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We encounter many phrases in english that sometimes in the literal meaning dont seem to be remotely related to the whole idea goin on in that line or para., but they've got an interesting hidden meaning usually to present a situation or scenario or somethin else but, in a ..., well..., interetin way. Let me give you a few examples 2 b more clear ...,

A bed of roses :- A pleasant or easy situation. Raining cats and dogs :- Raining very heavily. Paint the town red :- Engage in a wild spree Rule of thumb :- A means of estimation made according to a rough and ready practical rule, not based on science or exact measurement. Bad hair day : A day when everything seems to go wrong. Baker's dozen : thirteen !( thats interestin! )(Origin:In the Middle Ages in England there were severe penalties for anyone who gave short weight. To guard against miscounting bakers habitually gave thirteen loaves when selling a dozen) The Big cheese : The most important person Catch 22 : any problematic or unwelcome situation. A cock and bull story : A fanciful and unbelievable tale. Caught with your pants down : Caught unawares. Many happy returns : Have many more happy days. Make my day : Give me an excuse to do you harm(wat the.. The whole nine yards : All of it - full measure. Take the bit between your teeth : Take control of a situation. Head over heels : Excited and/or turning cartwheels to demonstrate one's excitement. !!!) .

The Ball is in your court : The next move is up to you. In this way. .Approaching the end of a long process. The phrase comes from the practise of reversing the board so that players play from their opponent's previous position). Usually used when the weaker position subsequently becomes dominant. Back handed compliment . (Possibly from a custom in mediaeval England that allowed peasants to take any deadwood from the royal forest that they could reach with a shepherd's crook or a reaper's billhook) . this expression has been connected to the start of enterprise) By hook or by crook : By any means possible. Down to the short strokes . Blow off some steam . Blowing smoke . Hold your feet to the fire . (Tables used to be the name for backgammon.To be heavily armed. make good on a promise Turn the tables : Reverse the positions of adversaries.To hold one accountable for a commitment. marking the beginning of the season's activity after the winter freeze. To break the ice : to relax a tense or formal atmosphere or social situation / to make a start on some endeavor.To bleed heavily. For the love of Pete .To enjoy oneself by relaxing normal formalities.Our feeling for those we love increases when we are apart from them.To be boasting without being able to back it up. Blow your own trumpet : Act in a confident self-promoting manner.Absence makes the heart grow fonder. ( To break the ice would be to allow boats to pass. Bleed like a stuck pig .A compliment that also insults or puts down at the same time. talking about action without intent to follow through.I am frustrated with this situation. Armed to the teeth .

12. 9. 26. 17. 8. 13. acting as though nothing was unusual. without batting an eye –showing no emotion. Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right — it is never right to do wrong . for all to see. kill the fatted calf –to prepare for a fun and happy party or a warm welcome. break a leg — to wish good luck. 28. 4. 14. 15. Frog in one’s throat — the voice of a person that sounds scratchy or clogged up. 27. 19. An Axe To Grind — you plan to express your anger to that person . sitting duck – easy target. 11. 2. Wear the heart on their sleeve — People who wear their heart on their sleeve express their emotions freely and openly. chicken out — back out from fear or lose one’s nerve. 1. Blind as a bat – unaware. not something fitting any category under discussion 23. 6. crazy manner. 20. 7. neither fish nor fowl – not one or the other. 22. 21. Eat like a bird — eat little. wild goose chase — looking frantically for something that’s almost impossible to find. sacred cow — a person or thing immune to criticism or questioning. as the crow flies — in the shortest route. 10. 3. dumb bunny – a person who does something stupid but you still love him or her anyway. shaggy-dog story — a long drawn-out story with a silly ending. from the horse’s mouth — from someone who knows what he or she is talking about. like a chicken with its head cut off is — in a wild. dead duck — someone who has no hope and is doomed. 18. duck soup – something that is easily done with no problems. Till the cows come home — for a long time. chew the cud — to think something over. 16.Out of the frying pan and into the fire : to get out of one difficult situation only to end up in another This is a list of IDIOMS i hav collected exhaustively on the NET. beat a dead horse – try to revive interest in a hopeless issue. eagle eye –keen intellectual vision. Fat cat — person with a lot of money and importance. go hog wild — to go crazy and be really excited. 5. 25. 24. bull-headed — very stubborn.

33. white elephant – an unwanted or useless item. On Top Of The World – you are feeling great. 59. 55. A Slip Of The Tongue – to say something by accident 35. Par For The Course — normal and expected 50. can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear — be unable to turn something ugly or inferior into something attractive or of value 54. sacred cow –a person or thing immune to criticism or questioning. 40. Bite Your Tongue — keep yourself from speaking 51. especially by taking advantage of one’s position or using the property of others. curiosity killed the cat — it’s best to mind one’s own business. 44. count one’s chickens before they hatch – make plans based on events that may or may not happen 53. Out Of Sight. 56. black sheep — least respected member of the group. the tail wagging the dog — a small or unimportant factor or element governing an important one or a reversal of the proper roles.to another person . eat crow — to be forced to admit a humiliating mistake 38. Out Of Mind – you don’t think about it when you can no longer see it 34. 48. every dog has its day — even the lowliest will sometimes come to the fore 41. A Dime A Dozen — cheap and easy to get 49. Second Nature – something which is very natural for you to do 42. extravagant manner. 57. 46. put on the dog — to behave in an elegant. The Ball Is In Your Court — it is your turn to do something 30. 32. early bird catches the worm — one who arrives first has the best chance for success. ferret out — to uncover and bring to light by searching. 29. 45. Roll Out The Red Carpet — to give a grand welcome to an important guest 31. upset someone’s plans. kill the goose that lays the golden eggs — destroy a source of riches through stupidity or greed. feather one’s nest – to acquire wealth for oneself. like water off a duck’s back — easily and without apparent effort 52. At Wit’s End – not able to come up with a solution 43. 39. Up For Grabs – available for anyone to take . become efficient and well organized. Pulling Your Leg – making a joke by tricking another person. cook someone’s goose — ruin someone. 37. On The Fence – you are still undecided 47. let sleeping dogs lie — to keep quiet because saying something would only cause trouble 58. get one’s ducks in a row — to complete one’s preparations. 36.

Biting The Hand That Feeds You — hurting a person who has . Out On The Town — to go out and enjoy yourselves 62. Practice Makes Perfect — the more you practice. Give Him The Slip — to escape from that person 74. the better you will become 88. It Takes Two To Tango — when two people have a conflict. The Sky Is The Limit — the possibilities are endless 64. The Apple Of Your Eye — the one you love the most 84. All Bark And No Bite — acting aggressive but not willing to fight 81. Mad As A Hatter — a person who is crazy 65. Beating Around The Bush — talking about something indirectly 67. The Pros And Cons – the reasons for and against it. Truer Words Were Never Spoken — I totally agree with what you just said 91. Off Limits – it is not okay to go to that place 68. Tie The Knot – get married 80. Put Your Best Foot Forward — go ahead and give it your best try 86. Keep An Eye On Him – watch him carefully 79. the good and bad aspects 69. The Writing On The Wall – the signs of a coming change 61. both people are at fault 71.60. Around The Block – been to different places and done different things 73. Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket — don’t risk everything all at once 66. A Blessing In Disguise – a good thing that you don’t recognize at first 70. Put Your Foot In Your Mouth — say something embarrassing 77. An About Face — turn around and face the opposite direction 90. When In Rome Do As The Romans Do — a visitor should try to act as the people do who are from that Place … 82. Crying Wolf – calling for help when you don’t really need help 87. Go For Broke — risking it all for the chance to win big 85. A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing — one who is dangerous while pretending to be harmless 75. As Sick As A Dog – very sick with a cold or the flu 89. Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag — sharing a secret 83. Preaching To The Choir – trying to make believers out of people who already believe 63. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew – taking on a challenge that is too big 92. A Piece Of Cake — easy to do 78. Out And About — out and at different places 72. Don’t Burn Your Bridges — don’t do harm to past relationships 76.

One For The Road — one more. Sink Or Swim – you will either fail or you will find a way to succeed 105. When It Rains. An Arm And A Leg — a high price to pay 98. Start From Scratch — starting a project from the very beginning 108. Cross Your Fingers – hoping it happens that way 120. The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back — one last thing that finally made the you upset 111. Lost His Head – he got so upset that he lost control of his actions 100. Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed – having a bad day 96. Crying Over Spilled Milk – complaining about some past loss 99. All In The Same Boat — facing the same challenges and needing to work together 114. Under The Gun – under a lot of pressure to get something done 118. Turn Over A New Leaf – taking action to change one’s life for the better 107. Word Of Mouth – news that travels from person to person . You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover — don’t make judgments based only on appearances 117.been helping you 93. Finding Your Feet — feeling more comfortable in what you are doing 106. Rock The Boat – do something that risks upsetting a group situation 115. It Pours — it hasn’t happened for a long time. Better Late Than Never — it is better to do something late than to not do it at all 109. Going Against The Grain – making things difficult by acting against the wishes of others 113. The Early Bird Catches The Worm – being early leads to success 110. Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth — questioning the value of something you have received for free 104. Barking Up The Wrong Tree – looking for something in the wrong place 97. Go Cold Turkey – quit taking an addictive drug by stopping immediately 116. and then it happens all at once 103. Burning The Midnight Oil — up late at night working hard 101. Can’t Cut The Mustard — not good enough to participate 102. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together — similar people go to the same places and do the same things together … 94. then I am leaving 95. Against The Clock – working hard to finish by a certain time 112. Everything But Kitchen Sink – almost everything has been included 119.

A Drop In The Bucket — not important 128. Out Of The Blue — suddenly and unexpectedly. 123. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining – be hopeful because difficult times always lead to better days … 125. without needing to decide … 126. A Chip On Your Shoulder — angry because of what happened in the past … 127.121. Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire — to get out of a bad situation and end up in one that is even worse. 122. Burning The Candle At Both Ends – working for many hours without getting enough rest … 124. At The Drop Of A Hat — quickly and easily. When Pigs Fly — that thing will never happen .