UH OH! HALF of that waste is due to temperature variations from the farm to the retail shelf THAT’S NOT GOOD! .

FROM… …The Field… …To The DC… Really Cool …In Transit… …To The Grocer WAREHOUSE 4 Temperature Monitoring and In-Transit Logistical Decisions are are CRITICAL to Ensure Quality and Maximize Shelf Life .

HELP!!! Hi Mom! •Non-uniform temperatures can drastically impact shelf life and quality •Temperature changes of even ± 2° can make or break a shipment .Crate.and Pallet-Level Tracking Matters I’m 34° I’m 35° I’m 37° I’m 32° I’m 40°.

The Solution: Intelleflex In-pallet Temperature Monitoring .

huh? x .Intelleflex Temperature Tags are Smart!  Provide remaining shelf life information for product based on previous temperature handling 60 kbits of high-speed memory  Store 3600 temperature samples  Tags have  Track and store information about the produce on the tag with the produce!  Multiple levels of security Clever.

With you get: • On-demand data visibility at a cost that enables high-volume. pallet-level deployments • Valuable and timely productivity solutions not addressable with other technologies • Reliable reads – even in challenging real-world environments inside pallets and containers • ISO and EPCglobal-based solutions Handheld Reader Fixed Reader Temperature Tag . .

…Z Z Z ZZZ .

com x .intelleflex.•Improve Shelf Life of Perishable Produce •Track and Monitor the Condition of Fresh & Frozen Foods •Reduce Perishable Waste by 50% •No Need to Unpack the Pallet or Open the Container www.com Thanks for watching! Email us at info@intelleflex.

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