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2009 Bhagwani SAP Project Success

2009 Bhagwani SAP Project Success

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Published by: Tony Desai on Mar 29, 2012
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Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is one of the largest school district in the

country with 77,000 to 78,000 employees of which approximately 36,500 are teachers.

The school district has about $7.5-billion budget annually29

. LAUSD implemented SAP

ERP Business Tools for Schools in first quarter of 2007. It was a payroll system which

replaced their 40-year old payroll system which consisted of patchwork of databases that

required 20,000 adjustments by hand every month. The new SAP ERP payroll system

EMGT Field Project – Anil Bhagwani University of Kansas

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implementation was a disaster with a $46-million cost overrun over the initial budget of

$95-million. The new system had many flaws and was generating wrong paychecks. This

led to a rift between teachers and the school district with the teacher’s union advocating

teachers boycott student meetings and the union filing a lawsuit against the district33

. In

December 2008 LAUSD’s SAP implementation partner Deloitte paid $18-million in

damages to the district30

There were multiple mistakes that led to this implementation failure. LAUSD’s SAP ERP

payroll implementation was complex because besides usual employment issues schools

dealt with, there were concurrent employment issues as each employee could have

multiple personnel assignments. This was a non-issue technically for SAP AG as they

have worked with similar specialized user groups like ASUG K-2 community and their

software could handle this. This led to the belief that there were flaws in functional /

business side of SAP implementation due to self-contradictory scheduling rules.

Moreover, the union and administration didn’t work together in implementation which

would have simplified the rules with union involvement. Also, the system was rolled out

too quickly, and without sufficient testing. The union had requested that the system be

run in parallel prior to full rollout, but the school district chose not to for budget reasons.

LAUSD’s implementation partner Deloitte also didn’t do their job right. Deloitte’s

consultants didn’t extract the complete and correct information from the school district.

LAUSD’s Superintendent Brewer didn’t demonstrate leadership abilities with his early

handling of a poorly functioning new payroll system as the problem went on for


. LAUSD’s top management was inefficient and incompetent for this complex

implementation and to make things worse it appears Deloitte (the implementation

partner) brought unqualified resources (i.e., personnel) to the project.

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