Catalunan Pequeño March 29, 2012 Emcees: Mona Baricuatro and Hakeem Mangansakan INVOCATION OPENING REMARKS INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKERS “Food Safety and Hazards” “Possible Entry Points of Hazards” INTERMISSION NUMBER “Good Manufacturing Practices” FOOD DEMO (Lumpia) OPEN FORUM CLOSING REMARKS Prof. Jackie Lou Tagubase Sibyl Eroy Tifany Atega Claire Espinoza Beverly Tautho Mylene Arcena Loi Gamale, Kakay Dorado, Sarah Comendador Kriza Calumba Coleen Flores, Dannah Alcomendras, Sibyl Eroy

Tasks: Backdrop: Mich Bandong, Ana Majomot, Sarah Comendador, Jessvelle Banaybanay, Kakay Dorado, Dana Bartolome Dissemination: Lorraine Sanchez, Annie Go, Sitti Mamogkat, Justin Beltran, Loi Gamale, Kim Dida Handouts: Kriza Calumba and Mylene Arcena Certificates: Jan Coquilla Buy and prepare ingredients: Pawie Fornea Secure LCD, extension wires, laptop, materials for the food demo (borrow sa Food Sensory Lab): Maylene Tomines and Ralph Basmayor Magluto ng lumpia for the food demo (early morning bukas magluto para fresh pa): Kristine Abrea, Claire Espinoza Transportation: Lloyd Farnazo Registration: Eunice Flores, Balet Sartagoda, Kathe Lucero Technicals: Annie Go Physical arrangement (setting up of backdrop), accommodation and distribution of handouts and foods: Chikki Fernandez, Liezel Gaogao Documentation: Tifany Atega and Mich Bandong

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