What follows is an internal memo between Pryor's mother in law ~ n d her

financial advisor outlining a plan to pay owed taxes. This was filed as an
exhibit in Federal Court. Note the letter explains no obligations are to be
paid until the IRS issues are resolved. In the letter Harvey acknowledges
tax debt and with her financial advisor, Jones, lays out a plan (ultimately
ignored) for repayment of taxes owed~
Case 4:11-cv-0081 O-DPM Document 16-2 Filed 02/08/12 Page 1 of 9 .
DeceInIHr to, 2CIOll
BI'8IldOn hederick
Re: Employment Acfeement
Wi, BoclRie Harvey and Marvin Jones, repTeaentil1l" HaIve'f c:.ompanie$herebv enter Into thJs:
employrrtal'lt ...-ment wrttt Pnndon Frederfdt for the period besfnnlr18 on December 18. 2008 ;md
continUlllc until February 15, 1009. DurinS thist1me 8nlt1d6n wit owrsee die c:otledkl" of IRYand aN
Out5tBnclfl\grecef\labtes befonIinito SoIutfonaand COlttlnent'" Inc.
Further. wI1f il$5l$t In dbtributlons for IavmI and ttust fund obUptiORl on behalf of
t::onmenb1l &press, HOI'thJter SOlutIons, end ArI<AInsac 81'1ndon
Is not a5Iener on the alfAUMand wfRtake dIrecUanfor distrbItfoNff'Om Marvfn JorJ6. Utlder this
qteement we consmlt to the fOUJJwll'II1IlnnSft conditions: .
1. Brandon Pmfertdc wilt be paid at a ,ete of$85.000.00annuatty rot the JI)Odfied peffod as an
emplO¥" ora"other nwtua.... asree" upOOautsideCMfreetit1l entity. ltt1I filuat8s • cro-s
pay 01'$14,166.17
2. All c.tihtRstrlbudans made byeomtnenral antS Ar'kanAc
setvke$ durfnatNs time periodwII be focemplovee pavIQ/I first 8fId thenthe IRS trust
fund deductfons.
3. No monev will be paid out toWanI any otherobl1pt1on5of the c:onapanJes untl all payroll
and trust fund IiabIIdesiIRJNIicJ tn full uftleSs directed bVourattomey Price 6iN'dner.
n • _

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