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Newsletter 2011 Dec

Newsletter 2011 Dec

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ISSUE 6 NOVEMBER 2011 For Internal Circulation Only

Sime Darby’s New Vision & Mission
3 The Group’s Vision, Mission and Future Plans 12 The Roadshow
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39 Sime Darby FC’s second season in the M-League

The Editor Says Message from the President Feature Stories Sime Darby’s Vision & Mission People Feature - Chef Zainuddin Abu Hassan Sime Darby’s Raya Open House The 7 World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF)

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Ayaz Ismail Hafiz Noor Komalam Kalimuthu

Lim Kee Shing Suraya Azhani Amin

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PP 17262/02/2012 (029172)

ISSUE 6 NOVEMBER 2011 For Internal Circulation Only

Sime Darby’s New Vision & Mission
3 The Group’s Vision, Mission and Future Plans 12 The Roadshow
3 12 39

The world map on the cover of this edition of Sime Darby World highlights the reach and showcases the magnitude of the Group’s operations. The Group recently announced its new vision and mission, that aims, amongst others, to position Sime Darby on a new dynamic growth path with the aim of establishing and maintaining leadership positions in all of its core businesses.

39 Sime Darby FC’s second season in the M-League


The Editor Says
“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” The saying above is a tradition for English brides. These brides would ensure: that they have on an ancient heirloom that runs in their family, that they are wearing something new, that they have on something borrowed, and also a discreet something blue on their person. This would ensure that they are lucky and happy in their marriage. While this is not a wedding issue, we are introducing something new. You will notice that Sime Darby World has a refreshed layout, based on feedback received from you. You will notice a new segment – ‘People Feature’ – that will be devoted to the interesting people of Sime Darby. There are numerous other changes, which we will leave you to discover, whilst the newsletter still shares the happenings around the group over the past few months. The group has introduced Sime Darby’s new vision and mission, and Divisional visions. What we do over the next few years will be guided by these, and we hope the presentation and elaboration of these statements within this newsletter will serve as a starting point for readers to first understand and thereafter begin putting it into action, in our respective job spheres. Since we are approaching the end of the year, the Editorial Team wishes all readers a good end to 2011. May the lessons we have learnt from this eventful year hold us in good stead in 2012, both at a personal and professional level. The Editorial Team


Message from The President
Dear colleagues, We are coming off the back of a great financial year for the Group. We all know how much effort went into it and the challenges that had to be overcome, to achieve that performance. We are also aware, I am sure, of the task that awaits us in this next financial year to follow up on the figures that were returned. I hope that this time next year, all of us will be able to look back at our performance and reflect on a job well done as well. In this issue, Sime Darby’s new vision and mission are presented. It encapsulates the entity we are today and what we aim to become. The vision and future plans of each division are also laid out, and this is the framework which will guide us going forward. The developments across the group, some of which you can read about in this issue of Sime Darby World, are a manifestation of us pulling towards the same direction. This ranges from the progress of our Plantation operations in Liberia and the expansion of Industrial’s portfolio in Australia, to the launch of the revised Group Policies and Authorities and the new Code of Business Conduct. There is never a dull moment in Sime Darby; you will hear more in the coming months.

“The Group has a clear objective of what it wants to do, and each division, supported by Group Head Office, will ensure that we move towards our common goals.“

We are in the midst of a period of festivities that is celebrated across the group. With tens of thousands of employees dotted across the globe where we operate, Sime Darby is actually a microcosm of the global population. Eid-ul-Fitr, Deepavali and Eidul-Adha were celebrated recently, with Christmas, among others, coming soon. I wish you the best greetings of the season, whichever festival you observe, and that you have a memorable and safe time with you family and loved ones over the celebrations.

Dato’ Mohd Bakke Salleh President & Group Chief Executive

5-year objectives.3 FEATURE STORIES Vision & Mission Financial year 2010/2011 (FY2010/2011) was a successful transformation year as Sime Darby ushered in an exciting dynamic growth phase of the Group in its journey to become a leading multinational that can sustainably deliver exceptional value to its stakeholders. desired end outcomes and strategic themes. To position Sime Darby on this new dynamic growth path. Sime Darby Mission • We are committed to developing a winning portfolio of sustainable businesses • We subscribe to good corporate governance and high ethical values • We continuously strive to deliver superior financial returns through operational excellence and high performance standards • We provide an environment for our people to realise their full potential . The 5-year Strategy Blueprint for the Group and Divisions sets out the vision. the Group in August 2011 announced the 5-year Strategy Blueprint with the aim of establishing and maintaining leadership positions in all of its core businesses. strategic thrusts. mission. Sime Darby Vision To be a leading multinational corporation delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders.

Sime Darby has charted its course with this vision in mind and today. behaviors and culture in building good governance. We continuously strive to deliver superior financial returns through operational excellence and high performance standards We will continue to intensify our efforts to improve operational efficiency and keep costs to a minimum to stay ahead of competition. particular focus has been given to improving ethical culture across the Group. We have revamped the Group Policies & Authorities. a position that will allow us to grow these businesses further and create long-term value for our shareholders. we are the fourth largest listed conglomerate by market capitalisation and amongst the top ten dividend payers in the ASEAN region. to instill the importance of values. We are committed to developing a winning portfolio of sustainable businesses To ensure that the Group’s portfolio of businesses remains dynamic and strategically competitive. must be consistent with these four pillars. we also voluntarily signed a corporate integrity pledge with the Malaysian AntiCorruption Commission (MACC) to strengthen anticorruption awareness among our employees and business partners. With this aim. we will constantly review and evaluate the performances and competitive positions of existing businesses. focusing on talent and leadership development. In June 2011. We subscribe to good corporate governance and high ethical values As we continue to deliver value to our shareholders. and the Group’s ultimate goal is to ingrain a culture of continuous operational improvement group-wide to drive future growth. every decision we make. Every action we take. We strongly believe that we should only be in businesses where we can be amongst the market leaders. we will leverage on the strengths and competitive advantage of each business unit. we desire to become the employer of choice. transparency and restore integrity by strengthening internal controls and governance structure. with the aim of differentiating rewards for high performing companies and employees. Initiatives to enhance operational efficiencies have been implemented since the last few years. We provide an environment for our people to realise their full potential The success of Sime Darby is attributable to its rich talent pool. the Group strongly recognises the importance of enhancing its corporate governance. As such. with Divisional Chief Financial Officers and Divisional Legal reporting directly to Group Head Office counterparts • Establishment of post-investment review process for investments approved by the Board • Creation of Group Compliance Office • Revision of financial limits of authority • Introduction of the Directors’ Handbook As we strive to uphold effective corporate governance. it is recognised that we will need to constantly seek new opportunities. These efforts include: • Introduction of the Two-Tier Board Structure with the establishment of the Flagship Subsidiary Boards (FSB) in each division • Revamp of the reporting structure. as well as the Code of Business Conduct for employees.4 FEATURE STORIES Vision Sime Darby’s vision acts as the framework for the Group’s strategy roadmap: “To be a leading multinational corporation delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders”. These pillars set out our long-term direction as a company and serves as the benchmark against which we assess our actions and decisions. 3. Key strategic thrusts The strategy roadmap for the next five years will be guided by the following key strategic thrusts: • Realise full potential of the core businesses • Strive for leadership position • Pursue strategic portfolio growth • Institute performance and value-driven culture . We have also established the Group Talent Council to oversee talent management and track the development of top talent. We have revised the Group’s bonus scheme. We have undertaken various efforts in the past year to increase accountability. Mission There are four pillars to Sime Darby’s mission. We will also continue to form strategic alliances while strengthening relationships with strategic and business partners to complement our core competencies. To have a portfolio of winning businesses. We will grow in areas that will help replicate success and scale up our businesses through the following approaches: • Expanding into adjacent businesses to create sustainable value from our core businesses • Entering new growth markets and ensuring that we secure leadership in these new markets 2. we will also need to maintain our leadership or aim to achieve leadership positions in all of our core businesses. We have in the past year overhauled performance management and competency initiatives across the Group. 4. We will need to nurture and develop a high performance culture and strength in our leadership and talent bench. 1. To achieve sustainable growth for the Group.

India and Indonesia • R&D to enhance productivity. bestin-class yields and leading distributor and producer of palm products.new development areas with high growth potential INDUSTRIAL VISION: To be a high performance distributor of Caterpillar products and allied solutions FUTURE PLANS: • • • • • • Tractors Malaysia leading in Caterpillar products Leverage and grow existing CAT distributorships Double non-CAT profit contribution Maintain leading CAT dealership position in Singapore. 1 niche development every year • Form strategic alliances . Myanmar and certain parts of South West of China. • To integrate upstream and downstream operations effectively to reap potential synergies • Landbank expansion • Expansion into upstream rubber plantation • Enter new growth markets for downstream – Africa. Australia and China Integration of the Bucyrus dealership Broaden O&G services capability and regional footprint in non-CAT segment . Thailand. Europe.5 FEATURE STORIES Divisional Vision and Future Plans PLANTATION VISION: To be a leading integrated global plantation company FUTURE PLANS: • To maximise production and optimise efficiency across its business units e. Vietnam.g. China. explore new opportunities in biofuels and other agribusiness activities PROPERTY VISION: To be a leader in building sustainable communities FUTURE PLANS: • To enhance brand and quality • Cost discipline and efficient project management .reduce product development lead time from 15 months to 9 months • To fully leverage on synergies and integration • To have 1 new township every 2 years. Laos. Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) which includes Cambodia.

Wellness and Healthcare Education . load factor and efficiency • Become a notable power player in the region • Looking for power plant opportunities in Malaysia and the region E&U CHINA VISION: To be a leading player in port and water management in Shandong Province FUTURE PLANS: • Optimise asset utilisation and operational efficiencies • Continue with expansion plan . Jining Port: 4 new ports. quality care and education • Pursue strategic portfolio growth in Advisory & Consultancy. Ara Damansara and Desa ParkCity in FY11/12 and FY12/13 respectively • Grow network of healthcare facilities in Malaysia and referral partners throughout the region • Extend Healthcare brand regionally • Best-in-class customer service.000 m3/day • Strengthen relationship with our partners and stakeholders • Pursue strategic portfolio growth in .6 FEATURE STORIES MOTORS VISION: To be a leading automotive player in the Asia Pacific region FUTURE PLANS: • • • • • • Grow with existing strategic partners Focus on after-sales and expand used-car business Expand presence in Asia Pacific region Excellent customer service Pursue strategic projects identified Strategic property / sites E&U NON-CHINA VISION: To expand the business to become a significant power player FUTURE PLANS: • Achieve operational excellence: Plant availability.Ancillary services and logistics/industrial park activities adjacent to Ports HEALTHCARE VISION: To become the gold standard healthcare provider in the Asia Pacific region FUTURE PLANS: • Integrate hospitals and leverage on synergies • Launching of two new hospitals.Weifang Port: New berth expansion. Weifang Water: Expand capacity to 200.

” For example. Their win was a complete Cooking Techniques & Awards surprise as none of them were expecting to win anything. when the tall. Iron Chef style. Plus.“ Working in numerous predominantly the United States of America) for the new dishes that I Muslim countries also taught him the different methods created. though. graduating in Without practice. where he was able to Prawns coated with Sesame Seed and Rosti Potatoes. Western. when preparing for the Battle of the Chefs 2011 competition in Kuala Lumpur. I have a showcase on hotels as well as on food and beverage. “I learn something new every day. We discussed what will work and what will not.” How does one cook under so much pressure? “Preparation and a love for cooking. Having just won the 13th International Penang Battle of let alone the gold medal! the Chefs 2011. During his training.7 FEATURE STORIES Having never interviewed a chef before. even those I’ve the US Potato Board (a potato marketing association in never done before. but when we got to Penang. I to master techniques for cooking practically everything represented Halia and SDCC but worked closely with – Chinese. cook.” This venture will feature the Chef working with of food preparation. I was pleasantly surprised. “In Mekah (a city in Saudi Arabia). Man of the Moment: Chef Zainuddin Abu Hassan . at we had to wear the ehraam (a garment consisting of two the same time promoting the spud and the brand. we changed the menu completely. You must have passion and always think of how you can cook better. you have to know everything and you must be prepared to do anything. strapping Chef personally came to greet me at the lobby of SDCC before inviting me to have a seat at Halia. “I developed a appetizers and starters. We didn’t have time to practice though!” Career Choice Having worked for more than 20 years in more than seven countries. to the eight judges. a Zainuddin and his team presented their Poached Sole with renowned Michelin-starred chef. Chef he would also buy books of Chef Anton Mosimann. With his family’s blessings. he began to study hospitality by Komalam Kalimuthu related subjects. it is surprising to find out that Chef Zainuddin was initially sent to be trained as a doctor! So why the change of career? “Well. It was the fasting month. menu for Food Hotel Malaysia 2011 (FHM 2011) which is So even though my specialty is in the cold kitchen. we sketched out the presentation of the food. It was a bit of a culture shock at first when you are used to cooking on a professional stove and suddenly you have to cook over firewood. you have to know everything. Indian. the Chef showed no signs of slowing down even though he had to prepare for many ‘buka puasa’ (breaking of fast) events while fasting! cooked with firewood. also a judge at FHM 2011 which was recently held at the we could go back to wearing our regular attire. and after those hours. this Biker Chef as he is known (his love for travelling on his big touring bike in search of food is The Chef is also a much admired chef and has developed legendary) is an expert in the cold kitchen. That was drilled in me while I was studying. one of SDCC’s signature restaurants. we came up with one menu. I would pass by the Hilton Hotel daily at that time and the chefs were ‘glamorous’! It probably also helped that his father would PEOPLE FEATURE take him for meals there and his passion for food and cooking began when he took over the cooking at home after the demise of his mother. The rice-cooker was so high up that we had to use a ladder to get up there!” “As a Chef. one of my Sous Chefs and three kitchen assistants. was given one hour only to Malaysia). specializing in some extensive menus during his career. but as a Chef. the team Chef Training from what is now took part in both the seafood known as UNITAR (Tun Abdul and meat category and Razak University in Selangor. Rolled Chicken Ballotine stuffed with Chickpeas served with sauce. the board to come up with some all-new potato dishes. be that as it may. desserts. He was pieces of cloth) at certain hours. one of whom specialises in Chinese cuisine and who I trained intensively for three months for this competition. the Executive Chef of Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC). we Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). We were a team of five – me. and learn the finer techniques of cooking. I did not know what to expect for my interview with the awardwinning Chef Zainuddin Abu Hassan.

Chef Zainuddin prefers them to do something else. Below the section head is the Sous Chef and then the Chef de Partie who is like a supervisor. The turning point in his life came one day when this father of three flew back to Malaysia whilst on an overseas posting. Chef Zainuddin certainly has a lot on his plate especially with managing his staff. and glassware. “You must remember that you will have to start from scratch. Listen to your heads and your seniors and apply their advice in your cooking. If you are not ready to give up all this. Stewarding is very technical as you will need to understand the difference between chinaware. and stewarding. we will cook for 1000 first before cooking for the other 1000. butchery. otherwise he will only advice his wife on her cooking methods after she’s done cooking. amongst others. For example. listen. After that. China Treasures. just like me. a traditional garment.” he grins. “My son just completely broke down and sobbed and cried because he missed me a lot. listen.8 FEATURE STORIES Working in a Team at SDCC Being the Executive Chef of SDCC.” The Chef at Home So who’s the ‘Executive Chef’ at home? He laughs. It’s all about the teamwork. “I have eight section heads who are in charge of a kitchen each – Western. I returned to Malaysia and worked here for good. Look out for SDCC’s monthly Fete magazine where we publish our latest dishes as well as promotions for employees!” Editor’s Note: Food for thought. You must be ready to sacrifice your time and energy and give up the chance to indulge in hobbies. And listen. hollowware (dome food servers). I brief all of them daily to ensure that all deliverables are met. you might want to consider a different field instead. The Chef will cook when there is a family gathering. and more competitions. flatware (cutlery).” So what’s in store for us from this Chef Extraordinaire? “New menus. And you must remember to sometimes put aside rank and file and work together. Malay. when cooking in bulk.” This Chef can certainly whip up yummy food! Words of Wisdom He advises budding chefs to always be patient and to have to learn from their seniors. cold kitchen. “My wife. during his stint in Mecca Superbiker! Chef Zainuddin’s hobbies include travelling on his big bike in search of food and gastonomic delights The Chef (left) and his winning team with the dishes they created for the Battle of The Chefs 2011 . “Cooking involves a lot of sacrifice. It broke my heart when I held him. If we have 2000 guests.” While his children have all shown a keen interest in cooking. we will all work together to ensure that we cook it in portions first. Halia. You may bump into Chef Zainuddin at SDCC and he always appreciates feedback! The Chef wearing the ehraam. banquet. Not all kitchens have a Chef de Partie though.

handing out goodie bags to children from an orphanage who came to the open house More than 2. Chairman of Sime Darby with the President.000 people turning up. blue and purple) Minced Chicken Spring Onions Fried Shallots Tumeric Powder Seasoning (salt and pepper) Egg Wash Oil for frying 2kg (boiled and mashed) 300 gm 4 stalks 100 gm 50 gm to taste Method: Mix all ingredients except the egg to form dough. Sime Darby staff and their families helping themselves to the food Eid Mubarak to everyone at Sime Darby! A special recipe created by Chef Zainuddin US Potato Balls with Spring Onion Ingredients: US Potato (russet. The Friday evening event was for business associates while the Saturday Open House was for employees and their families. with about 9. Shape dough and mould into 30gm balls. The children received goodie bags whilst Sime Darby contributed RM20. Garnish and serve.000 guests thronged the Business Associates event. Dato’ Mohd Bakke Salleh. The attendance at the staff event was overwhelming. Orphans from Asrama Darul Falah were also feted at the event. Dip in egg wash. Deep fry till cooked.00 towards the running of the home. They were brought for an excursion to the National Science Centre before coming to the Open House at lunch.9 FEATURE STORIES Sime Darby’s Raya Open House The annual Sime Darby Hari Raya (Eid) Open House was held on 9 and 10 September 2011 at the Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC) in Kuala Lumpur. Serves 10 pax .000. which was a good opportunity to meet up business acquaintances and renew ties. Tun Musa Hitam.

academic scholars. The monumnet embodies the folktale of the magic bird of happiness who laid its egg in the crevice between two branches of a tree Sime Darby Lecture Series – His Excellency Shaukat Aziz The eighth lecture in the Sime Darby Lecture Series was eagerly awaited given the fact that the speaker was none other than His Excellency Shaukat Aziz. Mr. The WIEF brings together government leaders.wief. captains of industries. Aziz on stage with Tun Musa for the Q&A session . Kazakhstan. If you would like to attend future lectures in the series. Sime Darby was one of the main sponsors of this edition of the WIEF and our representatives were invited to the forum. Kazakhstan Sime Darby participated in the seventh WIEF that was held in Astana.org/ Bayterek. Aziz was invited to speak on “The True Costs of Terrorism: Can We Deal With It?” The lecture was held on the evening of 21 July 2011 at the Sime Darby Convention Centre. The 7th WIEF was a success and the Forum continues to grow as a platform that helps foster business opportunities for its various stakeholders. We were also given the opportunity to set up a booth at the WIEF exhibition. HE Shaukat Aziz speaking on terrorism at the Lecture Series The speaker began by relaying how he himself was once the target of a terrorist attack – a suicide bomber blew himself up next to the car Mr. a monument and observation tower in Astana. from 7 to 9 June 2011. keep an eye out for details that will be disseminated via the Sime Darby Enterprise Portal and e-mail. Aziz was warmly welcomed by Tun Musa Hitam. The audience listened intently to Mr Aziz and Tun Musa certainly had his work cut out for him when it was the Q&A session as many among the audience stood up to ask questions. After a cocktail dinner. regional experts. the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. who gave the opening remarks. Mr. More information of WIEF can be found at http://www. professionals and corporate managers to discuss opportunities for business partnerships in the Muslim world. The lecture was on a significant topic and it came at a relevant time. Mr. thus setting the pace for the talk. A short multimedia presentation to introduce the speaker and the topic was then played before Mr.10 FEATURE STORIES The 7th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Astana. Aziz made his way to the stage to speak. Aziz was travelling in.

Internal Communications is working together with Group IT to ensure that the next Townhall onwards will be accessible to more employees through more channels. and Dato’ Bakke and the other members of the senior management gamely took on the many types of questions that came along. Dato’ Mohd Bakke Salleh. About 700 employees were at the Sime Darby Convention Centre. while many others were able to follow the Townhall via webcasts at about 50 locations Group-wide. Dato’ Bakke then introduced the new Vision and Mission for the Group. China Singapore Pahang. and divisional visions.you will be kept posted. took to the stage to share the excellent performance of the Group with everyone. The twice-a-financial-year Townhalls have become an institutionalised channel for senior management to communicate with employees. and touched primarily on the way forward for their divisions.11 FEATURE STORIES The main event which was held at SDCC Shanghai. . and vice versa. Malaysia Our colleagues across the group following the live streaming of the townhall at various locations The Sime Darby Townhall The Sime Darby Townhall was held on 26 August 2011. teams and individuals were also highlighted during the Townhall. and it has come a long way from the first townhall held in April 2008. Examplary performances of divisions. Divisional Leaders spoke next. some cheeky and light-hearted. The Question & Answer session followed. the President and Group Chief Executive. mostly serious. and there were many such performances across the Group. This Townhall was held a day after Sime Darby’s results for the 2010/11 financial year was announced.

commenced operations in 1997 and recently assembled its 100. hosted an inter-division event that was attended by almost 200 staff from Plantation.. to get to know and interact with the colleagues from the Group in their region. on 25 June 2011.000th vehicle. Kedah. on 26 July 2011. Industrial and Property. Inokom is part of Sime Darby Motors and is principally involved in the manufacture and assembly of passenger cars. joy and laughter. The first Roadshow was held in conjunction with Inokom’s 2011 Annual Dinner.. inside and outside the office. where he goes to various operations across the Group to meet and speak with Sime Darby employees. It is to get employees of Sime Darby. adjacent to the Harvard Golf & Country Club. Seberang Prai in Penang. The second Roadshow was held at Sime Darby Property’s Harvard Suasana Hotel in Gurun. this Roadshow sparked a pleasant “side effect”: the networking opportunity strengthened existing relationships and also broke the ice to give rise to new friendships among those working in different divisions! The Roadshows are designed to allow Dato’ Bakke to share the Group’s performance and future aspirations. Malaysia greeting Dato’ Bakke Some of the Inokom employees who came for their annual dinner which also doubled up as the 1st Roadshow w .. has introduced ‘The Roadshow’. Look out for more Roadshows coming your way! The staff of Inokom put up a few entertaining performances at their Annual Dinner Employees who came for the 2nd Roadshow in Kedah. Dato’ Mohd Bakke Salleh. rally behind the Sime Darby brand. etc. The hotel. regardless of which division they come from or how long they have been with the Group. It is also borne out of a desire to see employees of Sime Darby. Motors. no matter where they work. Its plant in Kulim. 750 guests consisting of Inokom’s management and staff were joined by senior management of Sime Darby Motors and Dato’ Bakke in a night of celebration.while other employees President took the opportunity for a photo with the . light commercial vehicles as well as contract assembly. held at Sunway Carnival. Kedah.12 GROUP NEWS The Roadshow The President & Group Chief Executive of Sime Darby. The reason is simple – with a united workforce behind a single brand. Whilst some of those in attendance may have known colleagues working in the other divisions through business dealings. there is so much we can achieve. who worked in the Northern Region of Peninsula Malaysia.

500 employees turned up for the event. Dato’ Mohd Bakke Salleh and numerous other senior management members. a Malaysian favourite...13 GROUP NEWS Employees tucking in at the Buka Puasa.. Kudos to our colleagues at SDCC who outdid themselves with a fantastic array of food. it was one of those few occasions where colleagues were able to interact with those from other divisions.while other employees grabed a photo with the Chairman. The event was graced by Sime Darby Chairman Tun Musa Hitam.. Almost 1. Tun Musa Hitam . Satay. As employees across all divisions were present. board members. Buka Puasa Sime Darby hosted a breaking of fast event in the month of Ramadhan at the Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC) in Kuala Lumpur. being grilled over the fire outdoors .

When the inaugural GLC Open Day was held from 24 to 26 June this year at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. As the Prime Minister made his way to the booths after the opening ceremony. launched the Open Day. For the second year running. The BMW Motoradd S 1000 RR superbike on display was a crowd-puller as was the mini “shop” set up to sell edible products! Malaysia’s Prime Minister.000 people visited the Open Day over the three days. The Open Day was held to enable the general public and other visitors understand what GLCs are as well as introduce the products and services offered by the GLCs. information on all our divisions and a variety of products ranging from vehicles from Sime Darby Motors to Sime Darby Plantation’s juices. Sime Darby participated in Floria by displaying a floral landscape themed “Tropical Herbs & Roses”. Sime Darby was among the 23 GLCs participating.14 GROUP NEWS GLC Open Day 2011 Sime Darby is a Malaysian Government Linked Company. or GLC. At the end of the week long event. A rock garden and a wooden arbor were also erected and these enabled visitors to take a break while enjoying the view. we say a big thank you! The crowd visiting the Sime Darby booth at the GLC open day Alia from Group Communications was the only one allowed to rev the bike to welcome the Malaysian Prime Minister ‘Roses are Forever’ at Floria 2011 How often does a city drastically transform overnight? Putrajaya. This annual flower festival was a hit with the crowd that came a-visiting as it showcased the best of the Malaysian and international landscape and horticulture industry. It was a cleverly blended concept of an English garden infused with touches of tropical imagery. the seat of the Malaysian government. and to everyone who helped man the Sime Darby booth. using tropical plants. Dato’ Seri Najib Razak. recently underwent such a transformation and became a flower garden city for Floria 2011. Floria 2011 took place from 9 July to 17 July this year. Sime Darby won the Silver Award in the Corporate Garden category. This link is due to Sime Darby’s largest shareholder being Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) which is a Government Linked Investment Company. The Sime Darby booth featured. Congratulations to the team that worked on our garden – they can now lean back and smell the “roses”! Some of the flowers on display at the exhibition The Sime Darby garden at Floria 2011 with the cosy arbor as the main feature . among others. More than 30. Tun Musa Hitam and Dato’ Mohd Bakke Salleh were on hand to receive him at the Sime Darby booth.

and after checking into our rooms. Everything our group did was noted and we were given points or had points subtracted if we didn’t fulfill our tasks. Our first task involved group work – we barely knew each other but we worked together ensuring that our first task went smoothly. Most participants gave good feedback on the programme and after much phototaking and hugs. but it was worth it in the end! Our final night on Carey Island culminated with each team doing a skit which had all of us in stitches! Even the facilitators were “punished” and were made to dance for the CEP participants. I would certainly recommend the CEP to those who are thinking about it – you learn a lot. To sum it up. Over the next one week. with a limited budget.15 15 GROUP NEWS Core Executive Programme 1 (CEP 1) from the eyes of a participant by Komalam Kalimuthu On 11 April 2011. It was better than I expected. we left for our own homes. please call Noratikah Vehicle or Nuratiqah Zailan at +603 9207 2500 or log on to the Sime Darby Enterprise Portal> Human Resources> Corporate Education CEP participants packing goodie bags to be distributed to the children of the school . It also set the tone for the next two weeks as teamwork was always emphasised and we did everything as a group. It was fun in some ways. with added knowledge and new found friends. It was not just all work and no play – our facilitators made sure we had a fun warm up activity each morning that usually ended up with us giggling! Most of us went back home after the first week sessions ended and returned the following Monday for the second week. And so. It involved each team handling a “company” and each company had to market and sell their products based on “market feedback” on which was going to be more profitable. It was awkward initially. gladly all teams submitted their balance sheets on time and the winner was announced to cheers and whoops! We were also given a chance to talk about ourselves during the Presentation Skills class. My bags were packed for a two-week stay on the island. taxing in others. and you learn much from others. We were introduced to our facilitators and were then separated into two groups. we did some landscaping and stocked up on new books for the library. and also in stock was a whole lot of junk food (only much later did I realize that we were to be pretty well fed). This time around. a school located in Sime Darby Property’s Bandar Bukit Rajah township. as we were called. we learnt Process Simulation and Finance Simulation. we met again at the main hall. where the Sime Darby Plantation Academy (SDPA) is located. and the stories we heard either made us cry or laugh. Indeed. after two months. did the Myers Briggs personality test. It was hard work. balanced. we did foster a close bond and have kept in touch ‘till now. I received my CEP feedback. I also felt lost without my laptop and without good network connection for my phone! We were then divided into groups of six and were told that this would be our group for the next two weeks. having to meet so many new people and having to memorise all their names. or tracks. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Project. Upon arrival. well. I was going to be on Carey Island for the two-week Core Executive Programme (CEP) training organised by Sime Darby Corporate Education. Each of the tracks had its own facilitators and had its own training rooms as well. and learnt about Walmart’s strategy. I drove to Carey Island in Selangor. Many teams stayed well up into the night just to have the balance sheets. we were tasked with Project Management and Business Simulation which I personally found tough. we decided to beautify Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Bandar Bukit Rajah. in the two weeks we were together. the CEP for me was refreshing! For more information on the Core Executive Programme. and brought back fond memories of my stint in Carey Island. Hello Toilet Paper Ghost! Dressing up a participant as part of a break-time game As for me.

The indirect impact of renewed economic activity in the surrounding areas will be huge. We wish our SDP collegues in Liberia the best as they embark on full operations. had said the following in his opening address: “We believe in Liberia and its people.” . Joseph Boakai. Concurrently.000 people. offering significant savings in logistics and distribution. its first in Liberia. Vice President of Liberia. One for the camera! Excited children waving happily with the Sime Darby delegation Schoolchildren lining up to welcome the Sime Darby delegation to Liberia . and Bomi counties. will be added to the list. just as it does in Malaysia and Indonesia. The ceremonial planting of our first oil palm is testimony to our commitment to develop and nurture a mutually beneficial relationship between the Sime Darby Group and the citizens of the Republic of Liberia. was the guest-of honour at the ceremony.1 billion) in the next 15 years (2025). This figure is expected to rise to RM9. Chairman of Sime Darby. Sime Darby Plantation has to date invested RM50 million (US$17 million) in Liberia. The demand for palm oil is also expected to be robust in the foreseeable future due to global population growth.Tun Musa Hitam In the previous issue. was launched. and two other counties. where the Group’s Matambo Estate is located. we look a little deeper into the future of Sime Darby Plantation in Liberia and how this will benefit both the people of Liberia and the Sime Darby Group.3 billion (US$3. In this issue. Sime Darby Plantation would directly employ 35. Sime Darby Plantation’s Matambo Estate. Sime Darby Plantation planted its first oil palm in Liberia on 19 May 2011. Tun Musa Hitam. The ceremonial planting marked the commencement of large scale plantation activities by Sime Darby in the African republic. The Group’s interest in Liberia is to establish a fully operational upstream capacity in West Africa that would provide Sime Darby Plantation with greater access to markets on the Atlantic rim. primarily to establish and rehabilitate the infrastructure required to commence operations in Grand Cape Mount. we highlighted Sime Darby Plantation’s early activities in Liberia.” Once its entire concession area is fully operational. We will continue to ensure the land under our care is developed sustainably – that means Sime Darby will apply its best practices at its Liberian plantations. His Excellency Mr.16 PLANTATION Following Up On: Liberia “We believe in Liberia and its people. Gbarpolu and Bong. Europe and Africa.

Every sportsman and sportwoman walked away as a winner that evening. Franki Anthony Dass. The celebratory evening was made even more fabulous when Tony Warren. even at 65. Lady.17 PLANTATION SDGG 2010/2011 . 3rd and 4th in their events received RM100. To celebrate this success. dubbed “Sports Appreciation Night” on 10 June 2011 at the Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur in Glenmarie. The highlight of the evening was none other than the presentation of the SDGG Championship Cup to Mr. Mr. EVP Plantation Division. RM70 and RM50 each respectively. in addition to a certificate of participation. as well as hot numbers such as Sex Bomb.as one spectator gushed. there was thunderous applause for each team that contributed the maximum 10 points by becoming champions of their event. Tony’s got it all. finally earning bragging rights as the best amongst the Divisions in sports. belting out hits such as Delilah.a. It’s Strength and Unity Through Sports! These girls look happy. the Tom Jones of Malaysia. Green Grass of Home. congratulated all the winners and participants for taking part in the games and scoring a win for the Division as a whole. “He’s so hot and sexy. neatly packaged and delivered to his audience . gyrating and grinding to the beat of music and bringing squeals of delight from the audience. Those who finished as runners-up. a.” Big congratulations and Syabas to all Plantation players. The Division garnered a whopping 138 points in total for the 17 sports it had participated in.We Are The Champions! Plantation Division emerged as Champions of the Sime Darby Group Games 2010/2011.k. must be their victory! Tom Jones in the house! Muah! A kiss of happiness for the trophy . the division’s sportsmen and sportswomen were treated to a gala dinner. As the roll of honour was announced. Champions walked away with RM150 each and a certificate of participation. took everyone back into time with his wonderful crooning. At the appreciation dinner. with Plantation Division holding it proudly for the second year in a row. Anthony.

reusing and recycling. The same intention is met through the “Green Trail” Programme. Native tree species from the tropical rainforest are planted within buffer zones. Through the engagement and involvement of the employees with the communities. The 3R programme is designed to instill environmental awareness as well as to encourage all employees to incorporate a ‘green approach’ in their everyday activities through reducing. Planning for this Tree Planting initiative began in April 2011 when the need for a green lung in the area was recognised. While the immediate objective of this collaboration is to increase the green surroundings.18 PROPERTY “Shah Alam River & Tree for Life” Initiative Employees of Sime Darby Property continued the company’s pledge to the environment by planting more than 2000 trees in a voluntary effort towards conserving the earth’s resources recently in Shah Alam. some of the long term benefits include improving the air quality as well as conserving the soil and water of the area while generally providing a better living environment for the local community. stretching 3 km. The Sime Darby Volunteers Programme is conducted on a voluntary basis where the company encourages its employees to contribute their time and effort to a cause of their choice. linking them to a green network within these townships. green reserves and pocket green spaces. Shah Alam. where a significant number of trees are planted within Sime Darby Property’s townships with the long term objective of offsetting carbon footprints. The “Shah Alam River & Tree For Life 2011” initiative was co-organised by Sime Darby Property and the Shah Alam Municipal Council to help plant the trees along the Damansara Riverbank at Section 13. the group also assisted with cleaning up the surrounding area. the impact of its township development activities as well as issues on carbon sequestration are addressed by ensuring that a tree will be planted for each tree that is removed. Under the Tree-To-Tree Programme. as well as providing residents with a greener and more ecologically conscious environment. based on a choice of volunteer programmes available. Volunteers hard at work planting trees at the designated site Yay! We did it! The volunteers jubilant after a hard but fun day of work . In addition to planting trees. the company hopes to communicate the message that their employees’ contribution is valued and important towards creating a more sustainable society and environment. This initiative was the fourth under the Sime Darby Volunteers Programme that was launched in March of this year. Approximately 2000 saplings of local fruit trees were planted along the banks of the Damansara River. The company provides recycling bins in all its offices as well as promotes awareness through circulation of informative material. Other CSR initiatives by Sime Darby Property include the Tree-To-Tree and Green Trail Projects and the 3R programme. About 100 volunteers comprising employees from Sime Darby Property and various Sime Darby divisions gathered together with their families for this initiative.

the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) and the KLGCC Junior Golf Programme. “No. which featured the top 62 LPGA members from the LPGA Tour’s Official Money List. the Development Program is in its second year and is open to Malaysian female golfers who have a handicap of two and below. no. The golfers are also under the Malaysian Ladies Golf Association (MLGA). organisers of the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia. will continue to support the development of women golfers in Malaysia through the Sime Darby LPGA Development Programme 2011. the Development Programme aims to train promising women golfers for regional and local LPGA qualifying tournaments. hold the club like this” Held at Sime Darby’s Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) Golf Academy.19 PROPERTY Thumbs up after a day of golfing tips! The Sime Darby LPGA Development Programme Sime Darby and IMG. An initiative of Sime Darby in collaboration with the KLGCC Golf Academy. The programme also prepares players to qualify for the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia 2011. the Development Programme prepares local female golfers for the Malaysian Qualifier and tackles the challenging KLGCC East Course. Launched last year ahead of the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia 2010. Participants warming up before they begin their training session .

books and canned food to less fortunate. country. come all. set your balloons high! Sime Darby Property’s Family Day Fiesta It was truly a special day of fun and thrills for staff of Sime Darby Property when about 3.20 PROPERTY Come one. Dayang Nur Faizah. employees.000 employees and This lucky employee walked away with the “Where’s the target?” Dato’ Bakke and his wife their families attended the much coveted travel voucher gamely participated in some of the sporting activities company’s inaugural Family Day. with Mohd Jamal thank the employees of Sime Darby Property for what it with his rendition of Namamu Dibibirku and Shikin Suriani is today – a company to be reckoned with for its strong from KLGCC with Shakira’s Waka Waka in second and brand stature and a leading property developer in the third places respectively. children’s of themselves drawn and enjoying themselves being entertainment and celebrity performances! frightened in a “haunted house”. where employees set up clothes. While the employees competed among themselves in tele-matches like The Giant Slippers. Mr Zulkifli Tahmali. said that the Family Day was a celebration to with his rendition of Mengenangmu. tele-matches. Employees and their families were treated to 25 different kinds of food served at stalls spread across the venue all day long. The Family Day was officiated by Dato’ Mohd Bakke The main highlights of the day were performances by Salleh. getting their faces painted. representing Dato’ Abdul Wahab competition. Ainul Hezrin from KLGCC took the crown Maskan. 18 June 2011. having cartoon caricatures they enjoyed a full day of games. their children spent the day A charity run was stations to collect be donated to the with a lucky draw. Safari Stampede and Tug-of-War. Held at Bukit Kiara on Saturday. In his speech. also held. Head of Search and Sime Darby Property’s very own ‘Idol’ Property Development. President and Group Chief Executive of Sime celebrity artists Anuar Zain. The day wrapped up with gifts galore handed out to the . Amy Darby Berhad.

it was a memorable experience for these icons of women’s professional golf! Paula Creamer (3rd from left) and Natalie Gulbis (4th from left) posing with a cultural dance troupe in Sarawak. In the afternoon. Last year’s tournament was a fantastic event. a four-day exploration of the country’s natural. with a traditional Malaysian longhouse in the background “I am very much looking forward to playing in the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia 2011 in October. Their first stop was Labuk Bay in Sandakan.the Sarawak Cultural Village that showcases some of Malaysia’s cultural heritage. It was incredible to go to the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary. the American duo stepped away from the golf course and embarked on a whirlwind tour of Malaysia. in particular.” . and also shared their experiences of life on tour before returning to America. This trip has already been a real eye-opener to the wonders of Malaysia and I look forward to coming back in a few months for the tournament.” ~ Paula Creamer . All in. The duo conducted a golf clinic with promising young Malaysian female golfers at Sime Darby’s Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club on the fourth day.Natalie Gulbis Balancing on a suspension bridge can be tricky! “I’m so excited to be touring Malaysia and exploring the wonderful conservation projects led by Sime Darby. I’m really looking forward to being back in October for this year’s tournament. Day three saw the pair travelling to Melaka to experience the culture. They were making a commercial to promote tourism and the then upcoming Sime Darby LPGA in October. Sabah. The sanctuary not only caters for the Proboscis monkey but houses a large population of Silverleaf monkeys too. they visited the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary to catch a glimpse of the enchanting yet endangered man of the forest. The village is a living museum demonstrating the state’s bewildering ethnic diversity. Day two saw the pair journeying to Sarawak to experience the cultural side of Malaysia . Malaysian Borneo – a Proboscis monkey sanctuary deep in the rainforest. Fresh from the Women’s British Open. and great food of the historical city. history. especially to be there during feeding time! There’s so much to see here.21 PROPERTY Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis visit Malaysia Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer are two of the most instantly recognisable faces on the LPGA. It provided a great chance for the two friends to reconnect away from the intensity of competition. cultural and historical highlights.

Dato’ Abd Wahab Maskan. Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak (3rd from right) Program Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia launch Sime Darby Property is proud to partner the Malaysian Government in its efforts towards building quality affordable housing for the rakyat (citizens) through the Program Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (PR1MA – the 1Malaysia Housing Programme). elements of sustainability will also feature prominently in the entire development. Deputy Prime Minister. the Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia.800 students. Launched by the Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak in the administrative capital of Putrajaya on 4 July 2011. Sime Darby Property is the master developer and will develop a mixed project involving residential and commercial areas. Kota Elmina and Lagong Mas. Launch of Bandar Universiti Pagoh in Johor The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education together with Sime Darby Property launched the first phase of Bandar Universiti Pagoh (Pagoh University Town) with a ground breaking ceremony held in Pagoh in the state of Johor on 15 September 2011. was present at the exhibition that was held in conjunction with the launch ceremony to share with the Prime Minister the Group’s involvement in the programme. Bandar Universiti Pagoh will be completed in phases within a time frame of 10 to 15 years. These campuses will be able to accommodate 16. the maiden PR1MA project for Sime Darby Property. On display at the booth was the model of Bandar Ainsdale. PR1MA 1. help the government realise its aim of improving the quality of life of Malaysians. and is based on a “university town” concept involving a 4. four institutions of higher learning will be opening their campuses namely the International Islamic University of Malaysia. Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin. the Technology University of Malaysia. especially the middle class. a 550-acre township in Seremban. Negeri Sembilan. and create public spaces. Sime Darby Property will also be undertaking PR1MA projects in Putra Heights and Elmina East in the near future. the Managing Director of Sime Darby Property. The development will be self-sustainable and fullyintegrated. Sime Darby Property is confident that it will inject the right mix to complement and add to the vibrancy and conducive living environment of its existing communities. consists of 700 units for the public and 300 units for employees over 74 acres while PR1MA 2 consists of 1200 units for the public over 80 acres. Other sites identified in its townships for PR1MA include Ara Damansara. . Elmina West. the Chief Minister for the state of Johor. where 2. public amenities. The development will create a a communal environment which allows for greater student interaction. the Higher Education Minister of Malaysia. Through the PR1MA housing scheme.200 units of affordable landed strata homes will be built. There will be a sizeable water-body to enhance the area’s livability while promoting greater biodiversity. Under the first phase. the managing director of Sime Darby Property. was joined by Dato’ Abd Wahab Maskan. infrastructure and utilities. this initiative will. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who performed the groundbreaking. Bandar Bukit Raja. In line with the Sime Darby philosophy of Developing Sustainable Futures. and the Pagoh Polytechnic.22 PROPERTY Dato’ Abd Wahab (2nd from right) explaining the details of Sime Darby Property’s PR1MA to the Malaysian Prime Minister. in the long run. and Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. The first phase involves 202 acres and is expected to be completed by 2015.100-acre site which belongs to Sime Darby and where 1000 acres will be dedicated to developing the academic hub.

Tractors Malaysia brought its own marine engines experts as well as specialists from Caterpillar Marine Asia Pacific for a one-day Marine Cat Care Seminar that featured talks and an exhibition of Cat marine products and services. Mr. At the seminar. This award is given to a CEO who has demonstrated the ability to support. recently showcased their expertise and knowledge in marine engines to help customers optimise the performance of their engines. Customers viewing the demonstration on how to trouble shoot engine fault using Electronic Technician (ET) on a dummy engine A group photo at the end of the seminar . Tractors Malaysia. The event also serves as a platform to promote and recognise excellence within the HR profession in Singapore by highlighting leading organisational HR Practices and individuals. champion and endorse effective and innovative HR practices in the organisation that addresses both employee and organisational needs. was bestowed the Leading CEO Award. Product Support Marine and Training. Ng Pock Yin on his outstanding achievement! Mr Ng Pok Yin and his award. The CEO also has to demonstrate effective leadership and integrity in driving and sustaining diversity and flexibility in the organisation. the Customer Services Manager for Caterpillar Marine Asia Pacific. Congratulations to Mr. Congratulations! CAT Marine Engines Powered for the Best Caterpillar and its dealership in Malaysia. Gary Lee. Managing Director of Tractors Singapore Ltd. Present was Mr David Low.23 INDUSTRIAL Singapore HR Awards 2011 The Singapore HR Awards is an annual event organised by the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) to honour companies and individuals in their drive for impactful human resource strategies. Product Support Marketing. participants learnt how Cat marine engines could be maintained in top condition so that their vessels can stay at sea for long stretches to generate revenue. the Director of Branch Operations for Sime Darby Industrial who said that Tractors Malaysia and Caterpillar recognised the importance of being close to customers so that they could provide higher levels of product support and service. Caterpillar Marine Asia Pacific was present to showcase its Cat Marine Engines capabilities. Ng Pock Yin. It was attended by more than 40 vessel operators and privileged customers at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Subang Jaya on 26 July 2011. This year. was also present to tend to customers enquiries and helped to provide the participants with a better understanding of Caterpillar marine engines. The Marine Cat Care Seminar this year was a collaboration of Tractors Malaysia’s various departments dealing with Service.

everyone ended getting “free face whitening”! Winners were of course presented with attractive presents. Games and food stations were set up to raise funds for Tractors Singapore’s adopted charity. “A Day Out At The Bottle”. One of the more hilarious games involved picking as much cherries as possible out from a plate of flour without using hands . Stations were set up for the families to enjoy services such as manicure for the ladies and foot reflexology for the guys and many ‘enhanced’ their looks with temporary tattoos or had their faces painted. Bottle Tree Park. Staff and their families sportingly participated in the games and gave generously. The day ended with the finals of the Kinetic X-box competition where nimble participants ruled with their show of agility and great body coordination. Children and adults alike got to enjoy popcorn and candy floss and the “Ice-cream Man” made a welcome guest appearance. the plight of the less fortunate was not forgotten. Tractors Singapore Limited celebrated its Family Day on 25 June 2011 with “A Day Out At the Bottle. The competing finalists turned out to be a pair of brothers who happily brought home the coveted prize of an X-Box! It was indeed a fun day filled with bonding and future Family Days are already being talked about! Team spirit comes powdered! Teaming up for telematch! Let’s win this! . Yishun “Let me help you win!” Whilst the families enjoyed the activities. a rustic and serene natural getaway for families to wind down and spend quality time together. games and a repertoire of songs by in-house talents and many also participated in the Telematch games and Scavenger Hunt. Families were also entertained with interactive magic shows. Recreational activities were lined up throughout the day for staff and their families to revel in.” The name was apt as the event was held at Bottle Tree Park. The Assisi Hospice.24 INDUSTRIAL Tractors Singapore’s Family Day To promote work life balance and family bonding.

and commercial electric vehicles play a particularly important role as they are used for public transportation and day-to-day business operations. this industry-wide programme has served to honour worldwide outstanding sales performance among BMW and MINI dealerships from across six continents. was ranked first in the “Used Car Business” category in “Excellence in Sales 2010”. posing for a group photo. Mr. Mr.well done to the PPSL team!   . Sales and Marketing and patron of the competition. 16-seater light buses and 10-ton trucks for operational testing. At the exclusive Award Ceremony in the BMW Welt in Munich. JP. Peter Goh. the international dealer competition of the BMW Group. Here’s looking forward to a greener and cleaner Hong Kong! Performance Premium Selection Limited is the best BMW dealership worldwide in the area of “Used Car Business. Sime Darby Introduces Electric Vans and Trucks to the Roads of Hong Kong Sime Darby Hong Kong Limited joined hands with Britain’s Smith Electric Vehicles to launch the territory’s very first commercial electric vehicles officially licensed for road traffic. Managing Director. Member of the Board of BMW AG. PPSL was presented with the prestigious award by Mr. Sales and Marketing. Member of the Board of BMW AG. Richard Lancaster.” Performance Premium Selection Limited (PPSL). Managing Director of Performance Premium Selection Ltd. Managing Director. Sime Darby Hong Kong Limited. Group Finance Director. in   cooperation with the Hong Kong government. Both public utility companies have committed to procure more EVs for their operational requirements in Hong Kong. Electric vehicles are an efficient solution for a cleaner and greener Hong Kong. Environment Bureau.200 competitors from 30 countries across the globe. Edward Yau Tang-Wah. Hard work pays off . in the following categories: Customer Orientation. Secretary for the Environment. Power Assets Holdings Limited. Due to its outstanding performance. Mr Ian Robertson (extreme right).25 MOTORS At the launch were (from left) Mr. Mr. Mr. CLP Power Hong Kong Limited. is on the extreme left. marking a new era of reduced noise pollution and zero emissions within the transportation industry in Hong Kong. Foo Tee Boon. the private sector and the electric vehicle supplier. Smith Electric Vehicles Europe Limited. a premium pre-owned car dealership which is a subsidiary of Performance Motors Limited (the official distributor of BMW cars and motorcycles in Singapore). The two other finalists in the same category were from Colombia and the United Arab Emirates respectively. Manager of the Year. New Car Business.. Geoff Allison. featured here with Award Winners. Neil McGee. CLP Power Hong Kong and HK Electric are the first Hong Kong companies that purchased Smith EV vans. including 3-seater panel vans and 16-seater light buses. The launch took place on 25 May 2011. HKSAR. Used Car Business and After-sales Business. Mr. Managing Director. Ian Robertson. PPSL prevailed against approximately 1. Since its inception in 2008.

26 MOTORS Hyundai . Mr. The award was presented to HSDM by the Vice Chairman of HMC. Bhd. expressed their gratitude to HMC for the award and also to employees of HSDM who worked tirelessy to help the company achieve the award.Sime Darby Motors Awarded “Distributor of the Year 2010” by Hyundai Motor Company Hyundai . HSDM has a network of over 100 dealerships all over Malaysia and more than 10 3S (Sales.Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) was recently awarded the Distributor of the Year 2010 by the Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) for its qualified category. Congratulations to the HSDM team! Dato’ Lawrance Lee (centre) and Dennis Ho (right) accepting the award on behalf of HSDM   . The award was presented to HSDM as it had demonstrated the ability to increase Hyundai’s market share in Malaysia within a short period of time through its innovative services and creative marketing activities. Service and Spare Parts) centres in the country. Managing Director of Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors Sdn. Eui-Sun Chung. at the 2011 Global Distributors Convention that was held in Banff. Canada on 4th July 2011. Dato’ Lawrence Lee. Motors Division and Dennis Ho. Sime Darby’s Executive Vice President. The company is also focused on expanding its network of dealerships with more 3S Centres throughout Malaysia.

Managing Director of Sime Darby Motors as well as the senior management team from BMW China Automotive Trading Co Limited.000 square meters in size. Sime Darby Motors plans to invest in several more facilities in China in the near future. Tan Sri Wan Mohd Zahid Mohd Noordin. standing tall and proud in Chengdu Sime Darby Motors Opens One of China’s Largest BMW 4S Centres Sime Darby Motors continues to make inroads into the world’s largest and fastest growing automobile market by opening its 10th BMW 4S (Sales. to expand the brand’s presence in this mega-market. It features a two-level showroom with a total built-up area of 2. Its BMW dealership network in China is currently located in Guangzhou. Haikou. the company had recorded a 40 percent increase in sales. which enables it to display 20 units of new cars. Also present at the occasion was Tun Musa Hitam. Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sime Darby Motors. two service-only outlets and one showroom. meeting and discussion rooms and concierge services. Deputy Director. the Chengdu BMW 4S Centre is 26. Sime Darby Motors’ new BMW 4S Centre.. an Olympic and Asian Games Gold Medal Winner who hails from Chengdu. Jinniu District. Shenzhen. on 7 July 2011. Chairman of Sime Darby. it was focused on working closely with its principal. The BMW 4S Center is also equipped with the latest state-of-theart tools and equipment. and Systems) Centre. Built at a cost of RMB126 million (RM60 million). From the onset. Sime Darby Motors is one of the largest BMW dealer groups in the world. 8 units of used cars and 4 units of MINI at any one time. this BMW 4S Centre also has a 7. Owned and operated by Chengdu Bow Yue Vehicle Sales Co. BMW AG. lounge area. Today. expertise and support of the globally dominating BMW marquee. Chairman of Sime Darby Motors.27 MOTORS In addition. one of the largest of its kind in China. Spare Parts and Service.650m2. BPS (BMW Premium Selection) area. Shantou and Chengdu. The opening of the Chengdu BMW 4S Centre was officiated by Mr Hu Bin. this BMW 4S Centre also features modern architecture complete with a sales office. Its business strategy was to provide the best possible sales and after-sales experience for its customers. Since Sime Darby Motors moved its operations from its interim facilities to the new BMW 4S Centre in Chengdu in May 2011. Looking all sleek is one of the BMW 6Series on display at the new showroom One of the display areas at the 4S centre featuring toy vehicles as well as BWM merchandise . M lounge area. The Sime Darby Group has been in China since the early 1990s. leveraging on the strength. Changsha. Kunming. It is made up of 10 BMW 4S Centres.500m2 after-sales service area that currently houses 40 work bays with the capability of expanding to 90. Dato’ Lawrence Lee. Also present was Ms Zang Shan. which is a world leader in its class.

To celebrate the arrival of the new Range Rover. Capable of offering a luxurious yet dynamic of cultivating a discerning understanding of motoring and driving experience. To the keen eye. Performance Motors Limited (PML) launched the new generation of the BMW 6 Series convertible with a uniquely themed event at Singapore’s Reflections. Isn’t it just luxurious? Visitors checking out the new cars on display   . prominent society What a crowd pulller! The BMW 6 Series certainly had many admirers! figures and captains of industries among the guest list. silhouette were akin to the elegant design of a powerboat.   Latest 2011 Range Rover 4. with great food and great entertainment. The evening was indeed a showcase of exquisite cars. While the Clarissa Monteiro before the star of the event was guest list was diverse. it was a celebration of a marque that has so much history yet retains the unique ability to continuously set new benchmarks in the automotive world. as the aptly themed Power to Cruise event is delectable canapés served. Much more than just the launch of a new model. In between sipping champagne and savouring the Rightly so. it was certainly the common interest unveiled. The new 2011 Range Rover 4. Land Rover Malaysia invited their loyal customers and new prospects to a party unlike any other.6 LRTDV8. the new BMW 6 Series Convertible an appreciation of aesthetics and technical beauty that epitomizes the perfect partnership to an exclusive brought more than 200 guests to the charming waterfront lifestyle. The grand ballroom was transformed into the world of Land Rover to showcase the entire range of products available in Malaysia. The exclusive event counted loyal PML customers.4 Turbodiesel joins the Range Rover line-up in Malaysia Land Rover (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd unveiled the latest diesel-powered variant of arguably the most capable and luxurious sports utility vehicle (SUV) in the world on 23 July 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.4 LR-TDV8 turbodiesel replaces the previous Range Rover 3. the flowing lines outlining its enclave of Reflections. guests also enjoyed breezy a reflection of the inspirational source that spawned the jazz tunes belted out by local Singaporean jazz singer fluid design of the BMW 6 Series Convertible.28 MOTORS Performance Motors presents the new BMW 6 Series Convertible Billed as captivating from the inside and magnificent from the outside. Keppel Bay.

who managed to involve all available staff in this miniCSR activity. and the community also takes time to catch up with one another and mingle. Senior General Manager of SDE. The rewang-rewang saw approximately 150 employees and clients of SDE working hand in hand to prepare the feast for the Ceramah Perdana the following day. Tucking in after listening to the ceramah . walls and even the toilets. SDE Sime Darby Engineering (SDE) held its annual ‘Penghayatan Ramadhan Al Mubarak’ (Appreciation of the Month of Ramadhan) on 29 and 30 July 2011. Leading by example was Khun Sankar MK Samy. Despite their aching joints. then shared with everyone the true meaning behind the preparation to welcome Ramadhan and also the importance of humility and getting through the fasting month successfully. Guest of honour. the cleaning was completed and the temple grounds were tidy and clean. the Laem Chabang Power Plant Manager. Azmi Abu Samah. What a beautiful sight! Scrub-a-dub-dub! Volunteers hard at work scrubbing to keep everything clean in the temple SDE celebrates Ramadhan Al Mubarak Contributed by Noraini Paradi. The speaker at the Ceramah Perdana The next day. The fun-loving crew wasted no opportunity to inject some fun into their task and without knowing. Despite working tirelessly till midnight for the rewang-rewang the previous day. Mr. started the event with a short speech. this time to clean up a Buddhist temple in Laem Chabang.29 ENERGY & UTILITIES Laem Chabang Temple Clean Up Contributed by SDOM Thailand Sime Darby O & M (Thailand) recently completed another community project in May 2011. He hoped that the teamwork shown during the rewang-rewang will be inculcated into the everyday work culture of SDE. The two day event was split into rewang–rewang (communal work) on the first day and ceramah perdana (Keynote Lecture) the next day. everyone concluded the event in high spirits with great memories and bonds forged. The exercise started off early in the morning with a short prayer led by the temple monk followed by the cleaning of the temple grounds. This occasion is especially important as most of the preparation work is done during the rewang–rewang. Ustaz Haji Mat Isa Deraman. the Yassin recitation and Ceramah Perdana were held at the SDE foyer and at the Musolla Al Falah. The crew attacked every nook and cranny with vigour and did a stellar job scouring the altars. everyone left with a sense of satisfaction for a day of hard work and good karma! The Buddhist temple in Laem Chabang.

Students from Sekolah Seni Johor Bahru were also invited to perform a myriad of dances. Johor. Door gifts which included wall clocks and pen drives containing pictures of all SDE employees. SDE Sime Darby Engineering (SDE) hosted its annual Appreciation High-Tea to fete the unit’s staff that was part of the Energy & Utilities (E&U) contingent for the Sime Darby Group Games (SDGG) 2010/11. A total of 60 SDE employees were honoured at the event where they received Tesco vouchers and a certificate of appreciation for their participation. No one was sadder than me upon learning news of the sale. whose powerful vocals kept the audience mesmerised. Azmi Abu Samah.” That was also the sentiment echoed at Sime Darby Engineering’s (SDE) annual dinner held at The Zone Regency in Johor Bahru. sentiments and bittersweet memories as SDE celebrated its last annual dinner as part of the Sime Darby Group.Non- China Operations. Bringing the night to the end was a soulful rendition of the late Sudirman Haji Arshad’s “Salam Terakhir” by the employees. Wan Kamarulbaharin Wan Farid. Noor Aizat Hanzir from the Teluk Ramunia yard became the envy of everyone when he walked away with a scrambler motorbike worth RM4. The event was held on 29 July 2011 at the Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort in Pasir Gudang.2011).000 employees and their spouses. Malaysia on 2 July 2011. The dedication and sportsmanship displayed are truly qualities that deserve recognition. Dato’ Ir. President of SDE’s Sports & Recreation Bureau. Themed “Malam Retro – SDE Menggamit Kenangan 1983 – 2011”(Remembering SDE 1983 .” He encouraged all employees to look ahead positively. The high-tea was graced by Mr.30 ENERGY & UTILITIES SDE Takes A Walk Down Memory Lane by Maidatulakma Mohd Yunus The famous poet Oscar Wilde once said. “Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.500. the work yard and its surrounding areas and activities from 1983 to 2011 reinforced the employees’ sentiments towards SDE and the Sime Darby Group as a whole. departmental photos. asked all employees to enjoy the night. the Executive Vice President of Energy & Utilities Division . The dinner was an appreciation to employees who faced up to the challenges and pressures. Mr. ‘Andainya aku punya waktu Masih ku ingin mengulangi semula Saat indah bersama mu Sayang tak berkesempatan Abadikan saja salam ku di ingatan’ . Jauhari Hamidi. It was truly a night of mixed feelings. who was also the guest of honour. given the recent announcement by Sime Darby of the sale of SDE. The audience was pleasantly surprised next with the appearance of Ning Baizura.a chorus from ‘Salam Terakhir’ A Show of Appreciation for SDGG 2010/11 Participants by Noraini Paradi. one of Malaysia’s famed singers. E&U clinched third place in the SDGG. The highlight of the night was the lucky draw with 250 prizes to be won. Senior General Manager of SDE. the night was all about transporting oneself back to the glory days of SDE. . with SDE staff displaying outstanding performances and contributing significantly to the division’s overall position. The journey was especially poignant for the 1. Senior Manger Human Resource & Administration and Mr. In his speech. The E&U division is very proud of the unwavering support from SDE at the SDGG. Dato’ Jauhari also mentioned that SDE will always remain in his memory: “A large portion of my career was with the Oil & Gas industry and I had experienced so many challenges and seen the company expand and prosper. Selamat Omar.

Both the Medical and Programme (ETP)” of the Malaysian Government. The threeday exhibition and conference saw many participants from various areas of expertise ranging from clinical The Sime Darby Healthcare booth stands proud at the exhibition research to pharmaceuticals and medical facilities.31 HEALTHCARE The working committee taking the oppurtunity for a group photo with Raja Azlan Raja Azwa. who is also with other members on how all can play a significant role the Group Medical Advisor and member of the Board of and support all efforts being undertaken. the Managing Director of Sime Darby Healthcare Sime Darby Healthcare at the APHM 2011 Exhibition Sime Darby Healthcare (SDH) participated in the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia’s (APHM) International Healthcare Conference & Exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) from 6 . It also showcased Directors of Sime Darby Healthcare in his message said developments in the healthcare sector worldwide as well that healthcare in Malaysia today has been recognised as as provided a platform for discussions and negotiations a key sector of growth in the “Economic Transformation within the healthcare industry. understand and look at ways together APHM president Dato’ Dr Jacob Thomas.8 July 2011. . Education business units represented Sime Darby APHM has been organising the International Healthcare Healthcare and participated in the booth activities in the Exhibition and Conference on an annual basis in Kuala exhibition which was launched by the Malaysian Health Lumpur since 1993 and this conference and exhibition will Minister. Dato’ Seri Liow Tiong Lai help to recognize. coming together to share industry experience.

LED lights and by printing using solvent ink on recycled paper. eco-lamination. themed ‘Sime Darby Tomorrow’. The Malaysian Prime Minister. the region’s largest green exhibition and conference. highlighted developments. The IGEM Sime Darby Tomorrow booth was a product of the efforts of many individuals from across the Group. Sime Darby’s innovative booth. initiatives and application of green technology and eco-products from all Divisions in the Group. which was well- The booth received several notable visitors including the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.32 GROUP HEAD OFFICE A wide shot of the booth complete with display cars at the IGEM 2011 positioned at the connection of two main exhibition halls. organised by the Malaysian Ministry of Energy. several new business contacts were made and customer interest in Sime Darby’s green technology activities were generated. Dato’ Mohd Bakke Salleh International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia 2011 (IGEM 2011) Sime Darby participated for the first time in the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia 2011 (IGEM 2011). Also on display were Plantation’s initiatives on waste-to-wealth and bio-refining. intelligent grids and energy efficiency. members of royalty and chief ministers. Thumbs up from the personnel at the Sime Darby booth . sustainable houses and communities from Property. A Porsche Cayenne Hybrid strategically located at the front of the booth drew much attention. Importantly. The booth itself was constructed of sustainable materials such as palm-based eco-plywood. Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak. while Healthcare revealed the latest technologies being used in its current hospitals and future medical centres. Energy & Utilities exhibited sustainable solutions for resource efficiency such as integrated waste management. Special acknowledgement is therefore in order for SQM and R&D units from the Divisions for providing informative and compelling exhibition materials. and an Industrial showcase of Caterpillar parts-remanufacturing initiatives and Tier 3 ‘Green’ Engines. Green Technology and Water at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 7-10 September 2011. Sime Darby was honoured with a Commendation Award for booth design and recognised as one of the five best participants from the over 350 exhibitors and 600 booths. Although a newcomer to IGEM. eco-paint. receving a token of appreciation from Sime Darby President.

and user support and communication. data security and privacy. The affordability and technological advances of smartphones. Lotus Notes Traveler (LNT) was introduced in Feb 2011 to extend our corporate email. Lotus Notes. Today. it is important to understand how mobility has evolved and where the future of this technology is headed if enterprises want to take full advantage of this global phenomenon. and on top of access via PC clients. The solution spans connectivity options in 160 countries. a mobile device management tool (that is capable of managing both company issued and personal owned mobile devices regardless of platform). Intel changed its policy for mobile access to corporate data from employeeowned smartphones. The statistics are startling. Since its inception over the last six months. Regardless of where employees connect. 90. At present. In 2002. calendar and contacts access to these devices. Sime Darby’s mobility strategy and future plans Moving forward. network tier-ing and access. Users not only make connections while on the road. Currently. The Business Impact of Mobility The growth of mobility is unquestionable and companies cannot afford to underestimate its impact on their business. In 2009. reliable connection. Studies reveal that organizations that can leverage mobility – by re-tooling their internal workforces and redefining their business-to-consumer models that will be in a powerful position to improve employee efficiency and influence consumer behavior. employees can access the system by phone while on the road. enabling access to corporate e-mail. Another example is Continental which deployed a combination of mobile office service integration with a VPN client solution in 2011. Our goal is to provide an open yet secure mobile computing environment for easy access to our corporate information and applications to deliver business value. has been provided through company owned desktops and laptops. and has changed the way we do business. for example at airports and remote sites. mobile workforces and consumers alike have unprecedented access to information. LNT adoption rate has been steadily growing at about 20% each month with 761 users at present (August 2011). Today’s working environment has changed significantly and is expected to change much more. These policies amongst others would be covering asset and usage. Mobility in Sime Darby Since the mid 90’s. mobile business application management (for employee.000 Wi-Fi hotspots and wired broadband locations. calendar. which allowed them to take control of mobility management and mobile costs. it’s easier than ever to make a secure. directors and later extended to selected middle managers. As the use of personal smartphone and tablet computer increases amongst our employees and unlimited internet data plans and WIFI become more widely available. Group IT is working to formalise and communicate a set of mobile policies to all users. we are building a mobility strategy that encompasses the following areas –more choices for company issued smart phone devices. without the need to set up or log in to multiple software clients or systems. Blackberry devices were introduced for senior management. tablets and other devices are allowing us to perform most of our duties from remote locations and even while commuting between destinations. An example of a global organiation that is pushing the boundaries in mobility is Intel. 3G mobile broadband connectivity in seven countries with comprehensive management functionalities. where Intel estimates reduction in USD$1 million in costs related to legacy voicemail systems. Adoption rates of mobile technology among global businesses are also high. it is estimated that more than one billion individuals worldwide use mobile devices to connect to the Internet. Intel deployed Unified Messaging (UM) to increase work productivity. customer and business partner applications) and the appropriate mobile security policies to protect our corporate data. but they are also using the mobility manager to connect wirelessly at home and to their office’s WLANs. With this in mind.33 GROUP HEAD OFFICE Mobility Strategy for Work Productivity and Business Value A Technology on the Move… With the extraordinary growth in usage of devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Please expect surveys and interviews from Group IT in the coming months to gather more information on our employee and business mobility requirements. Increased accessibility to information and the internet with ease has allowed us to communicate and collaborate from anywhere and anytime. and contacts on handheld devices that passes security compliance qualification. Group IT Let’s Make IT Your Only Business Partner . accessibility to the corporate email system. Industry analysts predict continual and explosive growth in the future. Continental users now have a single interface through which they can easily and quickly access corporate information from anywhere. there are about 920 Blackberry users representing about 6% of group wide email users.

The activities and materials used in the assessment are customised to Sime Darby’s leadership competencies and core values.azmin@simedarby. role play. followed by additional input by the respective reporting managers. In Sime Darby. which are conducted at both Division and Group levels. The discussions in the Talent Review are focused around which talents should be in the top talent pool and determining the right sort of development interventions to be prescribed for each of the talents discussed. competency based interview and personality test) designed to measure one’s leadership potential. Employees are encouraged to take greater ownership of their own career development and actively seek feedback on their performance. please contact Megat Kamil Azmin: megat. For employees. it is imperative for them to be aware of the talent management process and how it relates to their own performance and career development. For queries/feedback regarding the Talent Management Framework .34 GROUP HEAD OFFICE Talent Management in Sime Darby People make the difference. This is targeted at providing the talents with greater self awareness of their own development areas as well as their strengths that they should leverage on further in order to maximise their potential. I nt eg Business Strategy Business Results sp Retain ons Develop ibility rit . developing talents. The talents who go through the development centres are also given developmental feedback based on the results of the development centre.HR activities are driven by business needs Business Needs Business Requirements Talent Identification career highlights.E Talent Profile capturing key Talent Pool Talent Review Review and endorsement of Top Talent list Succession Readiness discussion Indiviual Development Plan Career Management Overview of the Sime Darby Talent Management process . This is followed by a formal assessment via a development centre. a key objective of talent management is succession planning and establishing a strong leadership pipeline. It is with this belief that Sime Darby puts great emphasis on Talent Management. Talent Management in Sime Darby is focused around several key areas and these in turn are driven by the organisation’s business strategies and organisational needs. In general. It is common knowledge that teams with the best people perform at a higher level. in order to deliver the results to the business and provide value to our shareholders. these would enable the organisation to harness our greatest asset. Attract es . whereby each shortlisted talent is put through a series of activities (case study. The key focus areas in our Talent Management process are: attracting talents. The first step involves applying a series of filters to clearly identify the high performers (sustained performance ratings of 4 and above in the past 3 years). getting the talents to perform to their potential and retaining talents. kamil. The output of this development centre is used as the main reference to discuss the talents in the bi-annual Talent Reviews. Successful organisations know that exceptional business performance is driven by superior talent. aspirations Shortlist of Top Talents: & interest 1st filter : Assessment of Performance 2nd filter: Assessment of Potential by Manager Assessment of Leadership Potential Talent Key Objective: Strong Leadership Pipeline nt erp Perform ri s e . there is a clear process in place to identify the talents that will form the leadership pipeline. our people. In total.com. the Talent Management framework is aimed at developing and getting the best performance from our employees. nc e Talent Management Cycle .R pect & Re Excelle y. strive to realise their full potential and take advantage of the development activities that are currently available in Sime Darby to continue to grow within the organisation. More specifically.

Syrizatul Azwa Karim / syrizatul. enabling central management and strategic planning of our travel spend and activity • Better control.karim@ simedarby. assist and evacuate employees involved in a crisis. Service delivery and service level agreements are governed centrally with the customer. Going forward.azwa. with Malaysia chosen for the first phase of implementation. See you during our deployment road shows! Your primary contacts at Group Procurement on this initiative are: (1) Ms. The benefits of managing travel spending globally can be substantial and the Return on Investments (ROI). significant. A TMC is a global travel management entity which has the expertise and assets to help manage customer travel activity both locally and globally through central coordination. OPERATING MODEL WITH TMC PARTNER Travel Management Company (TMC) Global Travel Agent Partners Contracted Relationship Contract/SLA Defined Travel Management Services Systems.com Othman / asmawatti. It serves customer needs globally by partnering with selected travel partners in the countries where they operate. and where necessary. especially conglomerates and multinational companies. creation of visibility and control. management and tracking through electronic travel warrant approval Improve Policy and Compliance • Group Travel Policy Refinement and Deployment • Travel Policy Monitoring and Compliance Management • Change Management Improve Safety and Security • Travel tracking system with the ability to highlight potential risks (political or climate). Group Procurement recently took the initiative to study the requirements of the Group and kick start travel management within Sime Darby with the appointment of a Travel Management Company (TMC). the coverage of the TMC will be extended to cover the entire Group operating in other parts of the world. hotels and other travel related spend elements to obtain best value Improve Travel Spend Visibility and Ease of Approval • Improved visibility and tracking of travel spendfor analysis and financial management. help locate. The TMC will be able to provide many value added services which will contribute to the following benefits: Service Level Improvement • Consistency and improvement in service delivery across the Group governed by clearly defined service level agreements • Improved process efficiencies through streamlining of demand Drive Value Creation • Leveraging the Group’s spend volumes with airlines. cross boundaries.com Please contact Group Procurement if you have any queries on this initiative. the need for global business travel becomes more frequent and crucial and this results in substantial spending. The TMC’s coverage is not limited to local travel.35 GROUP HEAD OFFICE Travel Management in Sime Darby “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Asmawatti simedarby.othman@ (2) Ms. A rigorous tender exercise was conducted with the involvement of 19 representatives from the Divisions to select a suitable TMC vendor.” – Lao Tzu As businesses. Tools & Reporting Value Creation Travel Policy Management Strategy Development Ticketing (Air. On 10 August 2011 BCD Travel (whose Malaysian partner is PST Travel Services Sdn. Bhd. Rail & Others) Accommodation Ground Transportation Car Rentals Other Service Level Agreement (SLA) defined service delivery Motors Industrial Property Healthcare GHO & APS Plantation Energy & Utilities Centralised travel management Travel Service Delivery performance is monitored and managed by having a single contracted relationship . many businesses today are beginning to manage their travel spending beyond their local boundaries to meet their global needs. We look forward to the successful deployment of the TMC programme across the Group and enabling improved value and benefits to be reaped as outlined in this article.) was appointed as the Group’s corporate travel service provider with effect from 15 August 2011. Taking cognisance of this.

Selangor Ramadhan month is a busy month for this school and it was made more meaningful with the contributions and visits by various external parties such as Sime Darby Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Batu. Kuala Lumpur Our camera was lucky to capture the gleeful smiles of these girls during the Sime Darby Ramadhan event at their school Rumah Amal Nur El Amin. homes and individuals across Malaysia and shared the spirit of Ramadhan with them. Selangor The children of Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari dressed up in their baju Melayu for an event sponsored by Sime Darby Plantation’s Sports & Recreation Council and GCSR Kuala Lumpur General Hospital . Sime Darby’s Head of CSR . Kuala Lumpur In hope of bringing cheer to junior patients of the Paediatric Institute. assisted by Nadiah Hanim. Rawang. With this in mind. We dedicate this page to showcase a few homes and organisations who welcomed us with open arms throughout the month of August. we distributed ‘duit raya’ (pocket money) bed-to-bed Maahad Tahfiz Al-Kholidi. generosity.Paediatric Institute. families. Kedah The future “haafiz” (one who memorizes the Quran) rounding up for a group photo in front of their school after a CSR activity Sekolah Menengah Islam Al-Haj.36 GROUP HEAD OFFICE “Charity is a virtue of the heart” Sime Darby’s CSR during Ramadhan The holy fasting month of Ramadhan is a time for. Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari. Subang Jaya. giving and remembering those who have less than us. amongst others. Group Corporate Social Responsibility (GCSR) visited children. Selangor The kids helping themselves to the buffet spread during the breaking of fast. Rawang. It is hoped that this Ramadhan is the beginning for us to continually give.

West Wing at Wisma Sime Darby. the Sime Darby art collection was assessed and 29 pieces were identified to undergo a restoration process that aims to preserve the paintings. conserving our artistic heritage Did you know Sime Darby is in possession of exclusive artworks by some of Malaysia’s renowned artists such as Ibrahim Hussein. bread. Renate Kant and her two assistants were flown in instead to restore the artwork from an 8ft scaffolding constructed at Level 21. the Living in a thriving metropolitan like Kuala Lumpur can be capacity and the opportunity. Malaysia. Especially so for the economically be assured of having meals on the table tomorrow. EVP Human Resources is seated to the right of the Minister such as rice. Sime Darby has teamed up with the MyKasih Foundation for a food aid programme called ‘Jalinan Ikhtiar’. Ms. Restorating the art. We also look forward to engage these families through supplementary programmes to ensure Sime Darby’s support goes far beyond the dinner table. perhaps more families will financially demanding. Khalil Yusof and Hussein Enas. Mr Zulkifli Zainal Abidin. take a moment to appreciate these masterpieces! The experts from atop the scaffolding hard at work restoring ‘Journey to Infinity’ by Ibrahim Hussein at the headquarters of Sime Darby . It is designed to eventually help them break free from the poverty cycle and give them hope for a better future. cooking oil. This includes the oversized ‘Journey to Infinity’ – a 1983 masterpiece by Ibrahim Hussein displayed above the entrance of Level 21. Since the early 1990s. On 8th August 2011. This method not only enables a direct and cashless transaction to take place but also allows a more transparent and secured contribution system. the ‘Jalinan Ikhtiar Programme’ was launched by the Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing. In our efforts to contribute towards developing a sustainable future. challenged families living in urban areas struggling to Making a difference. Selangor. Technology has so much potential to change people’s lives. Keep your eyes out for volunteer opportunities under this programme. milk. Due to the enormous size of the painting which ruled out the idea of sending it to the The Renate Kant Studio in Singapore. Dato’ Raja Nong Chik at Brem Mall in Kepong. The programme works by simply crediting a stipulated amount into the MyKad (the Malaysian Identity Card) of the beneficiary family’s domestic head. the materials used for the painting by the original artist was analysed and determined to match the curative measures. was appointed to restore the artworks. Following this. 100 families at a time make ends meet. damage was then assessed and documented. Sime Darby has established a discerning fine art collection which has decorated the walls of various Sime Darby offices all over the world. The credited amount would The families and children of the ‘Jalinan Ikhtiar’ Programme with the Minister (seated allow them to purchase selected essential items centre) during the launch. along with many other post Merdeka (Independence) artists.37 GROUP HEAD OFFICE The food aid programme is part of the ‘Love My Neighbourhood Programme’ launched by the Malaysian Prime Minister that aims to assist and transform economically disadvantaged families through financial awareness. For employees of Sime Darby. especially the art aficionado. health awareness and tuition classes for the children of the beneficiary families will be open for Sime Darby volunteers to reach out and do your part. In 2009. skills training and education. The conservation of the artwork proceeded like a doctor treating a patient. First. Workshops and sessions on financial literacy. Sime Darby signed on for a one-year sponsorship agreement to support 100 low income families in the Jalan Ipoh and Keramat areas in Selangor. to name a few? These artistes. sugar and flour at participating retailers with installed computerised purchase terminals. The Renate Kant Studio under the supervision of Ms Renate Kant. The entire restoration process was carried out with delicate care in order to protect and stabilise the original artworks with minimal changes. a precise examination was made. have shaped and invigorated the art landscape of the nation. the next time you walk past the paintings that adorn the walls of Sime Darby offices. Given the right technology and usage.

500 or less. Hong Kong and Singapore. Chairman of YSD. the Hitam.000. For the YSD Bursary Programme. University of Manchester (all UK) and University of California. Putrajaya was flagged off by Tun Musa Hitam. who received scholarships under the YSD Excellence Scholarship Programme.392 scholarships worth over RM130. have been accepted to some of the world’s top universities in the United Kingdom and the United States.040 to assist students with disabilities and from low income families. Under the YSD Skill Enrichment Programme. Tan Sri Wan Zahid said YSD consistently places emphasis on its Education pillar which aims to promote educational achievements at various levels of education. attracted approximately 500 participants including Malaysian track cycling star Azizulhasni Awang. In his speech.38 YAYASAN SIME DARBY The Yayasan Sime Darby Excellence Scholarship Programme The students received their scholarship awards at a special ceremony held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre in Bukit Kiara.86 million worth of scholarships to 92 individuals to pursue higher education in various Malaysian and overseas universities as well as undergo various vocational courses. The remaining students come from low income families with a household income of RM2. Tun Musa Malaysia’s national cyclist. Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Fifteen of them. The YSD Skill Enrichment Programme emphasises educational assistance to students from low income families whose household incomes are RM2. a Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) charity event to raise funds for Tabung Leukemia YSD was eligible leukemia patients. The fund was set up administrative capital of Malaysia.98 million worth of scholarships were awarded. (MNCF).000 each . Ten students will pursue their undergraduate studies at Malaysian universities. Eligible patients will be able to enjoy subsidised. Sime Darby Nursing and Health Sciences College and Sime Darby Industrial Academy. RM1. Selangor. Imperial College London. This is in line with YSD’s efforts to identify and nurture a pool of high calibre future leaders for the Sime Darby Group globally.the to benefit leukemia patients charity cycling event. and from 2012. September 2011 and succeeded in raising year by its patron. For more information on YSD scholarships. was held on 24 launched on 30 March this Tun Musa Hitam with Azizulhasni Awang. These include Cambridge University. do visit www.000 for the charity ride. organised with the in Malaysia who are between the ages of 13 and 72 and are support of the Malaysian National Cycling Federation in dire need of bone marrow transplants.500 or less monthly. The charity ride around picturesque (SDMC)’s Blood Diseases Centre in Subang Jaya. Since its inception in 1982.000 in Charity Ride Cycling For A Cure. while 54 students will pursue diploma and technical certificate programmes. the scholarship programme has been extended to Indonesia. University of Bristol. Currently.com Congratulations to the recipients of the YSD scholarship! In early September. The YSD Scholarship Programme focuses on individuals with outstanding academic achievement and strong leadership qualities. The Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia and Auto Bavaria contributed RM15. Two of the 11 recipients are physically disabled while one is hearing-impaired. Kuala Lumpur from YSD Governing Council Member. the London School of Economics.000 each while TM contributed RM10. yayasansimedarby. Held in Putrajaya. who is the ambassador for Tabung Leukemia YSD (YSD comprehensive treatment at Sime Darby Medical Centre Leukemia Fund). The vocationally inclined and financiallyconstrained students will pursue diploma or technical certificate programmes at the Sime Darby Plantation Academy. the Foundation awarded bursaries totaling RM692.9 million. Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) awarded RM13. Yayasan Sime Darby raises over RM125. Wan Zahid Mohd Noordin. YSD has awarded a total of 1. Berkeley (USA). Sime Darby Industrial and Sime Darby Motor Division also contributed RM 5. will be extended to China and Liberia. at the event over RM125.

Sime Darby FC managed Sime Darby FC captain Mohd Nor Ismail preparing to take a shot at goal in this Malaysian Cup match against Negeri Sembilan to turn heads in the Malaysia Cup with some brave performances against their much fancied opponents and became the neutral’s favourite as they showed impressive progress so early in their existence. For the Malaysia Cup. by trouncing top.tier Super League outfit Pahang 6-0 via a two-legged playoff. Sime Darby were grouped with FA Cup champions and Super League runners-up Terengganu. Although Sime Darby FC failed to progress beyond the group stages.an admirable feat for a two year old team! Sime Darby FC then qualified for the Malaysia Cup.39 SPORTS Sime Darby FC It was definitely a challenging sophomore season for Sime Darby FC in the Malaysian Football League! Established last year and winning the third tier FAM League with an unbeaten record in its maiden season. in such a short span of time. the experience gained by playing in this tournament will stand the team in good stead as they prepare for next year – with the aim of getting promoted to the Super League at the end of the season! Kudos to Sime Darby FC’s team management who have nurtured a young team into a formidable unit. the team had a rough start in the second tier Premier League this season. They found their rhythm soon enough and finished the season in fifth place. winning ten and drawing five of their twenty-two league games . A special note of appreciation to all the fans who have supported the team from the stands we hope to see you and many others at the stadium next year! Rising star Mohd Shukor Saidein performed exceptionally well at midfield during the Premier League and Malaysia Cup competitions WELL DONE SIME DARBY FC! The Sime Darby FC team . 2009 Malaysia Cup champions Negeri Sembilan and 2011 Premier League Champions Selangor PKNS. which is the longest running football competition in Asia and participated by the top teams in the Malaysian Football League.

let’s hope for good sportsmanship and surprises along the way! Division Property Industrial Energy & Utilities Plantation Motors Group Head Office Healthcare Points Bowling 2 11 8 6 4 2 2 Pool 10 1 1 7 1 5 3 Darts 10 5 7 1 3 1 0 Overall Points 22 17 16 14 8 8 5 The points tally after the first three events of the SDGG 2011/2012 . Property defended their Darts title with an emphatic win over Energy & Utilities in the final. Selangor. or blue team. Pool and Darts tournaments taking place in October. The quest to become overall champions for this financial year’s edition of the Group Games has thus begun! Bowling kicked-off the season. Noor Aizat Hanzir of Energy & Utilities ‘A’ and Noohazlina Zakaria of Plantation ‘A’ emerged champions of the men’s and women’s individual categories respectively. Industrial ‘A’ became champion’s of the Team category. With more than 10 titles still up for grabs. The Pool and Darts tournaments were held at the Century Club located at the Summit USJ. followed by Industrial in third. Kuala Lumpur. and Motors fourth. followed by Energy & Utilities ‘A’ in second and Plantation ’A’ in third. Property again showed their prowess as they finished champions of the Pool tournament by beating Plantation in the final. The Lawn Bowls and Sepaktakraw tournaments are next on the calendar in November and December. and in the tournament held at the Megalanes Endah Parade in Sri Petaling.40 SPORTS The Sime Darby Group Games 2011/12 The Sime Darby Group Games 2011/2012 got off to a rousing start with the Bowling. giving the other teams ample time to prepare Go Orange Team! (or green team. followed by Group Head Office and Healthcare in third and fourth places respectively. or yellow team?) Knock ‘em down! to catch up with early pace setters Property.

communities rejoice as they celebrate festivities that are of importance to them. The advertisements above are a selection of those that appeared in Malaysian newspapers over the course of the year to convey Sime Darby’s Chinese New Year. Malaysian Independence Day and Deepavali greetings.i Ch ne se N ew a Ye r w ai y Da Ga ia ys la ay a M eD r & nc t Fi pe ul e d Ind Ei n a av ep li De Around the world. Gawai Day. . Eid-ul-Fitr. These advertisements highlighted the importance of harmony and oneness with nature. We are reproducing these advertisements here for your viewing pleasure.

in conjunction with the 54th Merdeka (Independence) celebrations.Wisma Sime Darby. Sime Darby . decorated with the Malaysian flag. the headquarters of the Sime Darby Group in Kuala Lumpur. Photo by Wan Norashikin of Group Communications.

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