •• - -_ CLOCK! TIMER RQT4802 ./ /-~ __ ..... When EGO mode is on. [CLOCKITIMER] to finish to set the setting the The display will return to whatever set the time. The clock is displayed for about 5 seconds goes blank again. Press [TUNEfTIME ADJ (v or i\)] present time. .. Every time you press the button. Press [CLOCKITIMER1 to select "CLOCK". ~ ~---~-~-.~_ _ .. ~~: :::~~I: ::::::::] r----------------------------------] .

. / MEMORY] ("MEMO' flashes) and select a station with [TUNEITIME ADJ (v or A)]. -If broadcast frequencies are preset in the memory.."PRESET"._ .. 1 .. FM allocation settings: This system comes equipped with an electronic digital tuner that divides the broadcast band into many small steps.._ .. Each country allocates broadcast lar needs.. Perform step 0 above. the minimum frequency will change. you can enable the tuner to receive FM broadcasts allocated in 0.--- LI_I..i ... (C/~I/ : .._"AM".. While "MEMO" is flashing press [ . . signals are l..I' lIm Alter changing the allocation setting... you can easily tune in any of these frequencies from the system or remote control unit. ROT4802 .. MEMO - . ® When near to the frequency you are looking lor.. These steps match the assignable broadcast frequencies and intervals in between. / TUNE'!. (See "Presetting only your favorite stations" below._ . 7l Preset channel By adjusting the allocation...._..._ .: 1 .""\/-/1...---'- \.. . press [ .. ~.:. When finished. Every time you press the button. Alter a few seconds the display will change to a flashing display of the current minimum frequency.. This will start preset1ing automatically. MEMORY] until the frequency begins to change..... The power will come on automatically.-------._ ... the frequencies preset in the memory will be cleared. .._._f 00[1 --.. you previously . MEMORY -... 1.. Press and hold [TUNER/BAND]... Press [TUNEITIME ADJ (v or 1\)] until the display shows the frequency from which you want to begin automatic memory presetting. "MANUAL".t!"~ _ : )-' l /11/ .....~~ . MEMO- .~.!".. Every time you press the button.Presetting radio broadcasts --~---- _J o .. do the following. ~ Press and hold [ . Then.. To return to the original frequency indication...You can preset just those stations you like.. '----------------------------------1 i flll'O""'C'" If auto presetting is not possible because radio weak or for some other reason... "FM"..Up to 12 stations can be set in each band with automatic or manual memory presetting..1 MHz steps.... Release the button at this time . If you continue to hold [TUNER/BAND] down. _' on /I II -:-:. . __ !_. - ..._. / . 2..) Press [TUNER/BAND] to select band.... . / MEMORY] again and select a preset channel with [TUNEITIME ADJ (v or A)]. press (TUNEITIME ADJ (v or All repeatedly until the station is tuned in.OOE ~ .. 3.~~-~ -'~:-~_'"~~~"---Presetting only your favorite stations . MEMORY] to preset the station. J TUNER! SAND ~ ~ ~ ~ Press [. repeat above.. Memory retention The preset stations are retained in memory for about 2 weeks even if the system is unplugged.... Press [~~/Ho-I.1 II .. TUNE MODE] to select "MANUAL". bands according to their particu- : ._'__I ~...-~~ :-~ Preset the stations one at a time._ .. Tips on tuning in radio stations CD Hold down either [TUNEITIME ADJ (v or A)] until the frequency numbers start scrolling. the radio will tune in the last station memorized.

_.. The radio will stop automatically on the first station it picks up..:~-:_~ -] _.._-.. ~ __ ~ J' FM MODElBP . ~... stations in the [ / TUN~ODE~ r --... Turn [VOLUME) to adjust the volume level..~~i. After selecting the station in step 1../v]._-_--.~ uuu LI_I __f _'_ . the radio sometimes stops on a certain frequency where no station is broadcasting.. and monaural broadcasts in mono........-. you'll want to listen in stereo.. To stop auto tuning Press [TUNEITIME ADJ (v or Al] again. _'"" '_ _-_ . This way... then continue with steps 2 and 3. 0 _-':1 : . L _ t_o .... ADJ (v or /\)] to select the a "STEREO" lights when an FM stereo broadcast is being received.. TUNE MODE] to select "PRESET" "MANUAL".~ _.. "MANUAl". / .L' : • --.._.--. I \!!..-- ID' -If you preset stations in memory they can be easily selected from the remote control with [ . -_ .... '_'=!.. 1_ Press [TUNER] to select band on the remote control... ''TUNED'' lights when you precisely tune in a broadcast station. -When there is outside interierence..___. i RQT48D2 .. ("MONO" will light up.. ~' __.'---w~--~-~. t : v. Auto tuning Auto tuning is an easy way to tune in non-preset manual mode. (f~/l1I I --- ----. Hold down [TUNEITIME ADJ (v or A»). or select the required channel directly with the numeric buttons..----] ~I_F]_!i..:~~ .i~~:-~.../v] or [. : \!_!_I~~~'~ .~--fl. 2. Press [. . _- J If noise is excessive in the FM stereo mode Ei1 Press [ . ~ -t i.. The unit comes on and the radio begins to play. -Sound is momentarily interrupted if you load/unload tapes while listening to an AM broadcast. so leave "MONO" off. . _ __: LH!\:...--_ . ~ -------'----------~~-. you can listen to stereo broadcasts in stereo./11/ A] to select the channel. FM MODE/BP]... I (T_IJ_N_Eii) :_ S-~l_E~~~) mmI ~Oi VOLUME --dB OdB r-:--.~--..) Sound will be produced in monaural.... l . 11/'.. FM MODEiBP].."PRESET"_ PRESET: MANUAL: For preset stations For non-preset stations or ~ Press [TUNE/TIME desired broadcast. Every time you press the button.. .-.) -I~ -.:..... Every time you press the button._ '__.__ '='_'=- -- __ LI ."AM". n... "FM"...~2 C.Listening to radio broadcasts CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ o ~ FMMODElBP Press [TUNER/BAND] to select band. . You can preset an FM station in monaural by following the steps under "Presetting only your favorite stations" on page 14. select "MONO" with [ . _):. -. [~/II/ A] or the numeric buttons.ri _!:.... . To select a two-digit channel: Press [~10]and then the two numbers you want within 10 seconds or 50.. "MONO" will go out. Press [ . but this also reduces noise. Normally.0i~'--. Press the button again to cancel. and release the button when the frequency starts scrolling.

omCD X91'2omCD RQT4802 . -Do not use CDs with poorly attached labels or stickers. -Do not use cleaning CDs or CDs which are badly warped or cracked.~ r:: e II) To prevent damage Always observe the following points..... level surlace.Listening to compact discs J I Always stop the changer before loading or changing CDs. The current tray closes and the selected tray automatically opens. Label must face Disc indicators (DISC 1-015C 5) The disc indicators light whenever the tray is in the playing position. Adhesive protruding from underneath stickers or left over from peeled off stickers can cause your stereo to malfunction. . or when loaded.. Do not set it on top of magazines. To continue loading CDs in the other trays Press another [OPEN/CLOSE ~ (1-5)] button to open the required tray. inclined surfaces. -- o~ ~. -Do not use irregular shape CDs. -Set the system on a flat. ~ ~ Set CD in the tray.. -Load CDs as shown in figure -An adapter is not needed with 8 cm CDs (singles). -Load only 1 CD per tray. etc.. number of tracks and total playing time will be shown on the display. You cannot change CDs while a disc is playing. . (1-5)] button. whether it is loaded or not. -Do not put anything except CDs in trays. . [!i e t m m. Press the same [OPEN/CLOSE ton. How to load CDs D Press an [OPEN/CLOSE The selected tray will open. (1-5)] but- The tray will close and the disc No. -Do not move the system while trays are opening/closing.

(If the desired CD is indicated on the display panel the same operation can be accomplished by pressing [""11]. vi To search forward! backward (Search) Elapsed playingtime (Of current track number) To skip forward! backward 10 VOLUME .) Press [DISC 1]-[OISC 5] to select the disc you want...]..._.... if play starts from disc 4.) ..\ (...~_0i .. j (forward) during playback or pause mode.) Play will start from the first track on the selected disc. (The surround system can be turned on again after CD is selected... mI TUN:!ODE~ Reference: .page 20) ~u \.. whether forward or backward. you can search forward or backward only within the current track.. RQT4BD2 .page 19) or random play.-----+~~·-L ..During program play... / . j (backward) or [..I -71\ i 0 Q_ £J_) J' i . What is meant by "final disc"? For example.._I!U "_ ·.. • During program play (..After you have turned a surround system on when listening to another source. (.Listening to compact discs o ~ ~ Press [CO]....I .. Insert CDs in the trays. / . To resume playback. disc 3 will be the "final disc".. the surround system is automatically turned off when CD is selected as the source and the unit switches to two channel stereo mode...Use the CD manager function if you want to listen to one CD only. ~ Turn (VOLUME] to adjust the volume level. If the unit was off and a CD was loaded... riI [ ~ ---------------------------------I I 6In--TITI_~I~ \!. Hold down (..-- JJJ....~ ""0: \1 uu .During random play (._ILJ ..page 18).see page 16. : \!'_ (I' nI I~I_!:- --_ -i in . When " ~" appears on the display It indicates there are 13 or more tracks on the disc in the playing position. ] (forward) during playback or pause mode.-/ ~W_ To stop the disc Press [.. e e . j (backward) or [.. play will start automatically (One touch play function). ....._. you cannot skip to tracks which have already been played . .. The power will come on automatically. Press [._~'_~~ W·M~· -.. (... skipping is always in the proqrarnmed order. mmI Od~__ .j. Order of progression: Disc 4--5--1--2--3 To pause Press [""11] during playback..~ ... .1 U I _ru V: --------------~1----------1-------I Total number of tracks Total playing time (I~C---L~~j~../ ./ . and will continue until the last track of the final disc is played (see below)... ... r ~~ .2 ~ Q \._~ . press [""11].--~.. Disc number -----------------I----------~-----Track number I_) !I-··--.-l..

em RANDOM.page 17) o \V: DO C) To select a two-digit track Press [::10] and then the two numbers you want within 10 seconds or so. (._J_l~ LListening '0 ~ompaddiscs Press [RANDOM].I ~~~·--·~~~··~--------by remote control only Press [REPEAn before or during play. J u: To cancel repeat play Press [REPEAT] once again. All tracks on the loaded CDs are repeated. . press [REPEAT] during playback. 20: [::10] Track no. Playback will stop automatically when all tracks have been played.LJ_)_)_)_. Press [REPEAT] and make sure U ~"is displayed..o . To repeat just one track Set the I-TRACK mode (. Press [DISC].I _'_J_)__L.page 20). You can use random play with your program. 35: [::10] [2] [3] [0) [5J . but in random order.. The CD will be played from the selected track to the last track of the final disc. (within 10 seconds or so) ®0v:. : . Program the tracks you want (. I IIU· I_I _ o ~ ~ by remote control only Press [CD]. Press [ . 2.u~EJG)~ a Press [1]-[5] to select the disc you want./Ii/A]. 00®®~ RQT4802 . co ~ ~ . All tracks on the loaded CDs will be played in random order. To cancel random play Press [RANDOM] once again. 3. ·0 r& -.. Playback will start. Only the programmed tracks will be played. To repeat your favorite tracks 1.. (D(Dl®@> = For example Track no. and make sure is displayed. Press the numeric button to select the desired track number.0®r® . U ~ " before or ~"C 1_". .page 19).

is limited to 24.. ].J.-=---_ .--~~'1 -'-I. are shown on the display . Everytime you press one of the buttons... _ RQT4802 . the track and program No..J._ ....L. • Add to the program... Press [PROGRAM]..__J-'-'_L. LI: II : 1 -----------------f-----------1----~ Specified track number Program order ~2 (-t~ __ i ~: _f) r...Q 1v:'1 ~.] will cancel program play. /-] or [ .. . From the last programmed track A specified track only Press [CANCEL]. Press [... but during program play./11/"]._ ". Press [.'r iI \. rn m.. Press [DISC]. ~/II/A Select the track with [ . PROGRAM ~ To cancel program play mode Press [PROGRAM] in the stop mode. with [PROGRAM].... No further G)--(D1~U Specified disc number CD-®r® . Repeat steps track(s).Listening to compact discs by remote control only You can program up to 24 tracks. / .... but it will also erase the entire program. • You can do the following during program mode . ] or [ ..--. Pressing [..Q("i'J v .--..Check program contents. Repeat steps D through e Cancel entries... When "CD FULL" appears PlJ The number of programmed tracks tracks can be programmed. ... 2.J ... and press [CANCEL] within 3 seconds. Play will start in the programmed sequence. the player will skip that track and will continue playing from the next programmed item......... [.: -------------"'.. / .../ ..~101and then the two numbers you want... ----" .01':. 1....J_L....__ ~.. '... Press [... /111 A]. ].J_)_J L EJ-1lI until you have programmed the desired r. Press the numeric button to select the desired track... ~ ~ _-_ 1 0 _ j -'" __ 0 • _I :J·e] I 1 LI . (within 10 seconds or so) a ~ CD ~ Press [11-[5] to select the disc you want.. Press ~ All tracks Memory retention Your program is retained system is unplugged.C/ "__ . . you can play it -_ I -1"\ : II r: C :J .o -" -- ...._-_-_-_ .LJ Indicates program mode If you program a track number not on your CDs The track is initially programmed.._-_-.----. D Press [CD1· ~ Ensure CD is stopped. : To select a two-digit track Press {. / ._ . Programmed contents will be saved in memory...... ~/ II LI • -_-_. for about 2 weeks while the in memory To replay your program If you turned off your program again as explained below. Press [PROGRAM]..--_-_-. . [ £_ __~ .

. t: .~..--...... Specified disc number Press [ .. .... . .-'' ---. rrJ Press . Ensure CD is stopped.~...page 18) and random play (. --.. -For playing back 1 track only from all loaded CDs t-Track mode (l-TRACK) . .. mmI ~ This step is nol required if I-DISC was selected in step f). / ..J: ' (OFF) Only one particular track is played. ~J ~... it is skipped and play continues. The same track numbers on each of the CDs are played in succession.I fI n L (I. _ v '.~ _.-_ . Every time you press the button.-..j. However. '11111/-/7\: \.._] . to select the de1] sired track.. [ ~------------.. _If a CD does not have the designated track number. only the repeat function is available for 1-TRACK mode.-t Specified track number eft ~ (["\ ends "NORMAL" will appear on the display for about 3 seconds.. CDs and There are 3 CD/track selection modes.-.-.Listening to compact discs This function makes it easier for you to select specific tracks from amongst those loaded in the player. ] or [ .\ (~/ : [ .. -5E~-.) 1-TRACK: I-DISC: I·ALL: e §.J .. ~ v ~(2' I ('...:# • . . __ ~---- [1 I ] CO MANAGER e . The selected track will start.........S! .. The tracks on only one particular disc are played.-------~~~------~ - ~-•. U [7. _ ...-'.. You can use this function to make recordings as well..page 18) at the same time...-'/.a""'.---. I_)l _t .l-DISC--l-ALL L__ NORMAL_____] to select the desired .... l·TRACK_...: . Press [CD MANAGER] mode......'_ UU nn 'i"\: _ .For playing back 1 CD only from all loaded CDs I-Disc mode (l-DISC) -For playing back 1 track on all loaded CDs t-Track All-Disc mode (1-ALL) I T1JNE MODE • J \ =ir: o ~ Press [CD] . FM MODElBP MEMORY TO stop play Press [. mmI This step is not required if l·ALL was selected in step f).. n ---1--------------------_·---------' LJ Press [DISC 1]-[DISC 5] to select the disc you want. When playback I I I I -. / .-'--~~---------.__ _.. During play in the 1-ALL mode: -II is not possible to skip back 10 a CD whose track has already been played.. ~ __ "".... then the CD MANAGER function will turn off automatically. I em RQT4B02 +- You can use the repeat function (. (NORMAL: The original display is restored in about 3 seconds.. e --~---------------. R~~-GE~--! .../11]..R . -..

/111 to start playback. ] or [ . : ._.11111REV"OO~ One side is played.): Both sides (front slca-vreverse c:='): a 1------·_-------·--------------------. NORMAL POSITIONiTYPE HIGH POSITIONiTYPE METAL POSITIONiTYPE II IV I 0 0 0 You can use either deck 1 or deck 2 for tape playback. [ ! / n t: c . [ [ J: /IIJ: The forward side (front side) will play..]. • \ ~ Press [ .. "'M _ ' _(~ Deck in use .. the surround system is automatically turned off when TAPE is selected as the source and the unit switches to two channel stereo mode..).=J Turn . DECK2 OPEN] and insert the tape.--~ 1 _ __ ~ -- Press [REV MODE] to select the reverse mode. r. _ .. then playback stops automatically. Both sides are played 8 times each. Close the holder by hand. then playback stops automatically.. o / lAPEl ~ TUNEIiOOE Press [TAPE DECK1/2]_ The power will come on automatically.. Every time you press the button. _ -' Tape direction will be oo~o~ VOLUME lAPEl DECKll2 ~ ~ __ ._ _-_ _lgJ: To stop tape playback Press [. om Playback is interrupted other deck.--r .1 ~ i-J. r--------------------------'----DECKll2 ~ :'7"-1-1 '-.Listening to tapes aa a a a 00 Types of tapes which can be played correctly: The unit automatically identifies the type of tape._ RQT4802 . =-4>~)--J>c--:::._... To change the deck to be used r::J Press [TAPE DECKl/2] to select the deck you want to use when you load cassettes into both decks. r·T.q PE··········.) =.• _~_)_... If the unit was off and a cassette was loaded. [VOLUME] to adjust the volume level.. Insert the tape with the exposed tape facing down. side) are played one time each.. rir _. play will start au· tomatically (One touch play function).. DECK1 OPEN] or [ . . then playback stops automatically. Press [ . To listen to 2 tapes consecutively Load a tape into each deck and select C:=. while playing back tapes if you open the --dB OdB Reference: After you have turned a surround system on when listening to another source. The reverse side will play. ... Both tapes played 8 times each.

.... I MOOEIBP MEMORY NORMAL POSITIONn-YPE HIGH POSITIONn-YPE METAL POSITIONn-YPE II IV 0 0 x or erase correctly... .... ] ] Recording part To find the beginning of a program (TPS:Tape Program Sensor) Leader tape (no recording can be made} . ... sound quality.... sound quality/surround recording eHect The tape you are recording is not affected whatsoever by changes in volume.. / / "' .. / .. ] or [... ] in the stop mode. / .... 3... the recorded tape into deck 2. As a result.. if metal This system cannot make a recording.. / .. The TPS function searches for silent parts of about 4 seconds in length which are normally found between tunes.. " mm . [REV MODE] to select reverse mode.... 4..... 1. position tapes are used.. To start recording from the reverse side Insert the cassette into deck 2 and follow these steps to change the side.......". ] ] ] To start recording from a particular position on the tape Wind the tape on to the position you want recording to start from......... AQT4802 . Tape direction "lIP" To play the current tune from the beginning [ [ .. Press Insert Press Press [TAPE DECK1/2]. mm -You cannot record when [6CH DISCRETE INPUT] is selected. [e REC/STOP].... surround effect and surround system..... In recording. ......] then [. [. / . Press [ .... Before recording. wind the tape past the leader to a point where recording can start immediately..... To erase a recorded sound 1... / " . To fast-forward or rewind the tape Press [. j [1. To play the next tune from the beginning [ .. Press [TAPE DECK1/2] so the deck 2 indicator lights... / . surround effect and surround system are set automatically to "FLAT'.Li5tening '0 'ape5 I Before recording (Deck 2 only) __ ~_ l____ Types of tapes which can record correctly The unit automatically FM identifies the type of tape. / . -You cannot fast-forward or rewind one deck while recording with the other. Tape direction "lIP ' To rewind To fast-forward [ To record from the beginning of the tape You cannot record on the leader part of the tape..... 2... j / .... Tape direction will be shown as .. 2. it may not function properly in the following cases: -With short silent parts -When noise occurs between tunes -With silent parts found within tunes How volume. sound quality.... 1 [ ..]. " [ . -You cannot open deck 1 while recording..

..._.. ~--. ~ riri ri .. _I! ! 0: __ _I _________ I I AQT4B02 . Recording can also be stopped by pressing [.. REC/STOP] to start recording... _.- ~. FM MODE/BP] while recording.._.page 22) o Select a radio station.. Both sides (front side ..-~--·-------t-----------. The cassette deck will stop..]_ To cut an unnecessary part while recording 1.._-_-. . reverse side) are recorded. c-=:): ! REVMODE~ TUNE MODE • \ 0 :'1. BP 1 and BP 2 will be displayed alternately.'--------. then recording stops automatically._.. ~-------------------.. Recording will continue in the same direclion as before. (. .._. -:..:~=)~c::) ~). Each time you press the button..... {j_f/I ti ~ --"1ft} 5': \L_'_/_'_ _ _. steps D-IEI ) ~ Press [REV MODE] to select the reverse mode.. Press [.... the direction will automatically change to ~) when recording starts..--.. is momentarily inter- To reduce noise while AM recording (Beat proof function) [J Press [ . Select the position where there is less noise. then recording stops automatically..page 15. Or ~-----------·-----·--------'-·-'--------I ' .--. Every time you press the button. 2._."'_ _ __ • . 1-/1// r: I I (:51> ... volume rupted when you start and stop the recording.._... : ._. / ..--. \J:11_1_ " " rh/I"I/---- . ~----. (.. Tape direction am When recording an AM broadcast. _. ~ If you selected c-=:) in step f).....Recording from radio broadcasts DO 00000 Preparation: Insert the tape to be recorded on into deck 2..__ ....._ -! .~- One side is recorded.. Tape direction is automatically set to ·~-o Change the tape direction if you want to start recording from the reverse side.-- To stop recording Press [e REC/STOP] again. .----.... Press Ie REC/STOP] to resume recording again. Press [e REC/STOP] during the unnecessary part...--TI/~ _D__ C I: !) ..... _._ _._.

.--------. -....--. -If you selected C::'J in step fl.._ . ! To record programmed tracks ] REVMOOE~ [ .:" r -'L~----------------------l n~ IrE \ . [ v "" . v ..._-' . The CD will stop automatically too. -To stop recording without a silent interval Press [.'_ ..t:! ~ . Press [.... 2.. =J ----------.. -.-'.--------. ~ -------------------------------.-_ ..... then recording stops automatically.. REC/STOP]. The CD will stop automatically too. --....... then recording stops automatically. REC/STOP] to start recording..] to stop the CD.... ... program the track you want (performs steps on page 19). Tape direction RQT4802 [ .). Change the tape direction if you want to start recording from the reverse side..-...-..--J IC Ire _j~' c· 10 rC (::)1> {§ . ---_ ....._.._ v ~ -. Press [REV MODE] to select the reverse mode. . -The tape deck stops automatically when the CD is finished... -The recording will proceed from the first track on the selected CD and will continue on through the last track of the final disc.. ~~I"" ~r->~~Il~:EIlS~!i~~:1~~ ~~~~ o o CJ CJ o CD ~ Press [DISC 1]-[DISC 5] to select the disc. _.._..... .. .: ---~....-1-l _j I U'U I - ::)1>: _ ~~Ga) _j . Tape direction is automatically set to ""'''.. -.----O-CD CJO Preparation: 1. ? r ---"". r fJrr1JVL] .-_. ~ c::'J: One side is recorded.. -- -_ .:-+~)~C=-) TUNE MODE • =J.. the direction will autornatlcalIy change to when recording starts. ---.. After step fl._ .-]-----0?~-55-®--:-~-·1 (§ • 1.~--. fJ-1l) . Both sides (front side-> reverse side) are recorded. Every time you press the button...... {§ • __ 6 ·..... Press [....--------_ .2 J-+ .--'. ... (. _--. Insert the tape to be recorded on into deck 2. REC/STOP] to start recordlnq......--.-_ /' [ .Recording from compact discs .. '--. _ To stop recording -To add a 4 second silent interval before stopping Press [. @)Press [. _-_ . -. Insert the CD. o D...page 22) 2.

_~ .. The CD will automatically stop too.-. The same track numbers on each of the CDs are recorded in succession. • While recording.)..---. __ ...To stop recording without a silent interval Press [. Insert the CD.1-AlL t____ NORMAL_.. FM MODElBP MEMORY mmI This step is not required if 1-DISC was selected in step 6... The CD will stop automatically too. REC/STOP]..-oRECISTOP To stop recording eTa add a 4 second silent interval before stopping Press [......---. page 22) 2... '_"_'_ ...--:~:-l ~~~ Preparation: 1... Every time you press the button...-.. f\l_ :1 D v -e ~ C ] - U'U rir: I I (:J":: .~-'. it is re-recorded from the beginning on the reverse side.--.--. Change the tape direction if you want to start recording from the reverse side.. "._. Press [DISC l]-[DISC 5] to select the disc.... . stops and the current t ---------.. o- D Press [CD]..] or [ .. Insert the tape to be recorded on into deck 2..... 8) .. The tracks on only one particular disc are recorded.) COMANAGER ~ n u .. r... r. / . Press [ .. t~.~~ RQT4802 .l ~ ~~Q~~) ~---~-... REC/STOP] to start recording. / .----..Recording from compact discs This function makes it easier for you to select special CDs and tracks from amongst those loaded in the player . if a track is cut off in the middle at the end of the front side.. Tape direction is automatically set to "~". The original display is restored in about 3 seconds.-...~:. ~ Press [CD MANAGER] to select the desired mode.=) Press [... 1-TRACK .-------..---. [ mmI ~ This step is not required if 1-ALL was selected in step 6.. Front side Reverse side II 1 1:!l000~1~ side recording 101 3 10~1~ in its entirety on / ruNE MOOE • The interrupted track is re-recorded the reverse side......--.. _ .. to select the de] sired track.1~OISC ..! (OFF) 1-TRACK: 1-DISC: 1-AlL: (NORMAL: Only one particular track is recorded. _'_ .--~------'~~-...---. \ eAt the end of the reverse track will be interrupted.------'-~-'--§..

.----. I I.3\. ~: . ... then recording stops automatically. I TI I L [Ii CJ C I .... _..... _._ .. _ .. : 1-_-_ . Press [REV MODE] to select the reverse mode._......].. __ .... ROT48D2 ...... -If you selected C=) in step the direction will automatically change to ~) when recording starts. : ... I TAPE! ~ OECKll2 ~ TUNE MODE • \ ~ -=-___.._ . Both decks will stop._ _-_ . ("§l"m. ._ .. Both sides (front slce-« reverse side) are recorded. _..._ . _.. ~.......- ~~~~~~i~_g_----------. c=): Every time you press the button.... For playback: into deck 1 For recording: into deck 2 Tape direction is automatically set to ..._.... One side is recorded.. Change the tape direction if you want to start recording from the reverse side._.--] D. level will be recorded as they are on the tape being Preparation: Insert the cassettes...-----. (.. : \! :---fT-=~ i~-... ". - REVMOOE~ r--TRiiE----------------~~--] i ] TAPEEDfT ~ i ~------------------------------------- ~i Tape direction of the tape you are r. ...-] ~~~~ <Or>' +:» _.=J--* C::') ~)._-_ .-. IIr E.page 22) D Press ~ [TAPE DECK1/2].....Tape-fa-tape recording 00 00000 The recording played back._-_) : eTo stop recording: Press [. __ .----. Press [TAPE EDIT] to start recording. _ .t ._.. then recording stops automatically.._ .

. ----:_ : ~.------ C~)Q) (MANUAL) .WOOFER].. t··· '"'"'""' :@ @ -----------------~ .-~ -.. When il is turned clockwise.U T TI'1 Turn {SOUND CONTROL JOG] to select the sound quality or sound field. "'. \j_ • __ • _/_J. : . Ihe setting is changed in the sequence described above..__ .Light off (OFF) mEl All recordings are performed at the flat setting even if an alternative sound quality/sound field setting has been selected and the super woofer effect is set to ON. . Using the built-in sound qua/ity/ sound field settings rn __ [ h1 I I I . Light off (OFF) Pll -When listening to the sound through the headphones Light on (ON)=. @ CLEAR (sound quality) Select this for jazz or other kinds of music for which clarity in the treble range is desired. the settings are selected in the following sequence.. @ DISCO (sound field) Select this to produce sound with the same kind of lengthy reo verberations heard at a disco. MAX (high) ._.4 (fill ~_~. @ LIVE (sound field) Select this to make vocals more alive. When using the remote control to perform the operations described above Press [EO]. -_-. -When listening to the sound through the speakers MID (medium) .--. ® HALL (sound field) Select this to add an expansiveness to the sound to produce the atmosphere of a great concert hall._J. :® To release the equalizer Turn [SOUND CONTROL JOG] to select "FLAT'.-~--.. 1 •••••••••••••••••••••• ® ®o RQT4802 . CD HEAVY (sound quality) Select this when playing rock or other kinds of music that sound betler with an added punch... Each time this button is pressed. (f) MANUAL (see page 28) ® AI EQ (see page 29) ® FLAT The original display is restored on the display panel in about 5 seconds.. @ SOFT (sound quality) Select this when listening to background music..I ::_______ Boosting the super woofer Press [S.

.:::::::lI'':::::' ~IfR~ II 'R' I.. . .3 kHz: Midrange to treble 10 kHz: Treble ® ~ t direction: For adjusting the level Repeat steps CD and ® to set the desired sound quality..:Jrl::::ll'r=::J~'c::::::I'c::::::Ic::::I'~'..t::::].. }I .c:::II. ..t::::::I . . " ¢.I. Adjust the sound quality. .:. \.. EO \ I I:: 1 I. 1rub ICIikI-b: To release the equalizer II L . \ em ..:.. ~ U 1 L <=I' .. The original display is restored on the display panel in about 5 seconds. following sequence._ ~. • AII recordings are performed at the flat setting even if an altarnalive sound quality setting has been selected.:::::I " ~IfO~IIIR' JII1I...'.The sound quality setting is stored automatically.-_. f) 'R ' . CONTROL JOG] to ~~~ manua~equalizer (Manual EQ) Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl J D Turn select in the When it is turned clockwise. '~-. _.-~~ ~-.~U .: '" ...t::::J-t:::J.~U lL ..J. .~ . 2Tl ~ . f! For selecting the range of the sound to be adjusted Characteristics of each sound range 100 Hz: Super woofer range Around 330 Hz: Bass to midrange 1 kHz: Midrange Around 3. '.t::J.'11\ ~ .. RQT4802 l _ ~..--~ . : '. .. . .: \'1 I MR~ II 'R' L I.-. direction: II. . It is recalled when "MANUAL" is next selected .'-:'I \. ~(!CH II 1 }dL'n I. .. -...I ~arying the sound quality with [SOUND "MANUAL". .\ Turn [SOUND CONTROL JOG] to select "FLAr. 100Hz c::. '.. . CD HEAVY ® CLEAR @ SOFT @ DISCO ® LIVE @ HALL the settings are selected o MANUAL ® ® ~ AIEQ FLAT CD .'.~UI :.t=I.c::::::J.. ~'r:::::::::l'c:::Jt.t::::Jc:::J. • JI c::l'~'c:::::::I~'II::::::I'c:::Ic:::=J'.

L~. en ..1iI: To release the equalizer Turn [SOUND CONTROL JOG) to select "FLAT'. mmI -The sound quality setting is stored automatically..~: u·. SHARP.I.:. ~'c:::::::J :: .. ..~ •• E::::::II.d. AI EQ__. •• •• 3.] •• ~ iu 2 c=I:g:~~'~ -l1:::::li .C= •.t::::Ji.3D AI1--. •• K::::::.. The AI EO equalizer uses the SOFT. The original display is restored on the display panel in about 5 seconds.. RQT48Q2 .t:::I. c:::::II. -4 AI-EQ J • OT 1 j_ .""'~ . I'IQI'"-==. . It is recalled when "AI EO" is next selected.==. -All recordings are performed at the flat setting even if an alternative sound quality setting has been selected..:-.c:::::II- ' ..""'... HEAVY and LIGHT sound quality coordinates to achieve subtle sound quality settings with ease.c::.. G) ~ ® !t direction: SOFT -SHARP setting direction: LIGHT-HEAVY setting Repeat steps G) and ® to set the desired sound quality.:I'~ .3D AI2 Adjust the sound quality. Press [3D AI EQ] to adjust the surround level..t=J '1:::1' 'c:::::II' .Varying the sound quality with the acoustic image (AI) equalizer (3D AI EQ) 00 00000 o ~ It is possible to use the acoustic image equalizer (AI EO) together with the surround effect to create your own sound effect.. Every time you press the button.

-The feeling of position has been improved by the addition of a separate center speaker channel. -This unit has built-in Dolby Pro-Logic circuity so you can enjoy Dolby Surround by connecting the speakers. MUSIC mode -This mode adds stereo-like effects to monaural sound sources.DVD -Laser Disc CCIOOLBVI DIGITAL DOLBY PRO-LOGIC -This system was developed to get a better sense of presence from sources encoded with Dolby Surround. -This mode adds surround effects to normal music sources.Dolby Digital is a discrete 6 (5.1) channel surround system developed for cinema use. MOVIE SUPER SURROUND mode • This mode adds surround effects to movie software that isn't recorded with the above systems. -Connect a subwoofer (not included) to the line out terminal on the rear panel of this system to increase the effect.DVD • Video tape (VCR) -CD [] []I DOLBY SURROUND I This mode cannot be used with the radio and 6CH DISCRETE INPUT mode . Software with the following mark is recorded in Dolby Pro Logic: -Laser Disc . -CD -TAPE -AUX This mode cannot be used with the radio and 6CH DISCRETE INPUT mode. -CD -TAPE -AUX This mode cannot be used with the radio and 6CH DISCRETE INPUT mode. Read the following explanations to aid your selection. allowing an entire movie to be recorded on a single DVD . The sound signals in Dolby Digital format are compressed to 1/10 their original size. RQT4802 . Surround system Features Recognizing the sound sources and software that can be used 6CH DISCRETE INPUT (Dolby Digital) . • You will need a DVD player that has a buill in decoder to enjoy DVDs with this unit.Surround systems -Select the surround mode appropriate to the source you are using. Discs with the following mark are recorded in Dolby Digital: . SIMULATED STEREO Any general sound source recorded in monaural can be used. In MOVIE mode you can adjust the volume of the surround speaker to get the best surround effect. Any general sound source can be used.

or SUPER SURROUND.It is effective when using 6CH DISCRETE INPUT. Virtual speakers Multi rear surround effect . . . Set your speakers up to suit the surround mode you have selected to get the best surround effect. [ Virtual speakers RQT4802 .Add these audio effects to improve the experience . • This mode makes it seem like the sound from the surround speakers is coming trom behind you.The center speaker must be placed on top of the television. etc. Center focus effect . .This function helps maintain the sound signal position even if the listening position itself is changed. this mode makes it seem like there are multiple surround speakers in your room.) is coming from within the television . Virtual rear surround effect -This mode is useful if you have to place your surround speakers on the front speakers because of the room's layout. . Seat position function . -This mode increases the cinema-like sense of presence.This mode makes it seem like the sound from the center speaker channel (dialogue.------ ~---~--. DOLBY PRO-LOGIC.Through processing of the surround sound signals. :--~---~ .Check the set-up of your speakers. These modes cannot be used with the radio.

reconnect the DVD player (MIXED OUT) to AUX1 or 2 terminal on this unit. Adjust the output level UP: Increases the output level DOWN: Decreases the output level Repeat steps @ and @ to adjust the level accordingly. U T J "-._~." C. UP] or I". T~rOII I ~I . Od] 00 -. D Hold ~ down [SHIFT] and press [AUX1/2].0'.£!_. 36) mmI @ CH SELECT ~ "- -I!il"L' -L eli I . INPUT) lamp lights. "' .---------------------! ' Reference: Add audio effects to improve the surround effect. The [6CH DISCRETE Adjust the volume of each speaker. ~ G:J-<:!Y0@ ~ AUX1~ (' ~+~ (' -. ® Press [VOLUME (.-~--.J ~-\ You cannot record sound when [6CH DISCRETE INPUT] is selected. To record from DVDs. (.-----. \_I' . I II-I I_I L I I I-. r-------·-~·--~-~-~·R·~-·~--'-··~-------t . CD Output the test signal from the DVD player (not included). and adjust the channel level on this system.pages 35.wOOFER) for about 2 seconds so 'SUB W ON" is shown on the display. press and hold [S. .6CH DISCRETE INPUT mode Preparation: If you have connected a subwoofer (not included) .. The following steps are for setting the output level of the front speakers and the other speakers to approximately the same level. Select the speaker channel to be adjusted.. -j 0 0 . . L: Front speaker (left) R: Front speaker (Right) C: Center speaker RS: Surround speaker (Right) LS: Surround speaker (Left) SW: Subwoofer @ Press lA. Set the channel level to 0 dB on the DVD player. @ Press ICH SELECTj..: 11'-: . . I _. DOWN]. : 1'.WN '-(5F \ 00 ) RQT4802 ./ 00 ] @) w'n'!. Sit in the normal listening position and make the adjustments with the remote control. Set the volume to the normal listening level.S[H i§] COJ (OJ"\ J.or +)].

L: Front speaker (Left) C: Center speaker R: Front speaker (Right) S: Surround speakers ® Press [VOLUME (. 1 v' rj ~--. PRO LOGIC) lamp goes out.----. CD Hold down [SHIFT] and press [CH SELECT]. A test signal is output. PRO LOGIC) lamp lights.TIU. (. Select the speaker channel to be adjusted." '71 !~ .or +)]. PRO LOGIC]. DOLBY. Adjust the volume of each speaker. I ' .:' --~--.-(. PRO LOGIC]. The [~O.._ r---------------------------------: .l ~ Enjoying sound with DOLBY PRO LOGIC (DOLBY PRO LOGIC) D Press ton. IOJ .~] ~««:~~~ ~ ~~ --(_... @ Press [CH SELECT].pages 35.:-:'. Set the volume to the normal listening level.0.. UP] or [V. To turn off the DOLBY PRO LOGIC systems Press (DO.S fB!Ii(33 Press [[l[].[ >£ ' U "L L' L2 . Adjust the output level. ~ 0000 0000 ~~IIfI't_I. PRO LOGIC] lamp lights." -.lit r .o(IQII ~~IG~C?JIIII PRO LOGIC ~-® ~ [~~ ~. TlOt r. @ Press [A. " S e- ----------------------------- @ [ CHSELECT ~ @) AQT4B02 .. PRO LOGIC].L TEST oo-r-:". The following steps are for setting the output level of the front speakers and the other speakers to the same listening level. ~+~ (. ' " o ~ 'lE ~ (!)1!®J!Th7 ~ I]®:ffi. DOWN]. The [~O.-._1-i..j C. the double-D symbol O[] and "PRO LOGIC" are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. \__ " ~- Playback the source...--] ..~_:-. 36) Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. UP: Increases the output level DOWN: Decreases the output level Repeat steps @ and @ to adjust the level accordingly. The [[l[].L L/ ------------------------------------I * CD rmIJi] CH SELECT To stop the test signal Hold down [SHIFT) and press [CH SELECT] again. -g ~ ~ ~ e " o ~ . The speaker outputting the test signal is displayed while the test is running.._0 q "~ £J~ Reference: Add audio effects to improve the surround effect. Sit in the normal listening position and make the adjustments with the remote control.

.-~~ . ~. 36) ---::-::-=:::---.. To turn off the SIMULATED STEREO mode Press [SIMULATED STEREO]. ( '\ i9~ '\ x.This mode adds the 5ch surround effect to the normal stereo sources . 808m To turn off the SUPER SURROUND mode Press [SUPER SURROUND) to select "NORMAL SUPER SURROUND STEREO". Press !A. Press [SUPER SURROUND] mode or MUSIC mode. • SUPER SURROUND is only effective if speakers are used..\_:J fCT~:fi1t +.--~-~-- -':J' ~ C!J8~~ oC5 CS 666 0-C!Y0@ 1'fIOOIWI. 00 00 . pages 35. ith simulated Il_:tereo_(SI~ULATED STEREO)rn ."loHCflllfl'UloUWJ(JIII o ~ Press [SIMULATED The [SIMULATED STEREO]. ~~ 6 \!I:: __ 00 a o ~ . The output level of surround speakers is displayed.. No discernable effect will be heard through headphones. ~ I. STEREO] lamp lights.o O~ ~ ®~~ 8SLp~~ -0 Enjoying so. This mode adds stereo effect to monaural sources. MUSIC __ MOVIE __ NORMAL STEREO (off) 0000 Playback the source. Adjust the output level. (./ To adjust the volume of surround speakers You can change the output level of surround speakers manually. .=~ 1~D @)0w:. DOWN] . un.. The [SIMULATED STEREO] lamp goes out.. d W. UP: Increase the output level DOWN: Decrease the output level Reference: Add audio effects to improve the surround effect. The level can be adjusted between +6 and -10.I 'L~ Enjoying sound with ~ stereophonics (SUPER SURROUND) PJ l~_. Playback the source. Press [CH SELECT). 0000 0000 o I 800m "l . and select MOVIE 066 l'IIIOQ.._______ ... While enjoying the desired source: 1. UP] or ["-.. SIMULATED STEREO .tiIiIoi. 2._!'BUT _ Each time the button is pressed.~ .' I U L 'i ClTE1i' I _u j ~ RQT4802 .

Press 2. ] or [. • This mode can only be turned on or off if the "MULTI REAR SRND" button is green.This mode can only be turned on or off if the "VIRTUAL REAR SRND" button is green. Press 3..When the surround speakers are put on the front speakers... Press remote control [AV EFFECT].. The mode cannot be used if the lamp is off. [ .] so the [VIRTUAL IT] (OFF) or [A] (ON). To turn off the VIRTUAL REAR SRND mode Press [VIRTUAL REAR SRND]. Press remote control [AV EFFECT]. To turn off the MUL Tt REAR SRND mode Press [MULTI REAR SRND]. Press 3. RQT4802 . The mode cannot be used if the lamp is off.. The [VIRTUAL REAR SRND] lamp lights.. With the 1. ] so the [MULTI REAR SRND] button flashes.. ] or [. With the 1. I I I I I~--------------------~~ = Using the multi rear surround eHect (MULTI REAR SRND) fil . . [T] (OFF) or [A] (ON).. I DO 00000 = Press [VIRTUAL REAR SRND]. REAR SRND] button flashes. Press [MULTI REAR SRND]. The [MULTI REAR SRND] lamp lights.I I I I Using the virtual rear surround eHect (VIRTUAL REAR SRND) r:J .This mode makes it seem like there are multiple surround speakers in your room . this mode makes it seem like the sound from the surround speakers is coming from behind you. Press 2. [ .

rrE~tTER"" j .Ol m I ~ .-----~-- .=t \. Press 4. Press 3. .I = CENTER FOCUS i "\.. press [OY] (OFF). Press 2.. The mode cannot be used il the lamp is off.. To turn off the SEAT POSITION mode Press [SEAT POSITION] once to select again to turn it off.• m [. lOY]. 11 n T"\ _) remote control [AV EFFECTj.A Using the center focus eHect (CENTER FOCUS) [] __ ~ ~~ _ L_~_~ =) ~ ~ -@\:O 00CE-33tf10 . off.. Press To turn it the function and once = [ ---------~-----------------------] . With the 1. 3 horizontal steps .. . Press 2.. Press c.This mode can only be turned on or off if the "SEAT POSITION" button is green. When used with virtual rear surround. . With the 1.---- .. The [CENTER FOCUSjlamp lights. ["'j (ON).JJ L I Using the sea~-pos... Press [CENTER FOCUS]. [ . . (. 'r9nr"c\O \_ U~U:._::IC ---------------------------------- ] [~~~~~~!~~!~~~~~~~~~~~ Em I.. Press 3. 10 seconds Adjust the seat position. [ . [ . ].This mode can only be turned on or off if the "CENTER FOCUS" button is green.When the center speaker is put on the TV set. after steps 1 and 2....- I I I I . .J) (9) . D Press ~ Within [SEAT POSITION].]. U ':W= U To turn off the CENTER FOCUS mode Press [CENTER FOCUSj. While the lamp is flashing change the seat position..] or [~] so the [SEAT POSITION] button flashes. ~ -- =~ J-. The [SEAT POSITION] lamp lights./Y I I I I il~~~ ..00 ~(= CD OCJooo. remote control [AV EFFECTj.-_L 'r~ r .j or [~j SO the [CENTER FOCUS] button flashes. [OY] (OFF) or ["'] (ON). this mode makes it seem like the sound from the center speaker is coming from within the television. [.This function lets you adjust the listening position for better effect... or ["'] to adjust the seat position .-----~. . =0:::::>= ¢=== = t=l 00 t=l C'J === ~~ RQT4802 ...tionfuncti~nl (SEAT POSITION) ----- ~ . seat position is changed in _0. The mode cannot be used if the lamp is off.) ... .

~ [J _ . '$'4·E'Liit·'.-_...' f-I.--. CLOCK->0 PLAY->0 t__ Previous display REC . -----------_h •• _.. @ Press [CLOCKITIMER]. =: -~~~:-__~-. to 7:40 a... e PLAY I I I ~ ~ Every time you press the button...~-... ____. [ t ri«.. _ _'_ ------. deck 2. ---_--: CLOCK! TIMER [TUNEITIME ADJ (v or A)] to select the ending time.. -----~ m: I To play the external unit Press [AUX1/2] or [6CH DISCRETE INPUTj.- ~-_ =1_D Ci _D): ...' .Switch on the power .YI elREC r---------------------------~ :rlJ-'~(I: \.. and press [.".-:.------------------.. @ Press [CLOCKITIMER].~:~~~~--:7~:-~~~--~ ----------i : I I ~ I..I. VOLUME 10i elPI. CD CLOCK! TIMER [ .!'__u L_ I I -... ~~_ _OJIII C·:JnL._ To play CO(s) Press [CD] and insert CD(s)... • Make sure that you have completed The figure shows how to set the play timer to play from 6:30 a.. ~ 1 Play volume setting to adjust the playback Turn [VOLUME] volume.....----------~ ~ 1 Source selection Select the desired source and then prepare for playing.m. If tapes are loaded in both decks.. : -----.. If more than 1 CD is loaded Press [DISC 1]-[DISC 5] to select the CD you want to hear first. "OFF" time setting ~ 1 CD Press ----. Every time you press the button.0 REC L__ (OFF).": -:..:..---/'. '"'... o Press [CLOCKITIMER] to select "e:l PLAY".J__I_J _I _!:-I__:_I'-::I. playback will start from To play the radio Press [TUNER] and tune in the desired station.COf-~E~jl. II l_ ~--------------------------~=-~~ To switch the timer OFF Press [0 PLAY/0 REG] and check "0 PLAY" goes out. _n"J_.]' Disc selection does not become part of the timer memory.. . --~. Press [0 PLAY/0 REC] to select "0 PLAY". RQT4B02 .. _ To play tape(s) Press [TAPE] and insert tape(s).-.~-~ Using the timer _j "Setting the time" on page 13.J [ ~--=---~_i"i _ 2) _ -~---------------------------------- ----._j flI Press [POWER] to switch off the power.rn.?1 . __ . "ON" time setting or so) (Within 8 seconds CD Press [TUNEITIME ADJ (v 'or A)] to select the starting time. . T-~7·i~~ti~-j mmI . : 1 . The timer play will start at the preset time with volume increasing gradually up to the volume level you preset.

ng the timer 00 00000 lij:4·Eikiit. - JIM r -I ---- --- G:'..-_.. i mmI I Reverse mode does not become part of the timer memory. CD mmI CLOCK! TIllER You cannot selected.. About 30 seconds before the set time. PLAY -->€> REC L_ (OFF). @) Press [CLOCKITIMER].. I ' [TUNEfTIME ADJ (v or A)] to select the starting time..-. @) Press [CLOCKITIMER].1 U r: : C·:-ln. 2. 'Tt 1-' 1.L I Us... CLOCK! TIMER ----------------------------------' \_U t ~ (n~ r .~ . . . . ~I : "OFF" time setting [___.. 1.--. from D Press [CLOCKITIMER] CLOCK .. Select the reverse mode.m.. Insert a tape into deck 2 with the side on which the recording will start facing you.F' C I"...... __ . I CD Press :. the stereo mutes all sound automatically .! : -. •• ~. To record from the radio Press (TUNER) to select the band and tune in the desired station. The figure shows how to set the record timer lor recording 6:30 p. 0 PLAY~0 L_ Previous display CLOCK! TIllER to select "0 REC". ~ .. ~__.. I' ~ Press [0 PLAV/0 REC] to select "0 REC".m... ~_~.: : : ~I "ON" time setting or so) (Within 8 seconds CD Press .... record sound when [6CH DISCRETE INPUT] is ~ Prepare for recording._':_ . REC .'. -------- .. To switch the timer OFF Press [€> PLAY/€> REC] and check "0 REC" goes out. B [ Source selection Select the desired source and then prepare for recording.J [TUNEfTIME ADJ (v or A)1 to select the ending tlrne._j e fl Press [POWER] to switch •• ~~..Make sure that you have completed "Setting the time" on page 13...1-\ LI.-. to 8:00 p. Every time you press the button. J •• ~ I' elPLAYI elREC ------ .J C%' CD I' C [~---------------------------------! ~.__..-.. Set the timer at least 2 minutes belore you want to start recording.. Every time you press the button. 1· RQT4602 ._~_...~._"_~_.Switch on the power.... . To record the external unit Press [AUX1/2).~ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1 off the power... ----_. ~ .tJ ..

Two seconds after "0 PLAY" (or 0 REG) appears. PLAY~0 REC-->(ofl) 66CS ~ ~~~ I L. It lets you fall asleep listening to music. RQT4802 . Be sure not to overlap timer settings. (See the instruction manual that came with the component. ~_~ . After step iii..wl!n SLEEP --~~-~----j If you set the timer incorrectly Repeat the procedure from step '@) t""") El CJ~~.----OF-F)-. then press [POWER] to put the unit on standby.. how to set the system to standby mode after I I ~ G3---""'. time: 1m ._ . the settings are displayed in the following order .. The system must be in the standby mode.-. set the component's timer to the same time. 2.?r=~.) e The play timer cannot be used in combination with the record timer. turn on the unit and start playing the desired source.._~.Using the timer --_ _------------------' . .-------·-----1 [_ .The sleep timer can be used in combination with the play/record timer.. @ O.·~LEt:P-.For record timer • For play timer <D Recording start time <D Play start time @ Recording end time ® Play end time @ Recording source @ Play source @ Playback volume To enjoy the desired source after the timer setting is completed The volume level and music source are stored in the timer memory and the timer will start in these preset conditions.If the power is on. .If you switch the power to the standby mode while the play/record timer is functioning. .. the OFF time setting will not be activated. confirm that a Disc or cassette is inserted. • If "AUX1/2" or "6CH DISCRETE INPUT' is selected as the source. Turning the timer ON/OFF One of the timers is on when the [0 PLAY/0 REC] button is alight.-~'--_ ----- • • • Press [SLEEP] to select the desired time. 1. When the unit is all and in ECO mode.+!-CD nMlII TAPI': ..~ ~_ While enjoying the desired source: -. -.-_ --. When the unit is on (or off and NORMAL mode) you can confirm which is on by checking the indicators on the display.. To change the timer. The system is turned off after the set time has elapsed. by remote control only CLOCK! TIMER The figure shows 30 minutes.. This timer turns power to your system OFF at the set time (Max. press [CLOCKfTIMER) so "0 PLAY" (or 0 REC) appears on the display. the timer will not function. press [0 PLAY/0 REC]. press [CLOCKfTIMER].. Each lime the button is pressed the setting changes as follows. aLl~EJ~~ 00 ffi~o C5 ~ o~ To check settings While the unit is on and the "0 PLAY" (or 0 REG) indicator is on. Reset the Disc number and reverse mode if you have changed any of them. 2 hours. If you want to playback or record from a connected component. However the Disc number and reverse mode do not get stored in the timer memory. settable at 30 minute intervals). o To cancel the sleep timer: Press [SLEEP] to select "OFF".-.The sleep timer turns OFF automatically the moment you attempt to edit-record a CD using CD Manager function. the system will turn ON and will engage "AUX1/2" or "6CH DISCRETE INPUT" as the source. ~__ I~----------------------------~i _ . Every time you press the button.-. 1m . when the timer comes ON. To change the time remaining during operation: Press [SLEEP] to show the remaining time then press [SLEEP] to Select the desired time . The sleep timer always has priority. The display will then show which timer is on and the settings that have been made (see above). To confirm the remaining (only while power is ON) Press [SLEEP]..

.. _ .. Headphones (not included) (PHONES) . / 111/ I ITT II .. Press [AUXl/2] to select the external source. etc. Recording starts.--'-._"_-_ ... 3.----- -.) You cannot lected. Press [REV MODE] to select the reverse mode.--. _----" .... ~------:=---... _... Start playback from the external source..I B Using an external unit Listening to an external source f!:1 __j ] o Press [AUXl/2) (See page 9 for external unit connection../: ._" __ --_ . ..---~--=-_.. Press [~ DECK 2 OPEN] and insert the tape. Press the button again to cancel. Plug type: 3.--.) or [6CH DISCRETE INPUTl The power will come on automatically.. 2. "MUTING" goes out. -~ -~ ---. the muting operation matically cancelled. \ ~ ' . (For details. 4. Every time you press the button. . _ . Muting can also be cancelled by lowering the volume all the way (--dB). and connect the headphones.) Recording from an external source 1.----~--------------'-----. record sound when 16CH DISCRETE INPUT) is se- ~!~t:(. '_ RQT4802 /~_ . ... Press [MUTING]..--... When the system is turned off.. refer to the owner's manual of the equipment._ . Normal-s-Peak hold-e Aurora L___ (011)_----' [!J to select the desired spectrum To mute the volume r!l by remote control only This feature is convenient when you have a telephone call.---_._' .-~IIU I 1/1/1].--. ( 1 Close the holder by hand..-.. 5. (For details. mmI for prolonged periods of time to prevent hearing [ Convenient functions Switching displays Press [-DISPLAY/-DEMO] analyzer..OISPLAYI _OEMO Listening with headphones rn Reduce the volume level. Press Ie REC/STOP].. AUX112@ 6CH DlSCRm INP~ • ..-------.. Start playback from the external source.. MUTING will be auto- . refer to the owner's manual of the equipment.5 mm stereo Avoid listening damage.

static electricity prevention liquids or any other solvent. Concerning cassette tapes Selection of cassette tapes Tapes can get caught on the capstans. Do not repeatedly and stop the tape. Use caution with the follow- . (Do not use CDs with exposed adhesive from tape or left over peeled off stickers. Storage precautions How to clean CDs Be sure to store discs in their cases to protect them from dust. o ~ Do not touch the recorded surface.) . ing types of tapes.In the glove compartment or on the rear deck of an automobile o ~ Wipe from inside outward.Locations directly exposed to a heat vent or heating appliance . benzine.) This can erase a recording . Do not place or store discs in the following places .In high temperature (35DC or higher) or high humidity (80% or higher) areas -In a strong magnetic field (near a speaker. Normal position tape Hi-position tape To re-record on a protected cassette Cover the hole with adhesive tape Do not cover the detection hole on hi-position tapes Storage precautions Do not ptace or store tapes in the following places. do not use irregular shape CDs. dry. advance ie. . How to take up tape slack Cassette tapes exceeding 100 minutes Tapes are made of a thin film material. scratches. etc. Always read the instructions provided with your tapes. '~ ~~~ Side A Tab for side "B" Tab for side "A" €I b «» Endless-tapes For this unit. CDs of the sort can damage the unit. lintfree cloth before using the disc. Tape slack (!l Tape slack may cause the tape to break. However. . and warping. thinner. . on top of a TV.Locations exposed to direct sunlight .00 not attach labels or stickers to CDs. Detection hole RQT4B02 .00 not use scratch-proof protectors or covers other than those specified for use with this system. • Locations exposed to direct sunlight.If you are taking the disc from a cold to a warm environment.00 not use record cleaning sprays. Erasure prevention ~ To re-record Use a screwdriver or similar object to break out the tab. it is recommended to use the tape which is appropriate to the auto reverse mechanism. you can only play compact discs having this mark. moisture may form on the disc.Humid or dusty locations .00 not write on the label side with a ball-point or other writing instrument. Use a pencil or similar object to take up the slack. fast-forward it or rewind it. Wipe this off with a sofl. [] How to hold CDs [Q]DO~~ DIGITAL AUDIO Handling precautions m-r!i .Concerning compact discs With this player. .

and orientation for reception. Connect the external unit's cord correctly. and Panasonic Canada Inc. You hear a low-frequency hum. The left and right sounds are reversed.ca/faq. refer to the directory of authorized service centers (enclosed with this unit) to locate a convenient service center. Then switch on the power. V 8 While listening to FM broadcasts There is a "rushing noise" during a stereo broadcast which is not audible during a monaural broadcast. 12 The (+) and (-) can nections to one of the speakers are reversed. LOW frequency sounds cannot be heard. The location of the various musical instruments is not well defined. DEMO mode is on.] -> 8 While listening to AM broadcasts You hear an unusual sound. height.panasonic.n9 9. If you are using an indoor antenna. The left and right connections speaker are reversed.You plugged the power cord in for the first time . to the The (+) and (-) wire of the speaker co rds are shorted. If you are in doubt about some of the check points. There is no sound when a source is being played. 1-800-211-7262 or web site (http://www. Operate the unit correctly by following the operating instructions. Some simple checks or a minor adjustment on your part may eliminate the problem and restore proper operation._~ _ Before requesting service for this unit. [Distortion is caused by interference between the signal from the transmitting station (direct wave) and the signal reflected from the building or mountain (reflected wave).shoot. check the chart below for a possible cause of the problem you are experiencing. Separate the antenna wire from the power cord.A. Turn DEMO mode off. The sound during a stereo broadcast is highly distorted. Switch off the TV set. on the If they are not shorted then there is a power supply problem. and reconnect the speaker cords so that they are not shorted. The left and right connections external unit are reversed. to the Connect the speaker cords correctly. The stereo indicator ("STEREO") flickers and does not light completely. The transmitting station is distant. There is a building or mountain nearby. You hear excessive noise during a stereo broadcast. The power of the TV set or VCR is ON. __ ~_~ . change to an outdoor antenna. -> 13 "F61" appears display. For detailed instructions. Customer Care Center in Canada.panasonic.A. Try switching off the TV set or VCR. or consult your dealer for instructions. or use the system further away from it. beat You are using the system at the same time you are playing a TV set The antenna wire is near the power cord. Check if the speaker cords have shorted. 7 Connect the speaker cords correctly. 7 7 9 Either the lell or the right LOW speaker cable is not connected. "--:--" display. Use a high-grade outdoor antenna. The installation location and orientation of the antenna are unsuitable.S.d_e~ . In the U.com) In Canada 905-624-5505 or web site (www. RQT4802 -> -> . Set the time. or if the remedies indicated in the chart do not solve the problem. 7 "ERROR" message appears on the display. contact an authorized servicenter in the U. When listening to the external unit.l __ !~ouble. • There was a power failure recently.html) Problem Probable cause(s) Suggested remedy Reference pagels) Problems common to all systems ECO mode is on but the display panel still lights up. . Switch the system to the standby mode. The transmitting station is distant. and occasionally the sound disappears. appears on the Incorrect operation has been done._u_. Consult your dealer for assistance.S. and install it in a good location. Connect the left and right speaker cables to the LOW terminals. the left and right sounds are reversed.

paint thinner or benzine to clean this unit. The disc is upside down. Remove the CD from the tray. The deck does not enter the recording mode. por- that RQT4802 . If the surfaces are extremely dirty. 41 While listening to compact discs The display does not show the correct indication. Set the disc with the label facing upward. The batteries are run-down. The disc is scratched. and after ensuring there is no CD in the tray close it. Replace the disc with a new one. noisy. 8 ~ When listening to tapes Sound Is low. (A power failure may have occurred. -Never use alcohol. The disc is dirty. Attach tape to cover the space left by removal of the erase-prevention tabs. 43 The erase-prevention tabs have been removed from the cassette. There is a problem with the CD mechanism. scratchy. The tray will open automatically. "TAKE OUTI DISC" appears on the display. 5 5 Maintenance If the surfaces are dirty To clean this unit. dry cloth. 41 While using the remote control The system cannot be operated with the remote control. Separate the antenna wire of the TV set from the system. in a For a cleaner crisper sound We recommend that you periodically clean parts (the shaded tion in the figure below) the lape contacts like the heads. The disc is dirty. 16 41 / ~ 41 inside the CD Wipe the disc with a soft cloth. use a sofl cloth dipped soap-and-water solution or a weak detergent solution. Replace the disc with a different one. Probable cause(s) set nearby Suggested remedy Reference pagels) The location and orientation of the antenna are incorrect. Disc play does not start when you press the play button. The unil will make the disc changing noises for a few moments and then it should operate normally. Heads are dirty. wipe with a soft. -Before using chemically treated cloth. poor quality. Wail for 60 minutes before using the CDs. If you are using an indoor antenna. change to an outdoor antenna. The disc is a nonstandard There is condensation changer. or unsteady. The disc is badly warped. Wipe the disc with a soft cloth. The wiring at the back of the system is unsuitable.Problem When there is a television The picture on the TV disappears or stripes appear on the screen. A certain music passage can't be played correctly. intermittent. Replace the batteries with new batteries. Re-insert the bat1eries observing the correct polarity. Clean the heads.) one. Do not use any solution other than alcohol for head cleaning. The batteries are installed in the reverse polarity. read the instructions came with the cloth carefully.

2 channel Solid permalloy head Double gap ferrite head DC servo motor AC bias 100kHz AC erase 100 kHz 4. New Jersey 07094 hNp://www.---~ ) Do not attempt to remove the coverts) or repair the unit yourself. 2..5-108. -6 dB at DECK OUT) NORMAL (TYPE I) HIGH (TYPE II) SIN Wow and flutter Fast forward and rewind times 4 track.0% (all kHz). Total harmonic distortion is measured by the digital spectrum analyzer. The servicer will require all components to service your system.AK57) I Type Speaker(s} Super woofer Wooler Midrange Tweeler Impedance Input power 4 way speaker system 17 em cone type 12 ern cone type 6 em ring shaped dome type Piezo type Total 60 Total 160 W (Music) level Note: 1. Krn.cal specificafions CD SECTION Sampling driven frequency Decoding Frequency response Wow and flutter Digital filter D/A converter 44.Om) 4 kHz Woofer Tweeter Impedance Input power Outpul sound pressure Cross over frequency Frequency range Dimensions (WXHXD) Weight 35 Hz-14 kHz 35 Hz-14 kHz 50 dB (A_WTO) 0.panasonic. Puerto Rico 00985 Panasonic Canada Inc.8 cmls (Fl. Ontario L4W 2T3 www. product information or assistance with product operation. Division of Matsushita Electric of Puerto Rico.6W 270x331 x338 mm (to%"X 13'h/'x 130/ e") r 8.0% (at 60 Hz-13 kHz). Refer servicing to qualified personnel only. 3. Carolina. refer to the servicenter directory.-2 dB) Below measurable limit 8 fs MASH (1 bit DAC) J GENERAL Power supply Power consumption Standyby Normal mode Eco mode Dimensions (WXHXD) Weight t20 V.rz") 1. Division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America One Panasonic Way Secaucus. should service ever be necessary. 5770 Ambler Drive.4 lb.PS70) I 1 way.0 lb. AUX Input Impedance AUX FM TUNER SECTION Frequency range 87.9-107. Weight and dimensions are approximate." x 525!.) ! Product service I~ ----. both channels 95 W per channel (60) THO 1. Specifications are subject to change without notice.0 m) Frequency range 120 Hz-20 kHz (-16 dB) Dimensions (WXHXD) 170xl06x 118 mm (6"/ ts"x 40/••" x 42Y.5 San Gabriel Industrial Park. 60Hz 220W 13. com Panasonic Sales Company. Mississauga.) AMPLIFIER SECTION Front speaker power output RMS power output THO 1. ips) Impedance 80 Input power 60 W (Music) Output sound pressure level 84 dBIW (1.5 kHz 45 Hz-40 kHz (-16 dB) 55 Hz-36 kHz (-10 dB) 250x330x307 mm (SV/d'XI3"XI2W) 5. Therefore. both channels driven 85 W per channel (60) Power output In Dolby Pro Logic mode RMS power outpul THO 1.18% (WRMS) level Approx. I Surround speakers (Sa.81lV (IHF) 1.) Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.9 87.1 kHz 16 bit linear 20 Hz-20 kHz (+1. 2 speaker to em cone type 6 cm cone type 80 120 W (Music) 65 dBIW (1.ca RQT4802-P F1298BO (D) .6 kg (19.") Weight 0.9 kg (2. 65 de Infanterfa.5 IlV 750 (unbalanced) Output sound pressure Cross over frequency Frequency range Dimensions Weight (WXHXD) B4 dBIW (1. 120 seconds with C·W cassette tape 75 HZ-22 kHz (-16 dB) 250x121x147mm (9271.rechn.0 lb. 9.0 m) 200 Hz.6 kg (3. I Centor Type Speaker I 2 way.) speaker (SB.panasonic.5W 0.0 Sensitivity SIN 26dB Antenna lermlnal(s) MHz (200 kHz step) MHz (100 kHz step) 1.5 lb.rz" x 4¥. 1 speaker 8 cm cone type AM TUNER SECTION Frequency range Sensitivity SIN 20 dB 520-1710 kHz (10 kHz step) 500 IlV/m Type Speaker Full range CASSETTE DECK SECTION Track syslem Heads Record/playback Erasure Motor Recording system Erasing syslem Tape speed Overall frequency response (+3.0% (at 1 kHz) both channels driven Total 330 W Front 95 W per channel (60) Center Surround Input sensitivity 70 W per channel (80) 35 W per channel (80) 250mV 10 kO SPEAKER SECTION I Front speakers (Sa. (UpSC") Ave.PC70) Product information For product service.0 kg (11. Inc. be sure to bring the entire system.

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