Marcia Kevin!


mmkay this is actualy not a very casual conversation but I know you're a good friend of Gerald's and I just want you to know something, but you have to keep it secret for a little while. Not very long, mmkay? I'll tell you when you reply.

he hey mbad


uh oh this seems awkward

what? oh no. It should be good. But I just need you to do me a favor and not tell him for like


three days

i dont tell secretz kk

anyway 5:40pmMe yaeh he told me that 5:41pmMarcia hmmm how do I say this I'll be telling him how I feel about him on friday. sorry. 5:41pmMe is that it? 5:41pmMarcia well. okay.5:40pmMarcia Idk if he told you I asked him to meet up with me on friday so I can tell him something. foiled again! 5:41pmMe nah lol its ok 5:42pmMarcia well he doesnt know what exactly I'm going to be telling him (pos/negative) so 5:42pmMe . that's kinda obvious I'm guessing uhm 5:41pmMe we supposed as much lmao 5:41pmMarcia no damn.

mmkay good dont let him in on this but I do like him 5:42pmMe niceeeee 5:42pmMarcia not just as a friend yeah 5:43pmMe yeeee jump on that sht get someeeeee 5:43pmMarcia HE NO 5:43pmMe LOL JK 5:43pmMarcia friday alsdjgasdg LOL dude I have to get rid of the boyfriend first yo there's a process hahaa .yea 5:42pmMarcia still.

. just make sure he stays strong YES YOU ARE IMPORTANT 5:44pmMe OK will do 5:44pmMarcia I shall give you a medal 5:44pmMe lmao 5:44pmMarcia so yeah just letting you know 5:45pmMe ok 5:45pmMarcia . importnat now that i have a big secret 5:44pmMarcia I just figured if he's down or something cus I seem like I dont like him or something. Anyway. 5:44pmMe ooh very good i feel so.5:44pmMe lol ok 5:44pmMarcia i would have told him what I felt earlier but I dont feel right doing that while I'm in a relatinoship so.

5:47pmMe oh wow.. 5:47pmMarcia fun stuff 5:47pmMe u seem so harsh .cus three days can get long when you're waiting for something to happen lol alright THANKS kevin hope your challenges or w/e went well at the country club right? 5:45pmMe no didnt even go me and alex are too much trash 5:46pmMarcia oh dude whatttttt WTF? 5:46pmMe yeah he said we will have to wait pretty lame naitiks a lucky ass are you going to club night? 5:46pmMarcia no I have to freaking sit around and wait for my damn boyfriend to get online so I can break it off -.

5:47pmMarcia >_< 5:47pmMe i would hate to be on ur bad side 5:47pmMarcia no 5:47pmMe lolol 5:47pmMarcia I'm just so sick of him being so idk boring LOL yepp ima squash him deeeead. 5:48pmMe uh ok gl with that a little part of me dies for joel.. being a fellow man and all his pain will be felt by all of us 5:49pmMarcia fellow man 5:49pmMe LOL boy? idk male 5:49pmMarcia o_O boy .

little boy LOL mmm dont worry I think he'll be much too busy to register much change 5:52pmMarcia anyway gonna go work on homework. etc etc have a nice day and all that jazz bye! 5:53pmMe kk you too i wont tell him .

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