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Adam was recently caught with his pants down, after a trouser malfunction on the red carpet premiere of his latest film!

Adam’s acting shows full force throughout.

The symbolic relevance of this film is undeniable.

Just an example of how impacting the shot’s are.

PASSION OF A BLEEDING ROSE OH no he didn’t! ceptional in the sense of it I have always been a fan
of the british films and i have always loved short films, this is both rolled into one emoA salute to British t i o n a l joyride. filmakers all round The film, directed by Sam Becket- human psyche’. Although tbrought together an excel- the camerawork can be lent cast of editors, seen as a little amateuriscameramen and actors tic the editing that glues it and put together a film altogether is somewhat exwhich is a definition of a travagant with quick camsuper short. The titles look era changes and sound more like they belong on a bridges e.t.c. The acting is romantic jane austen flick, also awesome with Debbut they are well made and bie sweet still showing she full of quality. The plotline is top of her game, as the is ‘out there’ but can it be seen as too far? This journalist thinks otherwise, as it is boundary pushing and shows a true in depth view o f is adventureous and ex-

ill mother ‘Rose’, however Mitchel surplice of GLAM all eyes on Adam Holland productions said ‘the film compelling and as ‘Chris’ the stressed was young adult who shows his sucked him inside this emotional truth worth, c o m i n g True in depth rollercoaster’. will from stage view of human GLAM, heated have to film in his competition for debut to the psyche´ awards this masses, and boy does he debut! . year with their new film ‘On The film not only has mod- the edge of love being reern day relevance but leased next month. An exgives an insight into the life cellent Film that didn’t troll of a young carer and the me... except for that whole stress he carries with him paralell universe thing. every day and what could happen to a weaker per- Passion of a bleeding roseson at breaking point. The out now. dir- sam beckett. film also contains a lot of produced by binary producsymbolic code such as the tions starring adam holland ‘Keep calm and carry on’ as chris. teacosi andthe relevance of the roses throughout. By Joshua Clarke


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