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Project Proposal

Group Assignment


K Ekanayaka Registration no 2010/cs/134 2010/cs/213 2010/cs/180 2010/cs/047 2010/cs/087 RAD Page 2 .T Karunathilake M.P. Customers will be able to register with the system as users and will guarantee to receive a better service through the system.K. But with the competition and for the needs of the customers of modern society it is highly recommended for them to have a web site. This goal is going to accomplish by the web site through a user friendly interface which will attract all the levels of people.T.P Randula S. The System will provide users to find the exact book they need through a well categorized menus.M. “Sadeepa Book Shop” situated in Borella is famous among the book lovers.K. The customers will be able to search for books and purchase books online via the facilities provided with the system. Rajapaksha J.D.0 Group Members No 1 2 3 4 5 Name M. System will include more functionalities and services to provide more and more service to the customers of the book shop and it will make a new era for the Sadeepa Book Shop.R.P. Our group has taken the responsibility to build the web site for them which will increase their sales and their range of customers.WEB APPLICATION FOR SADEEPA BOOK SHOP Project Proposal 1. With the collaboration of social networks like Facebook will make the brand name more popular among people. 2.0 Description This project is to develop a web system to a leading bookseller in the island.A. Jayaweera M.

Borella.lk 4. Telephone: 0112 2686114.They provide the customers books in different languages .0 Current System Most of the works are done manually. They provide educational books as well as books other than educational books such as novels. Sinhala and Tamil. Colombo 08. All the bills to the customers are issued through a system and the data base of the book shop is updated throughout the existing system. Maradana Rd. Name of the organization: Sadeepa book shop.Such as English. If a customer far away from Colombo needs to buy books from the providers the customers should come Colombo or the book shop willing to post the books. The book shop’s main market is all the readers of Sri Lanka.WEB APPLICATION FOR SADEEPA BOOK SHOP Project Proposal 3. 2678043 Fax: 2678044 Email: sadeepabk@sltnet. But they have a database which contains all the details of the books. and translations . Address: Sadeepa Book Shop (pvt) Ltd. The book shop is hoping to launch a web site to wide their services among all the online users by giving information of all books available and allows the users to buy books online. RAD Page 3 .0 details of the Client Sadeepa Book shop is a leading book shop in Sri Lanka which provides a great service to the country by providing reading materials to all kinds of readers. short stories. 2694289. 1060.

 The information of new arrived books are informed to all the registered customers through email and also will published in the social networks such as face book and twitter.WEB APPLICATION FOR SADEEPA BOOK SHOP Project Proposal 5.  The brand name of the book shop is become more valuable than present. 6.  The customer can buy the book he needs online buy paying through a credit card.  Increase the sales of the book shop. English books novels. RAD Page 4 .  The people all over the world come to know about the name of the book shop than present so that the sales volume of the book shop becomes increased.  Inform the suppliers by an e mail about the books which are needed to the book shop.  Customer can see the cover pages of most of the books as well as a sample reading of that book at the book shop. Such as Sinhala books.  The books are categorized by different categories so the customer can easily find the book he needed.  Productivity of the book shop is increased.0 Benefits of the proposed system  Increase the efficiency of the book shop.0 functionalities of the proposed system  The customer can search the book he needed through the web site.  Provide a good service to the all book lovers of Sri Lanka.

R. J-Jayathilaka .J R.J.1 3.D Task Leads=> P.3 5 6 7 8 Gathering Requirements Client meeting Customer requirement Web site requirement Written proposal Selection site Define site map Choose templates Create page layout User Interface design Adding forms Define Databases Complete site Create database Create pages Connect to database Testing Interim demonstration Final demonstration Submit final report D.S P.S D.R D.1 1.2 3.S.2 1.1 4.J S. R-Ruwan RAD Page 5 .R J P D.P R.D D S.4 3.2 4.R J.P.Parinda .5 3.R. S-Shyami .3 2 3 3.0 Time Line Task Lead Task NO 2011 November Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Task Name December Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 January Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 1 February Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 1 1.6 4 4.R S. P.S.3 3.WEB APPLICATION FOR SADEEPA BOOK SHOP Project Proposal 7. D-Damith .

WEB APPLICATION FOR SADEEPA BOOK SHOP Project Proposal 8. Shayami Ekanayaka  Develop the system to arrange the books .0 Responsibilities of team members 1. Parinda Rajapaksha  Making the menu system  Adding the effect to connect to social networks  Creating pages. Damith Thamara  Adding E commercial function to the system  Creating logos  Creating flash effects to the system 2.sort items  Arranging page style RAD Page 6 . Ruwan  Creating the search bar  Creating the ability to having and maintaining an account in the system 3. 4.

Randul Jayathilaka  Creating and connecting to the database  Create a online chat system to contact with the book shop RAD Page 7 .WEB APPLICATION FOR SADEEPA BOOK SHOP Project Proposal 5.

0 Appendix: Confirmation letter of the client RAD Page 8 .WEB APPLICATION FOR SADEEPA BOOK SHOP Project Proposal 9.


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