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Who's Your Boss - a Lesson in Recovering Your Power

Who's Your Boss - a Lesson in Recovering Your Power

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A lesson in realising your innate power. A lesson for all humanity, based on the laws of the universe. As your own boss, you learn to harness your power for the good of all.
A lesson in realising your innate power. A lesson for all humanity, based on the laws of the universe. As your own boss, you learn to harness your power for the good of all.

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Published by: anon-757761 on Dec 09, 2008
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Who's your boss - a lesson in recovering your power.
You have no boss other than yourself. Did you know that? I bet, based on my decades of experience in large corporations, initially as an employee and more recently, as a consultant and coach, that you likely believe that you have a boss other than yourself. Why is that? We'll, perhaps it's because your parent/s, while you were in their care, advised you that they're the boss and that you'd have to wait your turn to be the boss. Or perhaps it's because your religion teaches you that God is the boss and that if you don't follow the rules you'll end up in hell. Maybe your boss belief is founded and grown upon the realm of school. Where all teachers are Sir or Madam - euphemisms for Boss. Or perhaps your belief that someone else is your boss is due to time spent working in the corporate world. Where everyone has a boss and where you are likely the boss of someone else. Or could it be that at home your partner believes they are the boss and you are subservient. Whoever developed and spread the notion that you should have a boss other than yourself deserves to be acknowledged as a creator of error and presenter of falsehoods. Consider the untold misery that humans have laboured under due to this nonsense concept, this nonsense practice. While the majority of people on this magnificent planet believe that either someone else has power over them or that they have power over others, then no wonder the imbalance of energy. And as you believe, so it is. So many humans either allow other humans to treat them with disdain or they themselves treat others as lesser beings. And the so-called workplace is fertile ground for this insane notion to deliver its sour fruits. As new employee starts work at company x, so does the indoctrination immediately begin. "Thanks for joining us at Happy Valley Widgets, where we are all one happy family. You seat is here and your computer and telephone there. And your Boss is Mr Thingamabob, who sits behind that door". Welcome to indoctrination master class. Might you wonder why you tense up when you hear that you have a meeting with the boss, when you are told that the boss is coming to visit? And still wonder why the passive/aggressive energies well up, disturbing the inherent balance of the magnificent you. Wonder no more, oh boss less one. As long as you believe someone else is your boss, for that long will you live in fear, fearing that that person might do you harm, that you will be powerless to deal with their barbs and stings. As you might know, there are only two emotions of note - love and fear. Fear, the emotion created by the small self. Fear, the illusion created to

mask our truth, namely love. And fear has no power in the light of love. But if you believe that others are your boss, then accept that fear will be the result. Fears siblings, being hate, sadness, anxiety, depression, jealousy, anger, etc, all line up for expression when you play the game of who's the boss. And they all diminish, to be seen no more, when you take back your power and express your true Self. And how do you begin to recover that power, inherent within the divine you? You discard notions in error, practices without merit. You name no-one as your boss, other than yourself. And even then, you note that You are the wise guide for Yourself - a gentle hand on the journey of Life. You allow noone to believe that they are your boss and you ensure everyone knows that you are not their boss. To be a boss of someone else means to take responsibility for them, to accept their blame when things don't work out for them - because you are their boss and the boss has the power. To allow someone else to be your boss ensures that you act as if powerless much of the time, always ready to defer to the more powerful being. There is none as powerful as you. And there is none as powerful as the other. As equals, you acknowledge the role of the other, the skills of the other and agree the part you will each fulfil to ensure success. Life is about collaboration - the notion of bosses’ works against this requirement. And when we acknowledge that each person has equal power and that it is wise to work as equals, always and forever, then we discard the false notions, we recover our inherent strength and we work in partnership for the good of all. So beware of those bearing titles, who expect you to call them by there title, with no first name in sight - Sir, Madam, Lady, Lord, King, Queen, Professor, Boss - all packaging designed to diminish the other, to ensure power over rather than power with. Do not play this game, for it has no value and it delays the inevitable. That inevitable moment when you recognise and realise your potential. And it is then that you have no time for foolish notions, for harmful practices. It is your time. This is the moment when the True You steps forward and shines the Light for all to see and acknowledge. So be the example that changes the course of humanity. Where limiting practices are ended and where the new earth is made manifest. With You as its guardian and guide. Equal to all and equally as important. Love, Light, Peace, Abundance and Unity Paddy Spiritual Coach
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