Why don’t + subject + infinitive. ? Why not + infinitive…? How about + verb-ing….? What about + verb ing…? Shall we + infinitive…? Do you fancy doing s/g? Do you feel like doing s/g? (Would you) care to…? Why don’t we study English? Why not study English?

Making suggestions

How about studying English? What about studying E. ? What about (at) 6.00? Shall we study English? Shall we say at home?
Do you fancy studying English? Do you feel like studying Eng. ?

Care to study English?

Asking for suggestions Invitations Positive answers Negative answers Obligation Giving excuses


What time shall we meet? / Where shall we meet? Would you Would you like to play tennis? like to...? Yes, I’d love to / I’d like to Yes I would Yes, that sounds lovely That’s a good idea Yes, let’s I’m afraid I can’t I’d rather not + excuse (obligation) I’d prefer not I’ve got to I’ve got to study English I have to I have to study English I must I must study English I’d rather + I’d rather read a book infinitive I’d prefer to I’d prefer to read a book + infinit.
I prefer / to / I prefer / better than / I prefer walking to running I prefer oranges to apples I prefer cooking better than ironing I prefer meat better than fish

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