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FELLOWS 2004 ALEX LAMBALLE ‘A2: Crunch B/D. Overpop now... ‘A2: growth slowing. A2: decrease birth rates ‘A2: fertility control. ‘A2: Family Planning. ‘A2: Density Claims. A2: Current Programs. ‘Africa overpop.. Ethiopia overpop. Rwanda overpop. ‘Zimbabwe overpop.. Pakistan overpop.. China overpop.. Poot country overpop. Rich Zountry not prob. Scarcity now. A2: infinite resources. amine coming. Agric decreasing.......-. ‘A2: growth sustains us. ‘A2: sustainable growth...72-73 LINKS Death checks good. A2: don’t solve all. Culture. ‘Economy. ‘Nuclear war. NW key to environ. War key death check. ‘A2: caldwell = racist. Caldwell = qualified. MALTHUS INDEX MALTHUS INDE* A2; NW = Immoral. 103 104-106 “107-109 10-111 112-116 117-118 . 119 120-135 136-143 ‘A2: Env clean up.. 'A2: damage key to progress..145 Deforestation, 146 Pollution. ‘A2: pollution disposed...... Global warming......:149-150 Starvation... 151-152 i 153-156 157 159-161 162-172 ‘A2: grain. ‘A2: distribution prob. A2: tek advance .. ‘AD: biotek.. Personal freedoms. Corporate tyranny, A2: job creation. Laundry list... Africa overpop bad. Egypt overpop bad, ‘Rwanda overpop bad...21 ‘TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM A2: morality... 2228-234 r wrong. jimon....- ‘A2: genius theory. ‘Realworld random.. AKEIRMATIVE Foucault link. Op in rich countri EU solves now. Caldwell = racist. FELLOWS 2004 MALTHUS ALEX LAMBALLE P.__ OF ( lac Loiasens DESIGNATED [dC Udteveass Fem serene > Alll forms of death checks are key to avoiding an overpopulation catastrophe, Elwell, Accessed 2004 (Frank, Malthus Analyst, http://www. faculty.rsu, edu/~felwell/Theorists/Malthus/reciaim. htm!) ‘The first big idea is this: “Our ability to produce children will always exceed our ability to secure food for their survival.” Be of this fact of human existence, population growth must always be checked. Not in the distant future, but always. In the past, in the present, and in the future, Always. There is simply no getting around this basic biological fact. Now, Malthus goes on to write there are only two ways to check population growth. One is through preventive checks— abstinence and delayed marriage, non- procre: sex. and birth control. The other Malthus calls “positive checks.” Here Malthus is writing of premature death in some form. Such checks will include infanticide, abortion, pestilence, and disease leading to lower levels of reproduction and death Each person saved now causes ten to die in the crunch, Ehrlich, 1974 (Paul, Professor of Biology, Stanford University, New York Times, June 16) Furthermore, there are other pernicious fallacies in the “what we as Americans can do about the world population problem” game. Let’s start with a fallacy that the authors helped to ercate ~ the idea that we might successfully pressure governments of developing countries into launching effective population control programs. In the first edition of our book “The Population Bomb,” it was suggested that the United States try to use its food aid as a lever to get recalcitrant governments moving on population control programs. The logic then (as today) was impeccable. If you deluded people into thinking that either the U.S. could (or would) supply food in perpetuity for any number of people, you were doing evil. Sooner or later, population growth would completely outstrip the capacity of the United States or any other nation to supply food. For every 1,000 people saved today. pethaps 10,000 would die when the crunch came. Simply sending food to hungry nations with population explosions is analogous to a physician preseribing aspirin as the treatment for patient with operable cancer — in deferring something unpleasant, disaster is entrained. Yes, send some good — but insist that population control measure be instituted. But despite the logic, no one in the U>S. Government paid the slightest heed to that suggestion (or to related proposals by William and Paul Paddock in their 1968 book, “Famine ~ 1975!”), and the point is now moot, since we have no more surplus food, BANGALESH FELLOWS 2004 MALTHUS ALEX LAMBALLE Bee Ore CRUNCH IN 2005 Oil production will peak in 2005 causing prices to skyrocket and ruining our ability to produce food through agriculture. Hanson, 1998 (Jay, 2-20, http:/Awwcieoft.orgipage181 him) Around the year 2005, global oil production will "peak", and the spike in oil prices will quickly exacerbate other major problems facing industrial agriculture [52] Food grains produced with modern, high-yield ‘methods (including packaging and delivery) now contain between four and ten calories of fossil fuel for every calorie of solar energy. It has been estimated that about four percent of the nation's energy budget is used to grow food, while about 10 to 13 percent is needed to put it on our plates. In other words, a staggering total of 17 percent of America’s energy budget is consumed by agriculture! By 2040, we would need to triple the global food supply in order to meet the basic food needs of the eleven billion people who are expected to be alive. But doing so would require a 1000 percent increase in the total energy expended in food production [54] Guess what? Eleven billion people won't be alive by 2040. The dependence of industrial agriculture on fossil fuels, the declining fertility of the land, and the positive feedbacks imposed by declining resource quality will force the economy to divert much more investment info the agriculture and energy sectors as part of desperate attempt to maintain agricultural output, Government budgets also decline in real terms as greater and greater fractions of the economy are diverted into the resource sectors. resource quality and land ferti 1, society will be forced to allocate more and more capital to the agriculture and resource sectors, otherwise the scarcity of food, materials, and fuels would restrict production still more -- it's circular, there is no way to avoid the positive feedback. Ultimately, industrial capacity will decline rapidly taking with it the service and agricultural sectors, which depend upon industrial input BANGALESH