California Classics: Film Studio's and UK ditributors Film Point Break Top Gun Vertigo Escape from Alcatraz

Chinatown Lost Boys Bullit Rebel without a Cause East of Eden Milk Pretty Woman Sideways Terminator 2

Solar Productions Warner Brothers Pictures Warner Brothers Pictures Focus Features (presents).Classics: Film Studio's and UK ditributors Production Company JVC Entertainment Networks (in association with) Largo Entertainment Paramount Pictures Alfred J. Pacific Western (as a Pacific Western production). Penthouse. Long Road Productions (copyright holder) Warner Brothers Pictures Warner Brothers/Seven Arts. Silver Screen Partners IV Fox Searchlight Pictures (presents). Sideways Productions Inc. Jinks/Cohen Company Touchstone Pictures (presents). Axon Films (in association with). Michael London Productions. Groundswell Productions. Malpaso Company. Hitchcock Productions (uncredited). The (as A Malpaso Company/Siegel Film) Paramount Pictures (as Paramount). Canal+ (presen T2 Productions (uncredited) . Carolco Pictures. Lightstorm Entertainment (in association with). Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures (presents).

Rights if different RGM Media (Sold rights for remake to Alcon Entertainment) Paramount Universal Paramount Paramount Warner Warner Warner Warner Focus Features Disney/Touchstone Fox Searchlight Lionsgate .

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