Eveth Kimberly B. Ganaden Chelsea Liz E. Bello Leonardo Martin T. Fontanilla Jonathan S.



a farmer.  He finished elementary school in San Fernando where he became an editor-in-chief in their school newsletter  He entered the University of the Philippines where he joined the UP Writers Club and later became the president and the editor of the UP Literary Apprentice and finished in 1933 .  Son of Crisanto Arguilla. La Union. a potter. and Margarita Estabillo. Born on June 17. Bauang. 1911 in Nagrebcan.

. He married Lydia Villanueva.  But he was executed on October 1944 at age of 33. a fellow artist and writer.  He joined the Bureau of Public welfare where he was the editor of Welfare Advocate. the bureau's publication.

.Main Character – father of Berting and  Father Baldo  Mother Ana – mother of Berting and Baldo  Berting – the younger brother of Baldo  Baldo – the writer and the eldest.

Nana Dalen. Ikkao. Tia  Nana Anzang – they helped Tia Accol . Berting and Baldo’s friends.  Tia Accol – the midwife.Other Characters Inzo and Peddong –  Artemio.


Harvest time came late that year and far into the month of November we cut the hay in the fields. leaving only raw stumps that had to be plowed under again to make way for a second planting.It was the year the locusts came and ate young rice in fields. .

“That’s why she is so big. She held to the corner of the pig-pen a moment before stooping to pick-up the now empty jar. getting to her feet.” .” said my mother.” I told him. and he asked. too. In the dim light.“I am so tired. Being noticed it. “Mother why is your stomach so big?” “She has a child inside her. she appeared big. especially in the middle.

asking what was the matter in a voice that sounded both alarmed and angry. . agonized cry and father ran to her side.My mother suddenly left the side of the jars of suman which she had been stirring and with slow. She dropped on the lowest rung with a sharp. dragging steps went over to the ladder.

“Yeah. his name shall be Jesus.“His name shall be Jesus.” said mother. .” my father said.

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