Odontología English Manuel Bordes Monmeneu Read and write a dialog between doctor and patient for homework

using the frases and vocabulary contained. -Dr.Martin: Hellow Robert -Robert: Hi Dr.Martin, how are you? -Dr.Martin: Fine thank you, and you? How can I help you? -Robert: Ohh!!, I`m a little sick Dr.Martin -Dr.Martin: Tell me Robert, what do you feel? -Robert: I have a head ache, and yesterday I feel so bad at night, I didn´t sleep well, and I have sore throat. -Dr.Martin: Ok, let´s see what you have, I´m going to examine you, please open your mouth, let´s see........Ohhh!!!, you have tonsillitis, -Robert: What? -Dr.Martin:Yes, you have tonsillitis, Tonsillitis is an inflammation o of the tonsils, I should operate you. -Robert:Ohh!! No..... -Dr.Martin: Don´t care men, it`s an easly operation, don´t worry, you should relax -Robert: Ok, Doctor, but please help me, I feel so bad -Dr.Martin: don´t worry men, it´s a very simply operation, and you’ll be fine in a few weeks. -Robert: Ohhh, Thank you Dr.Martin. -Dr.Martin: don´t care, it´s my work

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