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. . ...... the system was carried out according the industry standards using Unified Modeling Language and the prototype was implemented using ASPnet and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 . . restaurants have reduced cost. improved services and increased customer responsiveness. . This study presents the system The design of prototype for a web based Libyan food ordering system (WBLFOS).. ABSTRACT Normally customers have to wait in long queues to order their food making this a Online Food ordering systems are becoming a standard for restaurants who offer takeout and delivery services. . needs... time consuming process.. . . Through the online ordering system. II . Web based food ordering system have been designed with cost effective yet efficient system to handle restaurants .

. Shahrul Azmi bin Mohd. . - Thank you III . . . . ..... . .... as I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my wife For providing me time and guidance during my studies... Yusof for his advice. and their . knowledge and word of encouragement during this study . .. .... . precious thoughts and comments.. lowe my heartfelt thanks to my supervisor Dr. . . ..... . I'll always be thankful to all of you. ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those who have given me their valuable time and energy..

.4 6 • • CHAPTER2 LITERATURE 2..5 1.4 ..... .4 1.7 3 3 .. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.. 2..1 2.6 1.III IV VII 1 1 ...1 1.2 Introduction Problem Statements Research Question Research Objectives Research Scope Research Significance Organization of the Report 1 2 1... .3 2 1. IV . ABSTRACT ACKNOWLEDGMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF TABLES .. TABLE OF CONTENTS PERMISSION TO USE I II . .3 8 . .2 REVIEW 6 6 6 Introduction Web Based System Food product sold in Libya .

2 4.1 4.4 2.1 3.2 3.2 Introduction WBLFOS System Requirement 4. CHAPTER 4 ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM AND DESIGN 4.2.6 Introduction Initial Planning Analysis and Design Prototype Development Phase Evaluation Phase (Future Work) Summary .1 Concept of Usability 9 10 11 13 13 15 16 16 16 17 18 18 20 20 21 21 21 21 22 24 26 III 2.8 Summary . CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.6 2..2.3 3.4 3.5 3.1 4..5 2.7. .2..3 The WBLFOS Functional Requirement The WBLFOS Non-Functional Requirements The WBLFOS UML Diagrams v .7 The web technologies for web based Libyan food ordering system Web Based Food Ordering System Use of Web Based Ordering System User Needs and Usability Requirements 2.

41 42 46 47 ...3..1 4. .3.2 4.1 The User Interfaces 4. ..3 4.2 5.. .47 47 .47 .3 Introduction Recommendations and Study Limitations Suggestion for Future Work REFERENCES .4 4.4. • VI .. . .5 Summary CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5. .48 50 Prototype implementation and User interfaces 4.3.3. . 4..4 WBLFOS Use Case Diagram Use Cases Specification WBLFOS Sequence Diagrams WBLFOS Class Diagram 26 28 35 40 ....1 5..

..III ... Manage Food Menu Use Case Specification: WBLFOS _05............7 Table 4...... ..... Log Out Use Case Specification: WBLFOS _02. Make Order Use case Specification: WBLFOS _04...........6 Table 4............ ...... . .. Manage Order: WBLFOS 03........... ....... Manage Order Use Case Specification: WBLFOS _07... Table 4............... The WBLFOSNon-Functional Requirements Log in Use Case Specification: WBLFOS _01.......... Table 4...........1 Table 4...5 LIST OF TABLES WBLFOS functional Requirements..... 22 25 28 29 30 31 33 34 .....8 VII ...2 Table 4.4 Table 4.3 Table 4..

1995 ).....2 Figure 4.... 8 8 9 11 17 19 27 35 36 37 37 38 39 40 42 43 44 45 ....... Log in Collaborative Diagram....................... VIII .... Sharba libya (Libyan Soup) source Ahmed al-Murabet.......3 Figure 2.....1 Figure 3....3 Figure 4..12 Configuration diagram of Web Online Ordering System............ Home Page ofWBLFOS Log in Page ofWBLFOS.....11 Figure 4..... Sign Up Page ofWBLFOS Make order Page of WBLFOS " ..9 Figure 4.. et aI. WBLFOS Class Diagram...10 Figure 4......... WBLFOS Use Case Diagram......... . Manage Order Sequence Diagram Manage Order Collaborative Diagram......6 Figure 4.............2 Figure 2............7 Figure 4. 1991 ) Prototype process ( laudon & laudon......... Research steps adopted from System Development Research Methodology (Nunamaker.... Make Order Collaborative Diagram..........Mhalbiya (Rice Pudding) Source Ahmed al-Murabet........1 Figure 2........8 Figure 4.1 Figure 4... Make Order Sequence Diagram...........4 Figure 4. ..2 Figure 4............................. (1977).. (1977)......5 Figure 4.......4 Figure 3.............. Log in Sequence Diagram........... Supply chain According to Beamon (2008)................... LIST OF FIGURES Figure 2..

optimizing the raw materials . e-shop. 2002). e-store.. restaurant authority can monitor and predict future sale and customer will be able to order any time they. Some issues of concern can include fluctuating exchange rates for foreign currencies. It is an electronic commerce application used for business-tobusiness electronic commerce (B2B) or business-to-consumer electronic commerce (B2C).. international laws and delivery methods (Dennis. POS systems automate the management of inventory. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. According to Dennis (2002).. local and .1 Introduction Online food shop has made great progress in the area of Point of Sale (POS) systems. Online shopping is popular mainly because of its speed and ease of use.. . An online shop. In the web based food ordering system.. storing process and expenditure. web shop or online store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a shopping mall. . internet shop. online shopping is the process consumers go through to purchase products or services over the Internet.

1. tiring and time consuming once customers has actually entered the restaurant.. . the people are required to visit shops to make a purchase. food preference and payment process becomes more time consuming . Choosing specific food to buy may take some time. Therefore.. What are the requirements of online food ordering system? How to develop the online food ordering system for Libyan restaurants? 2 .3 Research Question The research questions are: 1. As an illustrative case. at Libyan's Shop a traditional food transaction.2 Problem Statements Web-based system is an application that is accessible on the web. and also carries an implication for staff selection and training. 2. It is also known as web application..... the personal sales task becomes much more . Cebrzynski (2001) reported that heavy reliance on personal selling is at odds with high-volume counter service concepts. As the number of consumer increases. . .. 1.. Web Based Libyan Food Ordering System WBLFOS Libyan food shop online food ordering system is required for Libyan shop to be as an alternative way for consumer to order food from anywhere and anytime. According to Revzin (2000).

1... To develop and design an online food ordering system for Libyan food shop.. . as well as regional concepts and single location restaurants. 11. 2. 3 . This provides services to major national brands.. 1. technology. WBLFOS can be a food industry leader in restaurant online ordering for critical restaurant ordering solutions. 1. This study is limited to these scopes: The system will cater for lunch meal only.. To identify the requirements of online food ordering system.4 Research Objectives The main objective of this project is to develop a web base ordering system. WBLFOS can be a logical choice for those who need better professionalism. quality and service in restaurant management. III! The research scopes of this research of online food order system is limited only to the food shop in Libya. ..5 Research Scope .... The sub-objectives are: 1. . . . Can only be accessed through internet.

. and significance of the research and the organization of the report . 1. The main contributions .. . This system will be implemented in Libyan food shop. So consumers will be faced with dilemmas whether or not it is a good approach to get food by ordering online from home. use fewer employees.7 Organization of the Report This study report is organized and divided into five chapters. Customers can order food via online from the comfort of their home. 1. . shop and customer will be benefited. 4 . However. resulting from this research work are presented in chapters 4 and 5.6 Research Significance The purpose of the design of WBLFOS for Libyan food shop is to design an interactive • web-based system that can satisfy consumers to buy food. online shopping cannot guarantee to get value for money on the purchased product.. The organization of the chapters is given below. Libyan food shop also can track the most demandable food item by customer request. research questions.. research objectives. .. . - Chapter I presents the background.queues to purchase. So both Libyan food .. This system will save cost... In this study will help in these issues: • • • Customers do not need to wait in long.. reduce administration work and save time. scope of the research.

- 5 .... . which was adopted in the research. Chapter 5 presents the conclusions and recommendations for future research.. ..... .. the references used in the study as well as the appendixes have been included .. lit Chapter 2 discusses the detailed literature survey investigating the prior and similar work carried out by other researchers . . Chapter 3 involves the research methodology steps. Chapter 4 comprises of the design and analysis of the system prototype. of the report.. At the end . . . . . ..

This chapter also focuses on the literature study in the area of online food ordering. technology is the transformation of things coming into the service organization into things going out. There is a remarkable increase in the number of food products that are being sold worldwide with the use of internet technologies such as the World Wide Web (www).. This can become a challenge for food companies especially those which are trying to sell Arabic food from Libya (Zhelu.2 Web Based System . 2009) . Technology is how the service organization 6 . how to spread the information to the public more clearly and interactively.1 Introduction The problem statement of this research and brief description of the study settings were introduced in the chapter 1.. .... According to Emerson (1990). .CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2. . 2.. these technologies can be use to manage the flow of information more efficiently and . This chapter will continue on the discussion and ideas in previous works and knowledge related to web based Libyan food ordering system.

. .. . knowledge and techniques used in the completion of tasks. the main priority will be to make sure that customers also receive or be aware of food products that will be on sale. Through using this system. Cebrzynski (2001) reported that technology is considered to be the way things are done within an organization and is based upon a blend of machines. retrieving and visualizing information authored by people anywhere in the world (Foxwell.. . Hoya is the company introducing the new web based system also called Hoya. According to (WikiAnswers. as compared to client server system and the system was going to be used concurrently with the old system that Hoya was using before the introduction of the web based system. 2009). 2003). . The World Wide Web is a system for storing. According to Fujistu (2010).. . the web based ordering system used over the internet offers great speed and cost efficiency... 2010). The use of the web based system is one way that helps promote food product from Libyan food producing companies (Zhelu. The diagram below shows the configuration of Hoya web based system that could be used also for the web based ordering food system (Fujistu.. web based system refers to those applications or services that are resident on a sever that is accessible using a web browser and is therefore accessible from anywhere in .. the world via the web. gets done what needs to be done in solving problems.. . 2010) 7 . It entails all of the activities and techniques involved in the conversion of inputs to outputs.

. . . (1977) 8 III! ...3 Food product sold in Libya .... Figures 2. OiM!«or Figure 2.3 are some of the food products that are sold in Libya which will also be used for marketing on the web based system - Figure 2. (F_dl) ~ IPRlMfftGY.2: Sharba Libya (Libyan Soup) source Ahmed al-Murabet.1: Configuration diagram of Hoya 2.2 and 2.~~ I SSk i I_"""'ga t'm!!'". .

API is a set of routines.. . These are many kinds of spices.4 The web technologies for web based Libyan food ordering system Web server will be the server that accepts HTTP request from clients and serves them HTTP responses along with optional data contents which are web pages such as HTML documents and linked objects such as images (Zhelu.- . 2009). 2009).3: Mhalbiya (Rice Pudding) Source Ahmed al-Murabet. 2009). It also specifies an interface and the behavior of the objects that will be specified in the interface (Zhelu. - Figure 2. 2009). • . and assorted dishes for 1977).. UNIX. The most popular web .. and Linux (Zhelu. (1977) These are all some of the food products that will be shown in the web based system for the viewing of customers. object classes and protocols which add in support of building an application (Zhelu. 2. data structures. different meal courses of famous Libyan traditional meals (Ahmed al-Murabet.. . server software is Apache HTTP Server which is open source software for a wide variety of operating systems including Microsoft Windows.. 9 .

According to Beamon (2008). modem supply chains and future have unprecedented access to technology. The server hosts a restaurant .. . particularly communication technology. 2004). The server is coupled to a public telephone network and the server provides verbal order information to a selected one of the participating restaurants responsive to input from the customer provided via the customer computer system .... enabling real time connectivity to virtually anyone on earth.. In order to clearly understand the development of web based food ordering system one has to look into the supply chain because this system also considers the supply of food ordered by a customer at a particular point of time. which makes it necessary for the development of a web based food ordering system to make the food products that are sold in Libya especialJy looking at any purchase that will be required for a lunch without leaving one's office.. 2004). related web site that will provides web pages of restaurant information for participating restaurants to customer via the customer computer (McAleenan & Rapids.5 Web Based Food Ordering System A web based food ordering system includes a customer computer system in communication with server (McAleenan & Rapids. 10 - . • 2. Hence the following diagram can be used to describe the supply of food purchased by a customer using the web. .. .

6 Use of Web Based Ordering System . This system will be designed for ultimate flexibility and performance. Web based food ordering system have been designed with cost effective yet efficient system to handle restaurants needs.. 2. inputs into . 11 Customer will be able .. outputs information flows throughout 2008).. Figure 2. available if the food required is available the order is confirmed and the customer waits for the order to be processed and receives order confirmation which will later lead to the delivery of food requested by the customer. 2003) these issues can also be noted as some of the useful issues that the system being developed will also look into. The following are some of the uses of web based ordering system according to (Zucker.. Figure 2.III +-----------~INFORMATION.4 shows the integrative nature of the supply chain transforming the process (Beamon.---------------~ INPUTS Raw Materiats_ OUTPUT TRANSFORMATlVE PROCESS 1----1> Products .4: Supply chain According to Beamon (2008) .. Looking into this diagram above the inputs concerning the web based food order system will be the request that is send for a purchase or check if the required food is required by a customer is . Food ordering online is becoming a standard system for restaurants who offer takeout and delivery orders. III .

Pei (2000). • Web based food ordering system provides access to a wide variety of food that a person can order from In making sure that the use of the web based food ordering system is effective. 2003..... conduct that the online ordering has reduced cost. that total is projected to hit $53 billion. Food. business e-commerce Brooks (Jan 1.2000) reported that the United States business to products totaled $3 billion in 1999. 12 III . a function of having more time to browse menus and make decisions. Besides that.3 million hits on its web site in its first six hours . Once they have completed their order the system will either email or fax the customer's restaurant order to the • Engage families with improved quality and quantity of food order • Reduce paper and printing and save time • Two way communications for example send and receive • Streamline absence contact and response .. 2000) reportedly claimed that an average online order at participating restaurants is 22% higher than a typical phone order. addresses . III • Maximize the use of data already on web based ordering system. contact details.. . Moreover. . which drew 1. to go to a existing site and look at menu and quickly order what they want. By in food and agricultural .com in Brooks (Jan 1. Burger King hoped they would pick up with its Pokemon promotion. improve services and increase customer responsiveness.

and the amount of resources. .. 13 . and satisfactorily (Gaffney's. • . Also he maintained to a common set of 'heuristics' to a usability of system are: - . A usable system enables users to complete of fuss. 2. without having to learn new techniques a task with the and .1 Concept of Usability . • Usability is defined as a scope to which the system supports its users in finishing their demands efficiently... we use in finishing a task. • Help & Support The application must given clear advices in case of need and the workflow of the system supports the users to fulfill their demands. without having to expend more effort than users need . provides useful help when required... A usable system asks for the right amount of information or input. • Effectiveness is a gauge of how well users complete tasks.. 2000). minimum unnecessarily.. A usable system enables users to complete their tasks to high standard. to evaluate many sites on 2.7. • Efficiency is a gauge of the length of time. and saves users effort .. • Satisfaction development is a gauge of the scope to which users are pleased with their in completing a task. After that it focuses on the previous studies that have been used the usability requirements the Internet. effectively.7 User Needs and Usability Requirements This section refers to the concept of usability in general.

According to other researchers usability can be defined in terms of how can the users easily and efficiently... . . ... Control The users need to have control of the application . . Visual clarity If the system is attractive. remember. • Consistency The system must have good consistency between its parts. • Navigation The application must have a clear indication of current location.. effectiveness. the system gives clear messages. and this consistency in the standard. ill • Error handling The errors must avoid as much as possible. and .. .. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defined usability through the attributes of users' interactions with software products in specific contexts of use: efficiency. 2007) . II (Shiratuddin & Hassan. . • • are there clears navigation elements offering the opportunity to go to other pages of the system.. Language The language use in the system must be appropriate to the language of the users. . it will provide visual satisfaction to the • users. 2003).. 14 . use and recognize the product . and user satisfaction (Murphy & Bureau.... learn. When errors occur.

.. .... The information that was provided help in future understand the topic area to come up with right information that could be used to develop a proper working prototype of the system that will be used with the web based Libyan food ordering system . ... .. 15 ..8 Summary This chapter looked into some work based on some literature that was relevant from other different authors who looked into the same areas that is being studied in this research. . . ... 2.

. George.. . it allows sufficient time for discussion among user and developer. cause of the time limitation of the study that later it will be as a future work for another researcher. In this study researcher reach all of the methodology except the last one which is the evaluation was conducted phase. aI. 3.. 16 .... SDRM can give a real view about the system by showing the developed prototype to users. 2002).. The accomplishment ..1 Introduction Research methodology presents the phases through which a well defined project needs to go through. The methodology in this project has been adapted from the Development (Nunamaker Research Methodology et. SDRM methodology is chose because of the reasons as stated below: 1. By this way. . . By using this methodology. CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY . 111. of objectives become easier with a well defined methodology as the methodology was used (SDRM) phase structures all the processes according to the phases identified.. 1991). it is easier to collect comment and feedback from the users in order to make improvement to the product.. 11. A properly designed methodology ensures a consistent approach is applied to all the phases of the research (Hoffer. & Valacich. SDRM methodology will allow any changes made onto the system in lower cost and in more effective way.

III IV. .. 1991 ) Research - 3. a topic of the project was determined and understood.. on the statement of the problem. et aI..1: Research steps adopted from System Development Methodology (Nunamaker. Figure 3. In addition to that.2 Initial Planning This phase was of the beginning the project. the project's scope was identified to 17 . First. Project development that used SDRM phases can minimize the risk that might be occurred and at the same time. the quality of the system can be enhanced .. The project objectives of development was analyzed and defined based .. . • • Future work .

.. . gathering phase of could be done via direct interview.. The Prototyping Process methodology of (Laudon & Laudon. proceedings. . 3. some background of the research of the project was done in order to decide and make on the methodology of the project. 18 . . plan.. journals. This phase involved functional system requirement and system UML design ended by coding and user interfaces..4 Prototype Development Phase A prototype development phase has been used to structure.3 Analysis and Design This phase of the methodology comprised information gathering via interviews with the manager and owner of the Libyan shop food. . . and control the process of developing an information system. 3. literature survey from the suitable and available sources like a books. Based on information's Hoffer et a1. . . (2002). papers. 1995) was adopted in this phase that includes three main steps as shown in Figure 3. . Furthermore. Focus was given on studies related to online ordering food application. • . . Then.. It can be seen in more details in the previous chapter.. draw the project boundary... journal reports and news are reviewed in order to gather literatures and drawn on the related information..2 . ....

.NET framework using ASPX as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).1t can be seen more details about this phases in the next 19 .. . .. SQL Server 2008... 1995 ) Through this sub-phase the system prototype was successfully developed conducting all . • . The prototype initially developed for testing has been fully converted to a working system..NET has been selected as the programming language on the . ASP .. ... the gathered requirements identified in the previous phases. .2: Prototype process ( Laudon & Laudon. .. The back end database was developed using Microsoft chapter. . Figure 3..

. 3..6 Summary This chapter discussed the methodology used in this project.... . . Initial Planning: the background of the problem and some ideas related to the problem was given and solving respectively.. - . 11. .. . At this stage the prototype developed will be tested using in a real world environment using experienced users as testers. . where the methodology was includes four main phases based on the project objectives as follows: 1.5 Evaluation Phase (Future Work) Evaluation of the system will be carried out prior to implementation. Analysis phase: suggested all of the tools and the way were using for conducting the study objects which defined in the first step. 111. . ... In the development phase: a system prototype development was discussed ... . .. .. . - 20 . 3..

...2 WBLFOS System Requirement As determined by the Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The WBLFOS system user requirements are defined and organized into two categories. the modeling phase that provides design of UML diagrams of the WBLFOS system prototype and finally. 4. 4. First. 21 .. . .. a requirement is the conditions of capability required by a user to conduct the intended objective (IEEE. This chapter covers the development and design of . 1998). They are the • . the prototype system that will imitate for WBLFOS. the third step that is the prototype implementation and the user interfaces. The design and the development approach were included three main steps beginning with the step which covers the system requirements.. non-functional requirements and functional requirements .1 Introduction CHAPTER 4 ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM AND DESIGN This chapter reviews the analysis's overall progress by giving a full view of the analysis and the design of the Web WBLFOS. the system development steps mentioned in the third chapter are described in this chapter.

. To determine the non functional requirements type. and Customer).. Table 4. 2002).. 4.. 11.1: WBLFOS functional Requirements A log in function is the common function of the all system's users (Admin. l.1 The WBLFOS Functional Requirement The main objective to identify the functional requirements is: To define the system user requirements. Staff. - 2005).. All the system components should be defined at the system requirements gathering phase (Dennis et.1. These users can log in the system through the uses of their user name and password. al. A WBLFOS can be seen in Table 4.2. the functional requirements determine the required system components with their attributes to achieve the expected results. WBLFOS 02 Log Out • The WBLFOS' users shall log-outfrom the system 22 . According to (Bennett.

.. . .1···<. . . .... ...... d. .04 03 Confirm order and view bills WBLFOS _04_04 Payment Manage Food Menu .__'_ . Admin . WBLFOS - 06 Reload Payment Card . ii·· ·i.. ... WBLFOS 05 Considered the main function of the system. s .. there are two sub-functions under the manage order function (view order. . ·"A¢~Qr$ lieF'... Through this function the Admin can Add.. .. III III WBLFOS -03 Manage Customer's Order Through this function the staff can manage the order of the customer. Edit and delete food product. update)..... .U"M! ../ .:1.... .. . WBLFOS - 07 View Account . •••.'" .. "./ By this function the admin can reload the payment card of the customer./ The WBLFOS systems' allows Admin to manage the menu of the provided food by the shop. .. .._ ./ The WBLFOS system gives the customer and 23 .i .. /'"c.. .... .. . This function include four sub-functions which are: WBLFOS WBLFOS - 04_01 View list offood -04 02 Select food WBLFOS . via this function the user can make food order online. ~" '.. ."'.••./ ••l. . WBLFOS -04 Make Order ../ .

In Table 4. . a WBLFOS non-functional requirments is listed . 24 . 1999).. accuracy.2. Systems should have measuring quality attributes. . . Nixon..2 The WBLFOS Non-Functional Requirements In Software Engineering the role of the system's Non-Functional Requirements is to show and clarify a pragmatic and systematic approach to developing quality software systems. .2. & Mylopoulos... modifiability and performance (Chung. Yu. • 4.- Admin the ability to view the amount and the balance of the customer accounts . WBLFOS 08 Manage Report Through this function the Admin can manage all kind of reports which are generated automatically by the WBLFOS system . such as security.. .

User information II .. All users must be authenticated system. 25 . with the highest security of the system and database. prior to gaining access to the The WBLFOS code source should be in a good structure so .2: The WBLFOS Non-Functional iiII Requirements • • User's information purposes will be used only for the collected to 3rd parties without will be stored Mandatory and never be disclosed prior consent of the uses. that make it easier to developer to maintain and extend the Mandatory system or feedback..iiII iiII Table 4.

3 The WBLFOS UML Diagrams Design of the system prototype has been carried out using Unified Modeling Language . A use case is a assessment of scenarios for a single task or objective.. . Visual modeling tools are commonly used to build UML diagrams. . 2004). This section illustrates in details the process's design.. 4. An actor is what or who initiates the events involved in that task (Martin and Kendal. 2000) . Collaborative and class diagrams are using UML diagrams (Barclay and Savage. 4. 26 . The use case diagrams are closely associated with scenarios. The use case diagram for WBLFOS should be presented to help answer the question.. staff and customer. (UML).. .... Developers and users are presented with a different point of view of the system via UML diagrams at a variety of degrees of abstraction. sequence diagrams.. .3. The Use case diagrams.- . The focal point is on what a system does rather than how. The system has three actors namely the admin. The main system functions and the actors have been defined in the use case diagram. A scenario can determine an example of events or actions during the interactions of someone with the system. .1 WBLFOS Use Case Diagram . Use case diagram describes what a system does from the perspectives of an observer from the external.

WBLFOS Use case Diagram View order Hsjc-cextendc-> Manage Order " «extend» Edit orders List Staff «include» Manage Menu «include» Log In e. . ...-c include> > Admin Manage Reports Check CardAmount Reload Payment Card Make Order Customer «include» «include» «include» Payment Confirm selection Select Food . According to Figure 4.... there are eight main functions m the WBLFOS System. They are namely: . • • • LogIn Log Out Manage Customer's Order Make Order Manage Menu Reload Payment Card View Amount Card Manage Reports • • • • • • . 27 ...1.1: WBLFOS Use Case Diagram. Figure 4.

. .3 to table 4.3: Log in Use Case Specification:WBLFOS_Ol Actor: Admin. Basic Flow of Events: This use case starts when the user clicks on login button ..3. . . The system's users key-in user name and password and click on log in button... Customer Brief Description: The login function guarantees that only certified systems 'users set Access to the system An allowed user is a user who has an account on the system that means Considered as a system member.. The Exceptional Flows: [Exception 01: invalid password or user name]: The system will display "Wrong user name or password" if the user enter a wrong user name or password] The Characteristic of Activation .2 Use Cases Specification The use cases specifications of the WBLFOS are shown in tables 4.. The systems' users should enter a valid password and usemame to get access to the system... [Exception 01: Wrong user name or password] Alternatives Flows It is not applicable.. . 4. The system will display login panel. . The system will display the member page.. 28 . . . ..8 respectively . Table 4.. . Staff.

The Exceptional Flows: Not applicable The Characteristic of Activation Click on Log out button .. Table 4. • ..- .. Staff. Press on login button Pre-conditions Users' should a member of the WBLFOS system Post-conditions . . Users' page will be displayed.. 29 . • Pre-conditions Manager must be log on the system Post-conditions Return to WBLFOS homepage . Customer Brief Description: This Log out function allows the users to exit the system Basic Flow of Events The users click on log out button.4: Log Out Use Case Specification: WBLFOS_02 Actor: Admin.. Then the System displays the WBLFOS home page Alternatives Flows It is not applicable.

The Exceptional Flows: Not applicable The Characteristic of Activation Click on view link... lila . .. Basic Flow of Events 1M This use case started when the Admin dick on the Manage report link . . Not applicable. .. Then the system will display the list available list of the report...5: Manage Order Use Case Specification: WBLFOS_07 Primary Actor: Admin Brief Description: by the WBLFOS system the Admin able to view all kind of the report generated by the system.. lila Pre-conditions The user must be log on the system Post-conditions Display Reports page 30 . . Table 4. Alternatives Flows ..

The system will generate detailed bills with reference Number. . . [Et: Field not The system check the order Then the system will display the selected list offood and the Bills Amount. . 31 .. . [At: Back) The system will display the payment form which is completed by the customer and submit it.. The customer Completed] must select the food type and the quantity then submit the form. Then the system will display confirmation message.6: Make Order Use case Specification: \VBLFOS_04 Use Case Name: Make Order Primary Actor: Customer lID: WBLFOS 04 I Importance Level: High Short Description: via this use case the WBLFOS system allows the Customer to make online food order.... Table 4. [E2: Wrong Payment Information]. Alternatives [At: Back): customer able to tum back and change the order before confirmation. The customer will do confirmation. Type: External! Temporal Basic Flow of Events This use case begin when the customer accede to make order page and click on make order link The system will display the list of the available food..

. Exceptions [Et: Field not Completed]: the system will display the message "field not completed" when the customer submit a not complete search form. Rules and constraints Not applicable .. Characteristic Of Activation Click on the link which matches the function.. . . [E2: Wrong Payment Information]: the system will display the message "Wrong Payment information" when the customer key-in wrong information. 32 . . .. Pre-conditions The customer doesn't have reservation in the same time.... Post-conditions Order is done Order list updated.

The Exceptional Flows: Not applicable The Characteristic of Activation • • Click on manage link Pre-conditions Access manage page. Edit. Table 4.7: Manage Food Menu Use Case Specification: WBLFOS_05 • • • Primary Actor: Admin Short Description: By this use case. Update WBLFOS Database • - • 1.. Delete on the Food Menu File Type: External Temporal Basic Flow of Events Admin WBLFOS System 2. 4. - 33 . System will display the manage page. the system allows the Manager to managing the Food Menu files. Press on manage link. Post-conditions WBLFOS Database updated .. 5.. Manager select Food product list. the Admin able to Add. Make addition or edit or delete Alternatives Flows Not applicable. 3.

Manager select order list.. Basic Flow of Events Staff 1. the system allows the Manager to managing the order list. 5. The Exceptional Flows: Not applicable The Characteristic of Activation Click on manage link Pre-conditions Access manage page. and prove the request. 3. . Type: External Temporal ... Primary Actor: staff Table 4.. Press on manage order link. System will display the manage page. Post-conditions - WBLFOS Database (order list) updated 34 ....8: Manage Order: WBLFOS_03 Short Description: By this use case. the Staff able to check order. view and prove Alternatives Flows Not applicable. Update WBLFOS Database . WBLFOS System 2. 4.

and the • increasingly more subroutine objects on the right hand side. in order of increasing time from top to the bottom (Johan..~~. .. .._p. .. I "wrong user name l_?_~.. .. Next.3. along the Y-axis. I Exception . - 7: Valida! 0 8: Dispaly Reques! page 0 Figure 4.2: Log in Sequence Diagram .. Graphically... a sequence diagram is a table that shows objects arranged along the x-axis and messages.~~<:)_~ .3 WBLFOS Sequence Diagrams . lit A sequence diagram is an interaction diagram that gives emphasis to the time of the ordering messages. 35 . The Sequences Diagrams of the WBLFOS are depicted in figures 4. Typically the object is placed at the left hand side that initiates the interaction. . you place the messages that these objects send and receive along the y-axis. 2004)..6 .. ordered in increasing time. respectively . 4.2 to table 4.

. / 2: Display login panal 1: Click login link () and user name 4: Click Submit WBLFOS interface 3: Enter Password " : user 8: Dispaly Request page () 7: Validat () 5: Send Request () 6: Fetch user data () Figure 4. .. ... . .. 36 ..3: Log in Collaborative Diagram .

WBLFOS System Controller ... .. 3: Fetch order list data 7: Process 0 .. . 1: Click manage order link 0 .. . . 6: Send Request 0 10: Dispaly contirrn 0 Figure 4. 37 ...5: Manage Order Collaborative Diagram . - User's File Figure 4. 1: Click manage order link 5: Select and prove 0 WBLFOS interface staff: user 4: Display Order List 0 10: Dispaly confirm 0 2: Send Request 6: Send Request 0 8: Update 0 ..4: Manage Order Sequence Diagram.

6: ValidatO 12: DisplC3X.,Payment Formf)

17: Update()

: Customer 2: Send RequestO 8: Send RequestO 14: Send Reques 9: Calculate ArnountO


16: Proce ..

3: Get Food .

Food Menu

19: Register Order



Order _ ILst

Figure 4.6: Make Order Collaborative Diagram.



.. ..


.. .. ..

1: click Manage Order Unk 2: Send RequestO

5: Select FoodO ,Form pis slect product

9: Calculate AmountO

IExcepl: Wrong Info I Amount not enaugh


14: Send RequestO

16 Processi)

UpdateO 18: display Confirmation MSGO

1~: Register Order

.. .. ..

Figure 4.7: Make Order Sequence Diagram .


.. ..


\VBLFOS Class Diagram


The Class diagrams are the mainly common diagrams found in the modeling objectoriented methods. A class diagram describes a set of classes, interfaces and collaborations and their relationships. Ahead of drawing a class diagram consider the three different perspectives of the system the diagram will present; specification, conceptual, and implementation. It should not focus on one standpoint only but on now how the work together (Atle, et al, 200S). The 4.S describes the WBLFOS class diagram .


«-processO ~send requestO «-display 0 "'\lerifyO ""validatO


Order lisl

:~Userid ": ~>Type food :~.Quantity '~date

Payment card

.... --.



i'~NUm .1~ ..Name 1 i '~>EXpired :~-Amount '&l(:.user_id ""Get amounti) <:'SetAmount()

«-make orderO '[ , ""'check orderO , i (,'update orde.v.] , ""'canc",lorder()j


Figure 4.8: WBLFOS Class Diagram.


The .0 as Integrated Development Environment (IDE). . illustrates the details of the prototype development steps . The Web based Libyan Food ordering system prototype front end has been developed using JavaScript and html.. ..The following section . . Microsoft Visual C#... .NET was used for coding. - . 1995). The WBLFOS Prototyping proto typing process compnses three steps that are adopted from the Process methodology of (Laudon & Laudon. 4. granted a prime attention as pleasant following snapshots show a sample of user interfaces.. Proto typing gives end users with artifacts that allow them to get access insight into the behavior of the system before the final deliverance..4 Prototype implementation and User interfaces The system Prototype has been successfully and completely developed conducting all the requirements defined at the functional requirements level. It was completely developed with .NET Framework using ASP. . The back end database was developed using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.. 41 .. The design was transferred into program code. The aesthetics of the appearance to make the user experience of the user interface was as possible.NET 2..

. . .. 42 ! .1 The User Interfaces Some of the Web based Libyan Food ordering system prototype snapshots will be . The Home Page Snapshot Figure 4. . can start executing the . This is the first screen a user will be presented with when accessing the system..... The systems' user will be required to enter a link address of the system in Mozilla browser and get access the system.4.. Figure 4.12 respectively ...09 to 4. - 4.. 9: Home Page of WBLFOS . . .. Through this page the both of user of the WBLFOS available functions and operations offered by the system .09 illustrates the Home page interface of the WBLFOS system. depicted in the Figure 4. . .

.. the password entered by the user will be displayed with dots.10 illustrates the log-in interface to the WBLFOS prototype... .. they will be checked and verified against .... The Log In Snapshot Figure 4. the user would be allowed access to the other services and pages of the WBLFOS system .... For security purposes.10: Log in Page ofWBLFOS . . .... 43 . instead of plain text. The user will be required to key-in a valid password with usemame to log-in and get access to the system. . Once a user enters the usemame password.. the user information stored in the database. This is the second screen a user will be displayed with when accessing the system. http. . If successful.//louJhostL·74JlImlLocfouspx welcome lcgm Page . .. . Figure 4.. . .

fA~ Figure 4.. . . This screen illustrates the user's sign up form with its required fields.11 can be accessed from the main screen through Sign up link of information. retyping password. Password.. III Sign Up The presented page in the Figure 4..11: Sign Up Page ofWBLFOS..y.. III . . ended the sign up request through clicking on the sign up link as presented in the figure below ...~ih~. . and email address. .. Q(.r:~ _iii •• ~--~::~. Log-in Name. III 44 . For signing up the system a user required to key-in the Name.::- .

..12 presents the Make order page. . firstly by view all the available foods with its details prices. . More details and more snapshots will be attached in the 45 .. home page. - This above section provided an introduction to the facilities available in the system for an authenticated user. ill choose the food by adding it in the bill. through this page the customer can make online order. appendix . Ordering Page Figure 4.. ... Figure 4. .. ..- . .. also users can check their bill via this page . log in user interface and then followed in the order in which a normal user will be accessing the system. . then select and . Every screen a user will encounter in the system has been presented The discussion started with the and discussed with special attention to the functionalities. .12: Make order Page ofWBLFOS..

..5 Summary .. . 46 . The system was implemented using JSP and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. ... development and implementation of the system at the prototype level. This chapter discussed the design... 4.. The functional and non-functional requirements of the system were initially determined and then the system modeling was carried out the Unified Modeling Language (UML).. . The screen shots of the user interfaces for different functionalities and operation were finally presented . . The sequence diagrams and the class diagrams were also presented in this chapter as design stage. .

.. Objectives 1 and 2 set out in Chapter are to determine the requirements. Also. web technology is slowly becomes the 47 ill . This study presents the design and development system was carried and the out according prototype was the industry implemented for a WBLFOS. CHAPTERS CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5. These objectives were successfully achieved.2 Recommendations and Study Limitations The objectives set out in Chapter 1 have been completely conducted by developing the WBLFOS prototype. This chapter also comprise of limitations and suggestions on future work.1 Introduction This chapter discusses the project's overall progress by providing a full view based on the research objectives.Net and Language SQL Server 2005. 5. rules and procedures for a WBLFOS system and design and develop the database system. standards using The design of the Modeling Microsoft using Unified ASP. The system prototype can be upgraded easily to a multi-tier application using adequate security between the tiers.

3 Suggestion for Future Work As future work. • The limited time to do more in depth research and study is another challenge to gather the complete information and understanding for this study area.. The proper system needs to be tested using real data. The system can be developed as a mobile application for customer to do food ordering using their mobile phones. further developments have to be made to cover other product's shop different on the food. it must be enhanced to accept tender fee and other payments through the internet. there are some problems and limitations in implementing this system . and it should be widely use in all the area because it is make everything easy and fast to. However. iii .. They are: • Web based prototype has been tested using a local server with test data only. This system helps customers to make food order with relative . .. Thus. backbone of our society. Hence. Better result will be achieved if the project period is lengthened. The system implemented does not support money transactions. the following improvements can be made to the system to make it more users friendly and useful. ease. • The scope of this research is limited to the shop of alimentation only.. 48 11. 1. 5.. .

. 2005).. operability and ease of use of the system.. It is suggested that this work may be extended by doing usability study ofWBLFOS . In this study the usability test was not conducted because of time constraint. 49 . Neilsen. .. . .. . (2006). 111.. recommended that the reason for performing the usability testing is to define the level of usefulness. The usability test with end users is one of the most fundamental methods in usability evaluation (Holzinger.

. Technology. 2nd Edition.197(2). database design concepts and application San Brooks. 35 (3). J. 2001). McRobb. Nixon. R. . M.. 20-27 Chung. B. Nation's Restaurant News. (1999). 15-29. S. III Barclay. . Perceived Usefulness. & My1opou1os. Extending UML Sequence Diagrams to Model Trustof the 3rd dependent Behavior with the Aim to Support Risk Analysis.. F.50-55. Yu. Perceived Ease of Use. .. A Mouse by the Tail Restaurant Tiger Press. Non-Functional in Software Engineering. 09 (1). Key To Competitive Edge. and User Acceptance of Information 7(1)... Burlington.. Cebrzynski. ( 2000). & farmer. 4-18. (2008). Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann. The Libyan Arab Cuisine Food: 3rd edition.... K. (2004). S. K... Object-oriented Design. S. Bennett. (January.. L. Atle Refsdal. Beamon. UK: McGraw Hill. S. UK: Little G. Davis.. Publishing Co. (1989). . Sustainability and the future of supply chain management. & Savage. K. (2002). Brathwaite.57.. A. System Analysis and Journal Operations and Supply Chain Management. D. Object-oriented Diego: Academic Press . International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. Business. (1977). . UML and Java .. with . (2002). Proceedings International Workshop on Security and Trust Management J. REFERENCES Ahmed. Libya:Nadirco . B.. Requirements 50 . Object-Oriented Design . 1.- . (2008). 2nd edition. Boston: K1uwer Academic Publishing .. . Founder Of Online Ordering Service Calls Marketing . S. E.

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Modeling Language Co . Prentice-Hall. & Rapids. Quantitative Studies: How many users to test Alertbox. Rumbaugh. from: http://www.. M.. .. 6 (4). Marquis. Inc . & Kendall. 163 (47). IVIG Revzin. Satzinger.2010. E. (2004). Refining electronic data-collection instruments and data-collection tools through usability testing.. (2000). ( 2000). Web-Based Systems: Organization S. Mcaleenan. USA: Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Food Ordering System Utilizing A Text-To-Speech Engine. .. P. J. Business Week..html 1. & Purdin. Management Information and Technology: USA. 89 -1 06. 52 . 23-33. • Murphy.46-52 Streamline Purchasing. F. . Shiratuddin.. Martin. . Cards. E-Business. Christopher G. Nunamaker. . J. (1995). (2000).. UML Distilled: Brief guide to the Standard Object (2nd ed...). E. (2006). J. & Laudon.comlalertbox/quantitative_testing. J. Kennedy. 4(2). Far Eastern Economic Review. A Usability Study For Promoting E-Content modeling and design. Modeling And System Development.. Journal of Management Information Systems.. . F. Denvers: Boyd & Fraser S.. W. Object-oriented Hall. K. Chen. Boston. Inc.US: Simpledine. (2001).. Online Ordering Supplement. Nichols.112-124 . • Pei. Nielson.. 128(10). P. K C. 52-62. et al. - Laudon.... (2002). D. . Educational Technology & Society. K.useit. (2003). (1991). . (2005). Research in Official Statistic Journal. J. The Object-Oriented Approach: Concepts. System Development in Information Systems Research. 7(3). T. New Jersey: Prentice N. & Mingay. Hassan. Retrieved July 03. Purchasing. In Higher Education.

.. . . W. Unpublished Phd Thesis. Questions: What is a web based system? Retrieved August 03. - .w. from http://www.eb-based geographical information system prototype on Portuguese III Food Processing - .. University of Groningen Wikianswer. 2001.. Universidade Nova .html Zhelu. Unpublished. Van Wezel. - 53 . (2009).answers. .. Master of Science in Goespatial Technologie..comlQlWhat_is _a_web_based_system. Y.wiki. Tasks. . A. 2010.... (2010). traditional food products... hierarchy and flexibility: Planning Industries.

. ill . .. .. . {'('ne ".:~t~\~... APPENDIX SYSTEM PROTOTYPE 1 SNAPSHOTS ... .L~Jk!&.... ..0m~~.. - .J: ...... ... ... II..

.. ..ogbPage . . lit . . lit !...- . ..... .. .

. . ......-. . filii - - .. .. .. filii .

1 1.rrwJk. ... U ::0 j..."tl-:« ~. ....-!: n !5 is .. II . .. - .: l. .0 :J..> " zz ~ ~ '" ~ -'.. zs 1.. :zd~ ti'!'. ._ ". I~: ..._:"t=~~iro!..iz .:) ~.e· M'"~t:lt . . .. .

."~n:. till <}lIOml·. ... .U)'" till . ..... .t1:1 1'*. . . till ...

Descnptlon: QU.jfSlHI Pane lu. .. wek. ..lntltv: - . It'l'm.>m'" Administration o}l.. .. Produc t ~')a!1le .. • • <'!d~f'(jxm~<csf'(tl[:'..qoul: ... .. .

.C"Aii¥"¥¥'JE¥Tii")f&'*D'M{@ti*(= I"'. .. Admln~ .. . . ... .cn~ .!11 PM ~1~~2911J::--~--:3P. . [.. ........46}0() .1)..!II" - -..~. .. h f 1< < I ...(~. .:::. - . tii'.. ~ ill nw"~>tv" Panel lO~tvU( w.~:~':500 ' 10/7(2:01Q 4:41/.

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