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Make Marijuana the Lowest Police Priority in Spokane Valley!

Support the Sensible Spokane Alliance

Sensible Marijuana Policy Reform for Spokane County

8 Reasons to Support Sensible Spokane Valley

-Stop wasting law enforcement resources-Free-up jail space for violent criminals-Protect your 4th Amendment Right to Privacy-End racial, cultural, and economic disparities-Marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco-Adults should have legal access to safer recreation-Regulation encourages responsibility-Increase revenue to our local economyWE NEED YOUR HELP TO END THE FAILED DRUG WAR!

Sensible Spokane Alliance (509)251-1715

Business/Organization Outreach

3 Easy Ways for Your Organization to Support the Sensible Spokane Alliance
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Sensible Spokane Alliance 308 W. 1st Ave. Suite 201 Spokane, WA 99201 (509)251-1715