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< Brown Thrashers This hand-colored engraving by John James Audubon, was one of several slides presented during the Minneapolis Audobon Societie’s “Bird Art Through Time” at Bryant Square Park in March.

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APRIL 2012 • Volume 8, Number 4

Earth Day april 22, 2012: 4.5 Billion yEars anD Counting...

Uptown Market Launches New Location And and lowers vendor fees Changes Market consolidates next to Intermedia Arts
By Brendan Jordan
When a group of neighbors first got together more than four years ago, we had lots of big ideas and enthusiasm, but not much else. Fast forward to the present, and the Uptown Market is a local fixture and an exciting Sunday destination during the summer. But being a fixture doesn’t mean we’re done changing and improving. We are excited to report that the Market will start its 2012 season in a new location adjacent to Intermedia Arts. Uptown Market will be located in the Intermedia Arts parking lot, 2822 Lyndale Avenue. The new location offers many advantages, including the opportunity for an improved vendor layout, proximity to businesses on Lyndale Avenue and access to the market from both Aldrich and Lyndale. Just like our old location on 29th Street, the Market will be easy to get to on bike or on foot. We look forward to working with Intermedia Arts, an organization that also serves the local arts community. In an effort to better serve local artists and craftspeople, the market is lowering its vendor fees for oneday-at-a-time vendors from $40 to $25 per market event. The lower vendor fees are possible because of contributions from neighborhood UPToWN page 11

One colorful sign at the Tin Fish Rally is held by Maya L. and admired by Heather Wulfsberg. Heather’s daughter, Bella, is somewhat less interested. All live in the East Calhoun Neighborhood. (Photo by Courtney Kiernat)

The Tin Fish Lives!
By Phyllis Stenerson

A short, true fish story with a happy ending
Lest one doubt the passion and power of neighbors working together for the common good, read on. E-mails and Facebook postings started flying through cyberspace shortly after the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB) Finance Committee unexpectedly launched a discussion of their lease agreement with the Tin Fish Restaurant casting doubt about its season opener scheduled for April 15. This happened on Wednesday evening, March 14. The expectation was that the full Park Board would make a decision the following Wednesday. ECCO President and environmental leader Sarah Sponheim had attended the MPRB meeting and sounded the alarm. Several local activists quickly responded, a public rally was organized and the word went out. The activating phrase quickly became “Save the Tin Fish.” TIN page 9

(Photo by Roxie Speth)

Common LAW
By Sarah Sponheim
Common LAW is a monthly column on local issues concerning our common land, air, water and waste.

Recycling News
Minneapolis residents can recycle more stuff! In addition to existing materials (such as cans, glass, plastic bottles, cardboard, newspaper and office paper), the City is now accepting:
• food and beverage cartons - please rinse before recycling. Examples

include milk and juice cartons; juice, soy milk, soup, broth and wine “boxes” • refrigerated and frozen food boxes. Examples include frozen pizza boxes, frozen waffle boxes, butter cartons • pop and beer cartons (any size) • ALL plastic containers – please rinse and put caps and lids back on. Examples include yogurt, cottage cheese and margarine containers, microwavable food trays,

CoMMoN page 11

Getting To Green
By Bruce Cochran
When I used to walk my dog around Lake Calhoun years ago, I enjoyed being able to feel the earth beneath my feet and notice things that I couldn’t in a car or on a bike. I would notice how the water looks on a cloudy day or the hundreds of ways people walk. Eventually I would even notice things that looked out of place, like people in pinstripe suits walking around the lake, street musicians, Big Bird and eventually trash. But aside from cigarette butts, I rarely saw people actually throwing the trash on the ground and I would wonder how it got there. Did it fall out of someone’s pocket? a car? or did a squirrel steal it from a garbage can? I started to pick up the trash. It felt good and it was easy. GeTTING page 11

How do we make environmental decisions?

Tastes From Around The Globe
Story and photos by Aline Anliker
Food from all over the world - and you can have it all in Uptown! No matter if you are into European, Asian or American dishes, Uptown is the meeting place for food lovers. Places featured in this article are only some suggestions out of many more options, and certainly all of them will make your mouth water. Thai (1221 West Lake), Sawatdee (1404 West Lake Street), Chang Mai Thai (3001 Hennepin Avenue) and Amazing Thailand (3024 Hennepin Avenue) all make up a great Thai experience. How about trying out Indian or Vietnamese food? Crispy pork egg rolls, beef noodle salad or homemade broths are served in the family-owned Vietnamese Saigon restaurant (3035 Lyndale Avenue). Samosa, Pakora, Biryanis, the famous Indian Chicken Tikka Masala and many more – the menu at Darbar Indian Grill (1221 West Lake Street) is long and the food incredibly savory. Try the Darbar India platter and you’ll get a great taste of some of the best choices.

The land of smiles
Authentic Thai cuisine within walking distance is not a wish but a reality. In Uptown, there are no fewer than four places where you can find delicious curries, traditional soups such as Tom Yum or Tom Kha, fried rice specialties or noodle dishes as the much-loved Pad Thai: Tum Rup

The Easter Bunny has Lots of Treats!
Enter to Win Chipotle Dinners or Calhoun Beach Club 7-Day Passes
(see details on page 12)

Going local
The colorfully arranged Indian dishes at Darbar Indian Grill are incredibly tasty.

High quality local American TAsTes page 6 

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APRIL 2012

Home sweet Home - Planet earth
Editorial by Phyllis Stenerson
“When one tugs a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 was initiated by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. A catalyst was the publication in 1962 of Silent Spring, the best-seller by Rachel Carson, alerting many people for the first time to critical environmental problems. Senator Nelson insisted that the first Earth Day activities be organized at the grassroots, not from Washington, DC. The participation of an estimated 10% of Americans drew extensive media attention. At that time there were no regulations to prevent industry from polluting the air, water and land. The Environmental Protection Agency was founded in late 1970 during the presidency of Richard Nixon. A new era of awareness and activism about the caring for the earth was launched. The photograph of the earth taken from outer space by the Apollo 17 space mission on December 7, 1972 quickly became the icon of the environmental movement and gave planet earth a new identify: “The Blue Marble.” “There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We’re all crew.” Buckminster Fuller extremists. Think tanks funded by the oil-billionaire Koch brothers, and others, generated studies that sought to disprove scientific research, or at minimum cast enough doubt to persuade the public and limit government regulation. Dedicated environmentalists pushed on to educate the public about the critical need for private, corporate and government action to protect natural resources, despite well-funded opposition. Although it became an established fact that the course we are on is not sustainable, many in the general public remained either unaware or apathetic. Far too many Members of Congress had become horribly dependent on money from big donors for their campaigns and reluctant to advocate against these special interests. “Although some of the planet’s resources are finite, the reason for unwarranted optimism is that the human mind is unlimited in its capacity to think, grow, plan ahead and act in terms for the common good.” Dr. Berenice Bleedorn Many now believe the tools and knowledge are available to stop degradation of the planet and even to reverse some damage. Public opinion is increasingly in favor of government action to protect the environment and activism has accelerated in recent years. Bizarre weather like 80 degrees in Minnesota in March may be influencing people that climate change is real and needs to be addressed.

Citizen ACtion
CARAG Neighborhood

East Isles Neighborhood

ECCO Neighborhood
612.821.0131 612.377.5023 311

Lowry Hill E. Neighborhood Minneapolis Information Mpls. Park & Rec. Board
Brad Bourn 612.230.6443 ext. 6 Anita Tabb 612.230.6400 ext. 4

Mpls. Public Schools


City Councilperson (10) Meg Tuthill Mayor R.T. Rybak


State Representative (60A) Marion Greene

State Representative (60B) Frank Hornstein

An energetic, promising start to increased stewardship (Photo courtesy of NASA) of the planet slowed when corporate powers fought back against regulations that could inhibit their earnings. Scientific studies emerged Bill Moyers was referring to his grandchildren when he said “We are indicating that pollution produced by human activity was changing the stealing their future. Betraying their trust. Despoiling their world. What world’s climate. As this data was confirmed by more and more creditable has happened to our moral imagination? What we need is the capacity to scientists the effort to debunk the data also accelerated. The idea that see, to feel and then to act as if the future depended on you. Believe me, it global warming is a hoax became a key propaganda point of right wing does.” I agree wholeheartedly.

State Senator (60) D. Scott Dibble


Governor Mark Dayton

U.S. Congressman (5th) Keith Ellison

Phyllis Stenerson is Editor of the Uptown Neighborhood News. Context for this editorial and more about revitalizing American democracy can be found at

U.S. Senator Al Franken

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U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar

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President Barack Obama


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APRIL 2012

Uptown neighborhood news • 3 .

Kenwood Fifth Graders Immersed In The Great outdoors
By Nicole Valentine
programming and staff are just excellent.” The students were In late February, Kenwood fifth immersed in six hours of classes a graders spent four days and three day, consisting of environmental nights at Eagle Bluff Environ- science, outdoor skills, challenge mental Learnskills, and culturing Center near al programming. Lanesboro, MN. Lee added, “The Darwin Lee, one staff at Eagle of Kenwood’s Bluff keeps the two fifth grade kids busy and teachers, brought engaged; plus the the trip to the accommodations school’s curricuare comfortable lum when he and the food is joined the staff good. This can last year. This be a huge plus popular trip has for the kids.” already become Eagle Bluff’s an academic mission is to foshighlight for ter environmenKenwood’s 5th tal awareness, graders. responsibility and literacy, Lee, who taught and to promote at Kenny Elerespect and permentary School sonal responsiin southwest bility through Minneapolis for many years, has - CAROLINE VAALER teamwork and problem solving. been taking fifth District provides Kenwood with only one full day Kindergarten classroom so the community raises funds to “buy up” the two remaining classes. Campaign co-chair and Kenwood resident Stephanie Bell said, “We

“They are pushed in so many ways during this experience. They are learning about science and the outdoor world, but also about how to work and live together.”

feel that offering all incoming Kindergarteners the same opportunity to benefit from Kenwood’s wellrounded curriculum is important. Without a full day schedule, the literacy and math work time would suffer, and the children

wouldn’t benefit from the school’s arts residencies, specialist teachers such as music, art, and physical education, or participate in play time and recess.” Nicole Valentine is a parent of Kenwood students.

Step Right Up: Greco Project Truncated

In this rough rendering of a sample building looking southwest provided by the Midtown Greenway Coalition, a non-stepped back building is shown at left. Without step backed upper floors, shadows are cast over the Greenway, during winter months at peak daylight hours. The building on the right shows how shadows are avoided by upper floor step backs. The Coalition maintains that their concern is that one building may set a precedent for all of them to ignore the shadow affect. The Greco Project was originally designed for 7 stories but the zoning for the area only allowed 5. City staff requested that the 5th floor be stepped back by 25 feet, the 6th to 35 feet, and the 7th floor to be just a rooftop deck. After an appeal was filed by the Midtown Greenway Coalition to limit the height of the Greco Project at 2900 Lyndale Ave., the City Council approved step backs of the project on March 8.

graders to Eagle Bluff, an accredited, non-profit, environmental education center, for 15 years. “I’ve been a huge fan of Eagle Bluff and what they do since they began years ago. The THe UPTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS Is NoW AvAILABLe AT THese seLeCT LoCATIoNs Bremer Bank Brueggers Bagels Bryant square Park Cheapo Records Chiang Mai Thai Common Roots Cafe Dunn Bros (Hennepin & 34th) Dunn Bros (Lake & Bryant) Falafel King Famous Dave’s BBQ Gigi’s Café Health Resource Center Hennepin-Lake Liquors Isles Bun & Coffee It’s Greek to Me Joyce Food shelf Joyce United Methodist Church Kowalski’s Market Magers & Quinn Lagoon Theatre Parents Automotive Pizza Luce Rainbow Foods sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream Cafe southwest senior Center subway spyhouse Coffee shop Uptown Diner Uptown Theatre Tea Garden Treetops At Calhoun vail Place Walker Library Walker Place The Wedge YWCA (Uptown)

Fifth grader and Kenwood resident Lucie Allen highly recommends the trip, reporting that it was “really, really fun.” She especially liked the high ropes course and the pioneer life class. ECCO resident and chaperone Caroline Vaaler said the trip was a great experience for the kids. “They are pushed in so many ways during this experience. They are learning about science and the outdoor world, but also about how to work and live together.” Principal Cheryl Martin said, “Kenwood is excited to have the Eagle Bluff trip as part of our 5th grade curriculum. This is a very special opportunity for our students and the 4th graders are already excited about their chance to go next year.” For the eighth year in a row, the Kenwood School community has successfully raised enough funds to offer only full day Kindergarten for the 2012-2013 school year. Because of the added learning, social, and playtime a full day schedule allows, the community has made funding for full day Kindergarten a priority. The School

Trash or Treasure? Plus Tea
Fundraiser for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf
A new feature is being added to the fourth annual spring fundraiser for the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf. Mark Thompson, professional appraiser, will be there to look at items brought by attendees and give an estimate of the value. The event is Sunday, April 22 from 2 pm to 5 pm at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 35th and Irving Avenue. Desserts, coffee, tea and punch will be served. Suggested donation is $3 for children and $10 for each adult, appraisal of two items included. The event is sponsored by the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf Board, St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church and the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO). For more information contact Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, 612.825.4431 or

Lucia’s sponsors First Dining out For CARAG event
By Julie Cohen
Mark your calendars for the first-ever Dining Out For CARAG event at Lucia’s on Thursday, April 12 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm Bring a few friends – bring the whole family – and join us as we support our thriving small business community and raise much needed funds for the CARAG neighborhood. Lucia’s, a staple in the Uptown neighborhood for 27 years, will serve up delicious seasonal and local favorites everyone will be sure to enjoy. As the exclusive restaurant sponsor of Dining Out For CARAG, Lucia’s is generously donating 20% of the evening’s proceeds to CARAG. These funds help support the neighborhood’s housing, safety, transportation, and community-building programs.

advertise with us...
Advertising Sales Representative 612.825.7780

CARAG’s Neighborhood Livability & Engagement Committee, the group behind Dining Out For CARAG, plans to make this a recurring event, highlighting one local area restaurant each quarter. It’s a great way to support your local business community, get to know your neighbors and help raise money for your neighborhood. For more information about Dining Out For CARAG, or to get involved, please contact CARAG’s executive coordinator Scott Engel at or 612.823.2520. Reservations are encouraged. Lucia’s, 1432 West 31st Street, 612.825.1572, Julie Cohen lives in CARAG and serves on the CARAG Neighborhood Livability & Engagement Committee

sUsAn HAGLer

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NAR’s sustainable property designation


Winner of NARI’s 2011 Coty Awards: “Residential Bath $30,000 and Under” & “Best Newcomer” 

• Uptown neighborhood news

APRIL 2012

crime & safety
And The Winner Is… Crimes By Location
Samantha Strong and Metamorphosis
Local entrepreneur Samantha Strong and her company, Metamorphosis, won two prestigious awards from the remodeling industry’s trade association. First place wins were in the categories of “Residential Bath $30,000 and Under” and “Best Newcomer.” The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s (NARI) Contractor of the Year (CotY) awards recognize excellence in aesthetics, functionality, superior craftsmanship, use of innovative construction materials and techniques, overcoming difficult obstacles and meeting client needs. Samantha founded Metamorphosis in 2007 on the principles of honesty, value and sustainability. She gained many construction skills while working for various builders, developers, and even Home Depot. The meaning of the Greek word Metamorphosis includes a change of physical form, structure or substance. In this case, it refers not only to how this team can improve a home, but also a greatly improved client experience. In addition to design and construction services, the company with a staff of five professionals provides a broad range of real estate services, including buying, selling, leasing and property management, Samantha grew up in Arlington Heights, IL and graduated from Macalester College, St. Paul in 1998 where she majored in Geology and Sociology. She and her partner, Jeremy Piller, moved to the Uptown neighborhood in 2009 from the Bancroft neighborhood. She serves on the CARAG Board of Directors and the Uptown Neighborhood News Managing Board.

February 22 - March 20
“Burglary of Dwelling” includes garages, attached or unattached.

Chelsea Adams, Crime prevention specialist 612.673.2819 or 5th precinct: sectors 1&2: (Uptown)


Samantha founded Metamorphosis in 2007 on the principles of honesty, value and sustainability.


Samantha Strong, Metamorphosis, 3205 Hennepin Avenue, Mpls 55408, Samantha@morphmpls. com,, 612.782.2000 National Assn of the Remodeling Industry -

APRIL 2012 key, down-to-earth, bittersweet, 87-minute, 2011 film after the child learns that his estranged father (Jérémie Renier) wants nothing to do with raising him and begins acting out and endangering himself when he hooks up with a local drug-dealing gang member (Egon Di Mateo) who befriends the youngster.

Uptown neighborhood news • 5 .

short Redhead Reel Reviews
Rating Legend: (4=Don’t miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look, 1=Forget it) “Footnote” (PG) (3)
[Thematic elements, brief nudity, language, and smoking.] [Subtitled] An engaging, poignant, heartbreaking, well-acted film in which a well-respected, Jewish, Talmudic Studies professor (Lior Ashkenazi) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, who has a supportive wife (Alma Zack) and a lazy son (Daniel Markovich), has a contentious relationship with his jealous, stubborn, bitter father (Shlomo Bar-Aba), who is also a longtime professor at the same university and his only claim to fame is a mention in a footnote by a former mentor, and is placed in an unwinnable, “between a rock and a hard place” position when uncompassionate, academic members (Micah Lewensohn, et al.) of a prestigious committee make a horrific blunder while awarding their annual Israel Prize.

“salmon Fishing in the Yemen” (PG-13) (3)
[Some violence and sexual content, and brief language.] — Uneven pacing hinders this quirky, predicable, romantic film in which a highly skeptical, British fisheries expert (Ewan McGregor), who is unhappily married to a stuffed shirt (Rachael Stirling), joins an enthusiastic financial consultant (Emily Blunt), whose boyfriend (Tom Mison) is serving in Afghanistan, to fulfill the dream of a flyfishing, forward-thinking, wealthy sheikh (Amr Waked) who wants to build a sustainable salmon fishery in the middle of the desert in Yemen when the no-nonsense press officer (Kristin Scott Thomas) to the prime minister takes the highly implausible project under her wing in a farfetched attempt to improve Middle East relations.

“october Baby” (PG-13) (2.5)
[Mature thematic material.] — The life of an epileptic, asthmatic, 19-year-old college freshman (Rachel Hendrix), who is plagued by nightmares and suicidal thoughts, is turned upside down in this heartbreaking, heartwarming, bittersweet film when long-kept secret are exposed after she learns that her parents (John Schneider and Jennifer Price) adopted her in October 1991, and she heads to Mobile, Ala., with a close friend (Jason Burkey) to find her lawyer birth mother (Shari Rigby) with the help of a sympathetic nurse (Jasmine Guy).

“The Kid with a Bike” (NR) (3)
[Subtitled] [Opens April 13] — A compassionate, kind-hearted French hairdresser (Cécile De France) reaches out to a troubled, angry, rebellious, 11-year-old boy (Thomas Doret) who lives at a state-run orphanage in this low-

documentary, which is in the vein of “Hoop Dreams,” reminiscent of “The Blind Side” and “Friday Night Lights,” and includes interview snippets with journalist Jason Smith, Manassas high school Principal Dr. Gloria Williams, University of Louisville recruiter Brent Guy, and recruiting analyst Barton Simmons, that follows compassionate, dedicated, empathetic, upbeat, head volunteer Manassas Tigers coach Bill Courtney and his volunteer coaching assistants (Mike Ray, et al.) as they focus on three underprivileged, struggling, ragtag, African-American high school football players (Montrail ‘Money’ Brown, O.C. Brown, and Chavis Daniels) and their teammates during the 2009 football season to build teamwork, character, and discipline in North Memphis, Tenn.
©1986 through 2012 by Wendy Schadewald. The preceding films were reviewed by Wendy Schadewald, who has been a Twin Cities film critic since 1986. To see more of her film reviews see

10th Ward News
From Council Member Meg Tuthill
Contact Meg at 612.673.2210,, Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Visit us at

“Undefeated” (PG-13) (3.5)
[Some language.] An uplifting, inspirational, Oscar-winning, 113-minute, 2011 cinéma vérité

Compostable Yard Waste Bags
Yard waste will be collected beginning the week of April 9. New this year, Minneapolis residents must comply with State law requiring yard waste to be bagged in paper or compostable bags. Plastic yard waste bags will not be picked up. Watch for more information in your mailbox. Questions? Contact Solid Waste and Recycling at SWandRsupervisors@ or 612.673.2917.

Trader Joe’s stalls At LHeNA
Project fails to win board endorsement

stroll Minneapolis: 55+ Walking series
Come out and explore Minneapolis! Join the 55+ strollers and enjoy the benefits of a valuable support network, new friendships and great exercise! These strolls are designed to offer an easy, pleasant social walking experience. Strolls will take place at 10 am on first and third Wednesdays, March to August 2012. Stroll distances are 1½ to 2 miles. The Uptown area will be covered in the May 2 walk and the Whittier area will be covered June 6. All events are free. No registration required. We welcome strollers of all abilities. For more information on future Walking Wednesdays and to download the brochure, visit www.minneapolismn. gov/bicycles/events/WCMS1P-088572.

Changes Made to Minneapolis Hood Cleaning ordinance
A recent change to the Minneapolis Hood Cleaning Ordinance will reduce the financial and regulatory burden on restaurants. State law requires restaurant hoods which collect grease laden vapors to be cleaned twice a year. A change to Minneapolis’ hood cleaning ordinance in 2009 required restaurant owners to pull a permit every time a restaurant’s hood is cleaned. With the newest change, a permit is only needed for the two annual required cleanings. The base price to pull a permit is $133. The changes were co-authored by Council Member Elizabeth Glidden and me in response to concerns raised by restaurant owners. I’ve had numerous restaurant owners tell me they have their hoods cleaned quarterly, some more often than that. Pulling a permit for every cleaning adds up. Some restaurant owners have told me the annual savings will be $300 or more. I know from running my own business for over 30 years how this all adds up. Part of the job of government is to streamline regulations to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in Minneapolis. The proposed changes to the Hood Cleaning Ordinance were approved by the Minneapolis City Council on March 8 and became effective on March 17.
The illustration above represents the most recent elevation plan for the Trader Joe’s grocery and alcohol development for 2700 Lyndale Avenue. At left is an additional sliding glass door entrance added as a response to the neighborhood’s request to give the store more Lyndale Avenue presence. (Digital illustration provided by Architectural Consortium LLC)

After several visits and design edits to the original plan, the project finally received a narrow recommendation by the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA) Zoning & Planning Committee on March 14 on a vote of 4 to 3 in favor. Although the project’s endorsement by the LHENA Board of Directors is considered very positive, it is not necessarily a requirement for city approval. In a final vote on March 21, to endorse the Z&P’s recommendation, the LHENA Board of Directors voted 2 for approval, 4 against and 2 abstensions. If the project is to continue in it’s current design to the city for approval, it will have to do so without the endorsement of the LHENA Board.

Uptown Assn Hosts Marketing sessions
The first session held March 1 was “Understanding the Uptown Consumer” with presentation of results of the 2011 Visitor Survey. The survey explored the demographics, attitudes and behaviors of people on the streets of Uptown. The purpose is to help Uptown business owners better understand their customers and potential customers so they can best cater to their needs and encourage return visits. The session was hosted by Stella’s Fish Café, 1400 West Lake Street. Presenters were Marcus Genzlinger ( and Natasha Greiling (ngreiling@ “The Uptown Association is very pleased to have initiated this marketing study that takes a closer look at the Uptown customer,” said Maude Lovell, executive director of the Uptown Association. “It is valuable information for local business owners of all types and sizes and also for the resident community who benefits from knowing why people enjoy the area in which they live. There is nothing better and more vital than a strong business and residential community.” “Amplifying Social Media” was the second session held on March 15 to help business owners learn how to create relevant dialogue with customers and attract new customers using social media. Tony Jones and Doug Pagin of SocialPhonics. com helped businesses determine their social media personality, decide what they want to achieve and to select the right social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. It was hosted by Amore Victoria, 1601 West Lake Street. Creating a Memorable Guest Experience is the topic for March 29 at Urban Eatery, 2730 West Lake Street. The discussion will focus on components of a successful experience from the time a guest walks in the door until they walk out to help businesses drive repeat visits. For more information contact Uptown Association, Maude Lovell, executive director, 612.823.4581,

New Branding Logo for south Hennepin Business Association
New signs promoting the “Lowry Hill District” are now up on streetlight poles in the South Hennepin Special Service District. In the works for two years, the South Hennepin Business Association started this project after a survey of local businesses showed a need for a new identity different than the “Uptown” brand. After much discussion and deliberation, the “Lowry Hill District” was chosen to represent and honor Hennepin Avenue (from Douglas Avenue to West 28th Street) and the local community. The approximately 150 signs were 100% funded by the South Hennepin Special Service District, which will also maintain them.

Boards and Commissions vacancies
There are currently 11 boards and commissions with vacancies. Application review process will begin Friday, April 13. With a few exceptions, vacancies are open until filled. For more information and to see what boards and commissions have vacancies, please visit

Chelithe art of hair... 22 years in
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Meet with Meg
After two months of conflicts, I am back for Meet with Meg. Please join me on Tuesday, April 10 from 12 to 1pm at the 5th Precinct’s Community Room (3101 Nicollet Avenue). Meet with Meg is a chance to ask me questions and voice any concerns you may have. Bring your sack lunch. Cookies and lemonade are provided. Meet with Meg is held the second Tuesday of every month.


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6 • Uptown neighborhood news as to how the rent cost will be divided. However, if a roommate vacates the unit while the lease is still in effect, the rent stated in the lease is still due regardless of who continues to reside in the unit. For TAsTes from 1 food - this is what you will find at Lucia’s (1432 West 31st Street). Seasonal and nourishing cuisine has been their passion for 27 years. Along with a full dinner menu and wine selection, sandwiches, salads and soups are available for casual dining or take-out. Breads, desserts and pastries baked on site nightly plus home made jams are always available. Our Kitchen (813 West 36th Street) is the mom and pop style place that serves hearty American breakfast choices. Their eggs with bacon and crispy hash browns or the crazy good cinnamon French toast will win you over, or try the breakfast special. Delicious daily lunch menus are also served at this casual “feel like home” location. Coffee house by day and dinner restaurant by night - that’s Gigi’s Café (824 West 36th Street). With recently changed management, you can expect even more all-American morning pastries, more daily soups and more locally farmed and sustainably grown ingredients. example, two people agree to share a unit and to a 50 percent split of the monthly rental cost. If one roommate moves out prior to the end of the lease, unless the landlord agrees otherwise, the remainmenu can be tasted at Sushi Tango (3001 Hennepin Avenue). Want to add some fun? Go for karaoke on Tuesday nights! Besides a sushi bar, an extensive sake menu and an overall Japanese food tasting, the Fuji Ya (600 West Lake Street) offers private Zashiki rooms for the ultimate Japanese dining experience. You’ll leave your shoes in front of the door and make yourself comfortable on cushions lying on the floor. Kinsen Noodles & Bar (1300 Lagoon Avenue) was founded because Uptown was in need of an authentic noodle shop. Broth noodles, street noodles, ramen or stir-fried noodles - all in all over 20 different noodle dishes. They also serve daily specials to spice up your work week. And as they are committed to the neighborhood, you will get 10% off your bill if you can prove that you live in Uptown!

APRIL 2012
ing roommate will still have to pay 100 percent of the rent. If a unit is vacated before the lease ends, the leaseholder(s) is still LIvING page 9 wine or a selection of cheese and meat. Amore Vittoria (1601 West Lake Street) is another Italian favorite - a restaurant handcrafted by its owners, serving scratch Italian classics such as Gnocchi con Gorgonzola, signature Lasagna and an unforgettable Tiramisu. And if you are looking for an award-winning specialty pizza, Pizza Lucé (3200 Lyndale Avenue) is the place to go. With spring here, the place gets even better as it has a spacious outdoor patio. But don’t assume that Italian is the only European food served in Uptown. Real French Fries? Sure! And how about a French Bouillabaisse Soup or a delicious Crème Brûlée for dessert? Named “Best French Restaurant” by MplsStPaul Magazine, Barbette (1600 West Lake Street) also serves a fantastic breakfast such as a Brie and Herb Omelet.

Living Together
Sixth installment in the UNN’s series •

Landlord & Tenant Rights & Responsibilities
Excerpts from the “Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities” handbook from the Office of Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson. The full handbook is available through the Attorney General’s website as well as in other formats upon request for free at

12. THe ReNT
Payments Tenants must pay rent on the due date, whether they have a periodic lease or a definite term lease. The due date and amount of rent are set by the lease. If a tenant does not

pay the rent, the landlord may take legal action to evict the tenant. When an apartment is rented to individuals who will live as roommates, 100 percent of the rent is due from the unit. Typically, roommates come to an agreement

Good Vibrations

Parla italiano?
No worries if you don’t speak Italian. Even if Risotto (610 West Lake Street) is a truly Italian din-

It’s Greek To Me
That’s exactly the name of the place where you can find warm Greek hospitality and tasty Greek food like Mousaka, Dolmades or Thessalonian Chicken (626 West Lake Street). Don’t finish your meal without trying the traditional Greek pastry Baklava. All day and nights until 3am, you can find a Middle Eastern Falafel, Gyros or Pita Sandwich at Falafel King (701 West Lake Street). Want to feel like you’re visiting Madrid? El Meson (3450 Lyndale Avenue) is a typical Spanish place, rustically decorated. Try some of the signature dishes like Paella or Camarones al Ajillo. Sometimes, all you need for a great Saturday night are some delicious Tapas and a bottle of Spanish red wine while listening to live Flamenco music and dance. My conclusion: Thanks to the diversity of the Uptown neighborhood restaurants, food from all over the world is not wishful thinking – it’s a reality. The only taste missing is good old Swiss cheese fondue. Aline Anlinker recently moved to Uptown from Switzerland.

While working at Go Home in Uptown and creating art on the side, local artist Todd Miller began to see an increasing interest in his photography work. Miller’s subjects resonate with energy from his use of ultra saturated colors. Above is “Suburban World Theater, 2011,“ one of the many local photographs in his current show that moves from Dunn Bros at 34th St. and Hennepin to the Lake St. and Bryant Ave. Dunn Bros on April 1.

Are you a chopstickaddict?
If you are an Asian food lover, you will get your money’s worth in Uptown! Start at Szechuan Spice (3016 Lyndale Avenue) where you can find all the authentic Chinese dishes you love. A juicy Szechuan Chicken with the perfect amount of spices, Soup Dumplings or Wontons – there is something there for everyone. If you get thirsty, go to a place closeby where it is all about sake. Moto-i (2940 Lyndale Avenue) brews its own sake on-site from water, rice, yeast and koji. Currently, they are brewing seven different sakes, each one worth a try. Also taste their wok or ramen dishes and finish with the Japanese five-spice sugar doughnuts. Japanese food such as Sushi has become incredibly popular. You’ll have a hard time deciding among the different places. A hugh variety of Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki plus a regular Japanese kitchen menu and a fantastic Hibachi

The people who brought you organic, seasonal, local, and sustainable food.

Freshly baked breads and pastries as well as sandwiches, salads and soups - all made in-house - are Lucia’s specialities.

Still listening. Still serving. Still pioneering.
Because co-ops build a better world.
of Cooperatives 2012 International Year

Everyone Welcome, Every Day.
2105 Lyndale Ave S | M-F 9-10 S & S 9-9 |

ing place serving authentic food in a warm and welcoming ambiance, the menu is available in English also. After studying culinary arts in Italy for five years, the owner truly knows how to prepare Risotto, the traditional Italian rice dish. Other than that, you can find Spaghetti alla Vongole, calamari in white

Your Ride. Your Style. Your Insurance.
1422 W. Lake St., #202 Phone: 612.823.4111 FAX: 612.823.2040

Mary M. Trondson Insurance Agency, Inc.

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c Uptown Neighborhood News

APRIL 2012

Uptown neighborhood news •  .

sewer Improvements open House
Information and Q & A on Calhoun-Isles Area, April 10

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), operator of the metro-area wastewater collection and treatment system, has started work this spring on the Calhoun-Isles Area Sewer Improvements, which will replace a portion of a regional sewer through the Cedar, Dean and East Isles neighborhoods. This is part of a larger project to rehabilitate or replace a regional sanitary sewer that provides service to Hopkins and portions of St. Louis Park and Minneapolis. The CalhounIsles Area Sewer Improvements

segment to be completed in 2012 encompasses an area between Dean Parkway and East Calhoun Parkway. A public information open house is scheduled to discuss the work that will begin this spring and how the work will affect businesses, property owners and park users.

Staff from MCES and its construction contractor, S. J. Louis Construction, will provide information about the sewer construction project and answer your questions.

Bit o’ Spring in Your Step?
Runners in the March 10, 100% Irish for a day, TC 5k & TC 10 mile races cruised, hopped and kicked around Lake Calhoun and Harriet. More photos and results at (Photo by Competitive Image)

Why Does the sewer Need to be Replaced?
The existing concrete sewer force main is approximately 40 years old, and is showing signs of corrosion. The replacement sewer force main will be constructed from corrosion-resistant piping. In addition, seWeR page 9

Public Information open House
6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 10, Jones-Harrison Residence, 3700 Cedar Lake Ave.

the Uptown neighborhood news
If We Were Any More Local We’d Be Sitting On You. 

• Uptown neighborhood news

APRIL 2012

CARAG report
Lake St. 36th St.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group

The CARAG Board meets the third Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m. at Bryant Park Community Center, 31st and Bryant. All CARAG residents are welcome and urged to attend.

Board Members: Diana Boegemann, Carol Bouska, Dan Jenney, Jason Lord, Erick Peterson, Nancy Riestenberg, Samantha Strong. Excused Absences: None.

Introductions: Diana Boegemann
• The meeting was called to order at 7:03pm and Board Members were introduced.

meeting agenda with the addition of Open Streets Minneapolis. Approved. • Motion, Seconded to approve the February 21 CARAG Neighborhood Meeting minutes. Approved.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG), Monthly Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, March 20, 2012. DRAFT: Subject to approval at the April 2012 CARAG Meeting. Minutes recorded and submitted by Carol Bouska.

Bryant square Park Update: Diana Boegemann
• Registration for baseball has begun for ages 9-18. The season runs May 19-mid July. Contact BSP at 370-4907 for more info or go to

• Harris reported that the 2012 event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, June 10. Event organizers would like to extend the hours from 10am to later in the afternoon (4 or 5pm). • Motion, Seconded to send a letter of support for the 2012 Open Streets Minneapolis event. Approved. • More info is available at www.

Agenda & Minutes: Diana Boegemann
• Motion, Seconded to approve the

Uptown Market: Brendan Jordan
• Planning is well underway for the fourth season of the Uptown Market. Vendor recruitment has begun and market logistics are being worked out. • UM organizers have come close to an agreement that moves the market to the Intermedia Arts parking lot. The new location allows UM to avoid multiple, costly city permit fees, as well as eliminates the need to provide bathrooms and waste removal. A draft contract was available for review. • Fundraising and vendor recruitment efforts are well ahead of last year with the expectation that revenue will meet budget projections and costs may be under budget. • Motion, Seconded to support UM to move forward with the 2012 market season. Approved. (1 abstention)

Council Member Meg Tuthill: Breanna P.
• The City has begun installing new parking meters around Uptown and Lyn-Lake. The meters should be in place within a few weeks. Motorists will be able to pay using cash or credit cards. The cost to park is $1 per hour during the day and $2 per hour in the evenings. • The City Planning Department is still considering zoning amendments to allow “urban agriculture.” The changes would allow small scale commercial farming on residential lots.

open streets Minneapolis: Colin Harris, Minneapolis Bike Coalition

Insulation Optional
In what already seems like months ago, this scene on the ice at Lake Calhoun took place as recently as March 3. This party of four took the 2012 Polar Bear Plunge, a benefit fundraiser for Special Olympics Minnesota. (Photo by Bethany Heemeyer)

• The 2011 event closed Lyndale Avenue between 22nd Street and 42nd Street to automobiles and drew more than 5,000 people. • CARAG residents provided feedback that the event was well-run and well-received.

NRP Report: scott engel, Carol Bouska, Holly Windle
§ RP Phase 2 Home Loan GuideN lines: The CARAG NRP housing

task force will meet with potential home loan program administrators in the next few weeks to discuss interest in the CARAG program. The new anticipated schedule for launching the loan programs is late summer. • Green Team: The CARAG Green Team had their first meeting on March 8 and will focus during 2012 on making CARAG events “zero-waste”, educating neighbors on recycling and composting, and finding ways to get apartment building owners and tenants to recycle and compost. The CARAG Green team is partnering with Uptown neighborhoods to sponsor an event on March 29. Recycling and composting expert. Rod Muir will discuss how Toronto implemented organic recycling to reduce landfill. • Safety Coordinator: CARAG will need to advertise this consultant position now that a previous candidate has decided he is no longer interested. • Chili Fest: CARAG raised more than $900 for Joyce Food Shelf during the Chili Fest this year. The zero-waste event went well and included donations of food for the food shelf as well. Thanks to Bremer Bank and Medica for their sponsorship of the event. • CARAG will provide NRP funds to install around 20 bike loops on new parking meters installed in Uptown and Lyn-Lake this spring. • Seniors: The Seniors task force is looking into promoting a senior

CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | | | 612.823.2520
Join the CARAG E-update at to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.

c Uptown Neighborhood News

Hennepin Ave.

On the agenda…
• City Council Member Meg Tuthill • Vote for 2 CARAG Board Members • Aldrich Church 100 Year Celebration Update • Zoning & Development Update • And More!

Join us on April 12, at Lucia’s Restaurant for the first-ever Dining Out For CARAG event! Lucia’s is generously donating 20% of the evening’s proceeds to CARAG to help fund our neighborhood programs. Call Lucia’s at (612) 825-1572 to make your reservation.

CARAG Earth Day Clean Up
Saturday, April 21, 9:30am-Noon Bryant Square Park Rec Center (3101 Bryant Avenue S)
Name Address Phone Email Fee: $10 (Checks payable to CARAG) Deadline: 6pm, Wednesday, May 16 Send/Deliver Registration to: Rick Pritchett 3236 Colfax Ave S More Info: 612.822.3330 or Help us keep our Uptown neighborhoods clean and green! Join your CARAG neighbors for the 18th Annual Minneapolis Earth Day Clean Up on April 21. The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board will supply trash bags and a limited supply of gloves (bring your own gloves if you have them). • Coffee provided by local CARAG businesses • No pre-registration required For more information visit

Lyndale Ave.

CARAG page 9

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
Tuesday, April 17, at 7pm at Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave S)

Dining Out for CARAG

Thursday, April 12, 5:30-9:30pm Lucia’s Restaurant (1432 West 31st St.)

CARAG Garage Sale Sale Super The Neighborhood
Saturday, May 19, 8am-4pm
• Only $10 to Register • Metro-Wide Advertising • Sale Yard Sign • Maps Listing 50+ Sales • Renters May Register for a Sale at Bryant Square Park • Register online at!

Registration Form Sale Location: Front Back Side Inside Bryant Square Park (Circle) Refreshments: Yes No (Circle) Describe Your Sale Items (40 letters or less):

APRIL 2012 CARAG from 8

Uptown neighborhood news •  .
fill the slots will take place at the April 17 CARAG Meeting. • Motion, Seconded to identify Diana Boegemann and Nancy Riestenberg as signers on the 2012 MN Attorney General’s Nonprofit Registration form. Approved. • Motion, Seconded to approve a new 1-year lease with VOA Southwest Senior Center for office space at a rate of $215 per month. Approved. Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm

yoga class at Om Yoga Collective and is looking into other educational opportunities.

Board Housekeeping: Diana Boegemann
• Two board vacancies exist due to the passing of Steve Green in December and Melissa Davidson moving back to South Dakota. Jay Lindgren and Jean Jonas were each nominated to join the CARAG Board. An election to

Parks Commissioner Brad Bourn discusses the Tin Fish lease renewal situation with people who stopped by the Lake Calhoun Pavilion.
(Photo by Courtney Kiernat)

TIN from 1 By Saturday afternoon, March 17 Uptown residents had gathered at the popular restaurant on the northeast corner of Lake Calhoun to show support. Neighbors and passers-by were invited to sign a petition intended for the Park Board. Home made signs were displayed and conversation ensued. Many conversations opened with the question, “What’s happening?” Another frequent opening line was “Can you believe this weather?” The unseasonal 80 degree temperature contributed significantly to the crowd’s size and mellow mood. Television cameras contributed to the drama. Tin Fish proprietors Sheff and Athena Priest, along with Park seWeR from 7 the sewer will be constructed as a double-pipe system to offer greater protection to the environment.

Commissioners Anita Tabb and Brad Bourn, were on hand to tell their stories, repeatedly. The narrative had lots of numbers and details but nothing likely to incite a riot. It was essentially a matter of a city agency negotiating a lease with a private vendor. Friction was caused by confusion and delays in the process plus unexpected financial requirements. There was valid concern about agreement being reached in time for the season opening coming up soon thereby jeopardizing whether the Tin Fish would be open for the summer of 2012. Neighborhood concern focused on the fairness of the contract and the process for both parties – the Park Board acting on behalf of taxpayers and business viability Dean Parkway and Thomas Avenue. Tree removals and postconstruction tree planting and other landscape restoration will be coordinated with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority. Temporary piping to convey wastewater around the construction areas will be located on the service road along the south side of the Midtown Greenway. The work will involve paving temporary trails for detours and closing the Midtown Greenway trail connection ramp to Dean Parkway. The Midtown Greenway trail will remain open during the course of construction. Flaggers will coordinate pedestrian and bicycle traffic when construction vehicles need to cross the trail. The new sewer will be installed in an excavated trench. The section of sewer crossing under the lagoon will be placed in a dredged trench. Piles will be driven in and near the lagoon to protect the lagoon walls. When the pipe trench is dredged into the lagoon, the sand deposits under the Lake St. Bridge will be removed to allow the Park Board’s weed harvester access to Lake of the Isles from Lake Calhoun. The old sewer will be cleaned and abandoned in-place by filling it with cement through much of the alignment to minimize disturbance. The Contractor will access the old sewer through the south side of the Lake of the Isles dog park. A temporary fence will separate the dog park from the construction area. The work will finish with tree planting and restoration throughout the entire construction area. MCES will plant a variety of trees at locations selected by the Park Board and County foresters. All trails will be restored

for the entrepreneurs. The Priests received high praise for their vision in presenting the winning proposal in 2004 and persistence in building a highly successful restaurant. Since then two other eateries in city parks have followed the model and been opened: Sea Salt in Minnehaha Park and Bread and Pickles on Lake Harriet. During the next few days Park Board management and the Priests engaged in negotiations, reached an agreement and on Wednesday, March 21 the lease was approved at the Park Board’s meeting. That’s the happy ending to a short, true fish story about citizens, entrepreneurs and a government agency working together for a win-win-win outcome.

Emerging from “Ruin”
Tom Heywood, an artist for the past 64 years, produced his first paid piece in 1961. He poses behind his latest ‘Ruin’, a work of reconstructive deconstruction, reminiscent of the early 19th century romantic landscape painting movement in Europe. Two signs on the front his house, at 3300 Hennepin, read “Heywood Sculpture Studio” and “Home of ‘Ruin’ Art.” Heywood is a past participant in the Uptown Art Fair in 1991, and won Best Sculpture in 1992. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

LIvING from 6 responsible to pay the rent for the full term (if the lease is definite term) or for the full rental period (if it is a periodic lease). The landlord may allow a new tenant to pick up the balance of the lease (known as a sublease). Late Fees The rent must be paid on the date it is due. When a tenant is late in paying rent, the landlord has the legal right to start eviction proceedings. (See page 24 for an explanation of eviction proceedings.) If a tenant pays rent late, the lease may require the tenant to pay a late fee. The lease must state how much the late fee will be and when it is due. The late fee must be a reasonable amount that compensates

the landlord for actual damages resulting from late payment but is not designed to penalize the tenant. (56) Raising the Rent Under a periodic tenancy, a landlord cannot raise the rent unless he or she gives proper written notice. Proper notice is one rental period plus one day. (See page 20 for an explanation of proper notice.) During a definite term lease, rent cannot be raised during the term unless the lease allows for an increase. • Next Installment CHAPTER 2-13, TENANT’S RIGHT TO PRIVACY.

to their current locations.

How Will the Work Affect Property owners?
During this construction, you may experience temporary inconveniences as the work takes place within your neighborhood. This will include street detours, trail detours, and some noise from generators and other construction equipment. Detour information will be sent to property owners and posted regularly on the Metropolitan Council website (see below). The temporary wastewater conveyance piping installed along the Midtown Greenway service road will serve as active pressurized sewers: If you notice any vandalism to these pipes or other construction equipment, please report it to the police.

Where and When Will the Work Take Place?
The replacement sewer generally parallels the existing sewer and the Midtown Greenway between Dean and East Calhoun parkways (see Project map). Preliminary construction work began in February with tree removals and site preparation. Temporary wastewater conveyance piping and recreational trail detours will be constructed later this spring, with the sewer excavation work beginning in June. Construction of the new sewer under the lagoon will start in September, with excavation and paving work to be completed in October. Tree planting and any remaining restoration work will be completed in spring 2013.

Who Pays for the Work?
The cost of this project is not assessed to adjacent property owners. It is spread out among all MCES sewer customers in the metro area.

How Will the Work Be Done?
MCES began planning the new sewer construction three years ago with review by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority in an effort to minimize impacts to the park, recreation and trail users. The existing sewer is located along the north side of the Midtown Greenway right-of-way through Lake of the Isles Park. This portion of the alignment will be relocated to the south between the Midtown Greenway and Lake Street to reduce the impact to the parkland and trees. Nevertheless, some tree removals are required along the south side of the Midtown Greenway between Thomas Avenue South and East Calhoun Parkway, and along the north side of the Midtown Greenway between

For More Information
MCES staff are available to review this project with you and answer your questions in person or by phone or e-mail. • Adam Gordon, Project Manager, 651.602.4508, adam.gordon@metc. • Tim O’Donnell, Project Citizens Liaison, at 651.602.1269, Additional information is available on the Metropolitan Council website at sewerconstructionupdates. For safety’s sake please keep children and pets away from all construction areas.

10 • Uptown neighborhood news

APRIL 2012

ECCO report
Lake St. 36th St.

East Calhoun Community Organization

ECCO meets the first Thursday of each month, 7 p.m. at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 34th & Irving. All ECCO residents are welcome and urged to attend.

Christianson, Treasurer; Harry Savage, Secretary; Anja Curiskis; Kate Davenport; Judy Shields; Heather Wulfsberg and Jim Smith. Board Members Absent: Brad Durham and Gael Ellis ECCO Board President Sarah Sponheim called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. A motion was made to postpone the bylaws amendment to the April meeting; the agenda was unanimously approved.

reusable containers no larger than 33 gallons, with sturdy handles. • Tree Trust is offering trees to Minneapolis residents for $25. Ordering begins on March 12 at • Community Garden Spring Resource Fair is Saturday, March 31. For more information, visit

Anita Tabb (Park Board Commissioner, District 4):
• There is a concern about zebra mussels in Minneapolis lakes and Asian carp in the Mississippi. • The Park Board is partnering with the Minneapolis Parks Foundation for a new park concept (Water Works Park) on the central riverfront. For more information and to comment on the proposal, visit: • A Citizens Advisory Committee has been working on improvements for Brownie Lake. • Commissioner Tabb will check on how often the grit chamber is cleaned at Lake Calhoun.

• A decision to share a mailbox with East Isles has been tabled until next month. • The board is interested in learning more about artistic wraps for City utility boxes (like in the Kingfield neighborhood). Michelle Beaulieu and Soren Jensen, Midtown Greenway Coalition Metro Transit will begin a transportation study for the Lake Street corridor (between Hiawatha light rail and the proposed SW light rail near Whole Foods). Transit options will include bus, streetcar and light rail on Lake Street and the Greenway. The Midtown Greenway Coalition is advocating for a streetcar with a turf track on the Greenway and is seeking support from neighborhood organizations. After much discussion, the ECCO Board unanimously approve the following resolution: “The ECCO Board supports the implementation of a Streetcar Line in the Midtown Greenway from the Lake Street/ Midtown Hiawatha LRT Station to the planned future West Lake Street Southwest LRT Station, using single track segments to minimize civil engineering work and protect environmentally sensitive areas, and utilizing turf track wherever possible to minimize loss of green space and to preserve the quality of existing pedestrian and bicycle trails.”

Hennepin Ave.

Lyndale Ave.

ECCO Meeting Minutes for March 1, 2012. (East Calhoun Neighborhood Monthly Meeting) Minutes recorded and submitted by Harry Savage and Monica Smith and approved by the ECCO Board by electronic vote prior to publication.
Board Members Present: Sarah Sponheim, President; Blake Harper and Linda Todd, Co-VP; Glen


Meg Tuthill (City Council Member, Ward 10):
• New parking meters will be installed in the Uptown and LynLake area. Enforcement times will be Monday - Saturday 8:00 am to midnight (currently until 10 pm). Rates per hour will change to: $1/ hour 8 am to 6 pm and $2/hour 6 pm to midnight. • The City is upgrading some of the meters to also be bike racks. Sponsor a bike rack for $50 each, contact Susan at mplsbikeracks@ or 612-568-6227. • The redistricting process has started in Minneapolis. Comments may be sent to • The Urban Agriculture public hearing has been postponed to March 22. CM Tuthill introduced three amendments to the ordinance: specifying materials used in raised beds; number of days per year you can sell produce; and restricting the height of hoop houses to 6 ft. • Lunch with Leslie is Tuesday, March 13, noon to 1 pm at the 5th Precinct Community Room.

• Minneapolis is banning the use of plastic bags to contain yard waste (effective spring 2012). Leaves and yard waste must be put in compostable bags, paper bags or

Monica smith (staff Report)
• Community Energy Services: Beginning April 1, ECCO will no longer be offering the reimbursement for the home energy visit. Sign up by March 31 to take advantage of the program: www. • ECCO’s insurance is covered by NRP’s general liability policy (through 7/8/12) • A sanitary sewer is being replaced between Dean Parkway and Knox Avenue (along the south side of the Greenway). Trees are currently being removed to open a corridor for the sewer excavation. Open house: April 10, 6:30 pm at Jones-Harrison Residence, 2700 Cedar Lake Ave. For more information:

Primed for Business
Due to open by early summer, Primebar is the new tenant at Calhoun Square’s old Il Gatto location on the northwest corner of the property. The restaurant represents the fifth of it’s kind by Restaurants-America Inc., who also own them in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Texas. The website description highlights “American cuisine, local brews and a large selection of specialty cocktails.” More info at (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Committee Reports
Livability Committee
February 23 meeting included a

eCCo page 11

t h u r s d ay, a P r I L 5 7:00 -9:00 p.m.

ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting st. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving ave s
W E d N E s d ay, a P r I L 11 7:00 p.m.

earth day event
Lake Calhoun Clean Up
Saturday, April 21, 9:30 a.m. - Noon Meet at the Tin Fish 3000 East Calhoun Parkway Join your East Calhoun neighbors and help keep Minneapolis a beautiful place to live and play! Volunteers needed and appreciated. No pre-registration is required. Bring your own work gloves and small (grocery) plastic bags to use for collection of trash, bottles & cans. Large trash bags and directions will be provided.
The Minneapolis Earth Day Watershed Clean Up is a collaborative effort between volunteers, the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board and City of Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling. For more information:

East Calhoun Green Team Meeting dunn Bros. Coffee, 34th and hennepin
For more information about the East Calhoun Green Team, contact t u E s d ay, a P r I L 1 7 7:00 p.m.

East Calhoun Tree Task Force st. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving ave s
The group will be discussing strategies for minimizing the impact of the Emerald Ash Borer in our neighborhood. s at u r d ay, a P r I L 2 1 9:30 a.m. - Noon

Lake Calhoun Clean Up
See next column for more information. t u E s d ay, a P r I L 2 4 7:00 p.m.

Livability Committee Meeting dunn Bros. Coffee, 34th and hennepin
The Livability Committee reviews current zoning proposals in the neighborhood and addresses safety & crime concerns, traffic and parking, as well as events that impact the neighborhood.

we’re watching our waste
New recycling guidelines for Minneapolis: Now we can recycle more plastics and cardboard packaging! See the Common LAW column in this issue for more details. Sign up for a free Green Bin and join your neighbors in organics recycling. Call 612-673-2917 or email to sign up or for more information.
Waste Watchers is a group of East Calhoun neighbors who care about making less waste.

East Calhoun
Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to learn more about our events. Send a request to or call Monica Smith at 612-821-0131.

APRIL 2012
eCCo from 10
request for support from Michael Lander to separate the two homes at the SE corner of 34th and Irving (from connected condos to unconnected single-family homes). Next meeting of the committee is March 27, 7 pm, Dunn Brothers at 34th and Hennepin. GeTTING from 1 After a while it just became a habit. Then I realized that I was getting colorful looks from people as they watched me. It made me think about the process that has gone through my own head when I’ve seen other people pick up trash. Is it easier for me to accept these actions if I could categorize the personality with labels like “tree hugger,” “dirty” or just “strange?” On the other hand, what’s it like when I participate in an organized clean-up? That “indescribable personality” suddenly vanishes because the event is labeled and I feel at ease. Calling it an event makes it easier for me. The anthropological and cultural reasons for these behaviors could probably fill a library. And it led me to think about what was at the heart of green specific decisions and what the motivations are for people to make a green decision. Why do people pick up trash, recycle a bottle or drive less? What causes a smoker to throw their butt on the ground when a garbage can is less than 10 feet away? Or a shopkeeper on Hennepin to sweep the sidewalk trash into the street where it drains to the nearby lakes? What affects our green decisions? Is it money? health? peer pressure? recreation? spirituality? I decided to ask some professional Uptown consultants in the fields of motivation and marketing. Jasna Burza runs a Life and Wellness Coaching and Yoga business from her office in the CARAG neighborhood. When I asked her about how people go about making these decisions she used a discussion of values. To start, Burza says “The thing is that we often don’t know why we do the things we do – is it because I care about it or because others are telling me I should. This is where my clients get very honest with me.” She continued with the use of an example, “In today’s society, socioeconomic status may affect how we respond to certain issues. If I am not able to feed my family, I will most likely not make a big deal about recycling and eating local and organic food because the reality may be stronger than the desire to change. The topic at hand determines the level of motivation and its permanence.” “In order for folks to create paradigm shift in their lives, something has to speak to them. We have to connect to them through their values. We all live with a set of values that are of extreme importance to us and if someone/something appeals to us on the basis of those values – we are more likely to respond. Everything we do in life is based on how it honors our values. The motivation has to be intrinsic and mean something to us, otherwise it will be short lived or a fad of a moment.” So in other words we can’t just assume that people have environmental values. Step one has to be that someone has those values. If that is true then we can move on to the action message. Environmentalism used to be much more simple. “Put your trash in a can. Don’t burn tires. Don’t play with mercury in 4th grade science class.” (Yep, the barometer broke and we crawled around on the carpet cleaning up the mercury with our bare hands.) But it’s 2012 and being green requires vigilant information intake. You can’t just hope you’re making the right decisions. You

Uptown neighborhood news • 11 . have to actively seek out the information to inform the decisions you make. Marketing consultant Cheryl Gordon of Carbon Creative in the East Isles neighborhood explains some of the recent trends. “We’re finding that there is an expectation across a wide variety of consumers that whatever product or service you’re offering must be greener than it was, say, ten or even five years ago. “Green” has moved beyond the traditional ideals of using recyclable products and the right light bulbs. When it comes to our work with apartment buildings people are interested in living greener by simply situating themselves closer to their work and play. Urban density is less associated with overcrowding than it used to be and more about using city-space efficiently. Fewer people are willing to waste the gas or their time driving 45 minutes each way to work. They want to live close to their jobs, close to public transportation and close to the places they go to exercise and socialize.” It’s much more complex now, and even on a local level it can confound the experts. For instance, I still don’t know if I’m saving energy when I adjust my dimmer light switch. Is the unused electricity just going to heat the switch or is there simply less overall electricity being used? I’ve asked electricians, engineers and even Xcel Energy this question. None of them agree on the same answer. So people have all sorts of values and environmentalism may or may not be one of them. I’ve decided that I value the environment but it’s how I get there that is now occupying my mind–at least as much as the mercury. Bruce Cochran is Art Director and in charge of Production for the Uptown Neighborhood News and lives in CARAG.

Green Team
Rod Muir of Waste Diversion Toronto, will speak about how to expand organics recycling citywide. Thursday, March 29, Bryant Square Park, 7 pm. A Tour de Compost is being planned for May 17. Funding for “little free libraries” will be proposed at the next budget meeting.

Tree Task Force
Commissioner Tabb attended the February meeting of the Task Force and is open to ideas for replacing or treating trees. Representatives from Nicollet Island and Prospect Park also attended the meeting and expressed interest in our work. Other communities are embarking on treatment plans. The Task Force is doing more research on the chemical used for treatment. A public meeting will be held on May 22.

The board had a half-day retreat to review issues of staff, management, soliciting new writers, recommended topics of interest to be included in the Uptown Neighborhood News. They may ask for money to support a website for the UNN.

Next meeting
The next meeting of the ECCO Board will be Thursday, April 5, 7:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church. Agenda will include: Phyllis Stenerson, Uptown Neighborhood News, bylaws amendment and funding requests. Send suggestions for other items to Sarah Sponheim. The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 pm.

Staring June 10 you’ll be able to find all of what the Uptown Market has to offer in one location, the Intermedia Arts parking lot. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

UPToWN from 1 residents and sponsors. The Board hopes that this change will result in a more vibrant market and a diversity of vendors and products. The 2012 season will begin June 10, with the first event coinciding with Open Streets Minneapolis. The Market will run through September 30 with market events every Sunday throughout the summer. It will continue to offer a mix of fresh local produce, food trucks, prepared food, art and crafts. Uptown Market fills an important niche in the Uptown community. We believe that Uptown is not just a shopping and entertainment destination, but also a neighborhood with artists, artisans, craftspeople, small business people and, of course, neighbors. Uptown Market creates a gathering place and a place for local entrepreneurs to pitch their wares. It helps connect Uptown residents with local farmers to keep us all eating locally. It’s a great place to grab lunch on a Sunday, do your grocery shopping, buy an interesting gift and connect with friends from the neighborhood. We would like to sincerely thank all of our hard-working and dedicated volunteers, community members and local businesses who have made financial contributions to make the Market possible. The Market is entirely run by volunteers, with no paid staff. Interested in vending, volunteering or supporting the market? Please check out our website at We look forward to seeing you this summer! Brendan Jordan is Chair of the Uptown Market Managing Board and lives in CARAG.

CoMMoN from 1
produce and deli containers (also known as “clamshells”) • no Styrofoam, plastics bags or egg cartons

Residents of East Calhoun who are participating in the single-sort pilot project can add these items directly to their cart with the blue lid. Residents of CARAG and elsewhere in the City should place all cartons and boxes in a paper bag, reusable cloth bag or reusable container less than 10 gallons in size; put plastics together in a separate paper or cloth bag or reusable container. Please label your reusable containers with a recycling sticker, free when you call 612.673.2917. Many people are asking when and if the City plans to simplify our recycling system. The answer is YES. Later this spring, the City will decide whether to switch to single-sort recycling (all recyclables in one cart) or dual-sort recycling (plastics, aluminum and glass in one cart, all types of paper in another). The time-line for introducing this new system has not been specified. Stay tuned for further details. Questions about recycling? Contact Sarah at or call the City at 612-673-2917.

yard waste are now banned in Minneapolis (this ban is already in effect for the rest of the state). All yard waste must now be put out in compostable bags (sold at most grocery stores, coops and hardware stores), brown paper yard waste bags or reusable containers that are less than 33 gallons in size and have sturdy handles. Please label your reusable containers with a yard waste sticker, free when you call 612.673.2917. Currently, crews must de-bag yard waste. Even so, shreds of plastic remain in the compost. Removing plastic bags from yard waste at the front end – our alleys - reduces labor costs and produces higher quality compost in the end.

waste-reduction venture launched by residents from the four core Uptown neighborhoods – East Isles, the Wedge, CARAG and East Calhoun. ZWU is developing a pilot program to introduce organics recycling to multi-family buildings and businesses in Uptown. Want to learn more about this program? Contact

April 21 is earth Day CleanUp
The Minneapolis Parks annual Earth Day clean-up will take place from 9:30am to noon on Saturday, April 21. The East Calhoun neighborhood will staff a site outside the pavilion at the northeast corner of Lake Calhoun, Lake Street and East Calhoun Parkway. CARAG will staff a site at Bryant Square Park. This year, the Parks are encouraging volunteers to collect recyclables in one bag and litter in another. Staff also encourages volunteers to bring their own plastic grocery or take-out bags for collecting smaller items (like cigarette butts). Large bags will be available, but smaller bags are easier to carry, especially for children. To submit items for consideration in future Common LAW columns, please contact Sarah at Sarah Sponheim lives with her family in the East Calhoun neighborhood, is President of the ECCO Board and active on the Green Team.

Uptown Art Fair to Add organics Recycling
The 2012 Uptown Art Fair will introduce organics recycling (composting) at certain locations this summer in an effort to cut down the waste tonnage generated. Did you know that the Art Fair with attendance of 375,000 people is the second largest public event in Minnesota after the State Fair? According to a study of the average amount of waste produced per person at public events, the Art Fair produces 457 tons of waste each year! Volunteers are needed to make this important effort a success. Contact to sign up.

Commercial classified ad sales are 40¢ per word, 10-word minimum and mUst Be prepAID. Ad and advance payment are due the 15th of the month. please send a check and ad copy to: Uptown neighborhood news, Attn: Classifieds, 3612 Bryant Ave. s., mpls., mn 55409.

Int/ext paIntIng
Sheetrock (Drywall) Taping, skim coating, textured ceilings. Ceiling & wall repair, water damage, wallpaper removal, power washing, deck staining. Fully insured. References. 24 years experience. A lifelong uptown area resident. 612.825.9959, 612.991.6384

No more Plastic Bags for Yard Waste
Yard waste pick-up starts the week of April 9. Plastic bags for

Zero Waste Uptown
Zero Waste Uptown (ZWU) is a

Windows and doors. Siding. Fences and decks, finish carpentry. Sheet rock, plaster repair, taping. Local references, free estimates. Tom 612.824.1554.

1 • Uptown neighborhood news

APRIL 2012

community events calendar
(Editor’s Note: We will run community event listings every month on this page. Contact to submit your event information by the 15th of each month to be included in the next issue.)


rIseUp sInGInG At FIrst UnIVersALIst CHUrCH

First Universalist Church - 7pm 3400 Dupont Ave. • 612.825.1701

Love to sing for fun? Join RiseUp Singing at First Universalist Church on the first Thursday of each month, 7-9:30pm in the Chalice Room. Contact the group leader Allan Steinhauer, 612.309.5632 or arstein01@ for more information. They are open to all that want to have a good time, have a piano and welcome all instruments. They are looking for a guitar

player to help lead songs. Coming late and leaving early is OK. They just want you there. Children are welcome to join in. They have only two rules: they do not repeat a song in the same evening and they have fun. Remember to embrace your voice and lift it in joyous song!


eAst IsLes resIDents AssoC. (eIrA) AnnUAL meetInG
Grace-Trinity Church - 7pm-9pm 1430 W. 28th St. • 612-821-0131


nAUGHtY sonGs For nICe GIrLs

Bryant Lake Bowl - 10pm 810 W. Lake St. • 612.825.8949
Naughty Songs For Nice Girls is performed and written by Bobbi Miller and Rhonda Laurie. “Delicious double entendre, innocuous innuendo and subtle sass…for decades, women have been expressing their femininity and sexuality through popular song. From Mae West to Dinah Washington, Marlene Dietrich to Marilyn Monroe…Twin Cities vocalists Rhonda Laurie and Bobbi Miller present a raucous, delightful evening of stories and songs inspired by nice girls who loved being a little naughty!” Fridays, April 6 and 13, 9:30pm doors. $12 / $10 with a Fringe button or for TC Jazz Society members.

Come and learn more about: 1-Annual social events: Ice Skating Party in January, Ice Cream Social in August, Wine Tasting Fundraiser in October. 2-Issues important to our community: hear from guest speakers and elected officials. 3-East Isles committees: Elect new EIRA Board of Directors: Serve on the EIRA Board. New members are needed for the term May 2012-April 2013.


LowrY HILL eAst (LHenA) AnnUAL meetInG

Jefferson Community School - 6pm 1200 W. 26th St. • 612.377.5023
Environmentalism is the theme of this year’s Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA) Annual Meeting. “Green initiatives” were identified as a priority for LHENA during the 2008 Phase II Neighborhood Revitalization Program planning process, received further attention as a 2010 LHENA Board directive, and remain an active focus as shown through stakeholder feedback at a 2011 neighborhood brainstorming session. Last fall, LHENA was awarded a Community POWER grant to promote recycling and composting through a variety of educational and outreach efforts. LHENA has since implemented an Environment Committee and has joined forces with adjacent neighborhoods to form Zero Waste Uptown, a coalition dedicated to waste reduction. (Social hour from 6-6:30pm)


DInInG oUt For CArAG
“If you are like the 'old me,' who knew nothing about fitness, or was intimidated about going to the gym – the YWCA is a great place to feel welcome and inspired! From the great staff at the front desk who always know my name to the trainers who have encouraged me. I feel like family here.”

Your choice of deals in April $ $
12-Month Commitment Required

Lucia’s - 5:30pm-9:30pm 1432 W. 31st St. • 612.825.1572
Mark your calendars for the first-ever Dining Out For CARAG event at Lucia’s. As the exclusive restaurant sponsor of Dining Out For CARAG, Lucia’s is generously donating 20% of the evening’s proceeds to CARAG. It’s a great way to support your local business community, get to know your neighbors and help raise money for your neighborhood.

19 Joiners Fee

79 Joiners Fee
Month-to-Month Membership


Y rUn 5K & 10K
Lake Calhoun - 8:30am 612.644.8185
Proceeds from the Y Run will go to support the Downtown Minneapolis Y Partners Campaign to support the mission of the Y. The Y is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit social services organization with a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Registration Fees: 5K - $25/$30 Race Day, 10K - $30/$35 Race Day.

- Bonnie, lost more than 130 pounds, now a workout fanatic and fitness blogger, YWCA member since 2008.

Both offers are good on new Adult, Family, Student and Young Professional memberships. Some exceptions apply.

wILDLIFe sCenes From AItKIn CoUntY AnD BeYonD
Minneapolis Audubon Society - 1pm Bryant Square Park • 952.926.4205
Warren Nelson will share “Wildlife Scenes from Aitkin County, (north central Minn.) and Beyond.” Please join the Minneapolis Audubon Society at 31st & Bryant Ave. for a program and refreshments.

The Power to Soar


rental • lawn & garden • plumbing • electrical • keys made • glass cut • paint

portrAIts oF Us

Win a Garden Basket worth
We’re ing at Ce lebrh Day Eart 2! 201

Stocked Full of Green Products

$100 !

Walker Library - 1pm-4pm 2880 Hennepin Ave. S. • 952.847.8400
Celebrate what makes your corner of Minnesota special. Bring a family treasure along and have your family portrait taken – one copy for you to take home and one to be displayed at the library. A preservation expert will be on hand to offer advice on preserving the treasure. This project is funded with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Sponsored by MELSA (Metropolitan Library Service Agency) and presented in collaboration with the Minnesota Historical Society. Registration is required and begins March 17 (limit 18).


trAsH or treAsUre? pLUs teA

St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church - 2pm 3450 Irving Ave. • 612.825.9595
Trash Or Treasure? Plus Tea is a fundraiser for the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf. Mark Thompson, professional appraiser, will be there to look at items brought by attendees and give an estimate of the value. Desserts, coffee, tea and punch will be served. Suggested donation is $3 for children and $10 for each adult, appraisal of two items included. For more information contact Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, 612.825.4431 or

April’s Contest: The UNN is Giving Away . . . GRAND PRIZE: Dinner for 4 at Chipotle!
2ND PRIZES: 7-Day Guest Passes for Calhoun Beach Club!
c Uptown Neighborhood News

Stop in Nicollet ACE Hardware on April 20, 21 or 22 and Enter!
Winner gets photo taken for Facebook! No purchase necessary. No exchanges substitutions or refunds on basket items.

We stock an amazing amount of green items for every household need!

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