Mini USA: Finding a new advertising agency

Overview • Mini USA-the US division of BMW mini automobile brand • SRR was the ad agency for Mini USA since 2001 • For the Mini, SRR stood one of the major client which had been started with 50 employees and now grown up at 300.

The BMW and Mini
In the range of Mini cars there were Ford model T and Volkswagen Beetle and Mini minor and its decedents would be counted among them in 40 years More than 80% devoted for luggage and efficient passenger space

BMW Acquires Rover and Mini • In 1968 British Leyland was formed • In 1975 this company became bankrupt and the company with classic brands like Jaguar,Rover,MG,Trimpu and mini bought out by British Govt • Notable investment in Rover Group by Honda (25%) • In 1994,the greatest surprise happened when BMW acquires Rover and mini for $1.2B

Reasons for Acquires • The vision for Purchase of Rover group was to placed company into international era • Offer less expensive cars without affecting the image of BMW • Other benefits of Rover acquisitiono Increase production capacity and opened up new vehicles sectors o Provide new tech. with sporty looks

Designing a new Mini • Two teams were made- British and German • British designers focused on small cars with maximum passenger space • German’s focused on high performance driver oriented cars

Cont. • Mini was to be launched at Paris auto show in 2000 • For UK (2001)- Mini One, Mini Cooper • Cooper S (Sports version) to be launched later in 2002

Assembling Mini USA • Approx. 70 dealers from 31 cities were renovated to add exclusive Mini showroom. • Base Retail Price for Mini Cooper And Mini Cooper S was set to be $18000 and $21000. • Customization offered to customers, with more than 10 color schemes. • Expectations were to have 80% sales from Mini Cooper S. • Not for particular age group or class, it was targeted for all segments.

US Launch of Mini • Printing advertisement was used rather than TV and Radio advertisement • Auto car segment magazines were used • Tag Line “Let’s Motor” was developed which means inclusiveness, friendly • A book was also launched named “The Book of Motoriong”

SRR’S Adds

Print Ad

Motoring Book

Selection Process
• • • • • • • Conduct Initial Research Develop RFP (Request for proposal) Calling each agency on list Sending RFP’s Evaluate each RFP Arrange for Presentation Make Final Selection

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