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Camtasia Help File

Camtasia Help File

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Published by: mujeebshah on Mar 31, 2012
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  • Get Started With Your First Recording
  • Get Help in Camtasia Studio
  • Recorder
  • Your First Recording – Use the Default Settings
  • Learn to Use Recorder
  • Camtasia SmartFocus™ Recording Tips
  • Record the Entire Screen
  • Record with Widescreen or Standard Dimensions
  • Record a Region, Area, or Window
  • Move or Resize the Recording Area
  • Lock Recording Area to Window or Application
  • Recorder’s Preview Window
  • Record Audio in Camtasia Recorder
  • No Sound? Troubleshoot the Volume Level
  • Audio Recording Tips
  • Record a Webcam in Camtasia Recorder
  • The .CAMREC Recording File
  • Change the Recorder Hotkeys
  • Show or Hide Recording Toolbars
  • Add Markers While Recording
  • Add a System Stamp While Recording
  • System Stamp Options
  • Add a Caption While Recording
  • Add Mouse Click Sounds While Recording
  • Add a Cursor Effect While Recording
  • Draw on the Screen While Recording (ScreenDraw)
  • ScreenDraw Hotkeys
  • Record a PowerPoint Presentation
  • See PowerPoint Recording Tips
  • PowerPoint Recording Tips
  • Enable the PowerPoint Add-In
  • PowerPoint Add-In Options
  • PowerPoint Add-In Watermark Options
  • Advanced Video and Audio Setup Options
  • Save PowerPoint Slides as Images
  • Recording Equipment
  • Edit Your Video
  • Manage Video Projects
  • To Create a Camtasia Studio Project
  • Import a Zipped Project
  • Back up a Project Automatically (AutoSave)
  • Export a Project as a Zip File
  • Camtasia Editor
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Welcome Window
  • Clip Bin
  • Change the Clip Bin View
  • View Media Properties
  • Sort Media in the Clip Bin
  • Remove Unused Media in Clip Bin
  • Import a Camtasia Studio Zipped Project
  • Import Media into the Clip Bin
  • To Import Media into the Clip Bin
  • Library
  • Import Media into the Library
  • Manage Library Content
  • Create Library Asset from Timeline Selection or Element
  • Add a Timeline Sequence
  • Export the Library as a Zip File (.LIBZIP)
  • Import a Zipped Library File (.LIBZIP)
  • Editor Preview Window
  • Timeline
  • Timeline Toolbar
  • Timeline Tracks
  • Lock or Unlock a Track
  • Unlink Audio and Video Tracks
  • Navigate the Timeline
  • Timeline Navigation Hotkeys
  • Effects and Elements Hotkeys
  • Make a Selection
  • Cut a Selection
  • Mark-In or Mark-Out a Video Clip
  • Split a Clip
  • Extend the Frame of a Clip
  • Change the Duration of a Clip or Element
  • Adjust the Clip Speed
  • Save the Current Frame as an Image
  • Add a Marker
  • Audio
  • Move Audio Clips on the Timeline
  • Add, Remove, or Adjust an Audio Point
  • Fade Audio In or Out
  • Adjust Volume Up or Down
  • Replace Audio with Silence
  • Even Out Audio Volume Levels
  • Remove Noise from Audio
  • Vocal Enhancements
  • Voice Narration
  • Record Voice Narration
  • Editor Audio Setup Wizard
  • Save Timeline Audio as MP3 or WAV File
  • Title Clips
  • Zoom and Pan
  • Set Default Zoom Options
  • Add or Delete a Zoom Keyframe
  • Edit a Zoom Keyframe
  • To Edit a Zoom Keyframe
  • Apply a Tilt Effect
  • Pan around the Video
  • SmartFocus™ Auto Zoom and Pan
  • Callouts
  • Add Callout
  • Add a Callout
  • Move, Resize, Rotate, or Delete a Callout
  • Callout Properties and Effects
  • Text Shape Callout
  • Shape Callout – No Text
  • Sketch Motion Callout
  • Highlight Callouts
  • Transparent Hotspot Callout
  • Add a Hotspot to a Callout
  • To Add a Hotspot to a Callout
  • Blur the Screen with a Callout
  • To Blue the Screen With a Callout
  • Spotlight Callout
  • Text-Only Callout
  • Keystroke Callouts
  • Auto Generate Keystroke Callouts
  • To Auto Generate Keystroke Callouts
  • Use Your Own Image as a Callout
  • Cursor Effects
  • Transitions
  • Captions (Closed and Open)
  • Closed and Open Captions
  • Open Captions
  • Caption Settings
  • Closed Captions With and Without Searchability
  • Open Captions With and Without Searchability
  • Hide Captions in Video
  • ADA Compliancy
  • Add Captions to Video by Synchronizing Text and Audio
  • To add captions by synchronizing text and audio:
  • Manually Add and Sync Captions
  • Speech-to-Text Captions
  • Speech Dictionary
  • Import and Export Captions
  • Make Video Searchable
  • Edit Captions
  • Global Versus Individual Font Attributes
  • Change Font Attributes
  • Merge Text with Previous Caption
  • Move Captions
  • Change Caption Duration
  • Delete Captions
  • Quiz and Survey
  • Question Types
  • Add a Quiz or Survey
  • Quiz or Survey Appearance and Feedback
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
  • Choose the Editing View for the PIP Video
  • Record Camera (Webcam) Video in Camtasia Studio
  • Modify a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Video
  • Produce and Share a Video
  • Produce and Share Directly to YouTube
  • Produce and Share Directly to ScreenCast.com
  • Produce and Share to Popular Destinations
  • Add or Edit a Production Preset
  • Share a Production Preset
  • Produce using Custom Production Settings
  • Produce to Flash
  • Flash Controllers
  • Flash Controller Examples
  • Flash Controller Theme
  • Matte Theme
  • Flash Video Dimensions
  • Flash File Format and Compression
  • File Format
  • Customize Side-by-Side Video Options
  • Flash Options Audio Tab
  • Customize the Flash Table of Contents
  • Customize Quiz Placement and Opacity
  • Customize the Flash Controls
  • Customize the Loading Movie Options
  • Customize the About Box
  • Customize the Start and End Screens
  • Produce to Windows Media Player (WMV)
  • Produce to QuickTime Movie (MOV)
  • QuickTime Encoding Options
  • Produce to Audio Video Interleave (AVI)
  • AVI Encoding Options
  • AVI and TSCC
  • Produce to iPod, iPhone, or iTunes (M4V)
  • iPod Options
  • Produce Audio Only (MP3)
  • MP3 Encoding Options
  • Produce to Real Media (RM)
  • RealMedia Encoding Options
  • Produce to Camtasia for RealPlayer (CAMV)
  • Camtasia RealPlayer Plugin Encoding Options
  • Produce an Animated File (GIF)
  • Animated GIF Encoding Options
  • Production Wizard: Video Size
  • Production Wizard: Video Options
  • Add Metadata
  • Production Wizard: Quiz and Survey Reporting Options
  • Production Wizard: Watermark Options
  • Production Wizard: HTML Options
  • Customize a Video Based on Markers
  • Post-Production Options
  • Upload Video by FTP
  • Production Results
  • Produce Additional Output Options
  • Save Production Settings as a Preset
  • To Save Production Settings as a Preset
  • Preview the Production Settings
  • To Preview the Production Settings
  • Preview Manager
  • Batch Production
  • Package as a Pack and Show Executable
  • Pack and Show-AVI Options
  • Pack and Show - MPEG-4, FLV or SWF Options
  • Pack and Show-CAMV Options
  • Produce a Selection on the Timeline
  • Reference
  • Camtasia Studio System Requirements
  • About Camtasia Player
  • About Screencast.com
  • System Stamp and Caption Options
  • Recorder Tools Options
  • Recorder General Tab Options
  • Recorder File Name Options
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Recorder Inputs Tab Options
  • Audio Format
  • Recorder Program Tab Options
  • Camtasia Studio Tools Options
  • Camtasia Studio Program Tab Options
  • PowerPoint Options
  • Upgrade Options
  • Help Improve Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Recorder > Tools > Options > General tab.

Help Options



Show tooltips

Display tooltips in Camtasia Recorder.

Warn me when recorder will be recorded

Displays a warning dialog box when Camtasia Recorder appears in
the recording area and in the final recording file.

Capture Options



Capture layered windows

Capture translucent or irregularly-shaped layered windows. An example of
a layered window is the Office Assistant in Microsoft Office 2000.

Capture keyboard input

Record keystrokes. See Keystroke Callouts.

Disable screensaver during capture Enable this option when conducting long, unmonitored recordings.

Disable Aero during capture

Disables the aero style in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Saving Options



Record to

Select the recording file format. CAMREC is the default file format. See
The .CAMREC Recording File.

File options button

Opens the File Options dialog box . See Recorder File Name Options.

Temporary folder

Select a folder to store the temporary files created while recording.

Camtasia Studio 7.1

User Guide



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