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Camtasia Help File

Camtasia Help File

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Published by: mujeebshah on Mar 31, 2012
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Camtasia Studio Editor > Zoom-n-Pan tab

The zoom and pan option work by inserting keyframes that determine when to zoom in and when to zoom out.

Add Zoom-n-Pan keyframes to zoom in on sections of the video to:

Improve viewing when producing the final video at dimensions smaller than the source clip.
Focus on important actions within the video, such as typing in a text field or selecting an option in a large
Insert additional keyframes onto the timeline after applying SmartFocus.

Zoom and pan tasks include:

Set Default Zoom Options
Add or Delete a Zoom Keyframe
Edit a Zoom Keyframe
Apply a Tilt Effect
Pan around the Video
SmartFocus™ Auto Zoom and Pan

Zoom Tab Overview

Camtasia Studio 7.1

User Guide



Add Keyframe

Add a new Zoom-n-Pan keyframe at position of the seek bar on the timeline.

Delete Keyframe

Remove the selected keyframe from the timeline.


Click the Arrow button

to open the Manager. Each of the zoom keyframes on the timeline is

listed in the manager. Click a keyframe to preview it or make edits.


The zoom scale indicates the zoom percentage for a Zoom-n-Pan keyframe. To change the
zoom scale, complete any of the following:
Drag the Scale slider.
Click and drag on a handle on the rectangle in the Preview Window.


1. Select a Zoom-n-Pan keyframe from the manager list.
2. Drag the Duration slider. Select a duration between Instant (0 seconds) to 5 seconds.
On the timeline, the duration is shown by a blue tail on the Zoom-n-Pan keyframe. The longer
the zoom duration, the longer the tail.

The rectangle in the Preview Window indicates the position of the zoom keyframe within the
video. To change the zoom position, click and drag the rectangle. Or, manually set the position
using the following options.

Click Advanced to reveal the size and position options.
X-Coordinate and Y-Coordinate

Enter coordinates to change zoom rectangle position. You can also change the position by
dragging the green rectangle in the Preview area.

Width and Height

Enter dimensions (in pixels) to change the dimensions of the green rectangle and zoom

Maintain Aspect Ratio

Maintains the same aspect ratio for the green rectangle as the dimensions set in the Project
Settings dialog box.


Drag the slider to rotate the video along the Y axis.

Apply SmartFocus

Automatically generate Zoom-n-Pan keyframes for .camrec clips on the timeline.

Click the Full Screen button

to cancel the Zoom-n-Pan keyframe and return to full screen


Click the Zoom Options button

to open the Zoom tab where you can make changes to

the default zoom setting.

Camtasia Studio 7.1

User Guide



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