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Camtasia Help File

Camtasia Help File

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Published by: mujeebshah on Mar 31, 2012
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  • Get Started With Your First Recording
  • Get Help in Camtasia Studio
  • Recorder
  • Your First Recording – Use the Default Settings
  • Learn to Use Recorder
  • Camtasia SmartFocus™ Recording Tips
  • Record the Entire Screen
  • Record with Widescreen or Standard Dimensions
  • Record a Region, Area, or Window
  • Move or Resize the Recording Area
  • Lock Recording Area to Window or Application
  • Recorder’s Preview Window
  • Record Audio in Camtasia Recorder
  • No Sound? Troubleshoot the Volume Level
  • Audio Recording Tips
  • Record a Webcam in Camtasia Recorder
  • The .CAMREC Recording File
  • Change the Recorder Hotkeys
  • Show or Hide Recording Toolbars
  • Add Markers While Recording
  • Add a System Stamp While Recording
  • System Stamp Options
  • Add a Caption While Recording
  • Add Mouse Click Sounds While Recording
  • Add a Cursor Effect While Recording
  • Draw on the Screen While Recording (ScreenDraw)
  • ScreenDraw Hotkeys
  • Record a PowerPoint Presentation
  • See PowerPoint Recording Tips
  • PowerPoint Recording Tips
  • Enable the PowerPoint Add-In
  • PowerPoint Add-In Options
  • PowerPoint Add-In Watermark Options
  • Advanced Video and Audio Setup Options
  • Save PowerPoint Slides as Images
  • Recording Equipment
  • Edit Your Video
  • Manage Video Projects
  • To Create a Camtasia Studio Project
  • Import a Zipped Project
  • Back up a Project Automatically (AutoSave)
  • Export a Project as a Zip File
  • Camtasia Editor
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Welcome Window
  • Clip Bin
  • Change the Clip Bin View
  • View Media Properties
  • Sort Media in the Clip Bin
  • Remove Unused Media in Clip Bin
  • Import a Camtasia Studio Zipped Project
  • Import Media into the Clip Bin
  • To Import Media into the Clip Bin
  • Library
  • Import Media into the Library
  • Manage Library Content
  • Create Library Asset from Timeline Selection or Element
  • Add a Timeline Sequence
  • Export the Library as a Zip File (.LIBZIP)
  • Import a Zipped Library File (.LIBZIP)
  • Editor Preview Window
  • Timeline
  • Timeline Toolbar
  • Timeline Tracks
  • Lock or Unlock a Track
  • Unlink Audio and Video Tracks
  • Navigate the Timeline
  • Timeline Navigation Hotkeys
  • Effects and Elements Hotkeys
  • Make a Selection
  • Cut a Selection
  • Mark-In or Mark-Out a Video Clip
  • Split a Clip
  • Extend the Frame of a Clip
  • Change the Duration of a Clip or Element
  • Adjust the Clip Speed
  • Save the Current Frame as an Image
  • Add a Marker
  • Audio
  • Move Audio Clips on the Timeline
  • Add, Remove, or Adjust an Audio Point
  • Fade Audio In or Out
  • Adjust Volume Up or Down
  • Replace Audio with Silence
  • Even Out Audio Volume Levels
  • Remove Noise from Audio
  • Vocal Enhancements
  • Voice Narration
  • Record Voice Narration
  • Editor Audio Setup Wizard
  • Save Timeline Audio as MP3 or WAV File
  • Title Clips
  • Zoom and Pan
  • Set Default Zoom Options
  • Add or Delete a Zoom Keyframe
  • Edit a Zoom Keyframe
  • To Edit a Zoom Keyframe
  • Apply a Tilt Effect
  • Pan around the Video
  • SmartFocus™ Auto Zoom and Pan
  • Callouts
  • Add Callout
  • Add a Callout
  • Move, Resize, Rotate, or Delete a Callout
  • Callout Properties and Effects
  • Text Shape Callout
  • Shape Callout – No Text
  • Sketch Motion Callout
  • Highlight Callouts
  • Transparent Hotspot Callout
  • Add a Hotspot to a Callout
  • To Add a Hotspot to a Callout
  • Blur the Screen with a Callout
  • To Blue the Screen With a Callout
  • Spotlight Callout
  • Text-Only Callout
  • Keystroke Callouts
  • Auto Generate Keystroke Callouts
  • To Auto Generate Keystroke Callouts
  • Use Your Own Image as a Callout
  • Cursor Effects
  • Transitions
  • Captions (Closed and Open)
  • Closed and Open Captions
  • Open Captions
  • Caption Settings
  • Closed Captions With and Without Searchability
  • Open Captions With and Without Searchability
  • Hide Captions in Video
  • ADA Compliancy
  • Add Captions to Video by Synchronizing Text and Audio
  • To add captions by synchronizing text and audio:
  • Manually Add and Sync Captions
  • Speech-to-Text Captions
  • Speech Dictionary
  • Import and Export Captions
  • Make Video Searchable
  • Edit Captions
  • Global Versus Individual Font Attributes
  • Change Font Attributes
  • Merge Text with Previous Caption
  • Move Captions
  • Change Caption Duration
  • Delete Captions
  • Quiz and Survey
  • Question Types
  • Add a Quiz or Survey
  • Quiz or Survey Appearance and Feedback
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
  • Choose the Editing View for the PIP Video
  • Record Camera (Webcam) Video in Camtasia Studio
  • Modify a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Video
  • Produce and Share a Video
  • Produce and Share Directly to YouTube
  • Produce and Share Directly to ScreenCast.com
  • Produce and Share to Popular Destinations
  • Add or Edit a Production Preset
  • Share a Production Preset
  • Produce using Custom Production Settings
  • Produce to Flash
  • Flash Controllers
  • Flash Controller Examples
  • Flash Controller Theme
  • Matte Theme
  • Flash Video Dimensions
  • Flash File Format and Compression
  • File Format
  • Customize Side-by-Side Video Options
  • Flash Options Audio Tab
  • Customize the Flash Table of Contents
  • Customize Quiz Placement and Opacity
  • Customize the Flash Controls
  • Customize the Loading Movie Options
  • Customize the About Box
  • Customize the Start and End Screens
  • Produce to Windows Media Player (WMV)
  • Produce to QuickTime Movie (MOV)
  • QuickTime Encoding Options
  • Produce to Audio Video Interleave (AVI)
  • AVI Encoding Options
  • AVI and TSCC
  • Produce to iPod, iPhone, or iTunes (M4V)
  • iPod Options
  • Produce Audio Only (MP3)
  • MP3 Encoding Options
  • Produce to Real Media (RM)
  • RealMedia Encoding Options
  • Produce to Camtasia for RealPlayer (CAMV)
  • Camtasia RealPlayer Plugin Encoding Options
  • Produce an Animated File (GIF)
  • Animated GIF Encoding Options
  • Production Wizard: Video Size
  • Production Wizard: Video Options
  • Add Metadata
  • Production Wizard: Quiz and Survey Reporting Options
  • Production Wizard: Watermark Options
  • Production Wizard: HTML Options
  • Customize a Video Based on Markers
  • Post-Production Options
  • Upload Video by FTP
  • Production Results
  • Produce Additional Output Options
  • Save Production Settings as a Preset
  • To Save Production Settings as a Preset
  • Preview the Production Settings
  • To Preview the Production Settings
  • Preview Manager
  • Batch Production
  • Package as a Pack and Show Executable
  • Pack and Show-AVI Options
  • Pack and Show - MPEG-4, FLV or SWF Options
  • Pack and Show-CAMV Options
  • Produce a Selection on the Timeline
  • Reference
  • Camtasia Studio System Requirements
  • About Camtasia Player
  • About Screencast.com
  • System Stamp and Caption Options
  • Recorder Tools Options
  • Recorder General Tab Options
  • Recorder File Name Options
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Recorder Inputs Tab Options
  • Audio Format
  • Recorder Program Tab Options
  • Camtasia Studio Tools Options
  • Camtasia Studio Program Tab Options
  • PowerPoint Options
  • Upgrade Options
  • Help Improve Camtasia Studio

1. Start a new project by selecting one of the following:
In Camtasia Editor, choose File > New Project.
After recording with Camtasia Recorder, select Save and Edit in the Preview Window.
After recording with the PowerPoint Add-in, select Edit my recording from the Post-Save Options dialog box.

2. To add other media, select Import media


3. Arrange clips and elements on the timeline.
4. Save the Camtasia Studio project file (.camproj).

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