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Tamilnadu School of Architecture First college of architecture in Coimbatore. Started in 2006. Affiliated to Anna University Coimbatore. Educational institutions, students and architects. Every other institute of architecture in India A square graphic logo independent of an another logo which would just bear the name of the institute distinctly. Square graphic should be a vector graphic not exceeding a maximum of 3 colours. It should include an educational perspective and also a designer’s creative perspective. The artist is allowed to include elements of architecture or architectural education and / or culture or heritage. The logo bearing the name should have a distinct character so that it is easily recognizable. The institution wishes to have the logo borne for years to come and should

banners. - Louis Kahn The preferred format for logos is Adobe Illustrator EPS. . it can help reassure him that he does have that mind. DO NOT send logos that are embedded in word processing documents or PowerPoint files. Printing would include books. Every time a student walks past a really urgent. The square graphic maybe be printed or used electronically. does have that soul. A color or black and white proof must accompany the disk. expressive piece of architecture that belongs to his college. Bitmap logos must be supplied at 600 dpi or greater as an EPS file. newspaper and online advertisement. For best results. letter heads.stand the test of time. supplied logos should be vector art. receipts. It should create an identity on its own. but can be upto designer's choice.

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