How do you feel about the issue? I am against violence in the media.

Media can get into children minds in a really easy way. They are exposed to violence continuously. In my opinion, media can teach good things, but in the case of children it can influence them in a bad way. I think they tend to imitate some attitudes shown in video-games for example, and without knowing they are learning mean comportments and that these can damage their personalities.

Which argument do you think is the strongest? Why? Quantity of violent acts exceeds acts we found in real life. It’s true because our world may be violent, but we don’t have to be mean for succeeding in life like the videogames show kids. If we think our world is violent, we would live scared of everything around us and think we have to violate the rules like committing homicide, for example. Violence is exaggerated in media but it can influence the minds of innocent children.

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