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Published by: Ndizeye Amani on Mar 30, 2012
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A conversation with my atheist friend

By Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud

Religion and evolution.Why did God create evil? 4. Mostafa Mahmoud .The spirit.What about those unreached by the Quran? 5. A conversation with my atheist friend -2- By Dr. 16.S.Table of Content 1.'A.We won worldly happiness and you got delusions. 2.Doubts. 14.Islam and women. 13. 8.Is pilgrimage a pagan rite? 11.The meaning of religion.Could Mohamed be the author of the Quran? 12. 18. 9. why should he judge me? 3. 10.The Quran did not come from a human.The miracle.H. 17.The conscience.If God preordained my deeds.Paradise and Hell 6.K.Is religion an opium? 7.There is no God but Allah. 19.He begot none nor was he begotten. 15.

In this manner.. to come back to discuss this issue from Quranic and scientific perspective . written in a microscopic cellular space of 3 milliard chemical letters about the fate of everyone of us and the spots of weakness and strength. about the freedom of choice ... followed by arguments and controversies . Wars and conflicts by great countries seeking the wealth ... to only care for themselves and to follow whatever they crave. Welcome again to the peaceful constructive conversation. is he compelled or free? And if God preordained our deeds.. he mentioned "God" by name in his statement.Preface Because God is unseen . All that lead atheism to spread out. Mostafa Mahmoud . health and sickness – resuscitated the whole world as if it was an electric shock . the resurrection .. the fate . How? … When? ... It was a temporary awakening . to share in solving this riddle . The matter of the human genome – that tiny booklet which contains 5 million pages inside everyone of us. Many people were talking in the name of religion and in the name of science . Who wrote that book? How? Who can write down such information? We watched TV when Clinton – the president of the greatest country of the world – announced that data collection about human genome is finally available and scientists are about to disclose the code written by God about our fate .. This new edition released in time . why should he judge us? Why did God create evil? What about those unreached by the Quran? What is the attitude of religion regarding evolution? Why do we say it is impossible that Quran came from a human? That old dialogue with my atheist friend repeated again . Because the future is unseen .. lead people to be selfish... Because the hereafter is unseen ... to be the subject of matter. What kind of invisible pen which wrote such a precise book about a future that has not been discovered yet... and the divine certainty that never shakes.... thinking that there is nothing else after life . old questions returned again about the freedom of the man . Many philosophies and theories supporting atheism and science became the cornerstone for the non-believers. Mostafa Mahmoud A conversation with my atheist friend -3- By Dr. And because who is buried in the grave doesn't come back. Yes .

my friend graduated and got his PhD from France .. God created time and place. Immanuel Kant – the German philosopher – realized in his book " The Critique of Pure Reason" that the human brain doesn't understand the essence of things. like our thirst proved the existence of water. causality is for humans who are affected by time and place. By the way.... Mostafa replies: "Your question is wrong.. but it can only realize the phenomena. doesn't that give us the right to ask who created the creator? Dr. the universe denotes the existence of God the creator. He lived with hippies and became denying everything. it is not logical to imagine him being limited by time and place. fool ourselves by thinking about paradise and by missing the charming events during life. From this point. Another wrong aspect of this question that you imagine the creator submitting to the laws of his own creatures . you do not imagine that God exist without a creator. you look like a toy that moves using a mainspring. you accept that God is a creator then you say who created him? You made him a creature and a creator at the same time. your main proof is causality which includes that for every making there is a maker . but from that same point. Mostafa Mahmoud . in my world I see everything moving using a mainspring".. By this sophistry... our eagerness to justice proved the existence of the Just . he must not be described to need such things).. A conversation with my atheist friend -4- By Dr. In the same manner. My friend – the atheist – likes to talk and argue . for every creature there is a creator . if we told those toys "no. We knew God by conscience not by brain .Chapter 1 He begot none nor was he begotten. the weave denotes the weavers .. Subhanaho wa ta'ala (God's almighty. we cannot imagine him submitting to the law he created.. the painting denotes the painter . You also think that God need a parachute to land and requires a bus to reach his prophets .. those toys think that the man who made them is also moving like them using a mainspring . they would reply "it's impossible for anything to move willingly. The atheist friend said sarcastically: "You say that God exists . the man is moving willingly". He thinks that we – the naïve believers – got delusions. that is a contradiction. simply because you see everything around you needs a creator. We believed and had faith in this God.

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