A phrase which use to blame other .

 I told you but you wouldn’t listen  It’s no use crying over split milk  It serves you right  Perhaps that’ll teach you a lesson ... It was your own fault  What did you expect? You should have/shouldn’t have.

 You are to blame for punching the door! . It is you fault!  You have to be responsible for this!  This is because of you!  I accuse you on .....  Why you did this to me?  How can you did that to her!  You are behind all this!  I blame you on .  I charge you for ...

. to the extend that she cried?  A : sorry I didn’t itentionally.  Q : so... I accidentally dropped her toy.. so she crying?  A : sorry. I’ll do that.  A : yes. this is because of you.  Q : ask pardon her so she doesn’t cry anymore. do you do.Q : what.

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