Your full name:_____________________ Date: March 2012 Class Period and Day: B1/2 The Rock Cycle Poster

Rubric 12 Points Possible

Great! 4

Good 3 -2 You have used all of the space. Your work is mostly neat but there are a few rough edges. Your work shows me you care about what you do. Your poster is accurate but the content is basic. You have the three stages of the rock cycle and a brief description for each. Your work shows me you understand what has been presented, but you have not inquired further

Needs Improvement 1–0 You have not used all of your poster space. The work is thrown together or incomplete. Your work shows me you may not understand the subject.

Your Score

Your artwork is beautiful. I like the use of colors and the waves you used to represent weathering and erosion. I would like to have seen a larger model or maybe more information expanding to use more of the poster space. The explanations you gave here were enough to meet the main goals of the poster. Your work would be even better with more explanation. The poster needs to explain the unit and your understanding. Great Job! I saw the source material you used and your representation of the cycle is unique. You are quite skilled. It is worth noting that there is a market for science illustrators who can translate complex ideas into images.


You have used all of the poster space. Your work looks neat and professional. You have shown me you care about what you do.



Your poster is accurate and provides details beyond the 3 parts of the cycle. Your work shows me you did research to increase your understanding.

You have not provided any details. Your information is inaccurate. Your work shows me you may not understand the subject.



Your work is imaginative and presents the information in a way that may be novel (new and unique).

You have presented the information neatly but the work looks similar to others.

Your work is incomplete or you have inappropriately copied other peoples’ work.




87.5% (B)

Mr. Douglas Uhlman, 7th Grade Science, Spring 2012

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