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Dissertation REPORT - Copy (2)

Dissertation REPORT - Copy (2)

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Submitted by: Students Name: Mansi Singh Class: MBA-M&S -3RD Semester Enrolment no: A7002210017 Specialization: Marketing & Sales

Under guidance of: Industry Guides: Mr Harish Pandey Faculty Guide: Dr. Swati Singh Designation: Credit Manager Designation: Asst. Professor Organization: Vivanta by Taj ABS, Lucknow



Certified that this report is prepared based on the summer internship project undertaken by me in VIVANTA BY TAJ LUCKNOW from 16th May 2011 to 24th June 2011, under the able guidance of Professor Swati Singh in partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA-G/IB/M&S) from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh.



Signature Professor …………..

Signature Professor ………………. Director (ABS)


Faculty Guide


Forwarded here with a summer internship report on “Credit and Debtors Management” of Vivanta By Taj submitted by Mansi Singh , Enrollment NO A7002210017 , student of MBA (M&S )3 rd Semester (2010-12)

This project work is partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master in Business Administration from Amity University Lucknow Campus, Uttar Pradesh.

PROF. ………………………..



Lucknow without which I shouldn‟t have ever learnt what I had during my internship I am especially grateful to my project mentor Dr.SAHI for inducting the module of internship programs at AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL. At the very outset. Mr. . I would like to place on record my gratitude towards Director V. Assistant Professor for her alacrity to provide necessary guidance and during this internship and her assistance in the structuring of the project. It has been a privilege to work on the project “CREDIT MANAGEMENT AND STRATEGIES TO ENHANCE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY & PROFITABILITY” at Vivanta (Taj). Last but not the least I owe my deep sense of gratitude and sincere thanks to my parents. Harish Pandey (Credit Manager) and all concerned respectable executives of Vivanta By Taj forgiving me this opportunity of internship which has been a pure learning experience and which have enlightened my knowledge and skills about the operational and financial aspect of the Company.P. I acknowledge the valuable guidance and consistent encouragement extended to me by to Mr Harish Nyyer (Chief Accounts Officer). I am obliged to Vivanta By Taj and its Adhayanam Training department and Accounts Department for the permission to undertake training program and provide me with the basic infrastructure and facilities. the greatest inspirations of my life Thank you.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS With an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Swati Singh.

Acknowledgement Executive Summary Objective of Study Research Methodology Hospitality Industry Profile Company Profile Report on Finance Department Competitive Analysis -A market study A Report on Various Allowances    Front office allowance Back office allowance Analysis Conclusion & Recommendations Future Scope of Study & Limitation Bibliography .no TOPIC PAGE Page no.TABLE OF CONTENT Sr.



O.A.A.A. One of the prime areas of concern for any modern day mega-organization is effective management in terms of resource allocation and utilization in a cost effective manner. since no compromises can be made at the delivering front.A. It then reflects the Taj Palace Hotel background.List of Graphs TOPIC ANALYSIS OF FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCES FOR THE YEAR 2010-11 FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST ROOM CHARGES F.A.A TELEPHONE CHARGES B.O.O.O.O.A LAUNDRY CHARGES F.O.A.A TELEPHONE CHARGES F.O. introduction and the important milestones achieved along with the competitive analysis and market positions.A MINIBAR CHARGES F.A.A.A MISCELLENOUS CHARGES B.O.A FOOD & BEVERAGE CHARGES B.A.A LIQUOR CHARGES F.O.A. every-time and no mistake are acceptable.O. especially in an organization like one in context – Vivanta Hotel.O.A FOOD & BEVERAGE CHARGES F. a lot of emphasis is laid on cost control measures and perfectionism in terms of service quality.A MINIBAR CHARGES B.A VARIOUS DISCOUNTS SYNOPSIS Quality is the area where there is no margin of error/compromises especially in case of a services industry where the impression is made right from the first time.A VARIOUS DISCOUNTS BACK OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST ROOM CHARGES B.A LAUNDRY CHARGES B.A. .A LIQUOR CHARGES B.A.A MISCELLENOUS CHARGES F.O.A.A.O.O. Thus.

learn and practice the practices and processes at the hotel and provide suggestive measures for improvements in them. The next section of our study deals with the management of credit i. The project is dealt with keeping in mind the following: The primary objective of the accounts department of any organization is to keep books of accounts on the generally accepted accounting principles and policies so as to present a true and fair view of the state of the affairs of that organization. The following report encompasses all my learning. The study revealed startling facts. The report also contains the list of debtors outstanding as on 16th may and on 24thjune . My report deals with such areas: 1) Debtors Management. The objective of the training was to study. Recommendations on aspects such as better resource utilization and improvements in existing management practices THE PROJECT OBJECTIVES The idea behind the study undertaken during the 6 week training period (16. The report highlights operational aspects and functions of the sub departments. 2) Comparative analysis between hotels.06.This is followed by a brief review of the working of the various sub. A detailed analysis of the various operational expenditures incurred by the hotel.11) was to understand the various activities and functions undertaken.11 – 24. Major savings in terms of money and resources could be achieved by minor changes in the existing system.05. But the work of accounting is not .e. dispatching bills etc tasks were undertaken. Filling. seeking data online or secondary records.departments of the Finance department at Vivanta Hotel. assembling. billing. analysis and recommendations for further scope for improvement. 3) Allowances raised at the hotel The report highlights avenues for cost cutting measures and savings wherever possible. dealing with the management of parties follow up and creating a clear interface as per the receiving‟s nature plus an insight in to the clerical task initiation like the of maintain call registers. from the operational and financial point of view.excluded parties stood worth 1 crore 29 thousand which exceeded 2 lakh 29 thousand the target given to me.

they have to prepare some financial statements at the end of a particular period to present the data in some meaningful manner to its shareholders directors and to general public. Recording of such data is not only the completion of the accounting process. The accounts department of the organization has experienced and motivated staff for completing its day to day work and recording them into books of accounts. exploring the real corporate world.limited to book keeping only. In all. . in the modern era of complex business accounts department of an organization have to look on the controls and implementation of various systems and process in force in that organization. the study revolves around the way to clearly understand the working of a modern day mega-organization thereby practically plying the theoretical knowledge gained during the undergoing course. They are usually not specifically stated because their acceptance and use are assumed. At the end of a particular period the statements of accounts are prepared to show the state of affairs of the unit in a particular manner. Certain fundamental accounting assumptions underlie the preparation and presentation of financial statements.

Chapter 1 Introduction .

India has over 85. 60 billion (Source: deduction based on Expenditure Tax). Today. In addition. which is directly co-related to the internal economic progress. India‟s emerging status as an IT superpower has further established her firmly on the itinerary of the world‟s most hard-to-please business travelers.9% of the total employment in the organized sector (Source: WTTC and the Tenth Five-Year plan). .000 hotel rooms (approved by the government).THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IN INDIA India‟s tourism and hospitality industry is often referred to as one of the greatest „socioeconomic‟ success stories. The hotel industry is a derived demand business. Of this revenue earned by the hotel industry. ranging from the Five Star Deluxe categories to heritage properties to one star property (Source: Department of Tourism). 56% comes from the Five Star Deluxe and Five Star categories. The annual revenue of the hospitality industry alone is estimated at Rs. Changing lifestyles mean that more middle-class Indians are travelling. Positive signals on liberalization coupled with a GDP forecast of 8% are bound to stimulate demand. The industry is a source of employment generation to about 2. eating out and attending banqueting events at luxury hotels.

India has potential of earning US$24bn annual foreign exchange earnings through tourism by 2015. India has emerged as the fastest growing tourism. with 8. foreign exchange earnings through these arrivals were Rs262bn against Rs220bn during the corresponding period of last year. INTERNATIONAL TOURIST ARRIVAL PATTERN Indian tourism continues to touch new heights with international tourists‟ arrival growing by about 13% and foreign exchange earnings growing by about 19% in 2010. The table suggests the huge potential for tourism in India. For the full year 2010. However. This opens up huge avenues and opportunities for Indian five star hotels to grow and expand. This idea is also strengthened by the fact that Indian economy is booming (so more business travelers) and the common wealth games are to be held in India. the difference between lean season and the peak season has reduced to some extent.4mn. . 3. FOREIGN EXCHANGE EARNINGS (IN RS BN) DURING THE YEAR 2005 IN INDIA The above table clearly indicates the quantum of transactions in foreign exchange. As per the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). largely owing to the rise in foreign tourists in India.8mn tourists visited the country while the number during the corresponding period of last year was 3.8% annual growth rate while the global tourism is growing at about 5% annually. Similarly.The first half of the fiscal is usually lackluster for the hotel industry with more than 60% of the revenue pouring in only in the second half. with the robust performance of hotel companies in FY10. RISE IN AVERAGE ROOM REVENUE IN INDIA Robust growth in ARR and OR throughout the country was driven by business as well as leisure travel. There has been a consistent and good growth in foreign exchange trends over the past 3 years.

Revenue of the companies is expected to rise on the back of increase in room rates across the properties while occupancies are expected to remain more or less stable. hotels across the country witnessed strong growth in ARR and OR.000 with the occupancy level of about 80-82% during the quarter ended December 2009.250 to Rs4. During the quarter under review average room rates in the seven major cities rose by 25% yoy to Rs6. 034 while OR grew by 9% yoy at 72%. ARR for Indian Hotels Company grew by 35% yoy at Rs8150 while occupancies were down a percentage point at 74% in Q3 FY10 due to company‟s focus on improving Rev PAR.700 to Rs12. INDUSTRY OCCUPANCY RATE AND AVERAGE ROOM REVENUE An overall booming hotel industry and Q3 FY10 being the peak season. GROWTH IN AVERAGE ROOM REVENUE AND OCCUPANCY RATE IN MAJOR CITIES DURING FINANCIAL YEAR 2010 Strong revenue growth driven by higher room rates: A large part of the growth in Q3 for the universe under our coverage has come through ARR increases. FY10 with a 27% yoy growth in ARR at Rs11485 while OR was down 4% yoy at 74%. Bangalore. Mumbai. 550 with 64% occupancy against 62% in the same period . the costliest city in the country and third most expensive city in the world is expected to see a 17-20% rise in ARR at Rs10.While. RISING AVERAGE ROOM REVENUE: DRIVES THE GROWTTH IN REVENUE We expect a 15-20% hike in room rates during the second half of the fiscal by all the companies over the previous quarter. Similarly. Delhi.500 with an occupancy level of about 58-60% during the same period. Goa is expected to report ARR between Rs 4. cities like Goa and Jaipur witness higher inflow of foreign leisure travelers during this season. For 9M FY10 EIH Ltd reported ARR of Rs7. Aggregate revenues of the 5 leading players in the sector have registered a 29% CAGR. Bangalore and Hyderabad continue to buoy with rise in business travel and increasing MICE activities. Revenue growth has been driven by higher occupancies and firm ARR.

(Refer table above) *yoy = year on year **ARR = average room revenue Objective The report distinctively reveals the functionality of various finance sub-departments. A detailed categorization of the outstanding parties and recovery and analysis of the allowances (source: back office and front office). Areas chosen for detailed analysis were:  Allowances.previous year.revenue generating expenditures by avoiding allowances wherever possible. Our universe of 5 companies posted a 29% yoy growth in revenue at Rs7. reducing the operating expenditures (especially those that directly don‟t contribute in revenue generation). Exploring strategic measures for recovering dues.6bn in Q3 FY10. The contribution of each unit under the finance department and inter-relation with each other. The Also suggestive measures to minimize non.followed by an explorative study to identify red alert areas in terms of high cost incurred or non-revenue generating expenditure. A comprehensive details of clerk tasks . major sources of allowances and strategies to reduce it . Objectivity of the work defines as a link in order to accomplish the successful working of the unit. passed during the financial year 2010-2011.The objective is stated below. The study required a detailed understanding of each functional department of Vivanta Hotel.

Rev Par (revenue per available room) = Total revenue earned in a year Total available nights in a year 2. Gross ARR (gross average room revenue) = Revenue earned from a room in a day Total room nights sold per day 3. A competitive analysis to gauge the hotels performance vis a vis other hotels The membership scheme of the Taj‟s and the revenue from the member compared to walk in customers. food & beverage department. The data used for our analysis was collected through primary research from various functional areas: stores. night audit department. Occupancy Rate = (Total room nights sold) *100 Total room night available 4. Followed in the initial phase was primarily explorative and thereon descriptive in nature.   Analysis of the method of cost control measures. The data used in the analysis was collected through primary research and there was no published data available for the same. credit department. Value Index = Rev par of Taj Hotel *100 Rev Par of Industry . Quantitative techniques used for competitive analysis are as follows: 1. purchase. day audit. The methodology used at clerk task comprised of data availability for maintaining debtors call registers with the help of accounting software –ORACLE was auto updated at the center that is at Mumbai CCC (Central Collection Cell) as and when parties due were cleared off or added on.

Chapter II .

customers. at Taj Hotels. vendors and others.ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE OF THE COMPANY CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL RESPONSBILITY As a part of Tatas. the movement towards ecologically sound tourism has gained urgency and importance across the globe and we recognize that responsible practices in vogue are as diverse as the geographies. Over the last decade. India‟s premier business house. . we. have always believed in society and environment being integral stakeholders in our business along with our shareholders.

The causes we promote include reducing malnutrition. promoting indigenous artisans and craftsmen and enhancing employability of identified target groups by sharing our core competencies as a leading hospitality company. safety & security. A majority of our community projects are focused around extending our key strengths in food production. A glimpse of indicative projects undertaken by Taj group Our sixth Corporate Sustainability Report was submitted to the United Nations Global Compact society in August. environment and anti-corruption. We believe in continuous learning and sharing and would be delighted to have your thoughts and suggestions. We encourage training and development of differently abled youth. reuse and recycling of key resources. kitchen management. Implementing schemes such as the Gangroti Glacier Clean-Up Expedition. which minimize environmental impact.We promote corporate citizenship through our strategic public-private partnerships which encourage building livelihoods of less-advantaged youth and women. We at Taj have the unique scope and opportunity to develop raw potential into a skilled workforce that is immediately employable by various players in the industry. as well as designated Earth rooms. customer service and spas to promote economic empowerment of candidates from vulnerable socioeconomic backgrounds. labor. This Corporate Sustainability report also serves as our GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) as well as Triple Bottom Line report. Taj is one of Asia‟s largest group of hotels to commit to energy conservation and environmental management. EARTH In an endeavor to reinstate its vision and efforts to boost sustainable tourism. EARTH has . We plan to continue and further strengthen our commitment to the environment and societies in which we operate. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces presented EARTH (Environment Awareness & Renewal at Taj Hotels) this year. We are fully committed to the cause of building a sustainable environment by reducing the impact of our daily operations on the environment and improving operational efficiencies. The United Nations Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights. housekeeping. The report focuses on identified priorities at IHCL and responds to key stakeholder needs. 2009. resource conservation.

The Company then undertook major expansion of The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. From the 1970s to the present day. Mumbai by constructing an adjacent tower block and increasing the number of rooms from 225 to 565 rooms. a business hotel in Mumbai. The Taj began a century ago with a single landmark – The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. In 1980. Mumbai. the Taj Sheba Hotel in Sana'a. Yemen and in the late 1980s. History The Company was incorporated in 1902 and it opened its first hotel. the Company began a long term programme of geographic expansion and development of new tourist destinations in India which led to its emergence as a leading hotel chain in India.received certification from Green Globe. opening the five-star deluxe hotel Taj Coromandel in Chennai in 1974. the Fort Aguada Beach Resort in Goa. Mumbai. working in close association with the Indian Government. and opening the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi in 1978. in 1903. acquiring an equity interest and operating contract for the Taj President. In 1974. The Taj Group has a philosophy of service excellence which entails providing consistently high levels of personalized service and innovative means of improving service quality. With the completion of its initial public offering in the early 1970s. Today. the Taj Group has played an important role in launching several of India's key tourist destinations. the only worldwide environmental certification program for travel and tourism. the Taj Group took its first step internationally by opening its first hotel outside India. The Company‟s history is integral to India‟s emergence into the global business and leisure travel community. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur and Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. and looking to the future. acquired interests in . Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is well positioned to meet the increase in travel activity with the rapid expansion of the Indian economy. are recognised internationally as the symbols of true Indian hospitality. the various Taj hotels. The Taj Group has been active in converting former royal palaces in India into world class luxury hotels such as the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. in all their variety and historical richness. The Taj Group also began its business in metropolitan hotels in the 1970s. the Taj Group opened India's first international five star deluxe beach resort. in 1977.

has won several international awards. Delhi. and has established itself as an up-market hotel in the Middle East region. Gwalior in October 2002. Chennai and Savoy Hotel. Jaisalmer and Usha Kiran Palace. James Court. Bangalore. It developed specialized operations (such as wildlife lodges) and consolidated its position in established markets through the upgrading of existing properties and development of new properties. the Taj Group entered into a partnership with the GVK Reddy Group to set up Taj GVK Hotels and Resorts Limited and thereby obtained a prominent position in the market in the southern business city of Hyderabad. Ooty. The Taj Exotica Resort & Spa. The hotel has since been renamed as the Taj Lands End. Taj Kerala Hotels & Resorts Limited was set up in the early 1990s along with the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. with which the Taj Group made its foray into Bangalore. In 1998 the Taj Group opened the Taj Exotica Bentota which strengthened the Taj Group's market position in Sri Lanka. the Rawal-Kot. In 2000. the launch of the 56 acre Taj Exotica. Concurrently with the expansion of its luxury hotel chain in the major metropolitan cities. Maldives launched the Taj Group into the premium luxury hotel market and since its opening in July 2002. the Taj Group acquired an equity interest in the former Regent Hotel in Bandra which gave the Taj Group access to the midtown and North Mumbai market. the Taj Group became the only hotel chain with a presence in the five major metropolitan cities of Mumbai. the Taj Group continued to expand its geographic and market coverage in India. Taj Connemara. Goa and the Taj Hari Mahal in Jodhpur were completed. Mumbai. Kolkatta. St. London and 51 Buckingham Gate Luxury Suites and Apartments in London.the Crown Plaza. London. With the opening of the five star deluxe hotel Taj Bengal in Kolkata in 1989. holding three hotels and a major share of the market. The Taj Group also obtained licenses to manage and operate two leisure hotels. the Taj Group took on the management contract of Taj Palace Hotel. In 2001. During the 1990s. Dubai. In 1984. Bangalore and Chennai. In September 2002. the Taj Group acquired under a license agreement each of The Taj West End. . the Taj Group also expanded its business hotels division in the major metropolitan and large secondary cities in India. In 2000.

Kuteeram Resorts Private Limited. Australia. Mumbai. Gateway Hotels and Getaway Resorts Limited. the United Kingdom. In 2004 the Taj Group opened Wellington Mews. Taj Lands End Limited (Transferor Companies) with the Company. Jodhpur in the princely state of Rajasthan in India. The amalgamation was expected to result in administrative rationalization. Dubai. organizational efficiencies. and optimal utilization of various resources. the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. its first luxury serviced apartment in Mumbai. under Sections 391 to 394 of the Companies Act for the for the amalgamation of Indian Resorts Hotel Limited. Scheme of Amalgamation ("Scheme") On October 12. the Taj Group also launched the first of its "value-for-money" hotels in Bangalore branded 'Ginger'. The Company entered into a management contract for Taj Exotica in Palm Island Jumeirah in Dubai to expand its existing presence in the United Arab Emirates. In 2005 the Company acquired on lease The Pierre. a renowned hotel in New York City.The Company enhanced its position as an operator of converted palaces by entering into a management contract for Umaid Bhawan Palace. the Board of Directors of the Company approved the Scheme. through a subsidiary. In the same year. Asia Pacific Hotels Limited.In 2003. The Company. A consolidation of the Transferor Companies and the Company was therefore expected to lead to greater synergy in operations. 2006. Sri Lanka. Woolloomooloo Bay‟. Malaysia. the Company acquired in early 2007 Ritz Carlton in Boston and Taj Campton Place in San Francisco. Maldives. the Company celebrated the centenary of the opening of its Flagship hotel. To expand its presence in the US market. acquired the erstwhile „W‟ hotel in Sydney. . a more efficient utilization of capital and create a stronger base for future growth of business in general and the Company in particular. Hotels operated by the Taj Group internationally are located in US. Yemen and Zambia. Australia in February 2006 and renamed it as „Blue. The Scheme was approved by the respective High Courts. to enter the luxury end of the developed hotel markets internationally. Rationale for the Scheme of Amalgamation The Transferor Companies and the Company were engaged in the leisure and business hotels as part of the Taj group of hotels. which division has 11 hotels in various locations in India and is owned through its wholly owned subsidiary.

Bickson · Registered Office . Tata R. K. Bickson Managing Director Dev Bajpai Company Secretary Committees of the Board Audit Committee S. K. Krishna Kumar Vice Chairman J. Tata Chairman R. J. A. Soonawala S. Krishna Kumar Raymond N.Board of Directors Ratan N. Kandhari K. N. K. B. Soonawala Chairman R. Soonawala Shareholders‟/ Investor Grievance Committee N. K. Dadiseth Deepak Parekh Jagdish Capoor Tejendra Khanna Shapoor Mistry Raymond N. Krishna Kumar N. Kandhari Chairman Deepak Parekh Jagdish Capoor Remuneration Committee Jagdish Capoor Chairman R. A. A. K. Bhabha N.

Sales & Marketing o Yogi Sriram Sr. M. Mandlik Road. Mandlik Road.Human Resources o Prakash Shukla Sr.tajhotels. Vice President . Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank Citibank n. Website: www. B. Goel Sr.a. Vice President . Mumbai 400 001. Billimoria & Company N.Technology & CIO . Vice President .Mandlik House. Mumbai 400 001.Finance o Ajoy K.dept@tajhotels. Raiji & Company · Bankers The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. Misra Sr.com · Solicitors Mulla & Mulla & Craigie Blunt & Caroe Udwadia and Udeshi · Auditors S. Bickson Managing Director o Anil P. Tel: 2202 6260 Fax: 2202 7442 Email: shares. Tel: 6639 5515 Fax: 2202 7442 · Share Department Mandlik House. Vice President .com Management o Raymond N.

International o Abhijit Mukerji Chief Operating Officer . Daboo Chief Operating Officer . Vice President & Chief Operating Officer o Luxury SBU .Luxury SBU . Vice President.Mergers.Business SBU o Dev Bajpai Vice President (Legal) & Company Secretary : 6 Competitors · ITC Maurya Hotel · Hyatt · Taj Palace hotel · Oberoi · Imperial · Hilton Trident · Le Meridian · Intercontinental · Park Royal · Grand · Radisson · Marriot .India o Jyoti Narang Chief Operating Officer .Leisure SBU o Jamshed S. Acquisitions & Development o Franz Zeller Sr.o Rajiv Gujral Chief Operating Officer & Sr.

Group Executive Office The Group Executive Office (GEO) defines and reviews the business activities of the TATA Group and is involved in implementing programs on corporate governance.RATAN TATA Chairman Raymond Bikson (CEO&MD) Anil Goel Exe dir Finance AJOY Mishra Mrk & sales Prakash Shukla Tech & Cheif info officer H n Shanivas H.R Abhijeet Mukherjee Exe Dir -Hotel Operations Sumit Guha Development & Project Sankar Paramevaram Legal&company secretary Management structure There are two decision-making bodies that define and direct the business endeavors of the TATA Group. etc. human resourses. These are called the Group Executive Office and the Group Corporate Center. the environment. the chief objective of the GEO is to make the TATA .

The GEO assesses what unique value a company adds to a particular business sector and. Besides Group chairman Ratan Tata. what unique value the Group can bring to that company. GEO has reviewed the Group‟s business portfolio and clustered companies into seven business sectors. conversely. The mandate of the Group Corporate Center (GCC) is to guide the future strategy and direction of the TATA Group and to work in close coordination with the Group Executive Office SWOT Analysis of the Hotel Industry . Apart from this. the GEO Group Corporate Center.Group more synergistic. its strength and its weakness. it does this by strengthening the relationship between the group and its companies. It then addresses the most strategic issues facing the company. The GEO creates a shared understanding of a TATA company‟s current activities.

India offers a readymade tourist destination with the resources it has.STRENGTS· *India’s rich cultural heritage * Second largest forex earner * Demand exceeds supply OPPORTUNITYS * Boom in tourism * Privatization of airlines * Increase in disposable incomes SWOT ANALYSIS WEAKNESSES * Capital intensive * Labour intensive * Non-availability of landSecond largest forex THREATS * Sensitive to disturbances in the country * Competition from International chains * High taxes may render India as an unviable destination. Strengths – A manpower cost in the Indian hotel industry is one of the lowest in the world This provides better margins for Indian hotel industry. Thus the magnet to pull customers already exists and has potential grow .

This acts as a major deterrent to the Indian hotel industry. holds and sponsors a number of Exhibitions and Trade fairs which is a driving force for the interest of the consumers. Strategy Taj conducts. The economic conditions of a country have a direct impact on the earnings in hotel industry. The Taj has transformed itself repeatedly over the last hundred years because it has always stayed ahead of its time. It is not comparable to the existing world standards. Taj will transform itself once again this time to go beyond India to establish magnificent hotels in different parts of the world. . They are meant to live forever. The services currently offered by the hotels in India are only limited value added services. Brands need to change and adapt to their customers and consumers. As the Taj moves into the 21st century it will consolidate its position not only in India but also in other parts of the world moving closure to its vision. which here are difficult to implement due to high project costs. their luster fades by the imprudent decisions of brand managers who fail to see the future unraveling. Rigid brand managers are the biggest liability to the brand. However. Lack of training man power in the hotel industry THE BRAND -THE TAJ GROUP OF HOTELS Brands never die. OpportunityDemand between the national and the inbound tourists can be easily managed due to difference in the period of holidays Unique experience in heritage hotels ThreatsChanging trends in the west demand similar changes in India.WeaknessesThe cost of land in India is high at 50% of total project cost as against 15% abroad.

It also expands its services as a guide to the tourists and also organizes entertaining activities for them.  The Company begins business in metropolitan hotels by opening the five star deluxe hotel. which the Taj could occupy when global competition arrived. the "Taj Coramandel" in Chennai. the greeting or the welcome drink. India. . emerged. the "Fort Aguada Beach Resort" in Goa. the "Taj Sheba Hotel" in Sana'a. The things done right the quality of check-in. Awards and achievement Milestones achieved by the Company since incorporation are listed below:  1903 The Company opens its first hotel.  1980 The Company opens its first hotel outside India.  1974 The Company opens its first five star deluxe beach resort. but quality. the smile. The parameters? Not quantity. Advertisement The identity was developed after extensive research on the consumer‟s attitudes towards the Taj Over 60 in-depth interviews were conducted by client and agency. Yemen. efficient and enigmatic. the "Taj Mahal Palace" in Mumbai. This was translated into creating a distinct personality of the Taj as caring. It believes in providing its best to its consumers. The insights gathered were analyzed and a clear slot.Taj is inter-connected and also has tie ups with famous tourism agencies.

The Company acquires an equity interest in "Regent Hotel" in Bandra."  2004 The Company launches its first luxury serviced apartments. Gwalior. Mumbai which is later renamed as the "Taj Land End. .  2002 The Company obtains licences to manage and operate two leisure hotels: the "Rawal-Kot" in Jaisalmer and the "Usha Kiran Palace". Dubai. 2000 The Company establishes Taj GVK Hotels and Resorts Limited with the GVK group to operate three hotels in Hyderabad. the "Taj Bengal. 1984 The Company entered into a licence agreement to operate the "Taj West End" in Bangalore.   1989 The Company opens a five star deluxe hotel in Calcutta."  2003 The Company relaunches its flag ship property as the "Taj Mahal Palace and Tower. "Wellington Mews" in Mumbai. The Company launches the "Taj Exotica Spa and Resort" in Maldives. "Taj Connamera" in Chennai and the "Savoy" in Ooty. Sri Lanka.  2001 The Company is awarded the management contract for the "Taj Palace". The Company opens its first economy hotel under the brand "Ginger" in Bangalore." 1990 The Company establishes the Taj Kerala Hotels and Resorts Limited with the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation.   1998 The Company opens the "Taj Exotica" in Bentota.

51 Buckingham Gate. The Company entered into a management contract to operate the "Taj Exotica" in Palm Island. 2005 The Company obtains a management contract to operate "The Pierre" in New York. The Company commences operation of its first wildlife lodge at Mahua Kothi. Taj Hotels Partner with Saraya Islands to Operate Taj Exotica Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah. The Taj Safaris circuit will be complete in Madhya Pradesh with the addition of two more luxury lodges in Panna. Taj Suites and Residence‟s South Indian restaurant.  2007 The Company acquires the "Ritz-Carlton" in Boston. The first hotel to be developed by ALDAR Hotels and Hospitality under the agreement is a five-star. The Taj Mahal Hotel. United Arab Emirates. USA which is later renamed as the "Taj Boston. Taj Hotels and the Tashi Group join hands to create the new benchmark for premium hotels in Bhutan . New Delhi unveils Delhi‟s first contemporary Japanese restaurant „WASABI by Morimoto‟." The Company commences operation of its second wildlife lodge at Baghvan. ALDAR Hotels and Hospitality and Taj Hotels enter into an exclusive agreement involving a number of hotel projects. Pashan Garh and Kanha. Banjaar Tola. Dubai. YAS Island. Australia which is later renamed as the "Blue Sydney". Quilon has received the ultimate culinary accolade – a Michelin star. Bandhavgarh. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces won 2 prestigious awards at The 2008 World Travel Awards: . Pench. 500 room luxury resort hotel which will be in a spectacular waterfront location on ALDAR's mega entertainment destination. USA. The Company obtained the operating agreement for the "Umaid Bhavan Palace" in Jodhpur. Jumeirah.  2008 Taj's flagship property in the United Kingdom.Taj Tashi Bhutan.  2006 The Company acquires the "W" hotel in Sydney.

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces unveiled a premium business hotel – Taj Residency Trivandrum. .Tatler Spa Guide 2008. signed a management contract with Cuiting Hotspring Hotel Management Company Ltd. Taj will operate the latter‟s Temple of Heaven Park property in Beijing and the Hainan Hotel project.Enters into a Management contract with Dodla Intenational Limited. Taj Boston celebrates the 120th season of summer polo matches at the Myopia Polo Club in Hamilton. the only restaurant in Bangalore to be honoured the coveted Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2008 from America's leading wine appreciation magazine Wine Spectator. Taj Lake Palace. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. launched a new brand “The Gateway Hotel”. 1 in the Best Hotel Chain in India category at the Business Traveller Awards 2008.Rajput Suite at The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Introduces Telepresence Services in Collaboration with Tata Communications. Jaipur have been included among The 101 Best Spas in The World . The spas at the Usha Kiran Palace. Udaipur awarded India‟s Leading Castle & Palace. Gwalior and the Rambagh Palace. Taj Hotels Resorts and Places has ranked No. the World's Top 100 and Overseas Leisure Hotel in Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. The Taj Mahal Hotel launches VARQ. Graze. the Modern European dining restaurant at Taj Residency. Taj Safaris unveiled two new luxury lodges: Pashan Garh and Banjaar Tola which will be the third and fourth lodges added to the Taj Safari circuit. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces have won the Condé Nast Traveller UK in 10th Readers' Travel Awards. Taj's luxury properties have been recognised within the following categories: Overseas Business Hotel. Taj International Hong Kong Ltd. MA sponsoring the 2nd annual Taj Boston Cup. India won India‟s Leading Suite.

The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower reopens the rooms in the The Taj Mahal Tower. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower provides further details on the reopening of the Tower Wing."Flow" the all day dining restaurant. Bangalore”. Exclusive services to commemorate the special occasion of the hotel's reopening have been introduced with the opening of the Tower Wing. Taj Suites and Residences is the First UK Hotel introducing Cisco TelePresence Rooms for Public Use Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces in collaboration with Tata Communications and Cisco. Mumbai was under siegh during the 26/11 Mumbai Terror attacks. The Taj Group set up a public service welfare . The Taj Boston was named the best hotel in Boston and for the second year in a row ranked #22 among the world's top 100 hotels in the latest survey of hotels worldwide by Institutional Investor magazine. "Spice" an Indian specialty restaurant and "T3" a Tea lounge and Deli. The Gateway Hotel Athwa Lines Surat has added a new block of rooms to take up its inventory to 208 making it the largest hotel in Gujarat. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces announced the opening of their 'Upper Upscale' brand in Bangalore. Udaipur. With the announcement of its forthcoming reopening. These etiquette programs for children provide easy access to the social skills essential in daily life. It also launches three brand new restaurants .Whitefield. The hotel bears a new name and identity: “Vivanta by Taj . which include 9 Suites and 26 Taj Club Rooms.Taj Boston is the First United States Hotel and 51 Buckingham Gate. Taj Boston in cooperation with Susan Cole of Boston Assemblies launches Social Style for Children. On December 21st. The Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces 'No room for the Ordinary' advertising campaign for the print media bagged the 2008 PATA Gold Award in the Marketing – Hospitality category and also won a second award – the 2008 Gold Magellan Award. Taj launches The Jiva Spa Boat at Taj Lake Palace. 268 rooms will be available.

the Police. Mumbai.“Taj Public Service Welfare Trust” (TPS Welfare Trust). the company which holds a long term sub-lease for the land on which the Sea Rock Hotel is located in Bandra. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces unveiled a new world-class premium hotel in Chennai – Taj Mount Road.The Pierre. Karambir Singh Kang. a new lobby lounge.Trust fund named . Le Caprice at The Pierre. slotted in the "upper upscale" segment. 2009. Goa". Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces introduces Kefi . The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. where many people from the security forces. as well as 2 East.the Mediterranean restaurant at Taj Mount Road. 680 crores. Indian Hotels Company Limited announced that it is going to acquire a controlling stake in ELEL. 2008. and a graciously welcoming reception area. Fire service. In response to the unprecedented attack on Mumbai between November 26 to 29. making this its third property in Gujarat and the 31st Gateway hotel in India. hotel employees. Taj Safaris open doors of its new luxury lodge. "Vivanta by Taj . The Taj Residency Ummed in Ahmedabad migrated to The Gateway Hotels portfolio.Panaji. 2009 Taj Lake Palace. guests of the Taj and general public were killed or wounded. Mumbai has been awarded the . Taj Boston awarded 2009 Mobil Four-Star honors in recognition of its gracious and efficient service and luxurious accommodations and public spaces. General Manager. Banjaar Tola at Kanha National Park from February 18. re-opens on June 1 following a meticulous $100 million renovation to create new guestroom and bath interiors and to reconfigure first floor public areas to accommodate a new restaurant. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces announce their new premium hotel. Taj launches Vivanta by Taj in Maldives. for Rs. Udaipur voted as the winner of the Editor's Choice Award 2008 for Gallivanter's Guide.

Scoring an overall 95. Mumbai saw the coming together of employees and families of staff members. in the World Top 100. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives has been ranked 18th best Overseas Leisure Hotel in Middle East. its first signature . The standalone hotel. There were multi faith prayers held for peace and harmony. This is the third Gateway property in Rajasthan after Jaisalmer and Jaipur and the 33rd property in the country overall. Rambagh Palace has the 'best ambience/décor' (98. Rambagh Palace. Taj Coromandel relaunches Golden Dragon . The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. was migrated to the brand The Gateway Hotel Jodhpur.prestigious Virtuoso Hotelier of the Year Award.12) and 'location' (96. Taj Palace introduces 'The Blue Bar'. for a remembrance meeting that paid respects to those who lost their lives last year. The Gateway Hotels has signed a management contract to set up a 125 room hotel on a 16-acre prime location in Shirdi. increasing the inventory to 493 rooms. On 26th of November 2009. Africa & the Indian Ocean Islands in the Condé Nast Readers' Awards 2009. 2009 at the Virtuoso "Best of the Best" Hotel Awards held in Las Vegas recently during the Virtuoso's 21st Annual Travel Mart Conference. Jaipur has been voted the Best Hotel in the World by Condé Nast Traveller in the Readers Travel Awards for 2009 across travel and industry categories. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives has challenged to protect the natural tropical flora and fauna and surrounding blue waters of Emboodhu Finolhu island. The Taj Palace launches Blue Ginger thus introducing Vietnamese cuisine to the Delhi. previously known as the Ummeid Jodhpur. It also tops the list of 'Overseas Leisure Hotels for Asia and the Indian subcontinent'.The signature Specialty Schezwan restaurant in the city.5) of all hotels in the category. Taj Lands End introduces 125 new rooms comprising 107 Taj Club rooms and 18 Suites.62. The Taj celebrates the opening of Taj Khazana at Taj Lands‟ End.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives and Taj West End Bangalore – at the Leading Hotels of the World Annual Convention held in Venice. Ltd. Executive Chef Taj West End. Italy in November 2009. 2009 Indian Hotels Company Ltd announces its foray into Srinagar. Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces has been recognised for its excellence and service for it properties . an exclusive hotel group comprising four of Switzerland's leading luxury hotels have entered into a strategic joint marketing alliance to develop cross-promotional opportunities for both companies to harness each other's strengths in their respective markets. Chandrassekaran. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces announced the opening of Taj Cape Town. Chef Ananda Solomon. 2009 at Srinagar with SAIFCO Hill Crest Hotels Pvt.boutique store in Mumbai. Bangalore has been .  2010 The Umaid Bhawan Palace. Jodhpur has been voted the Hotel Of The Year by the Gallivanter's Guide Editor‟s Choice Awards. Mumbai reopened their doors on Dec 3. Taj Hari Mahal. one of Asia's largest and finest group of hotels. part of a well-known business house in the state. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. Jodhpur won the award in 'Hotel Providing Best Facilities for Differently Abled guest' category. This new luxury hotel in the historic city of Cape Town is a joint venture between Indian Hotels Company Ltd and city centre developers Euro cape. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. and VICTORIAJUNGFRAU COLLECTION. Mumbai announced the reopening of the iconic restaurant Golden Dragon on the 25th of November 2009. with the investment in the project topping R500 million. Executive Chef.K. The legendary Wasabi and the historical Harbour Bar at The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. in Jammu and Kashmir. Taj President Mumbai and Corporate Chef Taj Group of Hotels along with Chef V. 10. A management contract for a hotel under the upper upscale brand Vivanta by Taj was signed on. December.

Indian Hotels Company Limited has been recognised for its employment engagement at the workplace and is one of the 25 organisations to win the 'Gallup Great Workplace 2010' awards announced by The Gallup Organization. The Indian Hotels Company Ltd announced a new hotel in North-East India.Guwahati. with the unveiling the foundation stone for Vivanta by Taj . 2010. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. Assam. The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Calicut has been voted India's Best Five Star Hotel in the National Tourism Awards 2008-2009 by The Ministry of Tourism. . Government of India.awarded as 'Best Chef in India' in the National Tourism Awards 2008-2009 by The Ministry of Tourism. Government of India. Mumbai announced the reopening of the elegant and legendary Ballroom. in the iconic Heritage Wing of the property on the March 30th. The Indian Hotel Company Limitied was chosen by the Credit Suisse Research Institute as one of the 27 'Great Brands of Tomorrow'.

Technology is woven through it all. Graceful pillars make a stylish presence. Drive in from the airport delighting in backseat surprises (we're not revealing here). Soak in the colonial look. Our lobby is a unique mix of chic and classic. You'll see how we mean business in a quiet efficient way from the moment you step in. Just 8 km from the railway terminus and a mere 20km from the airport. There's a new wow in Uttar Pradesh's capital city.IN A STYLISH NEW AVATAR. Feel the pulse of an international business and conferencing destination. And a mariner's brass compass in the grand lobby space. This arrival zone sets the tone for guestrooms and banquet facilities that deliver the ultimate in urban relaxation. Discover the most happening restaurants which open to the lobby to create an enticing food zone offering the best in world cuisine. . Right in the heart of Lucknow's business and entertainment areas. With a dramatic dome. On the banks of the river Gomti. Lucknow has all the entertainment and connectivity options today's traveller requires. Become a part of our world. Stroll across 25 acres of garden space. NAWABI GRACE.VIVANTA BY TAJ. Experience the buzz. Get set to be delighted with small surprises from the moment you enter. Vivanta by Taj Gomti Nagar.

Hotel Address Vipin Khand Gomti Nagar Lucknow . Relax in leisure where the today meets tomorrow.226 010 Uttar Pradesh India Telephone: +91 522 671 1000 | Facsimile: +91 522 671 1666 HOTEL CONTACT DETAILS .RETREAT Modern architecture marks cosmopolitan rooms. And business meets pleasure.

STAY A BIT LONGER A Night to remember. Experience the quintessential Taj hospitality: Book Nights on the Best Available Rate and get the consecutive night with our compliments. Terms and conditions apply.31st August. 2011 .stay an extra night with our compliments. Validity : 01st May.226 010 Uttar Pradesh India Telephone: +91 522 671 1000 Facsimile: +91 522 671 1666 Quick Peek Retreat Work & Play Feast Invigorate Meet & Celebrate Promotions Gallery Hop SURPRISES . Taxes extra.Vivanta by Taj .Gomti Nagar Vipin Khand Gomti Nagar Lucknow . as applicable. And another to relive the moment Presenting stay a bit longer . 2011 . Offer valid on room only basis.


you will also enjoy unbelievable savings and benefits on our traditional hospitality and exceptional service that are sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. Alongside the quintessential fusion of business and pleasure. At the Taj. but valuable. or spa (where spa services are available) . business is not just unconventional. Book Now Avail the offer and enjoy exclusive privileges: Breakfast for two (single/double same rate) Hotel Credit of Rs 2000/per stay against F&B. laundry.SURPRISES .BUSINESS EDGE Stay a minimum of 2 nights and enjoy exclusive corporate privileges and surprising savings.

Gomti Nagar. While your luxurious room is reserved for you. Savour rare Awadhi delicacies and soak in our gracious service. Book Now LAST MINUTE RATE A last-minute travel plan for Lucknow? Let the logistics of accommodation not bother you. Lucknow. With its stunning colonial-style architecture.Gomti Nagar. Call Vivanta by Taj . Opt for the Weekend Special rate that will make your escape even more memorable. Saturday or Sunday only. Lucknow and we'll fill you in on how easy we can make your trip and give you details of the most affordable Last Minute Rate as well. Offer is available for bookings on Friday. 25% off BAR. Lucknow. you'll also enjoy savings of 20% on the room charge and incomparable services. stylish contemporary interiors and modern amenities. you can enjoy the best of tradition and modernity. Book Now EARLY BIRD RATE If you have a trip to Lucknow scheduled we'd suggest you book early at Vivanta by Taj Gomti Nagar.WEEKEND SPECIAL Take a couple of days off to recharge yourself over the weekend at Vivanta by Taj . Book Now . Early Bird Rate is applicable on bookings made more than ten days in advance.

Gomti Nagar. Book Now Retreat Superior Charm .Gomti Nagar. our utterly charming all-day dining restaurant.BEST AVAILABLE RATE You would like the best deal for your stay at Lucknow's best hotel. and exceptional service that are sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. after business hours there is plenty to look forward to. And yes. Book Now BUSINESS EDGE Staying at Vivanta by Taj . Yet. Lucknow. Lucknow gives you just the congenial ambience you need to do business. Standard cancellation rules apply. Vivanta by Taj Gomti Nagar. We'll offer you the best we can when you call us with your travel dates with the Best Available Rate. your breakfast is on the house when you avail of the Breakfast Inclusive offer at Vivanta by Taj . Opt for our Business Edge offer and enjoy a seamless fusion of business and pleasure. Book Now BREAKFAST INCLUSIVE RATE There is nothing like a spread of multi-cuisine delights on the menu to indulge your taste buds in the morning. Lucknow offers no restrictions making it a hassle-free reservation. Enjoy a lovely breakfast of light and flavourful preparations at Latitude. unbelievable savings and benefits.

Garden View Deluxe Delight .Deluxe Delight . Our rooms have it all worked out. these urban studios with a hotel surrounding view are stylishly. FINE TUNE THE WAY YOU WANT TO STAY. . SUPERIOR CHARM With perfect harmony of comfort and aesthetics. televisions. REFRESH. We know what you must have and then add to the delight! Clever surprises and the best of technology.Pool View Deluxe Allure Suite Premium Temptation Suite RELAX. Very modern. distinctive custom lighting and outstanding storage facilities. The styling and the décor suits both business and leisure travellers. De-stress options such as a special Rest Easy menu and dual massage showerheads add luxury to your stay. So also hi-tech electronics for internet access. Each room features ergonomically designed mobile work desks with special task lighting and stylish designer work chairs . Very in.

DELUXE DELIGHT .DELUXE DELIGHT . These rooms reflect a perfect blend of indulgent utility and sleek simplicity.POOL VIEW Designed for sleep. with views of the large pool. These rooms elevate your definition of business travel. refreshment and relaxation.GARDEN VIEW Stylishly designed with a stunning garden view. DELUXE ALLURE SUITE Enjoy a leisurely meal and a chat in the living room amidst stylish interiors. PREMIUM TEMPTATION SUITE . The attached bedroom has large French windows.

Get the whole experience in all.The finest suites of the hotel. Engage the Fitness centre. BUSINESS CENTRE The Business Centre lets you reach new levels of productivity so you can get back to the pool as quickly as possible. Splash in the pool. of luxurious personal space with a living room and a bedroom with an extra-large bed. Surrender to the Spa. SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND. a remarkable 620 sq. Go for it. More FITNESS CENTRE . ft. Exercise the many leisure options. Explore what Vivanta by Taj lays out for you. MAKE THE MOST.

unwind or refresh. so you can always take time to focus on yourself.Our fitness centre is open 24 hours. There's also a garden walking path. More Chef Profiles Private Dining . More LEISURE Vivanta thrives on providing our guests with all the services they need to escape.


Perhaps you may. Vivanta by Taj . choose to simply dig in to Pan-Asian grills at the open air balcony restaurant Charcoal. The crowd. The live cooking sounds. The atmosphere is lively. And the artistic display. INNOVATIVE CUISINE . Jet set culinarians sample different exotic menus night after night. ever changing city and the restaurants at Vivanta by Taj Gomti Nagar. The flavours. Our restaurants open out into the lobby. Oudhyana is true to the finest Awadhi and North Indian cuisine. Let the spirit of Vivanta by Taj enliven you.VIVID MEALS Lucknow is an ever expanding. Lucknow entices guests into our superb food zone.Gomti Nagar. All come together in a fine harmony. Latitude is a fresh take on PanIndian with international multi-cuisine as well. Be thrilled. The large number of guests seated in the lobby waiting for a table is proof of its popularity. certainly keep up. between November and February. exceptional. Dig in. The aromas. Our venues are a treat for the senses.

Splashes of colour. trendy furnishings. FULL OF LIFE. lunch and dinner buffets. the vibe informal. even at the oddest hour. The week end evening buffets are invariably sold out. There is no better choice for coffee or snack attack. Executive Chef Nagendra Singh More PRIVATE DINING From a Private meal with the talented Executive Chef Nagendra Singh to a romantic table in a gazebo near the swimming pool. your meals can be customised adventures. Here's where live food stations complement Lucknow's most lavish breakfast. More Latitude NON STOP. and artistic food presentations set the tone. We'll even pack you a breakfast to go. The look is chic. Latitude is there with exactly what you need. Fans rave about the sea food platter. Whenever you need to eat. Cuisine types: All-day dining multi-cuisine & wellness menus Location: Lobby level Hours: 7 am till midnight Attire: Smart Casual Average Check: Rs 570 . And the Pan Seared Fish Fillet. The cool open feel and stylish decor make Latitude a lively scene. Not to be missed is the Aromatized Baked Prawns.CHEF PROFILES Meet the man who puts together our delightful menus.

Telephone: +91 522 671 1550 Seating Capacity: 76 covers Signature dishesSIGNATURE DISHES Aromatized Baked Prawns Baked Canneloni Crispy Fried Honey Chilly Water Chestnut Oudhyana Chef Profiles Private Dining .



Kakori Kebab.AWADHI CUISINE UNPLUGGED. Simply original and true to the rich tradition. The piece de resistance is of course the Shahi Tukra.30 p.m. delicate and delightfully aromatic. No hype. Rumour has it that Vivanta by Taj .m. Location: Lobby level Reservation: Strongly recommended Attire: Smart Casual Average Check: Rs 925 Telephone: +91 522 671 1530 Seating Capacity: 92 covers SIGNATURE DISHES Galavat Kebab. Suck shamelessly on the lamb bone marrow in Nahari Ghosht. See how hours of massaging dough with clarified butter makes for the finest Sheermal and Warki Paratha. Surrender to the gentle kababs. to 11. to 02. Hours of gentle slow cooking after seasoning and marinating ensure that every ingredient cooks in its own juices.m.Gomti Nagar. No pretentions.30 p. Khoya Khubani Ka Kebab Nahari Gosht Dum Biryani Sheermal Sevian ka Muzaffar Gulkand Jamun . We strongly recommend you book your table well in advance. Dinner: 07.30 p.Sevian ka Muzafar (An affair with vermicelli). especially the Kakori and Galavat.45 p. Don't be surprised to find superb melt-in-the-mouth kebabs which originated from the kitchens of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. Instead you'll find it subtle. Cuisine type: Awadhi and North Indian Hours: Lunch: 12. This is cooking elevated to a fine art. The jhaar-phanus (crystal chandeliers) and the traditional artefacts will take you back the courts of the Nawabs (muslim rulers). Awadhi cuisine uses many spices but is not pungent. And you've got to have very firm resolve to resist the Chef's original dessert . Lucknow has an extra large lobby area mainly to contain unreserved guests hoping for a table at Oudhyana.m.

to midnight.VIVANTA BY TAJ GOMTI NAGAR RESTAURANTS SAQI Chef Profiles Private Dining THE BAR WITH A POETIC LICENCE. From classic Mojitos to Apple Jack Martinis to Kafirlef Margaritas.Gomti Nagar. Then watch the night warm up at Saqi. Chill out. With trendy lounge music and a DJ on select weekends. Cuisine type: Bar & Cocktail snacks Location: Lobby level Hours: 05:00 p.m. Unwind. it's all happening here. See fresh fruit and herbs happily muddled to make refreshing cocktails. The drinks flow easy. Sheer poetry in motion as the barman creates amazing cocktails. the trendy lounge bar at Vivanta by Taj . Attire: Smart Casual Average Check: Rs 950 Telephone: +91 522 671 1540 VIVANTA BY TAJ GOMTI NAGAR RESTAURANTS Chef Profiles Private Dining . Find yourself spoilt for a choice of international spirits and rare scotch.

"Sharing food is more than eating. he also specializes in a range of cuisines such as Italian. Indian. Mexican and French." says Chef Nagendra. he is a true culinary artist.CHEF NAGENDRA SINGH Meet the man who puts together our delightful menus. Chef Nagendra has fine tuned his skills at iconic restaurants like The Zodiac Grill. Besides being celebrated in Lucknow for his Awadhi creations. Lucknow. a moment of pleasure and intimacy. Trattoria and Thai Pavilion. as he is fondly called "It's an excuse for gossip and love. The list of international heads of state and celebrities that Chef Nagendra has cooked for is too long to fit here Enjoy his graceful cooking." You sure can see his love for his art as he leads a team of 40 chefs who look up to him as an insightful teacher.Gomti Nagar. With almost two decades of experience. He has co-authored books on Awadhi cuisine which very often run out of print. One who has gone back in time to uncover traditional cooking secrets and bring them to the table. at Vivanta by Taj . Executive Chef Nagendra Singh. Chef Profiles Private Dining .


Enjoy Pan Asian grills at the lobby level balcony. This alfresco dining option overlooks the pool and opens for dinner only (weather permitting) between November and February.m. The table is set and your group sparkles with the pleasure of a private celebration.m.CHEF'S TABLE AT OUDHYANA Dine with Executive Chef Nagendra Singh at his private Chef's Table. POOLSIDE & LAWN DINING It's twilight. Dine under the stars amidst swaying palms. Oriental Grills Location: Lobby level Hours: 07:30 a. Let him shower you with culinary insights. to 11:00 p. Create a moment that separates you from the crowd. CHARCOAL It's open. you've never seen anything like it. attention and one of the most remarkable meals of your life. Attire: Informal Average Check: Rs 1250 Telephone: +91 522 671 1550 Seating Capacity: 18 covers ADDITIONAL DETAILS INVIGORATE . The Chef's Table is for a party of 8 to 10 and requires 24-hour advance notice for booking. This is a backstage pass into the Chef's world and we promise. Vivanta by Taj will help you arrange a private poolside table. Cuisine type: Indian. The buzz of the hotel is in the distance. Continental. See stars.



ENERGY & TRANQUILITY UNITE For the resident time-conscious executive, an exclusive menu with short duration, express massage treatments have been developed. Guests can avail of a spa treatment at any time of the day or evening with prior intimation to the fitness centre. Our long stay guests can now benefit from a personalised fitness program complemented by a cuisine regime designed by a nutritionist and the hotel chef.

MEET & CELEBRATE Meetings & Conferences Events Venues Catering

INVIGORATE YOUR COLLEAGUES. Hold office from within your room. Convene at The Business Centre. Network at our hi-tech boardroom. Or confer in our extensively renovated banqueting floor.

Vivanta by Taj - Gomti Nagar, Lucknow delivers over 25,000 sq ft of vivid, contemporary spaces available for power meetings, memorable brand launches or upscale weddings & events. Check out our expansive Cosmos and the Celsius lawns which stylishly spread across approximately 10,000 sq ft each and can accommodate up to 1200 people. Whatever you have planned, count on Vivanta by Taj to bring all the extra elements you need for success. INSPIRE YOUR GUESTS.

MEETINGS & CONFERENCES Whether your meeting is for a few dozen or 1200 delegates, we have everything you need to make it happen. More

EVENTS We have all the flair and expertise required to raise a dignified ruckus, or create a buzz at your launch party, fashion show or celebration. More

VENUES Meet & Greet. Network, or entertain. We have 6 type of banquet halls, a 7350 sq ft garden lawn adjoining the large 5500 sq ft Crystal Ball Room. More

CATERING It's always about the food. Themed catering delivers memorable atmosphere and unforgettable food to dazzle your guests. More PROMOTIONS


or spa (where spa services are available) WEEKEND SPECIAL Take a couple of days off to recharge yourself over the weekend at Vivanta by Taj . At the Taj.Gomti Nagar. laundry. you will also enjoy unbelievable savings and benefits on our traditional hospitality and exceptional service that are sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. as applicable. Validity : 01st May.BUSINESS EDGE Stay a minimum of 2 nights and enjoy exclusive corporate privileges and surprising savings. Offer valid on room only basis. Terms and conditions apply.31st August. Opt for the Weekend Special rate that will make . business is not just unconventional. With its stunning colonial-style architecture. 2011 . Lucknow.stay an extra night with our compliments. stylish contemporary interiors and modern amenities. And another to relive the moment Presenting stay a bit longer . 2011 Book Now SURPRISES . Alongside the quintessential fusion of business and pleasure. Taxes extra. but valuable. Experience the quintessential Taj hospitality: Book Nights on the Best Available Rate and get the consecutive night with our compliments. you can enjoy the best of tradition and modernity.A Night to remember. Book Now Avail the offer and enjoy exclusive privileges: Breakfast for two (single/double same rate) Hotel Credit of Rs 2000/per stay against F&B. Savour rare Awadhi delicacies and soak in our gracious service.

25% off BAR. Lucknow and we'll fill you in on how easy we can make your trip and give you details of the most affordable Last Minute Rate as well.Gomti Nagar. Call Vivanta by Taj . Book Now EARLY BIRD RATE If you have a trip to Lucknow scheduled we'd suggest you book early at Vivanta by Taj Gomti Nagar. Early Bird Rate is applicable on bookings made more than ten days in advance. Book Now BEST AVAILABLE RATE You would like the best deal for your stay at Lucknow's best hotel. Lucknow. Offer is available for bookings on Friday. Lucknow offers no restrictions making it a hassle-free reservation. Saturday or Sunday only. Standard cancellation rules apply. We'll offer you the best we can when you call us with your travel dates with the Best Available Rate. Book Now . Vivanta by Taj Gomti Nagar.your escape even more memorable. you'll also enjoy savings of 20% on the room charge and incomparable services. Book Now LAST MINUTE RATE A last-minute travel plan for Lucknow? Let the logistics of accommodation not bother you. While your luxurious room is reserved for you.

Gomti Nagar. Book Now BREAKFAST INCLUSIVE RATE There is nothing like a spread of multi-cuisine delights on the menu to indulge your taste buds in the morning. Enjoy a lovely breakfast of light and flavourful preparations at Latitude. Lucknow gives you just the congenial ambience you need to do business. our utterly charming all-day dining restaurant. Opt for our Business Edge offer and enjoy a seamless fusion of business and pleasure. EVENTS Legendary Hospitality Meetings & Conferences Weddings Social Occasions .BUSINESS EDGE Staying at Vivanta by Taj . after business hours there is plenty to look forward to. And yes. Yet. unbelievable savings and benefits. and exceptional service that are sure to leave you pleasantly surprised.Gomti Nagar. Lucknow. your breakfast is on the house when you avail of the Breakfast Inclusive offer at Vivanta by Taj .

And most critically our associates are eager to assist you with all the experience & creativity at our command! We understand that no two events can be alike.VIVA EVENTS At all Vivanta by Taj hotels helping you create your dream event is a joy for us!! Our facilities are immaculate. Vivanta by Taj will give you all you need to ensure that you create a fine impression. each guest has his own needs & our approach is to listen. the planning detailed. You will be spoilt for choice MEETINGS & CONFERENCES When you've got to get together with colleagues. The cuisine & entertainment options at our beck-and-call are varied & top-of-the-line.. the options diverse. . but we'd like to make sure that we create something just for you. the cuisines eclectic. create a pat-on-the-back shindig for your employees or wow folks with a big idea. understand & only then suggest.. We have the ideas.to meet your specific needs.

Sophisticated audiovisual technology. modern teleconferencing / telepresence set-ups and administrative back-up services. and that the proceedings run like a finely tuned Swiss clock. You've got a dedicated event staff to take care of all the nitty-gritty . From the engagement to the big day itself and all the little celebrations in between. Located as they are in vibrant city destinations.If you'd like to know more about meeting at Vivanta by Taj hotels. Like practically invisible elves. THE RIGHT SPOT Our stately halls.supplies. swanky boardrooms and casual coffee-shop ambiences are just the spots to mix business and pleasure. refreshments and other what-have-yous . Featured Locations WEDDINGS Vivanta by Taj knows just what it takes to create an affair to remember. the staff will make sure you and your guests have everything you need. SERVICE WITH PIZZAZZ Doing business at Vivanta is a pleasure indeed. go ahead and send in a Request for Information. These fab settings go hand-in-hand with seamless services to guarantee your meeting or presentation is spot on. Any supplies. head over to send off a Request for Proposal. If you're all set to start planning a specific meeting or conference. you've got. invigorating beach resorts and postcard-perfect cultural hotspots. Our savvy wedding planner will . TECH TALK All the gadgets you need to make your meeting or conference a success. services or equipment you need besides are arranged beforehand so that they're in ready-to-go mode once your event begins.so that you can concentrate on the business at hand.

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By international chefs always on the lookout for ways in which to delight and surprise your palette with unique takes on traditional cuisines.your schedule. We begin by turning the notion of 'mealtime' on its head. go into 'why not' mood. always surprising and pretty much always as you like them. . your taste. so we can twist them around to your liking in a jiffy. shouldn't it? So. Tamari. the answer to the question 'To feast or not to feast?' should really be entirely up to you. European fine dining finds a modern twist at the likes of Graze. We try to keep most preparations on-the-spot. After all. farm fresh veggies and fruits. Asian specialty restaurants like. When it comes to the menus themselves. on what and where you should feast.you will just be treated to a lot more besides. And you will not be deprived of traditional favourites . say. After all. your appetite and mood should be the only things dictating when. You may think you know what to expect from these cuisines. our dining potpourri is catered for you .Philosophy Restaurants Culinary Journeys Celebrity Chef GETTING FRESH WITH YOU. And. Welcome to dining experiences that are always fresh. your lifestyle. dishing up small-plate grills and stir-fries that don't exactly fit the "norm". and meats and specialty ingredients flown in from across the planet are transformed in our kitchens.

dig in.and mediums . For. Like royal Awadhi treats at Lucknow. past and present blending in chic modern atmospheres. It continues all the way to your table.like olive oil. .since there really isn't any one genre to describe the irresistible craziness of Indian cuisine.like grilling and braising. rustic touches doing a jig with contemporary motifs. Yet. The freshness doesn't just stop at the menus. the Continent and India is dished up in ambiences that are as delightful as the fare. coconut-infused Konkan coast delicacies at Konkan Café or straight-from-the-ocean fishy feasts at Rice Boat a restaurant that mimics its namesake boat in look and feel. every ounce of yum flavour is left perfectly intact. and distinct music form your backdrop. really. Via vibrant restaurants and bars. Then. what would be the point otherwise? Ready for a taste of something fresher? Come. EAT THE WORLD. though. say . Here's another notion we pooh-pooh at Vivanta . with fun presentations .like a barbeque on your table or a to-go meal box. there are our 'stars' signature bites or tipples that are the highlights at our bars and coffee shops. Vivanta by Taj takes you on a culinary magic carpet ride around the world. Food and drink from different corners of Asia. we hunt and pick a few unique niches.the one that says anything that's delicious is not healthy. We cater to your need for wellness cuisine by simply opting for healthier cooking styles . Splashes of colour.

This culinary journey will take you on a delectable trail peppered with a choice of authentic cuisines. As you savour street food. enjoyable dining experiences and fascinating locales. and from the earthy cuisine of the proud Kodavas to Mangalore's famed coastal cuisine. take scenic boat rides and drives by the coast.you could call it the Vivanta version of 'shock and awe'. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. palace and community feasts. In a quest to bring you the quintessential cuisines and dining experiences of South India. From authentic uttapams (savoury pancakes) to mouth-watering rasam(tamarind. Taj Holidays. Traditional cuisines and cocktails are given cheeky twists and turns by adventurous chefs and innovative mixologists and barmen who follow the credo 'surprise and delight' . culture. REDISCOVER THE SPICE ROUTE WITH TAJ HOLIDAYS! South India. each dining experience will be a treat for the senses. climate and influences conveyed through trade and conquest-myriad culinary traditions have emerged in the region. enjoy plantation walks. And over the centuries . presents 'Rediscover the Spice Route'. dine by the beach and at legendary .reflective of local geography. has welcomed travellers and traders for over 2000 years. visit colourful spice bazaars. pepper or tomato infused soup). from aromatic Hyderabadi biryani(aromatic rice cooked with meat) to Chettinad chicken (spicy aromatic chicken). a unique journey into the rich culinary traditions of Kerala. a coveted source of exotic spices since ancient times. Tamil Nadu.Funnily enough. the menus could very well be described the same way.

Taj restaurants, and attend special cooking demonstrations of traditional delicacies, the spice route trail will leave you deeply enriched.

The stops along the culinary journey include: Kerala - Vivanta by Taj Malabar, Cochin; Vivanta by Taj - Kumarakom; Vivanta by Taj Kovalam Tamil Nadu - Vivanta by Taj - Connemara and Taj Coromandel, Chennai; Vivanta by Taj Fisherman's Cove, Chennai; The Gateway Hotel Pasumalai, Madurai Karnataka - Taj West End, Vivanta by Taj - M G Road and Gateway Hotel on Residency Road, Bangalore; The Gateway Hotel K M Road Chikmagalur Andhra Pradesh - Taj Krishna and Taj Banjara, Hyderabad

'Rediscover the Spice Route', an incredible culinary journey, awaits you at the Taj hotels in South India. We look forward to hosting you.

EXECUTIVE CHEF ANANDA SOLOMON Executive Chef Ananda Solomon of Vivanta by Taj- President, is also Corporate Chef - Taj Premium Hotels. He is an integral part of the team that created the Vivanta by Taj brand. Chef Ananda, as he is fondly called is passion personified. Forever exploring new styles and innovating to delight. Prior to launching Thai Pavilion in the early nineties, he spent months discovering and experiencing Thai culture and cuisine in remote Thailand. The accolades and many international awards that he has received make him one of the most celebrated chefs in the Taj Group of Hotels. You'll see him hands on at Trattoria, Thai

Pavilion, Wink, Open and Konkan Café. Teaching, demonstrating skills and inspiring his team. Many of his students are now celebrated Chefs in other Taj hotels. Experience all that Vivanta by Taj stands for in Chef Ananda Solomon. Not only is he stylishly spirited. His work has a vibrancy which challenges you to engage. Delighting you with small surprises. Simply put, Chef Ananda is the man with a 'fresh twist'.

JIVA -The destination within The philosophy of Jiva or “Innerforce” is inherently rooted in India‟s ancient approach to

wellness. Inspired by ancient Indian healing wisdom, Jiva believes that a spa unfolds a holistic path of life that opens out channels to nurture ones‟ life force. Jiva Spas embrace a deep understanding of mind, body and spirit: their individual needs and interdependency. Rituals

India has always been loved for the way she treats her guests. Here at Jiva, we treat our guests to the time-honoured rituals of welcome, greeting and farewell with which the country has captured many a visitor´s heart.

The rituals at our spas reflect the essence of ancient Indian wisdom and culture. We greet our guests with “Namaste” meaning “I bow to you” in Sanskrit - with our head bowed and hands folded. It also has a spiritual significance of negating or reducing one‟s ego in the presence of

We recreate this endearing ritual. THE RECEIVING DEPARTMENT 3. The bowing down of the head is a gracious form of extending friendship in love and humility. NIGHT AUDIT DEPARTMENT . The foot bath has traditionally been performed as a sign of respect. INCOME DEPARTMENT 6. The true meeting between people is the meeting of their minds. before welcoming guests over the threshold. washing our guests feet in a bath made from essential oils. THE PURCHASE DEPARTMENT 2. FOOD & BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT 5. Hence “Namaste also means “May our minds meet”. DAY AUDIT DDEPARTMENT 7.another. ginger and fennel. MR HARISH NYER FINANCE DEPARTMENT RECEIVING DEP PURCHASE DEP NIGHT AUDIT DEP DAY AUDIT DEP STORES PAYROLL DEP CREDIT DEP MIS/EDP DEP INCOME DEP F&B DEP MR HARISH PANT MR HARISH PANDEY MR PAUL MR SAGAR MR SAFI MHANI SING THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT AT TAJ PALACE HOTEL UNDER IT HAS 10 SUB DEPARTMENTS They are as follows 1. THE STORES 4.

INTER RELATED FINANCE SUBSIDIARIES Pg44 must PURCHASE DEPARTMENT This sub department is concerned with making the purchases for the entire hotel. CREDIT DEPARTMENT 9. and courier) and seek quotation from at least 3 different suppliers · Finalize deal with best quotation · Procure as per quality standards and product specifications · Documentation: copy of the purchase order is provided to the supplier. PAYROLL DEPARTMENT 10. purchase and receiving department · Amendment and Cancellation of the Purchase Order. The procedure is as follows: · The respective department raises a purchase indent and sends it to the purchase department · Contact Supplier (telephone. fax. There is an automatic cross check of each and every transaction made in each sub department. Without the sub division of the finance department it would have been impossible for this organization to function with stability and effectiveness. the possibility of an error is minimized. MIS/EDP DEPARTMENT All these sub departments are very well connected and networked.8. As a result. A copy of the amendment is sent to the concern department for follow up . in case of any change in the quantity or rate mentioned in the purchase order are made through mutual agreement between both the parties (The hotel & vendor). accounts. and in any case of error detection is systematized and easy.

Area Financial Controller and the General Manager.25000/. The role of this department is to scrutinize the goods supplied at them for the specifications. fuel. rates. stationery. Copies of GRR are sent to concerned sub departments. and all other perishable goods .requires necessarily the signatures of the Purchase Manager. vegetables. Order amount between Rs.· Signing authority for the purchase order: upto Rs.) · Other Items (various other bills are sent to the stores. Goods received from suppliers are categorized under 4 heads:· Grocery · Meat · Perishables · Dairy Other documentations required to be prepared are: · A food and beverage bill (a bill accounting for the food and beverages. linen. non-vegetarian food. · DRR (Daily Receiving Report): Incorporating the transactions of the following items: fruits.is required by the Purchase Manager and Area Financial Controller (both). RECEIVINGS DEPARTMENTS This department is concerned with receiving the goods ordered by the purchase department. In case of any discrepancies between the purchase order and actual goods received.is with the Purchase Manager. purchase manager. 5000/.) Books maintained by the receiving department are: · GRR (Goods Receiving Report): Incorporating the transaction for all engineering goods.to 25000/.5000/. and any order amount above Rs. quality and quantity. lighting etc. dairy items. cutlery. purchase and amount payable to suppliers sent to payables department. the goods are returned and copies of documentation (sales return) sent to supplier. accounts for reference and further correspondence. including liquor receivables is prepared and amount raised against due to suppliers sent to payables department.

stationery etc.g. Copies of the DRR are sent to respective kitchens.g. For e. · Inspection report: This report is made for some specific items like textiles. and other stationery items (envelopes. · Stores issues the material based upon the requisition and the availability of the items . For e. Beer. specifications and reasons for such rejection is documented in this book. rice. Champagne. The General Unit maintains the inventory of daily items like cereals. Rum. electric fittings. cutlery. etc. pens etc. A copy of this report is sent to purchase department. Tequila. and computer accessories. enamel. glass wares. Cake bases. · All the departments (actual users of the purchased goods / site of consumption) raise their requisition to the concerned stores to get the required items. and Food & Beverage Controls. imported crockery.: Whisky.) The Beverage Unit maintains the liquor inventory. · Rejection Report: In case of rejections due to inferior quality by the kitchen or by the receiving department. letter heads. and other similar items. ghee. Vodka. STORES The stores at Taj palace hotel is divided into 3 units:· Engineering Unit · General Unit/ Food Unit · Beverage Unit The Engineering Unit maintains the inventory of sanitary fittings. flour. writing pads.received on a daily basis. silver wares. The Inventory Process at Taj palace hotel is as follows:· The material is transferred to the individual units after inspection by the receiving department · Each item received by the stores is entered on the individual computerized item card.: Nescafe Coffee. Cadbury chocolates. Note Books. Spices. Tomato paste. and the other copy sent to the kitchen.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT F&B is responsible for the management of the F&B operation of the Hotel. Ensure that contribution margins are maintained through containing the costs of item.· The item card in the computerized CARDEX system is used to pass the entry of the material issued · Stores also look after the stock to be returned and other adjustments if necessary and it is made within the same day of the issuing date. by proper effective control systems i. banquets costing and sales. forecastingfood cost and maintaining the statutory records i. imported liquor costing.e. It prepares 4 types of report: · Daily Food Cost Report · Raw Material Consumed Report (meat consumption. physical check is also carried out from time to time. • Responsible for maintaining all records including scheduling beverage inventory. the details of receiving is entered (date. complimentary baskets. cafeteria consumption. right quantity is purchased. mini bar sales. item code and quantity) in the „IN COLUMN‟ of the CARDEX system · A stock balance is conducted for all items at month end. · A stock ledger is maintained which clearly states the items available in the stores and also shows the worth of the total inventory · If the stores fall short of any item they prepare a purchase indent and send it to purchase department for the procurement of that particular item · After receiving those items. tobacco cost etc.) .e. Other responsibilities are as follows: This department does the food and beverage (liquor) costing. right quality is received and appropriate/reasonable procurement time is given. the respective codes of items present and values recorded in store ledger showing: opening balance (+) receipts (-) issues = closing balance · For the food and beverage inventory. bakery excise and liquor excise.

This department gets a daily sales recapitulation (green sheet) in which all the information relating to the revenue generated from room accommodation services.· Raw Material Costing Report · Basic Excise Report: for bakery and confectionary items. hotel expenditure tax. The sheet is given by the night auditor and is reconciled with amounts mentioned in the posting journal. steward name and details. allowances. discounts allowed. restaurants. etc). INCOME DEPARTMENT This department looks after the income earned by the hotel through various activities (sales restaurants. etc. sale of cigarettes. rooms. soft drinks. and pending tips are recorded by issuing receipts mentioning amount of tip pending. not yet received by hotel in cash from the respective banks) Guest Ledger contains the details of records of those customers who have checked in and are availing room facilities in the hotel. banquets. whereby the consolidated figure for the total sales for the 30 day period is made as the final entry · Daily report: Includes the summary regarding performance this year is measured against last year‟s performance and also against performance as per budget. 2 kinds of ledgers maintained by this department are: CITY LEDGER and the GUEST LEDGER. . This analysis is done for each outlet of the hotel · And used to prepare the marketing report. City Ledger contains details of guest who have checked out of the hotel by clearing their dues (partially or through credit. liquor. Tips are paid on a weekly basis. This sheet contains bifurcated amount of sales from various sources in the hotel. On the basis of the green sheet 2 types of reports are generated in the computer whose hard copies are maintained namely: · Sales journal: prepared on a daily basis and after 30 days closing of books takes place. This department also deals with the tips issued to the stewards.

There are 2 kinds of payments: · Cash payments: Payments forwarded to suppliers of food and beverages. excise duty. rent to DDA. custom duty.000 to the project department and Rs. stipends to trainees. general suppliers. This department keeps a track of all the credit transactions taking place in the hotel (such as credit card transactions: American Express. The other sub section makes the following reports: · CITY LEDGER TO ACCOUNT RECEIVABLE TRANSFER · TRANSFER A/R FOLIO TO A/R · PAYMENT FOLIOS TRANSFER · FILES FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL AGENTS · FILE FOR DOMESTIC TRAVEL AGENTS PAYROLL PAYROLL DEPARTMENT This department is responsible for making payments for sale and purchase of materials/inventory by the hotel.The basic work of this department is to reconcile the amount mentioned in the charge slips and posting journals for transactions.: taxes like sales tax. Master Card. e.CREDIT DEPARTMENT The credit department is divided into different sub departments dealing with transactions related to credits only.50.000 is divided as Rs. service tax luxury tax. Bob Card. Visa Card. The posting journal for transactions contains the amount for which payment was made through credit cards in these charge slips and then compared with the amount mentioned in the charge slips for that particular credit cards and reconciliation is made on the daily basis. payments to NDMC. engineering goods. etc The total CF amount of Rs.00. stationery contractors. Charge slips are given to them on the daily basis by the front office and the restaurants.000 to the General Cashier.50. These are then segregated on the basis of the credit card being used for the payments. Can Card). salary to internal & external auditors · Cheque payments: Payments given through cheque. The general cashier gives a part of the CF .10.10. salary to employees.g. conveyance. licenses.

. rates of each item ordered is predetermined and fixed. This difference amount is recovered from supplier in future orders or adjusted in future payments. FRONT OFFICE: A) Registration cards · To check the information has been entered and verified. excess cost of procurement (amount paid in excess to the rate fixed with supplier as per annual contract) is paid by supplier. 5 kinds of books maintained in this department are: · IVR (INTERNAL VOUCHER RECEIPT) · GVR (GENERAL VOUCHER RECEIPT) · JE (JOURNAL ENTRIES) · CF (CONTIGENT FUNDS) · RESTRICTED LICENSE FOR CURRENCY EXCHANGE (issued by the RBI. a portion used for foreign exchange currency and coins given to the restaurants for emergency. FOREIGN EXCHANGE DISPLAY BOARD: To check the forex rates are updates on a daily basis on the display board as received from the authorized dealer and in CLS including the rates for conversion of room rates (Dollar applicable). As per the annual rate contract with supplier. along with cost of cartage. and failure to meet order requirements by stipulated time.received by him (known as imprest) to the front office. There is also a concept of RISK PURCHASES: Done by the purchase personnel in case supplier is unable to provide the goods to the hotel at the stipulated time. So in cases of risk purchases due to the mistake of supplier. · Check registered card entries in arrival departure register. the difference of rate of items purchased from open market and the negotiated rate offered by supplier as per contract is fulfilled by the supplier. without which no hotel has authority to exchange foreign currency) AUDIT DEPARTMENT (DAY AUDIT AND NIGHT AUDIT) 1. 2. So the personnel can procure goods at a higher market price.

closing balance of the previous day) + total cash sale of the entire Hotel -F. 8. This difference has to be highlighted and resolved on the same day.cash collection at front office .O. · Check void registration cards (whether or not verified) B) C-FORM · RANDOM CHECK · Check whether all formalities in case of foreigners. GUEST LOCKERS: (Front office guest lockers): Check the guest locker cards and keys are available as per policy 4. · Check the tax exemption amount and tax type (i. In case the three way balancing is not tallied even after the other reports are tallied the night auditor will do the force night audit to identify the difference with the financial books. INTERNAL CONTROL REQUIREMENT: GUEST LEDGER Guest ledger figure should be arrived manually as explained below on a separate register which should tally with the guest ledger figure of CLS/Day book. · C-Forms have been completed and C-forms of the previous day have been sent to the concerned authorities. TAX EXEMPTION: · Check all the exemption folios/bills are duly supported by exemption certificate.25000/.Allowance .Transfer to city Ledger = Closing balance for the day.with proof · Ensure complete address details mentioned on every folio. COMPLIMENTARY ROOM: Check complimentary room authorization form as per policy and duly approved and attached with second copy of registration card or filed separately.e. 7. CHECK INCOME TAX REQUIREMENT: · PAN number for any cash settlement above Rs.) sales tax and luxury tax. 3. (FORMULA):Opening balance (i. 6.e.· Highlight and discrepancies in serial no. FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE: . 5.

of wash and change rooms and authorized by whom (ref. 19. SPOT CHECKS OF CASH (OUTLET CASH-GENERAL CASH) . All bills in hold should be report on daily basis-report as per policy. RESTAURANT VOID CHECKS: All void checks must have authorization of the concerned manager or executive chef DISCOUNT IN THE RESTAURANT: All discount check must have authorization with the proper reason and duly approved by the concerned manager or executive chef. Check bifurcation of discount/allowances amount between various components like room F&B etc. SCANTY BAGGAGE: Scanty baggage report to be checked and advance/preauthorization has been taken or not. OTHER/GENERAL: Bills on hold and disputed bills. 14. to policy) 12. WASH AND CHANGE: Check and report.e.no. 11. Check control sheet for no. Check reasons for giving discounts/allowances. 9. 13. of all restaurant checks as per format. check authorized by relevant authorities. PENDING CHECKS: Report all pending checks-refer to policy 17. F&B: RESTAURANT CHECKS Check serial control i. Highlight all discrepancies. 10. PAID OUT: Paid outs at front office are as per policy procedure in respect of authorization and guest signature should be strictly followed. 16. BANQUET CHECKS: To check banquet checks. NIGHT AUDITORS REPORT: Follow upon the issues highlighted by the night auditor.Check all allowances vouchers serial no. 18.

· Spot check in minimum six rooms to check the expiry date of the item stored in the minibar. 1. · Travel Agent Comm. MIS/EDP DEPARTMENT Management of information studies is a department that looks after the flow of information for the entire hotel. 22. 20. · All outlets. Debtor ledger account: Maintains records of daily transactions of the guest regarding food. General Voucher Receipt: This book keeps a record of all cheque payments made by guests 2. 4. Internal Voucher Receipt: This book keeps a record of all transactions that are made internally amongst the various divisions of Taj Palace Hotel. beverages and laundry 7. 3. It maintains 8 records that are used by the following departments: purchase. and a copy for the supplier. Credit sheet: Maintains all records of payments received by the guest 6.Payment as per policy to approved travel agents. MINIBAR: · Analysis of large allowances. SPOT CHECK Once in a week. · Check food store once a month for the expiry item. 21.Conduct surprise /spot check of all outlets where the money is given or check corresponding cash. a kind of suspense account. Contingent fund: Taj Palace Hotel maintains a CF. stores. · Review the report of the night audit in respect of guest lockers and report any deviation to controller. Check all Local and STD calls reports with authorization. -. receiving. · Kitchen. Allowances account: Maintains records of all the discounts given to regular customers or VIPS . accounts. Journal Entries: All provisional entries as well as rectification entries 5. Auditor will also do the spot check of the following area:· At front office.

The hotels taken into consideration in this report are the following:             ITC Maurya Hotel Hyatt Taj Palace hotel Oberoi Imperial Hilton Trident Le Meridian Intercontinental Park Royal Grand Radisson Marriot The report compares these 12 hotels based on following different parameters: · Total number of rooms available . It has to look after the following servers:· . A currency exchange licensor from government The EDP (ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSING) Department is responsible for trouble shooting in the network (intranet) within the hotel. In case any department wants to send information to any other department it is done through the EDP department. Computer Loading System · Anti Server: for managing calls inter department · Federal Computer System: for managing administrative and guest calls · SQL Server: for maintaining employee payrolls The EDP department takes a backup of information once in every 6 hours and is based on the UNIX operating system.8. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS FOR VIVANTA The statement is a Marketing Share Report of the top 12 business hotels in India.

food & beverage department. night audit department. Followed by an explorative study to identify red alert areas in terms of high cost incurred or non-revenue generating expenditure. Areas chosen for detailed analysis were:     Allowances. Rev Par (revenue per available room) = Total revenue earned in a year . credit department. The data used in the analysis was collected through primary research and there was no published data available for the same. Quantitative techniques used for competitive analysis are as follows: 1. day audit. The data used for our analysis was collected through primary research from various functional areas: stores.· Occupancy percentage rate · Average Number of rooms occupied per day · Gross Average Room Revenue · Annual Market Share Percentage · Revenue Per Available Room (Rev PAR) · Revenue Share amongst its competitors · Value Indexing based on Rev PAR · Value Index Ranking RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The study required a detailed understanding of each functional department of Taj Palace Hotel. The methodology followed in the initial phase was primarily explorative and thereon descriptive in nature. purchase. major sources of allowances and strategies to reduce it Analysis of the method of cost control measures. A competitive analysis to gauge the hotels performance vis a vis other hotels in Delhi The membership scheme of the Taj‟s and the revenue from the member compared to walk in customers.

Gross ARR (gross average room revenue) = Revenue earned from a room in a day Total room nights sold per day 3. of rooms available in the hotel Here. ROOMS OFFERED The first main column in the report gives the total number of rooms offered by all the hotels. The total number of rooms is given for the current year (TY=this year) as well as for the previous year (LY=Last . ARR = Average Room Revenue 3) Rev PAR=Total amount of revenue earned from rooms in the hotel Total no. Occupancy Rate = (Total room nights sold) *100 Total room night available 4. of room nights sold in a year 365 2) Gross ARR=Total amount of revenue earned from the rooms per day No. Rev PAR = Revenue per available room 4) Value index= Rev PAR of the Hotel Rev PAR of the City THE MARKET ANALYSIS The report also compares the progress of the hotels to their performance in the previous year by the means of GOLY (Growth Over Last Year).Total available nights in a year 2. Value Index = Rev par of Taj Palace Hotel *100 Rev Par of Industry (hotels in Delhi) FORMULAES USED FOR ANALYSIS 1) Rooms per day= Total no. of room nights sold per day Here.With the help of this report the standing of Taj Palace Hotel in the business hotel industry can be clearly inferred.

Some hotels like the ITC Maurya. In this regard it can be seen that only Taj Palace and the Hyatt offered rooms in excess of 500 in number till last year. The second main column in the report deals with Occupancy Percentages in the hotels.8%. along with the GOLY.Also given here is the growth in the number of rooms over last year in percentage terms (GOLY %).70%. For the entire market occupancy rates increased from 76% to 78% resulting in a GOLY figure of 2.5% and 9. For Taj Palace Hotel it can be seen that the occupancy rates have increased from 75% to 78% resulting in GOLY of 4%. The total number of rooms in the market changed from 4299 in 2008-09 to 4268 in 2009- 10. It can be seen that Taj Palace Hotel has decreased the number of rooms from 515 in 2008-09 to 484 in 2009-10 resulting in a GOLY% of -6%. The Grand and theIntercontinental show the biggest GOLY figures at 14. of rooms in Taj Palace Hotel.Year). On the other end of the spectrum is the Trident which offers only 136 rooms. India attracted a lot of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and this resulted in a lot of foreign business travelers coming to India. This data is also given for the present year and the previous year. Firstly the hotel clubbed rooms together to offer bigger rooms. Le Meridian and Radisson show negative GOLY figures indicating a decrease in their occupancy rates over the previous year.4% resp ectively. Secondly many rooms were put under renovation.There were two reasons behind the reduction in the no. For instance 8 rooms were clubbed together to construct the Grand Presidential Suite for visiting foreign dignitaries.1%. It was only because of this change made by Taj Palace Hotel that for the total market GOLY turned out to be -0. Taj Palace Hotel being a business hotel also reported higher occupancy rates. All the other hotels considered in the report did not make any changes in the number of rooms offered by them. ROOMS PER DAY . The entire hotel industry in India witnessed growth in occupancy rates because of the booming Indian economy with GDP growth of 8.

In the previous year Average Gross ARR for the entire industry was Rs5635. These figures are obtained for a particular year by dividing the total number of room nights sold in a year divided by the number of days in a year i. ITC Maurya hotel and the Marriot also showed negative GOLY figures. This was due to an increase in the occupancy rates. ANNUAL MARKET SHARE The next main column is titled Annual Market Share and deals with the proportion of the total number of rooms nights sold in a year by the entire industry that are sold by a particular hotel in that year. For the total market the rooms per day increased from 3267.The third main column in the report is titled Rooms per Day. The Le Meridian also reported decline in . 7667 resulting in GOLY of 38. The maximum increase in Gross ARR was reported by the Park Royal.04 in the current year with GOLY of 1.3% inspite of the fact that there was a 6% decline in the total no. Hence Taj Palace‟s position has slightly worsened in this regard.e.5%. 5999-6% more than the industry average. Grand and Radisson at 55. 2. GROSS AVERAGE ROOM REVENUE The next main column in the report deals with Gross ARR (Average Room Revenue). In the current year Average Gross ARR for the entire industry was Rs7851. 8078 in this year.3%.365 days.3%.9%. 5542 to Rs.25 to 377. 5999 to Rs.2% and 52.4% less than the industry average last year and 12.Taj Palace‟s Gross ARR was Rs. The Hyatt in comparison had its Gross ARR 11. For the total market there is a positive trend in this trend as the Gross ARR increased from Rs. The best performers with respect to GOLY figures were again the Grand and the Intercontinental with 14.8% more than the industry average. Taj Palace‟s Gross ARR was Rs.1% respectively.7%. 52.24 in the previous year to 3329.52 resulting in a GOLY of only -2. For Taj Palace Hotel the market share declined from12% in the previous year to 11% in the current year resulting in GOLY of -8. For Taj Palace Hotel the figure for rooms per day decreased from 386.8% less in the current year. 8078 resulting in GOLY of 34. of rooms available.5% and 9.4% respectively because of new promotional packages for lean period.Taj Palace Hotel‟s Gross ARR jumped from Rs.

8%. the hotels were ranked on basis of their Value Index figures. a Value Index was calculated for each hotel. VALUE INDEX In order to compare the hotels.1 ranking in both the years A REPORT ON VARIOUS ALLOWANCES AT VIVANTA ALLOWANCES One major source of non -revenue generating expenditure at Taj Palace Hotel is rooted from high issue of allowances.For Taj Palace Hotel Rev PAR increased from Rs. There has been no improvement in this regard.3% respectively.their market shares by 12.41% last year to less than 1% in the present year. The Value Index was calculated in the following manner: It can be seen that for Taj Palace Hotel the figure has increased from 107. It deals with the proportion of the total revenue earned by the entire market in a year that is earned by a particular hotel in that year. The next column tabulates the Revenue Share of each hotel. For the entire market Rev PAR increased from Rs 4205 to Rs 5982.3 with a GOLY of 1. REVENUE PER AVAILABLE ROOM The next main column deals with Rev PAR (Revenue per available Room) .4 has remained the same over both the years. Allowance Bills are passed as per company policy in the following cases: .With the Value Index calculated. 4520 in the previous year to Rs.3% and 8. Taj Palace‟s ranking as no. The Imperial‟s performance with respect to these categories has been excellent as it has retained its no.4 to 109. 6289 in the current year. This increase can be explained in part by the fact that Taj Palace Hotel has decreased the number of rooms from 515 to 484 the industry average Rev PAR stood Rs 4124 in the last year and Rs 6245 in the current year. On the other hand the Trident and Hyatt showed increase in market shares by 33.5% and 11.1% respectively. Hence Taj Palace‟s lead over the average industry Rev PAR declined from 9.

g. membership schemes.81. during the year 2009-10 brought forth shocking results. hence allowance passed Laundry complimentary.950. such as without formal check out Discounts and EDMs passed with reference to special sales. internal sales. dignitaries or customers entitled to such discounts Complementary sales or items not chargeable are charged as allowances.298. TOTAL FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE TOTAL BACK OFFICE ALLOWANCE GRAND TOTAL OF 21. sales during happy hours. e.303 DURING 2009-10 LIST OF ALLOWANCES GIVEN TO THE GUESTS UNDER VARIOUS MEMBERSHIP SCHEMES (SERVICE DESIGN) Difference in Luxury Tax to be borne by hotel Luxury tax exempted to high commission & embassies Hotel to bear the charges.134 60.950. as per system design .652.Guests Disputes and any discrepancies arising with regards to consumption of food/liquor/other facilities provided by the hotel Guests complaints with regards to unsatisfactory service Unaccountable consumptions Guests leaves hotel premises without payment of bill.169 ALLOWANCE 81. sales under any schemes. The amount of such allowances was as high as Rs.: food unsatisfactory so entire dish was made complementary and free cake was given to customer to maintain goodwill Allowances passed against mini-bar disputes Travel agents‟ commissions against bookings of rooms is passed as allowance Internal sales not charged to company but charged as allowance Bank fees against certain credit payment facilities are raised as allowances The analysis of sum total of allowances passed at Taj Palace Hotel.303/The breakup is given in the following section in detail.

25 % discount given on Citibank M/Visa Card 2.09 Welcome link scheme for the period from 1st to 10th Oct Jet privilege scheme for the period from 1st to 10th Oct Allowance for laundry complements as per system design 2.02 % discount given on ICICI card 1. ref GM Welcome award scheme for the period from 1st to 10th Oct.25 % discount given on Citibank Card Entire stay Complimentary as per complimentary voucher Tax exempted as per internal audit VAT Tax to be absorbed as per internal sale Allowance for laundry as per standing instruction 25 % to ETVP discount as per scheme FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE REPORT ANALYSIS OF FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCES FOR THE YEAR 2010-11 .28 % discount given on Master Visa card 1. hence allowance passed Entire stay complimentary as per special billing instruction.75 % discount given on Amex card 1.Room rent wrongly charged to the guest.

13crore ) as is clearly indicated by the graph.The major factor for such high allowances is guest disputes and complaints regarding service quality etc. beauty parlor etc. FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST ROOM CHARGES . Telephone. The allowance from the category “Others” includes discounts/deductions/waive offs if any on charges such as internet connections. 6. Discounts from another set of major source for allowances in the front office.TELEPHONE OTHERS LIQUOR LAUNDRY F&B ROOMS 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 The major part of front office allowance is against rooms (Rs. Laundry. closely followed by food and beverage allowances (Rs. Here discounts refer to all such deductions or allowances passed while billing with respect to various memberships or promotional schemes offered at the hotel to its customers.8.04 crore).

12 10 8 LAKHS 64 FRONTOFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST FOOD & BEVERAGE CHARGES 6 4 2 0 The above graph refers to all the allowances passed at the front office regarding room charges and billings. These include deductions or waive offs on the room charges in cases of customer dissatisfaction with room services.993189) and February (Rs. . disputes. The graph shows higher amounts passed as allowances in the months of October (Rs. complaints.1002073). errors committed at the time of billing (such as excess charged).

65 FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST LAUNDRY CHARGES . The discretion for amount of allowance so passed is held by the general manager. Café. 680879). room service. dissatisfaction with service at the restaurants.709468) and September (Rs. As per the graph the allowances in the months of June (Rs. Such allowances are passed in the form of any waive offs or deductions in the billings in cases such as customer complaints.8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 The above graph refers to front office allowances against food and beverage.







The above graph refers to front office allowances against Laundry services. Such allowances are passed in the form of any waive offs or deductions in the billings in cases such as customer complaints, dissatisfaction with house keeping with respect to laundry services, denials towards usage of such services. The discretion for amount of allowance so passed is held with the assistant finance manager\ and the general manager. As per the graph the allowances in the months of June (Rs. 211362), July (Rs. 192022) and August (172682). 66 FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST LIQUOR CHARGES

18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

The above graph refers to front office allowances against Liquor charges or billings. Such allowances are passed in the form of any waive offs or deductions in the billings in cases such as customer denials regarding consumption, discrepancies with respect to billing amount etc. The discretion for amount of allowance so passed is held with the restaurant manager, assistant finance manager and the general manager. As per the graph the allowances in the months of July (Rs.142963), August (Rs.172964), and September (Rs.168014). 67 FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST TELEPHONE CHARGES



1.5 lakhs 1 0.5 0
The above graph refers to front office allowances against Telephone charges or billings. Such allowances are passed in the form of any waive offs or deductions in the billings in cases such as customer denials regarding consumption, discrepancies with respect to billing amount etc. The discretion for amount of allowance so passed is held with the restaurant manger, assistant finance manager and the general manager. As per the graph the allowances in the months of July (Rs.142963), August (Rs.172964), and September (Rs.168014). 68

The graph shows September (Rs.800 per hour. But frequent complaints regarding service quality and speed were received since the launch of the service. Such allowances include all such waive offs/ deductions under the category of “others” such as internet services.FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST MISCELLENOUS CHARGES 6 5 4 LAKH 3 2 1 0 The above graph refers to front office allowances against miscellaneous services. . 532422) as the month for the highest allowances due to poor internet services.6 % of the total front office allowances is through internet services. The regular internet charges offered at the hotel is Rs. That why almost 8.

or at time of checkout FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST . nuts. juices etc. soda based drinks. sugar based drinks. Each time the customer leaves the room. This is like a private bar for each room.FRONT OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST MINIBAR CHARGES 160000 140000 120000 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0 The above graph refers to front office allowances against Mini Bar charges or billings. fresh fruits. Potato wafers. The house keeping in charge for the respective hotel floor has the responsibility for checking mini bar consumptions and refilling when required. The items offered in the Mini Bar include alcohol. Every room in the hotel offers a liquor counter known as a Mini bar.

Welcome Awards and other temporary/seasonal membership schemes launched for sales . These include discounts given under ETPV.VARIOUS DISCOUNTS 3000000 2500000 2000000 1500000 1000000 500000 0 The above graph refers to front office allowances against various other discounts raised with respect to promotional or marketing schemes.

promotion. The trend observed in the graph above is purely co-incidental. . September and October is simply because of more traffic flow in the hotel. especially for business purpose. This category of allowance referred to discounts is actually of a different nature (part of the service design): in the sense that it is fixed in nature and can‟t be avoided as comes as part of a scheme. Higher discounts in months such as August.

followed by food and beverage allowances (Rs.69 million).ANALYSIS OF BACK OFFICE ALLOWANCES TOTAL BACK OFFICE ALLOWANCE FOR THE YEAR 2010-11 OTHERS TELEPHONE LIQUOR LAUNDRY F&B ROOMS 0 5 10 15 20 25 Amount (in million Rs.5 million).35.) 30 35 40 The major part of BACK OFFICE allowance is against rooms (Rs. almost as is clearly indicated by the graph. 14. .

. closely followed by December and August. This could be attributed to the fact that the occupancy rate was nearly touching 96% during these months.BACKOFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST ROOM CHARGES 400000 350000 300000 250000 200000 150000 100000 50000 0 Highest allowance for room was passed in February.

low occupancy rates. May. and July) show low sales.Due to which discounts and deductions were on the hike. . June. In other words. As evident. months that fall in the lean season of the hotel industry (April. It can be hence established from the graph that allowance trends match with sales trends of the hotel. months showing higher sales show higher allowances.

months showing higher sales show higher allowances. In other words. It can be hence established from the graph that allowance trends match with sales trends of the hotel.BACK OFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST FOOD & BEVERAGE CHARGES 2000000 1800000 1600000 1400000 1200000 1000000 800000 600000 400000 200000 0 Highest allowance for food and beverages was passed in January and February. .

In other words. It can be hence established from the graph that allowance trends match with sales trends of the hotel.BACKOFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST LIQUOR CHARGES 2500000 2000000 1500000 1000000 Rs. . months showing higher sales show higher allowances. 500000 0 Highest allowance for liquor was passed in January and February.

months showing higher sales show higher allowances. In other words. It can be hence established from the graph that allowance trends match with sales trends of the hotel. .BACKOFFICE ALLOWANCE AGAINST LAUNDRY CHARGES 2000000 1800000 1600000 1400000 1200000 1000000 800000 600000 400000 200000 0 Highest allowance for laundry was passed in January and February.

ANALYSIS As per the above graphical interpretations. errors in billings. Bank Fees 2. Taxes 4. Welcome Awards 5. poor service. noise 11. Complementary Sales 4. difference in bills due to up-gradation of rooms. ETVP schemes & membership schemes ALLOWANCES OTHER THAN SERVICE DESIGN: 1. deductions made on special requests. Travel Agent Commission 3. Poor service. disputes. noise 7. it can be established that months showing higher sales and occupancy have higher allowances. facility (Guest Complaints/Disputes) 8. The research brings forth the fact that most allowances can be broadly attributed to two main sources or factors. SERVICE DESIGN: 1. non-recovery of payment/ debts. Employee/Staff errors (wrong Billings) 5. disputed bills. luxury tax borne by the hotel. Change of room due to complaints. Change of room due to complaints. Over Charging 6. breakfast tax disputes. mismanagement on part of the hotel etc) The bifurcation is done in the following section. Guest Complaints 2. Disputes 3. Poor Internet services Billing errors 78 BREAKUP OF ALLOWANCES FROM VARIOUS SOURCES FROM THE BACK OFFICE (non-deductible allowance) . Over Charging 10. These are: tors other than those that don‟t fall under service design (such as guest complaints. Mini Bar disputes 9.

888 158.985 299.140. This includes allowances passed as part of service design as well as other factors (other than those falling under service design).805 1.539.374 AUGUST 3.502.146.004.372 1.782 1.207 258.083 50.169) excludes discounts under various schemes (ETVP) although they are treated as service design since they are fixed in nature.077 162.704 21.076.698.400 1.601.679 SEPTEMBER 2.023 2.846 535.52.489 34.894.169. the total allowance arising for the year 20010-11 from back office is Rs.432 1. This figure (Rs.763 488.049 292.214 FEBRUARY 3.746.387.TOTAL REPORT ON BACK OFFICE ALLOWANCE FOR 2009-10 ROOMS F&B LAUNDRY LIQUOR TELEPHONE OTHERS APRIL 3.076 14.647 2.259.693 406.150 63. The portion of service deign allowances that are unavoidable and variable are included in this figure (Rs.533 200.854 JANUARY BACK OFFICE ALLOWANCES 2010-11 OTHER THAN SERVICE DESIGN .06.600 20.754.021.061 1.441 2.892 416.446 175.609 JULY 2.073 1.207 OCTOBER 2.674.652.747 GROSS TOTAL 60.086 30.822 878.349 JUNE 2.171 40.245 132.729 228.120 150.221 156.403 230.06.169) Total reducible allowance from back office = Rs.757.793 267.200.591.648 27.6.977 52.532 DECEMBER 3.06.152 230.809.536.470 1.359 262.909.478 364.6.614 482.913 1.123 937.640 1.152 188.471 3.651 193.094 MAY 2.688 87.496 157.721.987 51. 22.140 76.185 276.320 NOVEMBER 2.016 432.748 14.769 1.6.001 MARCH 2.335 297.177.719 286.082 37.057.516 212.476 269.169 79 As per the data.594.512 TOTAL 35.530 237.353.870 144.347.101.

474 202.006.475 22.693.667 623.933 915.359 150.991 1.016 1.222.754 606.190 792.897.885.MONTHS APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH TOTAL REDUCABLE ALLOWANCE GUEST COMPLAINTS 208.033.866 1.973 610.673 4.591.735 255.611 852.062 896.114 .324.605.816 1.266 15.024 448.227 909.073 787.642 6.639 COMPLEMENTARY 915.566 1.496 847.463 976.239 513.

02.TAJ PALACE HOTEL FRONT O FFICE ALLOWANCES FOR THE FY 10-11 CATEGORY MONTHS DISCOUNT APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBUARY MARCH 85252 106852 77807 194882 246885 173571 84842 63082 46547 32958 126874 61049 TOTAL 1300602 Total reducible allowance from front office = Rs. 1.06.30. .

532 GROSS REDUCIBLE ALLOWANCE FROM FRONTOFFICE & BACKOFFICE = 1.61.91. Total front office allowance Less: discounts Reducible allowance 2.98.241 the balance allowance of Rs.52.COMPUTATION Total back office allowance Less: allowance due to service design     Bank fees Travel agent commission Welcome awards (discounts) Others per annum . 6.25.169 3. Both areas can be worked upon to eliminate episodes of error and disputes.817 93.055 2.80.114 we have reducible allowances in the form of Complementary Sales and Guest Complaints.602 1. 4.23.114 Hence.12.134 13.114 = Rs.414 49.91.532 + 2.91.25.

.88. The issues taken up in this report reveals the following: ALLOWANCE: Deductible allowance amounted to Rs.CONCLUSION The report attempts to shed light on areas where cost can be reduced and strategies to enhance efficiency of operations. Assuming reductions in such allowances through minor improvements in service and other areas as recommended will be an add on to profit by am amount of 1.5 to 2 crores. 4.25.646 per annum.

C. B. Installation of Wi-Fi system in hotel premises for better connectivity.800 per hour to customers. This can be done by adequate training to employees at front desk and room service. Effective management and strict control over consumptions can reduce expenses. Moreover current internet charges are at Rs. Intensive training can be given to trainees. As our profitability would increase considering the fact that 93% of total sales generated comes from walk in customers.693.Recommendations A. Having a Wi-Fi system will bring down these charges. This will reduce internet lease rent paid (Rs. Focus on Walk in Customers as well as members.6. E.639.80 per hour) by Taj palace Hotel and complaints from customers regarding poor service. making internet facility cheaper at the hotel. . Mini Bar is an added expense to the hotel where guest disputes are common. Reduce customer complaints that currently stand at Rs. D.

The report is limited only to the finance department. lack of adequate drinking water facilities. It does not look into other functional divisions of the hotel where such cost control measures can be taken. the beauty parlor at the hotel. These are minor issues but cause much dissatisfaction to customers and inconveniences to staff.FUTURE SCOPE FOR STUDY The future scope for study on operations of the hotel is immense. analysis on allowances. I have identified other key areas of the hotel such as Body essence. . inadequate records of stock procurements and allotment). Also a further marketing report can be prepared on the basis of investigation of non. Further studies in this area could reveal cost effective measures for attending to such issues at Body essence and also at other outlets of the hotel. poor air conditioning.member to members.member profile and study potential of conversion of non. These areas have certain operational inefficiencies in terms of inventory management and engineering problems (poor music system backup.

Butler 4. Security. Housekeeping. etc are not covered in the study due to lack of exposure. . Training. Other functional areas such as HR. Engineering. 3. It took me an entire month to understand the functionalities and processes adopted before I could suggest improvements. Given more time there would be greater opportunities for further cost cutting measures. Lack of familiarity with hotel management styles and techniques. Time limitations in terms of duration of my training at. Services. 2. This report is restricted to areas of concern to the finance department ( food & beverage department). Foreign Exchange.PROJECT LIMITATIONS 1. Front Desk.


com Taj head office 88 CHAPTER III PRESENTATION OF DATA AND ANALYSIS Presentation of data (primary and secondary data) and analysis may be divided into one or more chapters depending upon your requirements and convenience. tabulated. etc…      Sources of data Sample size. correlation co-efficient.com www. Quantitative techniques shall be tabular form/graphical form/diagrams/other statistical tools like average.indiainfoline. Taj Palace Hotel Credit department. The data collected by the student are to be classified.fhrai. The student should give appropriate title for each and every chapter. critically analyzed and reported in this section. if any Methods of data collection Instrument used Tools and techniques of analysis . Sources must be quoted for both the literature and the secondary data presented in these chapters as footnotes in the respective page itself.Bibliography       www.Tajpalacehotel.com Audit department. measures of dispersion. Taj Palace Hotel www.

Supplementary & Secondary Reference B. then it will be written as Robbins Stephen.CHAPTER IV FINDINGS. There must be correlation between objectives and findings.        Questionnaires & Letters Original data (Excel sheets etc. Based on the findings. WHAT GOES INTO AN ANNEXURE A. . If Author name is Stephen Robbins.g. CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONS This is important chapter. Author(s) e. you have to draw conclusions and make suggestions and present them in this chapter.) Long Tables Schedules or forms used in collecting data Information from Internet/ Published sources Information from Industry /Firms CV of student HOW TO WRITE BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: i. major findings of the study based on data analysis must be presented in a summarized form in this chapter.

Date (year) of publication. Place of Publication. Name of the site. Volume Number. Title. Number of pages referred from “-------to-----“ Magazine & Journals/ Newspaper i. Name of the Author. Publisher. Page number Internet: i.ii. Author(s). Serial Number. Article Name. Title of-----------. Date of issue. date of the site visited .

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