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according to its measure. know and believe that this noble Sophia is not distant from you. However. 219 . behold. after he turned outward with doubt and desire toward creatures and became earthly. he ought also to have remained desirous only for God. and awakened in him all imaginable joy and desire. so closely bound and wedded to him that she dwelt in Adam in the breath or living spirit which God had blown into him (as into the divine image). but is able and wishes to be much closer to you than you are to yourself. Das Geheimnis der gottlichen Sophia (Leipzig. if you do not drive her off. every spirit created according to God's image may find the divine virgin in himself and in his being. For. 0 man. Therefore. the Lord drew her out upon all his works. This virgin was in the first man. in his innocence. She is given once again after the fall to all men in a secret spiritual way and wishes to bring each person once again to his former life in her. from Gottfried Arnold. upon all flesh. the divine Sophia turned away from "Translered 1700). as a seed of his spiritual birth (as it is described).Gottfried Arnold FROM THE MYSTERY OF THE DIVINE SOPHIA* 1700 On the Arrival and First Voice of Sophia in Man Above all. Adam should have been satisfied with this and willing to live with this pure bride in paradise.

Sophia's proposal is nothing er than a divine call to obedience . This call came about through her secret moving. however.. But men can be divided into two parties groups.. the answer is to be found in the Scriptures in which it that it occurs from youth on and that it remains with a person so as the person does not oppose it.. ~"'''~. and instead of a heavenly he received an earthly carnal Eve which God created for him in sleep (which was already an indication of his weakening) from rib . indeed.. the divinity of this matter is more certain and its ceptance or rejection by each and every person must be co more significantly and more carefully. is obedient and therefore ceives a special grace. The person who wishes to belong to this second group has need of nothing more (to speak simply) than to be true and fai 220 . against human acti and intention. nevertheless did not cease to speak to each child of Adam internally in their and to bid them reestablish the lost treasure. If anyone wishes to know w and at what age this hidden inner speech and seeking is accustomed to occur... and attracting activity in the soul which no can deny nor completely rule out.. rememberi punishing. Although this wisdom was taken away through sin and no dwelt in corrupted man in a paradisiacal manner. error... indeed. By this activity all blindness... the second group. Indeed. but can hinder and can put out a time. For it is nothing other than soft and loving breath and inner word in the soul which comes to soul un looked for and unsought if it is internally still.. Concerning the General Means to Achieve Wisdom All this happens to each soul in the world at certain times. since everything occurred in the soul. without distinction. it is subtle and peaceful an inner word that it can be put out with smallest outbreak of gross nature in word or works.Vlllll1auu. calling. . \.. even thoughts which otherwise in themselves might not be evil.PIETISTS-SELECTED WRITINGS him and from the whole of the earth.. and hardness arises. She did this out of dee love for her ancient throne and place according to God's ments.. the first and largest group of which strives against the tug wisdom. In first seeking [of Sophia in the soul].

. not merely in this written account without active fighting and prayer for it.. being . has begun. an open and prepared heart is required. the ancients say. This noble.. that one is not alone to seek wisdom in the dead letter and.PIETISTS-SELECTED WRITINGS through and in God and to do that which the spirit of wisdom indicates to him to do according to his living word. but only a newborn. This desire and hunger of the soul's spirit is fate. therefore it also follows. Perfect wisdom.. At the same time one is to step down with one's will and to sink into wisdom. What can come to you. For the man who wishes to receive wisdom.. pure. however... by which it finally grasps hold and does not leave aside wisdom . loving being is very desirous and willing to meet a person in that person's simplest beginning of denial and to kiss him in his soul.. and thus she does not give herself to each person without distinction. if he does not.. On the Special Means for Union with the Divine Sophia When a fervid lover of his spiritual mother-bride.. They warn.. and holy spirit can endure and unite itself with this most subtle. 0 beloved spirit. One ought not to strive for it outside of oneself but in the inner ground in which wisdom first testifies to itself. first of all. it is not useless to note the thoughts of the early fathers concerning the means for achieving wisdom. in a completely uncommon and heroic way.. test his resignation from all creatures and especially lay aside his own self-love. 6:17). given to him by the Father. God gives to each person as he wills .. However. Nevertheless. he will not be able to experience any further and higher step in wisdom's glory. pure. and no unworthy person dare comfort himself in her. from such a holy reflection and search other than a vision into wisdom's infinite glory and an experience of her love together with all necessary attractions of her glorious beauty? . then the Holy Spirit who teaches truly will 221 .. There are no further demands and commandments or running and walking in one's own powers and endeavors needed for those who search for wisdom in great earnestness and zeal. Wisdom seeks only those who are worthy of her (Wis. The first and chiefest grade which leads us to wisdom is a pure heart free from all lower things .

.. joyous. and obedient this first tug of wisdom. Sophia takes up stronger nourishment to nourish the soul 222 .. warning....] On the First Activities of Wisdom in the Soul Particularly Its Working of Conviction and Its Discipline .... then it becomes active and pn.. and troubles . in her vid endeavor for our salvation she moves continually in our soul long as we do not hinder her .. Concerning the General Teaching of Wisdom After all this necessary discipline and first milk which the soul receives.. [Also necessary is obedience toward wisdom.. an image of the goodness of God himself 7:26} . it punishes the person.... The first and most necessary thing for such a soul is to hold to the Father and crawl to him in prayer ...n"pr~' o the following directives... He who learns to know wisdom will first see and note that good and loving. . makes him troubled and <:n. temptations. and calling in the mind. or deeds.. shame. This the Scripture calls punishment conviction. wisdom moves on in a consoling way with first faithful discipline ..uTf" internally concerning all that is evil as often as it finds him in thoughts. how blessed. Oh.. these openings will occur in manifold circumstances... docile.. to convince the person about his misery whereby it stirs up .. words. admonishing. In such prayer the Holy Spirit will teach the soul to grasp and draw nearer to the most gracious guide to the throne herself .r". And after the mind is made pliant. and peaceful is the spirit which continually holds this teacher in itself and renews obedience with its heartfelt thoughts ... or stirs itself up once again internally in the soul in which it lay and extinguished as unfruitful... and judgment . Wisdom does not treat the other than in great earnestness and sharp strictness so that she bring the soul to true changing of its mind or repentance tmetan= oia).. As soon as this beam of eternal glory enters the soul. pious fear and love for her.np'"u'. This discipline of wisdom is nothing other than the continual minding. First. currences.PIETISTS-SELECTED WRITINGS open one thing after another to him if he does not tire in prayer obedience.

This is especially so because it is a secret work. The manner and fashion of this secret instruction is not to be expressed with words. except for wisdom. sees in itself the character of the image of the divine form and knows its secret and the understanding beauty of 223 . From this it follows that wisdom comes inwardly in the soul and one must not look around for it with external eyes as a poor man in blindness is accustomed to do and to be deceived yet more by blind leaders. Therefore wisdom does not only call completely simple and foolish people to herself. For the spirit alone establishes a deep grounding and not only searches everything for itself but leads the new creature of man into itself as well and teaches it through its inner power and clarity. The ancients set forth this fact from experience: .. newmade to all divine powers. purely.... 8:12) and she will allow the doctrine to shine forth yet more and make it to shine out afar as a morning light.. wisdom is accustomed willingly to lay her treasure in a purified heart and to trust to it more and greater things than one could ever hope for. Thus.... The soul as a spirit is enlightened by the spiritual light of the pure wisdom of God as the essence of air is enlightened by the moving light. David himself said that God gives wisdom to be known in hidden ways (Ps.PIETISTS-SELECTED WRITINGS and to change it into a new life. Wisdom is accustomed to give herself or to give her direction in holy souls so that they might receive her (Wis. 24:32-33) .. she harbors such) (Prov. thus it shines upon human hearts just as the sun shines upon the eyes.. Wisdom is an unblemished light as the clarity of the sun. an eager lover must seek her inwardly in his mind where alone is open to him the source of understanding... She has present with herself good counsel and knowledge (or according to the translation of the Septuagint.. and what is divine and saving is to be revealed. and is to discover everything in her mirror concerning which one. A mind. 7:27. The more that one follows in this light and grows further in the new birth through it. and she will pour this out as prophesy (Ecclus. A person visited by wisdom is able to find everything which is necessary for him. 51:7). but she also directs her children with her teaching. and exactly. After the internal ear through so much knocking has been opened and made ready to accept and the mind has been bowed by this and the will has been truly bound.8:17). the more wisdom comes to him. truthfully. would never have known existed..

<~ U~'''l1 224 .. the new light-body from the spirit of Jesus or of wisdom is essentially in man and is revealed as a fire-claiming. melts. As a result she gives herself to him with holy loving power so that the soul will become a true dwelling and seat of wisdom. 10:17) and establishes in it her inheritance 24:7). 7:27). those who reached the first step of their ry described it in living color and testified with great joy their union. as truly as the external. Indeed. It also achieves the treasures of the in law and the wisdom which teaches for itself and learns from itself. She remains in herself and yet goes forth into holy souls (Wis. in this she is very careful and concerned that the does not embrace her light according to any as yet unmortified ers of his self-love and possession by which he might gain for hir more damage than good. One can never grasp her again according to his old birth and nature..PIETISTS-SELECTED WRITINGS similitude with the Lord.>rn \~.~. enlightening ing out of which comes all glory. As a result..ri On the Union of Wisdom and the Spiritual Birth of Her Children Among the ancients. and changes. TnrTYlQ. The soul discovers her with its spiritual powers so essentially and truly in itself. as the ancients tell us.. but she remains prepared and ready for his pure desire and love. They said that she takes up all those who seek her. This is indeed spoken of a higher grade of the new birth. and thus the greatest enlighte ment .. At the same time one may not possess anything of her as his own. According to every opportunity the spirit moves forward so that that which expressed itself as false counsel in the mind of the old man £'An£'. as the sun in a metal which it makes hot. she remains and works her wonders.. If he clings to her in innocent purity and rejoices with his obedience. but she only dwells in the new or reborn man in whom she shines and goes forth as a bright ray of light and yet may be so little grasped by nature or held in self. person who directs his soul to her will discover that she goes into the soul (Wis. Among these wonders one of the first is that she makes the soul a better form for purification and smelting . wisdom remains eternally free in herself and an unbound being. gross man feels visible food in himself when he has eaten it.. gives itself over to changing this..

and allows the soul no peace until it is born to its likeness in a spiritual way so that the dead image of God is once again reached and man is once again given his earlier heavenly being with all divine characteristics ..... he ceaselessly corrects at that time all thoughts. but it is also too great for my understanding and sense and beyond words . above all. then Sophia immediately exchanges her earnest form with a more delightful one and takes up the soul as a wife of virginity (Ecclus. her spiritual birth-work. certain and essential. if one notes in his innermost being the firm movement of the Holy Spirit. In this resigned passiveness. and not neglect anything which is required for the development of the maturing new life which strives so fiercely with death and breaks forth in victory. What can follow from this except the long-wished-for revelation and birth of the new creature in which wisdom as the only true mother brings forth her best? She comes down into the soul for no other end than to begin this.. Concerning the Spiritual Marriage with Sophia I come now to a matter which is very weighty. sends out a burning zeal together with a painful biting sorrow over all the evil in his heart. In the beginning or principles . and he looks toward a newly created divine will. to give all the means for nourishment belonging to it and not to stop until Christ is formed in the heart according to his pure humanity. words.. In every way she must proceed carefully and wisely after she was 225 .. Sophia gives herself to the soul with her life-water and love-water..PIETISTS-SELECTED WRITINGS is cast out. one must give his faith purely over to the divine loving will. 15:2). and with joy he actively purifies his heart from the manifold evil crimes and sinful spots. and deeds. Sophia is known inwardly in the soul under the image and the character of a worthy and earnestly loving mother .. If the soul remains in all truth giving honor and obedience and has demonstrated and legitimated the honesty of its love through many hard battles against sin as through many actual tests. and the spirit itself moves with soft workings in such a life-seed through an unspeakable pull of grace.. But. lays the old Adam in death and dust after he with Christ has completely given up his blood and lost his powers on the cross . Out of this arises a very remarkable change and improvement of man... live closely according to all the directions given to him internally.. At this..

make us worthy evermore for your secret indwelling. We are here speaking only of the first taste or pledge of the ing full marriage . righteous persons can it. Only angelic tongues can describe the final m riage feast and only the spirits of perfect. 0 most beautiful among women. It is a sweet transport and filling of all powers of the soul and the sinking of all thoughts into the flood love.PIETISTS-SELECTED WRITINGS so tricked by the unfaithfulness of the first man and so troubled. Whoever this dove takes into her lap she gives the oblation of an untroubled peace and of the certain hope of all certainty in the kiss her mouth. However. nevertheless you see yourself. for although in your possession we dare neither desire anything of it nor speak of it. and purer to a man than this greatly praised virgin. and the public consummation of such a marriage she keeps man's full perfection .. One can then lay consoled on her breast and drink to satisfaction.. It is an actual power of paradise when the most bea ful bride meets a spirit. For this reason she leaves only certain secrets.. in this troubled valley of our pilgrimage. in our rude nature. The full marriage day. o pure joy. She lets him experience all her freedom and supplies as much of her life-giving balm as he will have. come and visit the soul which belongs to you more often. and other vivifying marks of such protecting joy and pure ginal love-spirits as certain guides.. In truth.. and all her pure powers are open to draw one into a paradisiacal love-play in her. and let it no longer fail in your loving attraction. Nevermore can an earthly bride be more lovely.. Indeed. all the desire of youth and all the supposed of physical marriage are less than nothing with reckoned against heavenly joy. Therefore. lovekisses.. the sweet beams of her love are also in the very first and are experienced as so piercing that they set the soul-spirit in undescribable joy.. there is not the least comparison between the two in this case . In her full indwelling there is pure desire.. my only and pure turtledove! "U'1Ul'<01 226 . adorned.


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