7 Habits (Final)


PLG 518 – Teacher Education Studies

By: Siti Nur Yusof Josephine Chan

“The key to SUCCESS
is the ABILITY to LEAD others successfully.”

• To enable teachers to think deeply about a paradigm of leadership and envision how they have the ability to be a leader • To develop teachers who have the skills and self-confidence to succeed as leaders in the 21st century

What is a habit? • Difficult to give it up once you have it .

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teachers .

What is HABIT 1? Be Proactive .

Adopting a Proactive Focus Reactive Focus Changing Your Focus Proactive Focus The Power of Choice. .

.You are… I am the programmer.

What is HABIT 2? .

Habit 2 – Begin with the end in mind Write the programme. .

What is HABIT 3? Put First Things First .

.• Prioritize • Manage Your Time Execute the programme.

What is HABIT 4? .

” .“If I am going down. you’re going down with me.

I don’t care about you.“If I am going get mine.” .

“Do whatever you want. I don’t care!” .

“There is plenty of food. for all of us to feast.” .

Habit 4 – Win-Win • Life is an eat-all-you can buffet • Win private victory first – Check yourself • Avoid the “tumor twins” – Compete and Compare .

What is HABIT 5? .


Habit 5 “Seek first to understand. and only then be understood” • See things from another point of view • Before sharing your own • We all want to be understood .

Good listening skills • Use your eyes and heart – 60% of communication is body language – 30% of communication is tone of voice – 10% of communication is actual words use .

What is HABIT 6? .

SYNERGIZE • TEAM • Sum is greater than its individual parts What is 1+1? .Habit 6 .

Habit 6 . not just tolerating it • Working as a team. not just settling What do you bring to the table as a teacher? .SYNERGIZE • Celebrating difference. not just an individual • Finding new better was.

What is HABIT 7? .

Habit 7 – Sharpen the Saw .



how can we introduce and implement 7 habits to… • • • • Schools? Students? Parents? Own lives? .REFLECTION: As teachers.





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