1. A 1930’s NEWSREEL. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) “Movietown News” presents... Spotlight on Adventure! The mysterious SOUTH AMERICAN JUNGLE.

A massive waterfall cascades down a gigantic, flat-topped mountain. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) What you are now witnessing is footage never before seen by civilized humanity: a lost world in South America! Lurking in the shadow of majestic Paradise Falls, it sports plants and animals undiscovered by science. Who would dare set foot on this inhospitable summit? A painted portrait of a dashing young adventurer. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Why, our subject today: Charles Muntz! A massive DIRIGIBLE descends on an airfield. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) The beloved explorer lands his dirigible, the “Spirit of Adventure,” in New Hampshire this week, completing a year long expedition to the lost world! INT. MOVIE THEATRE - CONTINUOUS Of everyone watching in the modest, small town theater, no one is more enthralled than 8 year old CARL FREDRICKSEN. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (O.S.) This lighter-than-air craft was designed by Muntz himself, and is longer than 22 Prohibition paddywagons placed end to end. Young Carl stares, mouth agape, wearing leather flight helmet and goggles -- just like his idol on the silver screen. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) And here comes the adventurer now!

2. NEWSREEL FOOTAGE: the dashing Muntz descends down the gangplank to the delight of the crowd. His dogs trail him. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Never apart from his faithful dogs, Muntz conceived the craft for canine comfort! It’s a veritable floating palace in the sky... An opulent dining room. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) ...complete with doggie bath and mechanical canine walker. One dog runs suffers through mechanized bath time, while a second wears an electrode helmet and runs on a treadmill. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) And Jiminy Cricket, do the locals consider Muntz the bee’s knees! And how! Cameras flash as Muntz stands heroic, striking his signature “thumbs up” stance. MUNTZ “Adventure is out there!” In the theater, Young Carl returns the thumbs up. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) But what has Muntz brought back this time? Muntz speaks to a crowded auditorium, on stage beside a curtained object. MUNTZ Gentlemen, I give you: the Monster of Paradise Falls! He pulls away the drape to reveal a GIANT BIRD SKELETON. CROWD Ooh! Young Carl leans forward, eyes bulging. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) And golly, what a swell monster this is. But what’s this? Skeptical scientists analyze the bones.

3. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Scientists cry foul! The National Explorers Society accuses Muntz of fabricating the skeleton! YOUNG CARL No! Muntz’s portrait is removed from a wall of paintings of other famous explorers. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) The organization strips Muntz of his membership. Muntz’s “Explorer’s Society” badge is ceremoniously RIPPED from his jacket. Carl GASPS. Muntz stands next to his dirigible at an airfield. addresses the crowd. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Humiliated, Muntz vows a return to Paradise Falls and promises to capture the beast... alive! MUNTZ I promise to capture the beast... alive! In the theater, young Carl smiles. MUNTZ And I will not come back until I do! The crowd CHEERS. Muntz gives his thumbs up from the cockpit as the dirigible lifts off. And so the his name. Muntz, and Monster of NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.) explorer is off to clear Bon voyage Charles good luck capturing the Paradise Falls! He grimly

Carl looks like he just witnessed a miracle. DISSOLVE TO:

DAY .S. 1930’S . as Muntz himself says: “Adventure is--” GIRL’S VOICE (O.O.O. GIRL’S VOICE (O.) He hurdles the Grand Canyon! Carl jumps over a crack in the sidewalk.O. Must get the Spirit of Adventure over Mount Rushmore..) Here’s Charles Muntz piloting his famous dirigible!! TITLE CARD: A PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS FILM NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V. windows boarded up and lawn overgrown with weeds.) “Adventure is out there!” Carl stops.O.S..CONTINUOUS Young Carl “flies” his blue balloon (“The Spirit of Adventure” hand-written on it) as he runs along the sidewalk. Who said that? The voice comes from a dilapidated HOUSE. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V. NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V. goes around Mount Everest! Is there nothing he cannot do? TITLE CARD: UP NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V. EXT. . TITLE CARD: WALT DISNEY PICTURES PRESENTS NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER (V. SMALL TOWN NEIGHBORHOOD..) He..O. He still wears helmet and goggles. pulled by ropes.O.) Look out! Mount Rushmore! Hard to starboard.4. The weather vane atop the house turns.) Yes.. and smacks into it instead.) He hurdles Mount Everest! Carl jumps over a tree stump.) He hurdles Pike’s Peak! Carl jumps over a small rock..

000 feet! Rudders eighteen degrees towards the south. GIRL’S VOICE (O. Visibility. (yells a command) Enter the weather in the logbook! The navigator (her hamster) skitters in its cage. GIRL’S VOICE (O. unlimited. Ellie uses two tied-together Coke bottles as binoculars. HALLWAY . Awwww. ELLIE.. DILAPIDATED HOUSE. follows the voice toward the living room.5. it’s a puppy! Carl is distracted by the Muntz newspaper clippings taped to the wall.S. LIVING ROOM .S. Bare footed. INT. YOUNG ELLIE Oh! There’s something down there! I will bring it back for science. the wheel made from a rusty old bicycle. DILAPIDATED HOUSE.) A storm! Lightning! Hail! He Ellie pops up in front of Carl. No time! YOUNG ELLIE (O. The old house has been transformed into a make-believe dirigible cockpit.) Hold together old girl. winds out of the east at ten knots.S..CONTINUOUS Carl rounds the corner to see. her mussy red hair barely visible beneath her flight helmet and goggles. her overalls are patched and dirty.. an eight year old girl.) All engines ahead full! Let’s take her up to 26. Carl walks toward the voice. Ellie steers.. How’re my dogs doing? Ruff ruff! INT.CONTINUOUS Carl squeezes through the broken door into the foyer. YOUNG ELLIE It’s a beautiful day. .

YOUNG ELLIE I saw where your balloon went. embarrassed. Ellie softens. YOUNG ELLIE Alright. Ellie circles Carl accusingly. YOUNG ELLIE My name’s Ellie. Carl blushes as she pulls him out of the room. Carl smiles. YOUNG ELLIE What are you doing!?! Carl screams. YOUNG ELLIE You and me. let’s go get it! Carl watches her stride out of the room. YOUNG ELLIE Hey. He lets go of his balloon. do you?!? Carl FUMPHERS. YOUNG ELLIE Don’t you know this is an exclusive club? Only explorers get in here. Do you think you got what it takes? Well. directions. She offers her hand. She takes off her helmet. we’re in a club now. Not just any kid off the street with a helmet and a pair of goggles. It floats through a broken part of the ceiling and disappears. . you’re in. Her hair frizzes out in all She removes a homemade GRAPE SODA CAP pin from her shirt and pins it on Carl. Welcome aboard. YOUNG ELLIE What’s wrong? Can’t you talk? Carl is frozen. Carl looks down. She grabs his hand. She pops back in.6. Come on. I don’t bite.

reading a book by flashlight. starts forward. SIREN blaring.. YOUNG CARL Ow!! . CARL’S HOUSE . Carl and Ellie look across the attic at the balloon. UPSTAIRS YOUNG ELLIE There it is. SMALL TOWN NEIGHBORHOOD STREET . CARL’S ROOM Carl in bed. He puts on his goggles.DAY Ambulance. Into the room floats Carl’s lost BLUE BALLOON. She pushes him out onto the beam. go ahead. Carl steels his courage. INT. YOUNG ELLIE Well. his arm in a CAST. YOUNG ELLIE Hey kid!! Carl SCREAMS. YOUNG CARL (re: arm) Ow! A head pops up from outside the open window.. save one rickety beam. YOUNG ELLIE Go on.7. Carl GULPS. CUT TO: EXT. and FALLS through the floor. INT. hitting himself in the face with the cast. DILAPIDATED HOUSE. EXT.NIGHT One lone light on upstairs. Between them the floor has collapsed. Carl jumps and CALLS OUT in fright.

YOUNG ELLIE Thought you might need a little cheerin’ up. When I get big.8. Ellie YOUNG ELLIE My Adventure Book! It’s a reused photo album with the words “My Adventure Book” written across it. Carl’s eyes widen in alarm. I’m going where he’s going: South America. Wanna know where I’m gonna live? .MOMENTS LATER The two hunker under a blanket tent with a flashlight. YOUNG ELLIE Charles Muntz. YOUNG ELLIE You’ll have to swear you will not tell anyone. whispers. YOUNG ELLIE Cross your heart. YOUNG ELLIE I am about to let you see something I have never shown to another human being. Ellie unveils. Carl smiles excitedly. CARL’S ROOM . I got somethin’ to show ya! INT. In my life. but south. explorer. Ellie climbs in the window... YOUNG ELLIE You know him.. Carl nods. YOUNG ELLIE It’s like America. She opens it to a photo of Charles Muntz. Do it! Carl crosses. She turns the page to a map.. Ever. as if to protect a National Secret.

. Carl GASPS in horror. Bye. YOUNG ELLIE I’m gonna move my clubhouse there. Carl does. YOUNG ELLIE Well. Only. disappointed.. “STUFF I’M GOING TO DO. see you tomorrow kid! Ellie hops up and jumps out the window. revealing a page marked.. She turns to an engraving of a large waterfall. YOUNG ELLIE Good.” Past that. Ellie closes the book.” YOUNG ELLIE Well. I’m saving these pages for all the adventures I’m gonna have. Carl has a thought. . Carl shakes his head “no. She flips through her book.9.” I ripped this right out of a library book. Cross your heart! Cross it! Cross your heart. YOUNG ELLIE (reading caption) “Paradise Falls.. the pages are blank. Who knows what lives up there? And once I get there. No backing out. YOUNG ELLIE “Adventure is out there!!” She pops back in. a land lost in time. A small handdrawn picture of Ellie’s clubhouse is glued to the top. and park it right next to the falls. He looks at his toy dirigible. YOUNG ELLIE That’s it! You can take us there in a blimp! Swear you’ll take us. You promised. I just don’t know how I’m gonna get to Paradise Falls.

where they met as kids. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE .DAY Ellie finishes painting “Carl & Ellie” on their MAILBOX. LIVING ROOM . I like you. DILAPIDATED HOUSE . It’s the same house A He rests . CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE. YOUNG CARL Wow. Ellie adds her handprint as well. rigid puritans in black. EXT. INT. CUT TO: INT. EXT.10. The balloon pops. Carl looks out the window after her in amazement. EXT. clap politely. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE . gun shot is fired in the air. now 19. you don’t talk very much.DAY Their house now matches Ellie’s colorful CLUB HOUSE DRAWING from her childhood Adventure Book.DAY FLASH! A photo is taken of the wedding couple: Carl and Ellie. EXT. YOUNG ELLIE You know.DAY They push two chairs into place side by side in the living room.DAY Still in their wedding clothes: She saws as he hammers. Carl leans in to admire her work but leaves a messy paint handprint on the mailbox! Oh well. She jumps at him and gives him a big kiss. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE . Ellie’s side of the church erupts like wild frontiersmen. his head on his balloon. CHURCH . They smile. Carl’s side.DAY Carl carries her past a “SOLD” sign.

EXT. Carl closes his eyes and smiles. She sees ALL the clouds as babies! Carl is stunned.DAY Again at their picnic spot.DAY Ellie finishes painting a wall mural of a stork carrying a bundle in its beak. they watch clouds. RURAL HILLSIDE .AFTERNOON Carl touches Ellie’s shoulder as the doctor explains. dressed in her Zookeeper’s uniform. She giggles. BABY ROOM .DAY They run up a hillside together. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE. reading.. . Ellie sees an elephant with wings. He watches as a cloud transforms into a turtle. INT. EXT. Ellie sits alone under a tree. They lie side by side on a picnic blanket. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE. INT. they hold hands.DAY Ellie emerges from the South America House. LIVING ROOM . She describes the clouds. drops her head in her hands. Carl shows off his new BALLOON CART and uniform. Carl jumps to catch it. LIVING ROOM . Carl gives it a try and points out a BABY. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE. INT. Ellie He’s lucky to be with her.DAY Carl and Ellie sit side by side in their chairs. EXT. Carl hangs a mobile above the crib. Without looking up from their books. RURAL HILLSIDE . Ellie lights up.. ZOO . EXT. Behind him the balloons lift his cart off the ground. but smiles. excited.11. DOCTOR’S OFFICE . the wind in her hair.AFTERNOON Carl looks out the window.


EXT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE, YARD - AFTERNOON Carl joins Ellie. He hands her the Adventure Book. She smiles.

INT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE, LIVING ROOM - AFTERNOON Ellie paints a MURAL of their house atop Paradise Falls over the mantle. Carl organizes a compass, map, binoculars, and native bird figurine beneath the painting. It’s their shrine to Adventure. INT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE, LIVING ROOM - AFTERNOON Carl sets A JAR on a table, “PARADISE FALLS” written on it. Ellie drops in a few coins. She looks at Carl and crosses her heart. Carl crosses his. A SERIES OF SHOTS The jar slowly fills as Carl and Ellie toss in spare change. Their car blows a tire. The two stand by the jar, reluctant. New tire. Carl in the hospital with a broken leg. Breaking jar. A storm rages. Breaking jar. INT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE, FRONT HALL - MORNING Carl struggles to tie his tie. the front door arm in arm. Ellie helps. They walk out A tree falls, crushing the roof. Carl BREAKS the jar.

INT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE, FRONT HALL - 3 YEARS LATER Ellie struggles to tie Carl’s tie as they rush out the door. A SERIES OF SHOTS as Ellie straightens Carl’s ties. 1950’s ties. Wide 60’s ties. Paisley 70’s ties. Stylish


INT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE, FRONT HALL - 30 YEARS LATER Older Carl and Ellie smile at themselves in the hall mirror. EXT. ZOO - DAY Carl in his 60’s. They still work happily side by side at the zoo. Carl’s cart lifts off the ground. He casually leans an elbow on it. INT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE, LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Carl and Ellie dance in the evening candlelight. The PARADISE FALLS JAR sits off to the side, now dusty and forgotten. INT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE, LIVING ROOM WINDOW - AFTERNOON Carl cleans the inside of the window. outside. Ellie cleans the

INT. CARL’S HOUSE, LIVING ROOM - AFTERNOON Carl vacuums the Adventure Shrine on the mantle. Carl smiles at a photo of Ellie as a child, wearing her flight helmet and goggles. He looks up at the mural of their house at Paradise Falls. His smile fades. Behind him, Ellie sweeps the floor. unfulfilled. Carl has an idea. EXT. TRAVEL AGENCY - DAY Carl buys two tickets to South America. EXT. RURAL HILLSIDE - AFTERNOON Carl hurries excitedly up picnic hill. tickets in his basket. Behind him, Ellie falters and falls. falls again. Something is wrong. He runs to her. He hides the airline Their dream has gone

She tries to get up but


INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY Ellie lies in a hospital bed. ADVENTURE BOOK. She looks through her

A BLUE BALLOON floats in to the room. Carl stands at the door. He smiles and walks to her bedside. She weakly pats

Ellie pushes her Adventure Book toward him. his cheek and adjusts his tie. He kisses her on the forehead. INT. CHURCH - AFTERNOON

Carl sits alone, next to a huge bouquet of balloons. EXT. CARL AND ELLIE’S HOUSE - DUSK Carl walks into the house, holding a single blue balloon. FADE TO BLACK. INT. CARL’S BEDROOM - MORNING - SEVERAL YEARS LATER An ALARM CLOCK BUZZES. up the nearby glasses. An aged hand shuts it off and picks He rubs his face. GRUNTS.

CARL sits alone in his double bed.

He gets out of bed, STRETCHING, GRUNTING and CRACKING BONES. He grabs his cane, with four tennis balls stuck to the bottom spokes. INT. CARL’S STAIRCASE - LATER Now dressed, Carl rides his ELDERLY ASSISTANCE CHAIR down the staircase. This takes a LONG, LONG time. Three quarters of the way down, the chair stops. the armrest and the chair restarts. INT. CARL’S KITCHEN - LATER Carl eats breakfast by himself. He bangs

CONTINUOUS Carl's house is the lone surviving square on the block not under construction. He sees a SHADY OAKS RETIREMENT VILLAGE pamphlet full of images of happy old people. Carl walks to the mailbox. Carl scoffs. He puts on his hat and considers his reflection. but bangs against the safety chain.15. EXT. He sits in his porch chair. huh Ellie? (noticing mailbox) Uhp. Machinery and workers circle busily. The door opens. INT. CARL’S HOUSE. Carl His lonely reflection Carl opens the door. PORCH . CARL’S LIVING ROOM . stares back at him. mail’s here. GRUMBLES in frustration. CARL’S HOUSE. CARL’S NEIGHBORHOOD . EXT.LATER Carl dusts the mantle and Shrine to Adventure. High rise buildings are being erected all around. PORCH . INT. INT. CARL’S HOUSE. He looks through the mail. He straightens his GRAPE SODA PIN.MORNING Carl looks at the activity around him. pulls the door shut. FRONT HALL .LATER Carl looks in the hall mirror. He touches Ellie’s faded . EXT. HANDPRINT and smiles. CARL Quite a sight. and looks as if he’s about to go somewhere. walks out onto his porch.LATER Carl cleans the window with a cloth. CARL’S LIVING ROOM WINDOW .CONTINUOUS Many LOCKS are heard unlocking from inside.

CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN TOM Uh. let me talk to him. and for double his last offer. Here. He pulls up a LEAF BLOWER. CARL Shady Oaks Retirement. I take that as a no. He points across the lot to a business man in a suit talking on a cell phone . Tell your boss over there that you boys are ruining our house. CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN TOM You poured prune juice in his gas tank.16. Whaddya say to that? The leaf blower blasts off his hat. you. Tom hands Carl his MEGAPHONE. my boss would be happy to take this old place off your hands. He revs it and blasts off the dust. Yes. CARL (in megaphone) You in the suit. then. the CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN. TOM. CARL Hm. bath. Yes. CARL Oh yeah. Oh brother. notices. CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN TOM Hey! ‘Morning. Mr. Fredricksen! Need any help there? CARL No. Carl notices DUST on his mailbox. CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN TOM Well just to let you know. Take a . hippy! Tom grabs the megaphone.the REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER. that was good. CARL I believe I made my position to your boss quite clear.

.DAY The door opens. Russell.DAY . reads to Carl. A Wilderness Explorer stands. CARL’S LIVING ROOM . And I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54. Russell smiles up at Carl. age 8. Are you in need of any assistance today. EXT. A KNOCK at the door. CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN TOM Really? CARL When I’m dead! Carl SLAMS the door. complete with sash. My name is Russell. CARL No.17. PORCH . CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN TOM I’ll take that as a maybe! INT. neckerchief. Sweatlodge 12.LATER Carl sits in his chair watching TV. He’s out to get your house! Carl walks to his front door. re Carl) I am not with him! (to Carl) This is serious. sir?” As he finishes the script. RUSSELL “Good afternoon. He is in uniform. hat. This is RUSSELL. CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN TOM (to Boss. nose buried in his MANUAL. CARL’S HOUSE. and an enormous backpack stuffed with every piece of equipment there is. CARL Tell your boss he can have our house. reading from a Wilderness Explorer Manual.

Uh. Russell stops.. CARL No.. I gotta help you cross something.. CARL’S HOUSE. but goes back to reading. CARL I’m doing fine. CARL KID!! He opens it. porch? CARL No. RUSSELL I could help you cross the street.” Kid.CONTINUOUS Carl listens through the door... no. RUSSELL I could help you cross your yard. CARL No.” CARL Uh. INT. but I don’t need any help! . My name is Russell. RUSSELL “Are you in need of any assistance today Sir?” CARL Thank you. kid. Is the kid gone? RUSSELL “Good afternoon. FRONT HALL . Sweatlodge 12. RUSSELL I could help you cross your... Carl closes the door in Russell’s face. RUSSELL Well.18. RUSSELL “And I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54..

his fingers the “wings” of a bird.19. It is covered with badges except for one glaringly empty space. If I get it I will become a Senior Wilderness Explorer! Russell makes the Explorer Sign: his thumbs form a “W”. RUSSELL Ow. and they pin on our badges. Carl opens the door. RUSSELL “The wilderness must be explored! CAW-CAW! RAAAR!” This sets Carl’s hearing aid off. but a small camping boot stops it. Carl GRUMBLES in pain. and all the dads come. You may notice one is missing. RUSSELL See these? These are my Wilderness Explorer badges. Russell stands at attention. . CARL (resigned) Proceed... It’s my Assisting the Elderly badge. then the “claws” of a bear. My-” CARL But skip to the end! Russell points to his SASH. RUSSELL “Good afternoon. CARL So you want to assist an old person? RUSSELL Yep! Then I will be a Senior Wilderness Explorer! Carl leans in close to Russell. RUSSELL It’s gonna be great! There’s a big ceremony. Carl swings the door shut.

. . Stop! STOP!! The truck hits Ellie’s mailbox.. RUSSELL Sniiiipe! Here Snipey Snipey.20. Me! Me! RUSSELL I’ll do it! CARL Oh. Beady eyes. stop. Every night it sneaks in my yard and gobbles my poor azaleas. I’m elderly and infirm. A large truck is backing up... You’d have to clap your hands three times to lure it in. CONSTRUCTION WORKER STEVE Okay. CARL (calls after Russell) Bring it back here when you find it! Carl rolls his eyes and begins to close his door. Mr. RUSSELL I’ll find it. it’s awfully crafty. He stops short. If only someone could help me. Fredricksen! CARL I think its burrow is two blocks down. And. I can’t catch it. I don’t know. keep her coming.. getting dangerously close to ELLIE’S MAILBOX.. If you go past -RUSSELL Two blocks down! Got it! Russell runs down the block clapping and calling.. CARL (conspiratorially) You ever heard of a snipe? RUSSELL Snipe? CARL Bird.. crushing the front.

Carl is shocked. cradling his mailbox. He runs to the box. CARL Don’t touch that! CONSTRUCTION WORKER STEVE No no.. Carl grabs the mailbox. let me take care of that for you. INT. The Real Estate Developer looks toward Carl’s house... A police car pulls up. I. He closes the curtains. The worker rubs his head. The injured worker is helped to his feet. as does the REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER. His . Carl backs into his house. trying to wrestle it from the worker. has he done? Passerbys stare. CARL’S LIVING ROOM Carl shuts his door. Blood. What He falls to the sidewalk. He peeks out the window. sir. CARL I don’t want you to touch it! Carl HITS the worker with his cane.. Carl backs up toward his door. CARL (struggling) Get away from our mailbox! CONSTRUCTION WORKER STEVE Hey sir. The worker bangs on the mailbox. Workers gather. hand rests on Carl’s fence. What do you CARL What? Hey! Hey you! think you’re doing? CONSTRUCTION WORKER STEVE I am so sorry.21. trying to fix it.

CLOSET Carl pulls out a suitcase. okay? The officer drives off. EXT.DAY Carl sits alone on a bench holding a Court Summons. CARL’S HOUSE.NIGHT All is quiet but the slow ticking of the clock. LIVING ROOM Carl sits in his chair slowly paging through the book. The front hall mirror. Ellie’s INT. INT. Take this. Adventure Book. HALLWAY . Ellie? INT. She hands him a pamphlet for SHADY OAKS RETIREMENT VILLAGE. leaving Carl alone. The empty hall. The kitchen. You don't seem like a public menace to me.LATE EVENING A Police Officer drops Carl at his front gate.DAY A GUARD opens the door. INT. COURTROOM . . COURTHOUSE HALLWAY . Carl faces the house. INT. CARL’S HOUSE . The REAL ESTATE CARL What do I do now. CARL’S HOUSE. Carl enters. OFFICER EDITH Sorry Mr. OFFICER EDITH The guys from Shady Oaks will be by to pick you up in the morning. He touches Ellie’s dented mailbox. A book tips over. DEVELOPER watches him enter. CARL’S HOUSE. Fredricksen.22.

to the van. Rather sharply. CARL’S HOUSE . He Carl looks at the Adventure Shrine.MORNING A SHADY OAKS RETIREMENT VILLAGE van pulls up. and crosses EXT. ready to go? You CARL Ready as I’ll ever be. He turns to the page marked “STUFF I’M GOING TO DO.NIGHT Lights are on inside the house. He holds the Shady Oaks pamphlet. Fredricksen. CARL I’ll meet you at the van in just a minute. Would you do me a favor and take this? Carl hands over his suitcase.” closes the book and sighs. Nurses GEORGE and A. his heart. CARL’S HOUSE . CARL Morning gentlemen.. I. walk to Carl’s door and KNOCK.23. Sure.J. The nurses head back Carl closes the door. Mr. and the PAINTING of their house by Paradise Falls. Carl answers. NURSE GEORGE Take all the time you need. Carl’s brows furrow. He looks up at the shrine. . want to say one last goodbye to the old place. sir. NURSE GEORGE Good morning.. holding a suitcase. MATCH DISSOLVE TO: EXT.

APARTMENT . CARL So long boys! I’ll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls! INT. NURSE GEORGE You’d think he’d take better care of his house. A SHADOW falls over the nurses. who tentatively waves back. Typical. The house crests the top of a building. The nurses duck and YELL as the house soars over them. Strings tug at the chimney. Empty helium tanks are strewn on the front lawn. EXT. The house strains. ABOVE THE TOWN Carl waves at a high-rise window washer. He’s probably going to the bathroom for the eightieth time. EXT. drifting over and away from the city. Carl looks out his window. Good riddance. Electrical wires spark and snap. The house rips away from its foundation. THOUSANDS OF BALLOONS. looks out the window and LAUGHS. EXT. It unfolds to reveal A giant tarp rises behind Carl’s house. .24. NURSE A. Carl Pipes bend.CONTINUOUS Balloons spill colored light into a little girl’s room as the house floats past. then break. The balloons rise up like some massive multi-colored cumulus cloud forming a thunderhead above the house. SHOP WINDOW A family watches the house float down the street.J. They turn to look. TOWN The shadow of the house drifts through an intersection.

LIVING ROOM Carl kisses a photo of Ellie. FLOATING The house drifts through the clouds. CARL’S HOUSE The house turns. CARL’S HOUSE. CARL’S HOUSE. INT. LIVING ROOM Carl relaxes in his chair. satisfied. CARL Huh? . BEDROOM WINDOW Sails made from stitched-together curtains emerge from the windows and billow in the wind. CARL’S HOUSE. CARL’S HOUSE. He closes his eyes He checks the balloons. EXT. LIVING ROOM The compass needle rotates to point SOUTH. CARL’S HOUSE. Carl looks out the window. INT. LIVING ROOM Carl sets a compass next to the map of South America. EXT. Carl kneels at the fireplace and plunks the balloon strings tied to the grate. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Carl steers using ropes attached to the weather vane. SHADOWS move gently across the fireplace mantle.25. INT. Ellie. EXT. He CHUCKLES and settles into his chair. CARL’S HOUSE. and smiles. CARL We’re on our way. INT.

DAY . EXT. Russell?!! Nothing. He stares at the front door. RUSSELL Please let me in? CARL No. but this snipe had a long tail and looked more like a large mouse. He throws it open. PORCH . The door opens again. CARL Oh. RUSSELL I found the snipe and I followed it under your porch. It’s me. CARL Hm.. He looks right. terrified and holding on for dear life.in. Beat. Carl slams the door. Russell runs into the house past Carl. CARL What are you doing out here. Mr. He looks.. Nothing but the porch and clouds.26. Nothing. leaving Russell alone. He looks left. He bolts up and approaches the door.. The flag on Russell’s backpack blows off and falls through the clouds.. you can come. alright. RUSSELL Hi. Fredricksen. Russell. . CARL . CARL’S HOUSE.CONTINUOUS Nothing. Russell. He looks out the peep hole.. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. kid? Russell is plastered up against the wall..

HALLWAY . panicked. you going on a trip? (reads from the engraving) “Paradise Falls: A Land Lost in Time.CONTINUOUS Russell PANTS. Fredricksen? Carl takes the page and puts it in his pocket. INT. RUSSELL Oh. Mr. would you stop with the -Russell steers and the house tilts. CARL’S HOUSE. You’ll soil it.27. Whoah. . RUSSELL Wow. but you’re smart because you’ll have all your TV and clocks and stuff. I’ve never been in a floating house before. and points at the photo of young Ellie. He looks into living room. Goggles. and that way’s left. CARL Don’t touch that. RUSSELL Look at this stuff! Russell chuckles Russell finds Ellie’s house drawing sitting on the pages of the open atlas.knock it off! Russell looks out the window in front of him. most people take a plane.” You going to South America. CARL Let go of the -. Carl follows Russell into the living room. house? RUSSELL Is this how you steer your Does it really work? CARL Kid. Russell runs over to the steering rig. knocking Carl back and forth. RUSSELL Huh. this makes it go right. RUSSELL You know.

28. RUSSELL Hey look, buildings! EXT. CARL’S HOUSE, WINDOW - CONTINUOUS Russell and Carl arrive at the window. RUSSELL That building’s so close I could almost touch it. That gives Carl an idea. CUT TO: Carl lowers Russell on a rope below the floating house. RUSSELL Wow! This is great! You should try this, Mr. Fredricksen! Look, there’s a bus that could take me home two blocks away! (looking up) Hey, I can see your house from here! CARL (struggling to hold on) Don’t jerk around so much, kid! The rope slips through Carl’s hands. Russell FALLS. CUT TO: Carl stands beside Russell at the window. been a daydream. CARL Well, that’s not gonna work. Carl leaves Russell at the window. RUSSELL I know that cloud, it’s a Cumulo Nimbus. Did you know that the Cumulo Nimbus... INT. CARL’S HOUSE, LIVING ROOM - DAY - CONTINUOUS GRUMBLING, Carl kneels at the fireplace to cut a few balloon strings with his housekeys. Russell’s fall had

29. CARL Stayed up all night blowing up balloons, for what? RUSSELL ...warm air goes by cool air, and the airs go by each other and that’s how we get lightning. CARL That’s nice, kid. Carl turns off his hearing aid. Silence. He smiles.

Russell tries to get Carl’s attention. the distance.

A storm is brewing in

RUSSELL (nearly silent) Mr. Fredricksen, there’s a big storm coming. It’s starting to get scary. We’re gonna get blown to bits! We’re in big trouble, Mr. Fredricksen! A huge lightning bolt flash lights up the room. on his hearing aid. CARL What are you doing over there? RUSSELL Look! EXT. CARL’S HOUSE, WINDOW - CONTINUOUS Carl joins Russell at the window. See? RUSSELL Cumulo Nimbus. Carl turns

INT. CARL’S HOUSE, LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS The tiny house is heading for a MASSIVE STORM. Carl STRUGGLES to steer the house away but is blown into the storm. The steering mechanism recoils and sends Carl flying. Plates fall from the walls and furniture slides as the house is rocked in the storm. Russell’s backpack slides toward the front door.

30. RUSSELL My pack! Russell HOPS on top of the backpack. RUSSELL Got ya! The pack slides toward the OPEN FRONT DOOR. Russell screams. He’s about to slide out when the house tilts and the door swings shut. The Paradise Falls jar rolls past Carl. Ellie’s chair slides across the room. protect it. He chases after it.

Carl gasps and runs to Carl

The photo of Ellie rocks and slides off the wall. lunges to catch it. EXT. CARL’S HOUSE, FLOATING The storm rages. All goes black.

The house is tossed into the storm clouds.

INT. CARL’S HOUSE, LIVING ROOM - MORNING Carl is asleep. A finger pokes Carl’s face. Nothing. Carl WAKES UP.

The finger pokes Carl’s face again. Whew!

RUSSELL I thought you were dead.

CARL Wha... what happened? Carl STRUGGLES to rise from the pile of Ellie’s things he’d been protecting. RUSSELL I steered us. I did! the house! CARL Steered us? I steered

tossing the unit out the window.31. CARL’S HOUSE. CARL GP-what? RUSSELL My dad gave it to me. WINDOW Carl opens the window and looks out. Russell holds up his WILDERNESS EXPLORER GPS UNIT. CARL’S HOUSE. It was a cinch. so I went ahead and steered us down here. CARL’S HOUSE. CARL’S HOUSE. CARL Huh? EXT. WINDOW CARL Can’t tell where we are. INT. LIVING ROOM RUSSELL Oh we’re in South America all right. we’ll never be lost! Russell gestures. EXT. RUSSELL Oops. FLOATING The house floats motionless above an ocean of clouds. EXT. RUSSELL After you tied your stuff down you took a nap. FLOATING Carl and Russell watch the tiny GPS unit descend into the clouds. . With this baby. CARL’S HOUSE. EXT. with my Wilderness Explorer GPS. It shows exactly where we are on the planet.

take hours to get down. dark clouds. RUSSELL (O. You just tell the man you want to go back to your mother. That ought to do it. FLOATING A small cluster of balloons fly up and away from the house. I’ll give you some change for bus fare. EXT. EXT. Fredricksen. INT. LIVING ROOM Carl kneels by the fireplace and cuts at the balloon strings. Something flashes by them in the fog. I’ll just use my city bus pass. CARL’S HOUSE. LIVING ROOM CARL There.S. . we’re up pretty high. RUSSELL Nah. RUSSELL Mr. find a bus stop. how much longer? CARL Well. FLOATING The house lowers into the fog. CARL’S HOUSE. CARL’S HOUSE. Here. EXT.) Whoah. CARL We’ll get you down. PORCH Carl and Russell stand on the porch as the house moves down into and through the thick.32. that’s gonna be like a billion transfers to get back to my house. RUSSELL Sure. Russell follows Carl toward the front door. Could Carl leans forward. INT. CARL’S HOUSE. but I don’t think they have busses in Paradise Falls. CARL’S HOUSE.

ROCKY LANDSCAPE BAM!!! The house CRASHES into the ground. thousands of feet. wait! No don’t. MOUNTAIN.. land hard. and stop. Carl is TERRIFIED.. Whoah! CARL Hey. Mr. don’t.33.. A brief view of rocks directly below them. Fredricksen? CARL We can’t be close to the ground yet. CARL Wait. They Russell and Carl fly off the porch and onto the ground... EXT.building or something. CARL Russell. hang on! Carl and Russell slide toward the edge of a CLIFF EDGE. CARL (mumbling) .. Walk back! CARL Walk back! The drop is . Carl’s house is floating away! Carl runs after the GARDEN HOSE dragging across the ground. RUSSELL What was that. RUSSELL Whoah! They slide toward the edge. hey! Russell JUMPS onto Carl’s leg and the extra weight pulls them to the ground. Carl ducks.that thing was. Another dark object whooshes past them. don’t! Carl grabs the hose and is PULLED UP in the air. Carl GASPS.

Carl. it’s so beautiful. Climb up.. I got it.34. Fog blankets the mysterious landscape. arms. CARL (to house) Don’t worry. Carl stares. The wind picks up and they STRUGGLE against it. Climb up! RUSSELL You mean assist you? CARL Yeah. I’ll climb up! Russell CLIMBS Carl. CARL There it is. He can’t believe it. and face. RUSSELL Okay! Russell PULLS Carl by the leg away from the cliff edge. we could float right over there. revealing only scattered rocks. yeah. looks around. Carl shows Russell the engraving with the Ellie drawing of the house atop the falls. CARL We made it. slowly revealing a crescent shaped.. The landscape is stunning. Across it. Mr. Ellie. We made it! Russell. . stepping on his leg. is PARADISE FALLS. RUSSELL Okay. flat-topped mountain on which they stand. The wind clears the fog. Fredricksen. Whatever. some ten miles away. Ellie. still hanging from the hose. CARL (out of breath) Where. where are we? RUSSELL This doesn’t look like the city or the jungle.

if I could assist you over there. . RUSSELL Sorry. after all. would you sign off on my badge? CARL What are you talking about? RUSSELL We could walk your house to the falls! CARL Walk it? RUSSELL Yeah. still STRUGGLING to climb. great! Carl paces. Carl considers this. RUSSELL Hey. we weigh it down. exhausted. CARL Watch it.35. CARL What? That’s it?! I came all this way just to get stuck at the wrong end of this rock pile? Aw. Like a parade balloon. CARL You on the porch yet?! Russell is just inches above Carl. The hose jiggles as Russell CLIMBS out of frame. He slides down onto Carl’s head. CARL Now. go ahead and hoist me up! Got it?! Russell continues to grunt and strain off screen. We could walk it right over there. when you get up there.

RUSSELL (distracted) Uh-huh. if we happen to get separated. isn’t it? By the time we get there. use the Wilderness Explorer call. He looks up at the house. Who’s Carl talking to? (shrugs it off) This is fun already.. The hose descends from the house and “Y”s to tie to both Carl and Russell. before the helium leaks out of those balloons. you’re gonna feel so assisted. Ellie. CARL We have three days. our house over there. MOUNTAIN. Russell inspects his surroundings. pulling the house as they walk. Fredricksen. CARL Now. at best. RUSSELL Sand! CARL .36. Mr. ROCKY LANDSCAPE. we’re gonna walk to the falls quickly and quietly... Russell looks up at the house.. RUSSELL Huh. They wear the hose like a harness. with no rap music or flash-dancing.LATER The house floats against the sky. DAY . EXT. . raaar!! The WILDERNESS EXPLORER CALL sets off Carl’s hearing aid.we’re not getting to the falls! RUSSELL I found sand! Carl ROLLS HIS EYES. Oh. And if we’re not at the falls when that happens. Caw caw. We’ll get CARL Don’t you worry...

a Rottweiler. a hidden net. A metal cage slams shut. They whimper and run off. WOOSH! The bird moves impossibly fast. jumping over the three dogs and escaping in a flash. stepping out into the light: a sinister Doberman Pinscher.DAY Mist hangs ominously over a rocky landscape. darts on a trip wire. MOUNTAIN. Two dark shapes are chasing the prey. and a bulldog. Why are we going to Paradise Falls again? CARL Hey. Each has a light. GROVE OF TREES . Escape looks impossible. EXT. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CLEARING . some 10 miles away. their ears wincing in pain. RUSSELL Wait.37. Something tall blasts through a maze of rocks. EXT. They surround the prey. let's play a game. HIGH-TECH COLLARS. .CONTINUOUS The prey dodges various TRAPS. each wearing large. one after another. MOUNTAIN. A HIGH PITCHED SQUEAL stops the dogs short. It’s called: "See who can be quiet the longest. MOUNTAIN. Hunters. The dogs head off in pursuit." Cool! RUSSELL My mom loves that game! They head toward Paradise Falls. The prey runs into a clearing surrounded by rocks: a dead end.CONTINUOUS The hunters surround the prey. JUNGLE CLEARING .

RUSSELL There’s no tigers in South America. RUSSELL I don’t want to walk anymore. his HEARING AID. THICK JUNGLE . . Russell rolls over to show Carl a badge. CARL Oh. CARL Which knee? RUSSELL My elbow hurts and I have to go to the bathroom. Go on into the bushes and do your business.38. dragging his feet. would you hurry it up? Russell plods forward. The SQUEALING is in fact CARL Darn thing. Russell. we stop? Can CARL Russell! If you don’t hurry up. MOUNTAIN. the tigers will eat you. Okay! RUSSELL Here. I didn’t have to go then! Russell goes limp and lies face down in the dirt. And my knee hurts. RUSSELL I’m tiiiired. (calling back) C’mon. CARL I asked you about that five minutes ago! RUSSELL Well.DAY .CONTINUOUS Carl steps out from behind a shrub. EXT. hold my stuff. RUSSELL Zoology. for the love of Pete.

He is about to return to Carl when he spots some TRACKS. RUSSELL (O. Come on out. then stop. RUSSELL Here. . RUSSELL Huh. He turns to look. Russell munches on a chocolate bar. snipe. He goes into the woods carrying a small shovel in one hand and a pile of leaves in another. THICK JUNGLE . MOUNTAIN.CONTINUOUS Russell pats down a mound and SIGHS in satisfaction. RUSSELL I’ve always wanted to try this! Carl waits. clapping.S. snipe.) It’s before! CARL None of my concern! Carl covers his ears. standing by the tree his house is tied to. Somehow energized. RUSSELL Tracks?! (realizing) Snipe! Huh? Russell follows the tracks into the dark jungle. A BEAK takes a nibble of the chocolate and zips out. Something RUSTLES in the bushes behind him.. Snipe! The footprints continue for a time.39. secures his rope to a tree and tromps off into the shrubs.) Mr.. Behind him.S. RUSSELL (O. Oh. Russell jams his pack into Carl’s hands. EXT. Fredricksen? Am I supposed to dig the hole before or after? Eugh! Beat.

Russell and the .. RUSSELL . out. Nice snipe. THICK JUNGLE CLEARING Carl checks the knot on his hose harness. massive creature step up behind him. MOUNTAIN.. I am a Wilderness Explorer so I am a friend to all of nature. RUSSELL Come on. nibbles. Nice. Another nibble! Nothing there. Russell turns. The beak pokes out and RUSSELL Don’t eat it all. Want some more? Russell holds out the chocolate... RUSSELL I found the snipe! CARL (humoring him) Oh. did you? RUSSELL Are they tall? CARL Oh yes.giant snipe! EXT. RUSSELL Don’t be afraid. they’re very tall. little snipe. Good little snipe.40. Zip! RUSSELL Ha! Gotcha! Russell peers into the shrub. Come on The beak zips back into the bushes. A massive shadowy creature rises up over Russell. Hi boy. Don’t be afraid little snipe.

Next to Russell stands a 13 foot tall. get out of here. RUSSELL Whoah! Russell GIGGLES.41. Carl SCREAMS. multicolored BIRD. CARL Go on. It takes Russell up into a tree. swinging him around playfully. pulling him away from the bird. CARL What is that thing?! RUSSELL It’s a snipe! CARL There’s no such thing as a snipe! RUSSELL But you said snipes eat-Carl grabs Russell. RUSSELL Do they like chocolate? Oh yeCARL Chocolate? Carl turns to look. The bird HISSES at Carl and grabs Russell back. Go on! Shoo! The bird HISSES. RUSSELL Do they have a lot of colors? CARL They do indeed. It looks scary and fun. trying to scare it off. Russell like a baby. RUSSELL (laughing) Whoah! Whoah! It cradles . Carl pokes at the bird with his cane.

Beat it! Vamoose! Scram! Carl waves his cane. Mr. CARL Get out of here. . Fredricksen is nice! Russell pats Carl on the head. git! It stalks Carl. Go on. RUSSELL (laughing) No stop. CARL Careful. that tickles! Carl pokes the bird with his cane.42. it likes me! CARL Russell! The bird grooms Russell. The bird pats Carl on the head with its beak. Russell! RUSSELL (laughing) Hey. Fredricksen. ruffling its feathers. it’s okay. Hey! The bird eats it. CARL “Kevin”? RUSSELL Yeah. The bird sets Russell down. that’s his name I just gave him. HISSING and CARL That’s mine! The bird chokes and the cane comes back up. CARL Aaaah! RUSSELL Uh-oh! No no no no no Kevin. CARL Hey. look Mr.

look! RUSSELL Kevin! CARL What? Get down! You’re not allowed up there! The bird is on Carl’s roof. GRUMBLING. shoo! Get out of here.. CARL Go on. Hey. Russell points up to the roof of Carl’s house.” CARL That doesn’t even rhyme. RUSSELL (reciting) “An Explorer is a friend to all. Carl gives up and throws his hands in the air. Aaah! Carl shoos the bird away. The bird mimics this as well.. RUSSELL Can we keep him? Please?? I’ll get the food for him. The bird coughs up the deflated balloon. RUSSELL Yeah it does. CARL You come down here right now! The bird jumps down and hides behind Russell. CARL No. Ellie? RUSSELL Ellie? (gets idea) (MORE) . It swallows a balloon. It POPS. I’ll change his newspapers. The bird mimics him. Sheesh! CARL Can you believe this. beat it. Russell GIGGLES.43. CARL Shoo. be it plants or fish or tiny mole. I’ll walk him.

CARL (to Ellie) But I told him no -(catches himself) I told you no! N-O. CARL It’s nice to know someone else is up here! VOICE I can smell you. get out of here. CARL I see you back there! It “hides” behind a rock. MOUNTAIN. Carl walks toward the man.DAY Carl and Russell pull the house through the mist. . still totally visible. some 100 feet away. Shoo! Go annoy someone else for a while. Uh-huh.S. CARL Uh. The bird follows. ROCKY LANDSCAPE . RUSSELL (cont'd) Uh. could I keep the bird? Uh-huh. In the midst. EXT.) Hey. they see the FIGURE OF A MAN. hello? Carl and Russell look around. hey Ellie. eating.44. The bird HISSES at Carl. CARL Go on. are you okay over there? The bird dashes away. Russell discreetly drops chocolate pieces along their trail. (to Carl) She said for you to let me. VOICE (O. Oh! CARL Hello sir! Thank goodness.

Russell points to another rock shape. RUSSELL It is a dog! CARL What? RUSSELL Uh. CARL Hey. RUSSELL Hey. The dog nuzzles Russell. RUSSELL Hey. RUSSELL You were talking to a rock. who nervously pets it. I like dogs! CARL (calls out) We have your dog! (to self) Wonder who he belongs to? RUSSELL Sit boy. Carl stops. RUSSELL Look at that one! like a dog! The “rock” walks forward. they realize the man is in fact a ROCK. As they get closer. That one looks . What? CARL You can smell us? VOICE I can smell you. we’re not allowed to have dogs in my apartment.45. Russell GIGGLES. that one looks like a turtle! Sure enough.

Unfortunately. DUG Oh it is. It can talk. DUG Hi there. CARL Uh. I have just met you and I love you. RUSSELL Hey look.wha? Dug wears a high-tech collar. The dog’s thoughts come out of it as words through a speaker.46. Carl and Russell freeze. it talks non-stop. RUSSELL Speak. The dog sits. Uh-huh. False alarm. He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may talk -.. DUG My name is Dug. because my master is smart. he’s trained! Shake! The dog raises his paw and Russell shakes it. CARL It’s not possible. DUG My master made me this collar. CARL Did that dog just say “Hi there?” DUG Oh yes.SQUIRREL!! Dug stares transfixed at a tree. . DUG My master is good and smart. Carl JUMPS back. Dug jumps up on to Carl.

My pack sent me on a special mission all by myself. Dug sniffs the ground around Carl and Russell. learn how to bark like a real dog! DUG Oh I can bark! Dug BARKS. CARL Russell. The bird HISSES at Dug. Have you seen a bird? I want to find one and I have been on the scent. that is the bird! I have never seen one up close but this is the bird. (to Carl) May I take your bird back to camp as my prisoner? CARL Yes! Take it! And on the way. boy? He inspects the collar and twists a dial. I am a great tracker. . don’t touch that. I would be happy if you stopped. It could be radioactive or something. DUG Hey. DUG Hey would you(click) -cuerdo con tigo(click) I use that collar(click) -watashi wa hanashi ma(click) -to talk with. DUG And here’s howling! Dug HOWLS.47. DUG I am a great tracker. did I mention that? BAM! The bird tackles Dug and HISSES. RUSSELL Cool! What do these do.

DUG Please be my prisoner.DAY Footprints.48. Master will not be pleased. Carl grabs Russell. as does Dug. a Doberman pinscher. . GAMMA Oh. sits with his back to them. THICK JUNGLE CLEARING . pleading. Soon enough the bird will be ours yet again. The bird follows. This is GAMMA. Russell falls to his knees. ALPHA (high-pitched voice) No. MOUNTAIN. BETA Wait a minute. bird’s scent! I picked up the A second dog: BETA. Let’s get to the falls. wait a minute! What is this? Chocolate. a Rottweiler. a bulldog. A dog’s nose follows the tracks. GAMMA I’m getting prunes and denture cream! Who are they? BETA Ah man. EXT. here it is. We’d better tell him someone took the bird. I smell chocolate. RUSSELL Can we keep him? Please please please? CARL No. right Alpha? ALPHA. Oh please oh please be my prisoner. RUSSELL But it’s a talking dog! CARL It’s just a weird trick or something.

GAMMA Yeah. my compadres and you two shall have much rewardings from Master for the toil factor you wage. But maybe Dug would. His fool’s errand will keep him most occupied. GAMMA Yeah. They stop laughing. Alpha turns. Do you not agree with that which I am saying to you now? BETA Sure. most occupied indeed. but the second Master finds out you sent Dug out by himself. ALPHA (CONT’D) Find the scent. Gamma. I think there’s something wrong with your collar. your voice sounds funny! Beta and Gamma LAUGH. You must have bumped it.SQUIRREL! All three dogs look for the squirrel. none of us will get a treat. ALPHA (CONT'D) Mayhaps you desire to challenge the ranking that I have been assigned by my strength and cunning? BETA No no. ALPHA Do not mention Dug to me at this time. might want to ask him. Alpha’s voice is high and squeaky. BETA Hey Alpha. False alarm.49. You . Beta and Gamma look at each other. as if he’s breathed in helium. I wonder if he’s found the bird on his very special mission. Ha ha ha. Beta and Gamma SNICKER derisively. Mayhaps you desire to -. ALPHA Beta.

ALPHA Impossible! Where are you?! DUG I am here with the bird and I will bring it back and then you will like me. the bird is my prisoner now. Oh. DUG Hey. ALPHA You are wise. gotta go.50. It hisses. BETA What’s Dug doing? GAMMA Why’s he with that small mailman? The dogs BARK excitedly. right. the dogs get a fleeting glimpse of a boy’s face. It’s Russell. GAMMA Yeah. Alpha powers up a video screen on Beta’s collar. Dug. my trusted Lieutenant. RUSSELL (on video screen) Hey Dug! Who you talking to? The video screen goes blank. . Hi Alpha. Come The screen shows ground moving past: the view from Dug’s collar. in. On the collar screen. I know! bird? Have you seen the DUG Why yes. ALPHA (CONT'D) This is Alpha calling Dug. your voice sounds ALPHA I know. funny. The screen view adjusts to see the bird.

DAY The bird drags Dug. The bird HISSES.51. Come on! The dogs sprint off into the jungle. bird. locates Dug. JUNGLE . once again. EXT. A TRACKING DEVICE DUG I am warning you. bird! Hey! RUSSELL Quit it! DUG I am jumping on you now. Russell tries to separate them. Carl falls. still clamped onto it’s leg. stop bothering Kevin! DUG That man there says I can take the bird and I love that man there like he is my master. BETA Where are they? Alpha pushes a button on Beta’s collar. Dug jumps up on it. ALPHA There he is. pulling the house into a tall rock. He turns his anger to the group. MOUNTAIN. knocking Russell over. . which pulls on Carl’s tether. CARL I am not your master! The bird tries to shake Dug off its leg. SMASH! Carl GASPS. CARL Russell! At this rate we’ll never get to the falls! Carl pulls on the tether. DUG Oh please oh please oh PLEASE be my prisoner! RUSSELL Dug.

CARL You want it boy? Huh? Huh? Yeah? DUG Oh boy oh boy! CARL A ball! DUG Oh oh oh! Yes. A ball! Ball? Carl pops off one of the tennis balls.and I don’t want you here. give me some chocolate.. I do ever so Dug chases after it.52. CARL I am nobody’s master. . oh boy! I will get it and then bring it back! CARL (whispers) Quick Russell. CARL Bird! The bird runs after it. I do. Bird.. got it? (points to bird) I don’t want you here. RUSSELL Why? CARL Just give it to me! Carl grabs some chocolate and waves it at the bird. And if you two don’t clear out of here by the time I count to threeDug sees the tennis balls on Carl’s cane. (points to Russell) I’m stuck with you. DUG Oh boy. (points to Dug) . want the ball! CARL Go get it!! Carl throws the ball far away. Carl THROWS the chocolate.

. MOUNTAIN STEEP HILLSIDE Carl climbs up the hill. BUGS buzz around him. MOUNTAIN HILLSIDE Carl pulls them down a slope. the house SMASHES into a tree. CARL Aaahh. . slips and his foot goes into the water. Dug and the bird are nowhere in sight. RUSSELL Wait. CARL C’mon Russell! Wait. uh. BREATHING HARD. MOUNTAIN STREAM Carl and Russell crossing the river balance on rocks. Carl grabs Russell and runs. Carl He slips. CARL Daah! EXT. He FALLS over a dead branch. JUNGLE CLEARING . MOUNTAIN. Fredricksen. EXT. Carl sits down on a rock. EXT.53. RUSSELL Hey.CONTINUOUS They climb over a ridge. EXT. MOUNTAIN JUNGLE RUSSELL What are we doing? Carl pushes through thick jungle leaves. Kevin’s gonna miss me.. EXT. Mr. EXT. MOUNTAIN TREETOPS Above the tree line. we’re pretty far now.

sitting around a pathetic flickering campfire. He reads his manual. DUG Hi. RUSSELL (O. RUSSELL Miraculously. revealing a large RED WELT on his face. EXT. CARL Well. The bird. thanks for keeping us dry anyway. or step five? Carl ROLLS HIS EYES at Russell’s ineptness. CARL Afternoon. FLAT ROCKY AREA . asleep. He turns.) Which one’s the front? Russell struggles to set up the tent. It HONKS at him. Russell turns. trying to winch it into place. MOUNTAIN. Beneath it. Dug. Carl looks at Dug. Ellie. CARL I think that did the trick. Carl and Russell are kept dry. All done. An off screen SMACK! he looks unscathed. Lightning flashes reveal rain pouring down on the house. He RUSSELL Is this step three. wrapped around the bird’s leg. With the ball in his mouth. Carl turns the other way. Master. Russell walks to Carl. .S. Carl can’t watch. Dug drops the slobbery ball on Carl’s lap. rolls his eyes and looks up at the house.NIGHT A clap of thunder. RUSSELL There! Russell struggles with a tent pole.54.

. CARL Well. RUSSELL Tents are hard. here goes.55. RUSSELL (pointing to tent) That’s for you! The tent pole springs loose. . I don’t see CARL He’s got to be home sometime. CARL You’ve been camping before. why didn’t you ask your Dad how to build a tent? RUSSELL I don’t think he wants to talk about this stuff. There. I said it. he’s away a lot. RUSSELL Alright. catapulting the tent over the cliff. haven’t you? RUSSELL Well. never outside. can I tell you a secret? CARL No. but. I never actually built a tent before. aren't you “Super Wilderness Guy?" With the GPM’s and the badges? RUSSELL Yeah. CARL Wait. him much.. Awh. RUSSELL Well. CARL Why don’t you try him sometime? Maybe he’ll surprise you.

He looks at the missing CARL Hey. Carl realizes he put his foot in it.56. We have to protect him! Russell YAWNS and lies down on the rock next to Carl. Dug says he wants to take Kevin prisoner. RUSSELL Well. right? Carl studies Russell’s sad optimism. why don’t you get some sleep. CARL Oh. CARL He can come. The two sit silently together. RUSSELL But he promised he’d come to my Explorer ceremony to pin on my Assisting the Elderly badge. Don’t want to wake up the traveling flea circus. but Phyllis told me I bug him too much. badge on Russell’s sash. . so he can show me about tents then. RUSSELL Promise you won’t leave him? CARL Yeah. Fredricksen. RUSSELL Mr. I called. Dug nuzzles around the sleeping bird’s leg. watching the fire. CARL Phyllis? You call your own mother by her first name? RUSSELL Phyllis isn’t my mom. uh. RUSSELL Can Kevin go with us? Alright.

Carl rises. everybody up! Russell sits up with a SNORT. Carl sits at the campfire. Maybe Russell won’t notice. head and looks up at the house. The frog hops away. Ellie? DISSOLVE TO: EXT. looking for the bird.57. MOUNTAIN. looking up at the house. CARL What have I got myself into. RUSSELL Cross your heart? Carl looks down at Russell. (calls out) Alright. CARL We better get moving.. The bird is gone.. find Kevin! Dug crazily searches and sniffs.MORNING A frog sits next to Carl’s glasses. Carl’s hand smacks it like an alarm clock. CARL Morning Sweetheart. The balloons on the house are wilting. DUG Find the bird. RUSSELL Where’s Kevin? He’s wandered off! Kevin! Dug. . the others asleep. Dug goes rigid like a pointer dog and “points” to the left. POINT! Find the bird. FLAT ROCKY AREA . It CROAKS. He shakes his CARL Huh. He scans the camp. CARL Cross my heart. Bird’s gone.

that’s my food! roof! Get off my The bird is on top of Carl’s DUG Yeah. RUSSELL Oh. the LABYRINTH. She HISSES at Dug. Dug turns around. DUG POINT! The bird has gathered a pile of food on Carl’s roof. RUSSELL Wait. DUG Her house is over there in those twisty rocks. Kevin’s just leaving? But you promised to protect her! RUSSELL Her babies need her. BABY BIRDS call out. CARL Hey. RUSSELL Her babies! Kevin’s a girl? The bird gobbles the food and jumps off the roof. CARL What is it doing? DUG The bird is calling to her babies.58. The The bird CALLS back. house. Russell points to the right. look! There he is. baby birds call from somewhere inside. . we gotta make sure they’re together. The bird “hugs” Russell goodbye and pats Carl on the head with her beak. DUG She has been gathering food for her babies and must get back to them. get off of his <<roof>>! In the distance. Miles off is a huge grouping of rocks.

Oh. yes. She scampers back toward the house. viciously barking and growling. FLAT ROCKY AREA Russell chews on some chocolate. CARL Huh? RUSSELL Kevin? Beta and Gamma. Since I have said that.59. We’ve lost enough time already. EXT. MOUNTAIN. They hear rustling from the bushes behind them. The bird hurries off toward the labyrinth. I can see how you would think that. RUSSELL Yeah. EXT.. RUSSELL This was her favorite chocolate. MOUNTAIN. Alpha walks forward and stares menacingly at Carl. DUG Oh. Carl protects Russell with his cane. run toward Carl and Russell.MOMENTS LATER The bird rounds a corner and hears rustling in the bushes ahead. Carl rolls his eyes and SIGHS. there’s more for you. Dug is conflicted. Carl gathers up . He turns toward Dug.. yes. ALPHA (high-pitched voice) Where’s the bird? You said you had the bird. Because you sent her away. EDGE OF JUNGLE . the hose tether. CARL Sorry Russell.

to Carl) Come! CARL Wait. and on the roof: THE BIRD. He turned on them! Dug ALPHA Master will be most pleased we have found them. ALPHA Where is it? DUG Uh. and will ask of them many questions. They round a bend. tomorrow. we’re not going with you. at least you now have lead us to the small mailman and The One Who Smells of Prunes. CARL Get away from me! Get down! The dogs lead Carl and Russell like prisoners. We’re going to the falls! Gamma and Beta BARK fiercely at Carl. Yes. Dug follows. Why do I not have a surprised feeling? Well. Come back tomorrow and then I will again have the bird. DESOLATE ROCKY AREA . MOUNTAIN. . ALPHA You lost it. EXT. Carl and Russell watch Before them is a MASSIVE CAVE OPENING. shamefully lowers his head. Dogs patrol the tops of the canyon walls. Alpha BARKS angrily. Four more large dogs join the group. Carl and Russell look at Dug. warily and continue their march. The house is pulled after them. (commanding.60.DAY Alpha leads Carl and Russell through a canyon.

.. closer. yeah. DOZENS OF DOGS step out of the cave..61. are you? But if you need to borrow a cup of sugar. MOUNTAIN.. the dogs surround Carl and Russell. The figure walks out toward Carl into the light. are you Charles Muntz?! MUNTZ Well.. and the floating house.. Carl and Russell laugh along nervously.. Every way Carl turns there are more dogs! Growling and snarling.S.. It VOICE That is the darndest thing I’ve ever seen! You’re not after my bird. examines Carl. this is all a misunderstanding. VOICE Well. From the darkness a voice: VOICE (O. Russell. More dogs approach from the side. CAVE ENTRANCE The house and balloon canopy are dwarfed as the group approaches the huge cave opening. Yes. VOICE In a house? A floating house? The man laughs. A figure peers out from the darkness. recognizes him! CARL Wait. VOICE You came here in that? CARL Uh. Closer. My dogs made a mistake.) Stay! The dogs stop. I’d be happy to oblige! The dogs LAUGH uproariously at the man’s joke. EXT. Carl . Carl and Russell stop.

62. Hungry? MUNTZ You must be tired.” MUNTZ “Adventure is out there!” Carl GIGGLES with glee. . MUNTZ (to dogs) Attention everyone! These people are no longer intruders. MUNTZ Well. They are our guests. The dogs CHEER. Muntz is charmed. My wife and I. RUSSELL Uh-huh. Carl joins in. we were your biggest fans! Carl rushes to shake Muntz’s hand. CARL It’s really him! (to Russell) That’s Charles Muntz! RUSSELL (excited) It is?!? (considers) Who’s Charles Muntz? CARL Him! Yes! DOG WALLA It is him! He is! CARL I’m Carl Fredricksen. CARL The Charles Muntz? Muntz gives him the “thumbs up. you’re a man of good taste! Muntz LAUGHS at his joke.

MUNTZ (O. where Carl ties off the house. . You do smell like prunes. DOG WALLA Follow me! I like you temporarily.63.hope they weren’t too rough on you. Dug follows. BETA Not you. Muntz’s dirigible the “Spirit of Adventure” is tethered in the cave. CARL Wait up. CAVE . GAMMA (O.) We weren’t! MUNTZ Go ahead and moor your airship right next to mine. Muntz gestures to a pylon. INT. Muntz! Carl and Russell follow up the ramp. Mr. Muntz and the dogs walk up the gangplank of the dirigible.) I’m sorry about the dogs -.S. Carl’s eyes adjust to the dark. Muntz walks into the cave. I will not bite you. but is blocked by Alpha and Beta.CONTINUOUS CARL Wow. CARL Jiminy Cricket. MUNTZ Would you like to? CARL Would I?!?! Carl GIGGLES like a little boy. CARL We’re not actually going inside the “Spirit of Adventure” itself?! Oh.S. Carl and Russell excitedly follow.

Behind him. (to Carl) Only way to get it out of Ethiopia at the time was to have it declared as “dental equipment!” Muntz LAUGHS. It’s a treasure trove of giant skeletons. of the bones. A dog approaches carrying a menu. London.MOMENTS LATER Alpha. DIRIGIBLE GANGPLANK .. stuffed creatures. Beast charged while I was brushing my teeth. Used my shaving kit to bring him down. INT. forlornly with a PLASTIC CONE around his neck. Dug sits Put him in MUNTZ Oh. surprise me. Various servant dogs dust and polish as Muntz leads Carl and Russell through the room. Muntz waves it off. CARL Did you ever! Will you look at that? MUNTZ Oh yes. Dug WHIMPERS. the Arsinoitherium. EXT. ‘Course I kept the best for myself. Munich. DUG I do not like the Cone of Shame. Gamma and Beta walk into the dirigible..TROPHY ROOM Carl and Russell are speechless as they walk into the room. DIRIGIBLE .64. a dog can’t resist gnawing at one . MUNTZ Most of the collection is housed in the world’s top museums: New York. and rare cultural artifacts. GAMMA What do we do with Dug? ALPHA He has lost the bird. the Cone of Shame.

Muntz glances at the bottle. you recognize it? I’m impressed! That’s an interesting story there. dinner is served! way. Muntz LAUGHS. the Giant Somalian Leopard Tortoise! MUNTZ Oh. RUSSELL I liked his other voice. Russell reacts. broken translator. (leans down. CARL Oh my gosh. (to Carl) I found it on safari with Roosevelt. ALPHA (deep scary voice) Thank you Master. MUNTZ Hm. dinner is ready. excellent choice. ALPHA (high-pitched voice) Master. Right this It’s . he was horrible! Muntz and Carl LAUGH. POP! They sloppily pour two glasses.. fixes it) There you go big fella.65. And did he cheat? Oh. MUNTZ Oh dear. A dog approaches with a bottle of champagne in his mouth. MUNTZ He and I fell into a habit of playing gin rummy in the evenings. Two dogs work together to remove the cork from the bottle.. MUNTZ Well. that loose wire again. Alpha interrupts.

CARL Oh my Ellie would have loved all this. tethered outside the porthole window. still enthralled. DINING ROOM Muntz leads Carl and Russell into the dining room and up to a large table. INT. Dogs bring out covered plates. it’s because of you she had this dream to come down here and live by Paradise Falls. They sit. RUSSELL Hey! Carl looks around. DIRIGIBLE. His waiter can’t resist and . MUNTZ So how are things stateside? Almost tempted to go back a few times. You know. Dog waiters place MUNTZ I hope you’re hungry because Epsilon is the finest chef I’ve ever had.. Please.66. you’ve done it again! RUSSELL Yes!! Russell is served a hot dog. RUSSELL Hey! Another dog pours some juice then takes a big slurp from his glass. and remove the silver plate covers at the same time. He gestures toward HIS HOUSE. Epsilon.. eats a bite. look at each other. napkins on their laps. MUNTZ Oh. Dogs pull back chairs for them. The meals look delicious. but I have unfinished work here.

isn’t it? I’ve spent a lifetime tracking it. And now you’ve made it! CARL You’re sure we’re not a bother? I’d hate to impose. my name will be cleared. all of THE BIRD. dah! But once I bring back this creature. drawings. Kevin. those.. Hundreds of them. feathers. He looks over to a full size skeleton. More often I get thieves. This is Muntz’s obsession.. down. (MORE) .. MUNTZ I’m honored. The dogs erupt into excited barking. In the excitement a dog swipes the rest of Russell’s hot dog. The lantern illuminates photographs.. Having guests is a delight. quiet! Calm down. samples.a real treat.67.... come to steal what’s rightfully mine. MUNTZ They called me a fraud. Treat?! DOG WALLA Treat! I want a treat! Calm MUNTZ No no.. RUSSELL Hey! MUNTZ (CONT’D) Shouldn’t’ve used that word.. MUNTZ Beautiful.. MUNTZ No no! It’s a pleasure to have guests -. Sometimes years go by between sightings. CARL No! Muntz picks up a lantern and walks to the back of the room.

He walks to a table full of flight helmets. How? . She goes ga-ga for it. these bandits. It’s gone now. and think the bird is theirs to take! But they soon find that this mountain is a very dangerous place. I gave her some of my chocolate.. Muntz is lost in reverie. MUNTZ (cont'd) I’ve tried to smoke it out of that deathly labyrinth where it lives. Once in. I trained it to follow us... Carl swipes the chocolate from Russell and pockets it. Lost so many dogs. RUSSELL Hey. MUNTZ Follow you? Impossible. Russell holds up a chocolate bar to show Muntz. CARL But it ran off! Muntz stares. that looks like Kevin! MUNTZ “Kevin?” RUSSELL Yeah! That’s my new giant bird pet. Can’t go in after it. MUNTZ Chocolate? RUSSELL Yeah.68. there’s no way out. Distracted Russell finally notices the skeleton. Muntz and Alpha exchange glances. RUSSELL She likes chocolate.. MUNTZ And here they come.

Carl gets up and pulls Russell from the table.69. RUSSELL But we haven’t even had dessert yet. . It rolls to Carl’s feet. Come on Russell. they all tell pretty good stories. Muntz follows behind them slowly. sits THE BIRD! CARL Well! It’s been a wonderful evening. Muntz topples another helmet. rolls across the floor. Using his cane. He lifts a third to show Carl. Carl. He drops the helmet. MUNTZ An old man taking his house to Paradise Falls. MUNTZ You know. A “Surveyor” making a map. I can't wait to hear how it ends. but we’d better be going. MUNTZ A “Botanist” cataloguing plants. menacingly. sitting on the roof of his house. Carl leads Russell toward the door. you’re not leaving? CARL We don’t want to take advantage of your hospitality. Carl glances around nervously. Out the window. MUNTZ Oh. It MUNTZ That's the best one yet. These people who pass through here. Muntz topples a helmet from the table.

but they’re gone. Muntz following behind like something out of a bad dream. MUNTZ (to dogs) Get them! INT. I insist! We have so much more to talk about! A distant HAUNTED WAIL. Atop the roof he Everyone stops. Dogs block the cave opening. sees THE BIRD.) Master. CARL Hurry! RUSSELL I am hurrying! Dogs descend down the ramp behind them.. CAVE Carl and Russell untie Carl’s house from the pylon. Carl stops short. RUSSELL They’re coming! Carl and Russell run toward the cave opening. MUNTZ It’s here. Epsilon here makes a delicious Cherries Jubilee.. Kevin? Muntz walks to the window and looks out. you really must stay. MUNTZ Oh. RUSSELL DUG (O.S. over here! . the boy’s right. Carl pulls Russell along. MUNTZ No.70. You haven’t had dessert. He turns back to Carl.

She runs through the cave. She jumps off the house and lifts Carl and Russell on her back. Carl looks back as the bird keeps running. The bird sees the dogs.CONTINUOUS The dogs close in on Russell. MOUNTAIN. closer. closing in on Carl and Russell. towing the house behind her. Ahead. The cave leads to a steep incline. There’s no choice but to JUMP.71. CANYON . canyon wall. master! Dogs climb down the rocks. Dug points to a tunnel opening deeper inside the cave. He caused the avalanche! DUG Go on Master! dogs! I will stop the Dug is up on the Carl The dogs are getting Dug jumps down to block the path of the approaching dogs. The house lowers. Alpha bites at his heels. The lift from the overhead balloons allows Carl and Russell to leap down the incline. CARL Get back!! Alpha is about to bite when an avalanche of boulders rains down! The dogs stop short. a giant rock sits in their path. DUG Go toward the light. CARL Russell! Dragging on the ground. . Carl fends off Alpha with his cane. pulling Russell onto the ground. and Russell run toward him. like astronauts. Russell and Carl HANG ON for dear life. Carl tugs at the house but it CRASHES against the rock. Russell gets BUMPED around badly. EXT. BANG BANG BANG! Balloons pop as they scrape across the ceiling.

Just as the dogs reach our gang. the house’s momentum carries them across the chasm. Carl LANDS HARD but safely across the river chasm.A CLIFF EDGE. RUSSELL (O. Carl painfully gets up. and forth wildly in the air. Russell rushes to her side. rounds a corner. The bird carries Carl. Carl looks above to see the house’s momentum pulling forward. CARL Gimme your hand! Carl holds out his cane so that Russell can GRAB it and Carl PULLS him back onto the bird. Russell SWINGS OUT over the abyss. RUSSELL Help! Help! Russell does the WILDERNESS EXPLORER CALL.72. still intact. RUSSELL Hang on to Kevin! Carl grabs onto Kevin and picks Dug up by the collar. are stuck on the other side. Meanwhile Dug manages to rejoin his friends.S. The dogs It’s She Russell swings back He breathes a SIGH OF RELIEF. A river winds 100 feet below. Russell dragging along behind. but just in time to reach the end of the line -. The bird jumps from rock spire to spire. He looks up at his house.) Kevin! The bird tries to stand but SQUAWKS pitifully and falls back to the ground. . Alpha bites Dug by the neck and throws him out of the path. Alpha bites the bird on the leg but is kicked loose and falls into the river below. DUG Stop you dogs!! The dogs run around Dug.

The bird’s leg has been injured badly by the dog bite. GAMMA Yeah. MUNTZ Wait a minute. He knows the right thing to do.. Russell runs to her side. . MUNTZ You lost them? BETA Uh. he’s with them. He helped He leans over a RADAR TRACKING DEVICE. DIRIGIBLE. and a signal zeroes in on Dug’s location. them escape! Muntz snarls in anger.. Can’t we help her get home? Carl looks at the bird’s wounds. He looks to the rock maze. COCKPIT Dripping wet dogs cower in front of a menacing Muntz. can’t stand. Russell applies a bandage. MOUNTAIN .73. the BIRD BABIES call.NIGHT . but can’t. it was Dug. Wait. then to his house.CONTINUOUS DUG’S COLLAR SCREEN powers on. CUT TO: EXT. Kevin CALLS back to them. And he hates himself for it. She CARL But we’ve got to hurry. (to Carl) She’s hurt real bad. RUSSELL No no no! Kevin! Stay down. Dug. Alright. She tries to stand. INT. From the distant labyrinth of rocks.

who pull the house from behind a tree canopy. keeping it hidden behind the trees. kid. CARL This is crazy... Kevin? Kevin goes back to sleep. Ha! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead. The house bumps into a tree. DUG Hey. I know a joke. I finally meet my childhood hero and he’s trying to kill us! What a joke. RUSSELL You know what. A squirrel walks up to a tree and says I forgot to store acorns for winter and now I am dead. oblivious. . CARL Hmm. jostling the injured BIRD on the porch. Russell looks at her BANDAGED LEG. I mean.74. Fredricksen? The wilderness isn’t quite what I expected. get used to that. Carl and Russell peek out from behind a tree. it’s not how they made it sound in my book. Yeah? CARL How so? RUSSELL It’s kinda. wild. Mr. Dug scampers back to Carl and Russell. CARL Careful Russell. my pack is not following us! Boy they are dumb. sniffing. They pull the house. looks out over the landscape. CARL See anything? DUG No. Dug. RUSSELL You okay.

Kevin is reenergized by the sound of her babies. LAUGHING. and I’ll count all the blue cars and he counts all the red ones. RUSSELL Look. you overgrown chicken! She runs . but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. and whoever gets the most. Russell smiles at the thought. off ahead. RUSSELL My dad made it sound so easy. I always get chocolate and he gets butterbrickle. Then we’d sit on this one curb. Carl unclips Russell’s tether. stand still! He tries to run Carl ties the hose harnesses to a tree. CARL Look at that bird go! CARL Wait up. RUSSELL And afterwards we’d go get ice cream at Fentons. Kevin CALLS BACK. The bird babies CALL OUT in the distance. wins. They walk in silence. Carl and Russell LAUGH.75. securing the house. RUSSELL That might sound boring. He used to come to all my Sweatlodge meetings. but is pulled back by his tether. He’s really good at camping. Carl understands. I like that curb. and how to make fire from rocks and stuff. right outside. now close by. there it is! Russell spots the labyrinth. CARL Hold on Russell. Russell helps Kevin off the porch and the group run toward the labyrinth entrance. He looks up at Carl.

knocking him down and grabbing the bird in the net. CARL’S HOUSE. LABYRINTH GATE . RUSSELL Oh no! The net catches on a rock. Ellie’s photo crashes to the floor. a group of dogs drag forward CARL’S HOUSE. INT. a fierce spotlight hits them. Carl and Russell run to her aid.76. RUSSELL No! Carl pulls his house away from the flames. MUNTZ’S DIRIGIBLE lowers overhead. dropping the knife. RUSSELL Run Kevin! Run! A net shoots out and binds her. She falls and CALLS OUT. Beside them. give me your knife! Carl saws frantically at the net. MUNTZ (O. . Muntz hurls a lit lantern. He rushes toward the house. LIVING ROOM .) Get away from my bird! Muntz and his dogs descend from the dirigible.CONTINUOUS Inside the living room. MOUNTAIN. They swarm past Russell.CONTINUOUS CARL No! Carl panics. EXT. go Kevin! babies! Go find your Just as they approach the entrance to the labyrinth. Carl’s house LOWERS Balloons POP. RUSSELL That’s it. Flames burst up beneath the house. Muntz motions to the dogs. into the fire. Heat waves ripple up.S. CARL Russell.

but the gangplank closes.77. I am going to Paradise Falls if it kills me. RUSSELL Let her go! Stop! Russell runs after the dogs. The bird CALLS OUT plaintively as the dogs drag her into the dirigible. didn’t ask for any of this! Master. none of this would have happened! Bad dog! Bad dog! Dug slinks off. tail between his legs. Carl angrily puts on the harness. You just gave He extinguishes CARL This is none of my concern. RUSSELL Kevin! Carl beats out the flames with his jacket. CARL Now. We want her in good shape for my return. Muntz follows the bird up the ramp of the dirigible. He walks off. The dirigible flies off. whether you assist me or not. DUG It’s alright. I CARL I am not your master! And if you hadn’t a shown up. Russell falls in behind. . An angry dawn breaks. MUNTZ Careful. RUSSELL You gave away Kevin. Carl collapses on the side of his house. the flames. her away.

EXT. RUSSELL I don’t want this anymore.MORNING With the last of his energy. just like Ellie wanted. He pushes their two chairs back into their place.CONTINUOUS Carl and Ellie’s things are strewn across the floor. He’s finally made it: Paradise Falls. He sits on a rock. CARL’S HOUSE. Behind him. Russell throws his sash on the ground. MOUNTAIN HILLSIDE . MOUNTAIN. EXT. INT. Carl steps in. Carl drags the house into place.) Here. alone. ROCKY TERRAIN . sets the lamp upright. EXT. He’s back in his house for INT. Next to him stands Carl picks up the sash.DAY Now barely aloft. the real house. Carl pulls the house across the rocky landscape. Carl drops the hose harness and walks to the edge of a cliff. Carl takes out Ellie’s childhood drawing. Russell’s harness drags along side. HALLWAY .S.CONTINUOUS The door opens. He walks up the steps of his house. Russell walks behind. PARADISE FALLS . Russell walks away. a mess from the rough journey.78. Carl rights Ellie’s chair. RUSSELL (O.MORNING He looks over. Torrents of water careen over the massive cliff edge. The house groans as it comes to rest. CARL’S HOUSE. . empty. slides the table into position. LIVING ROOM . the first time in days.

A photo of the two of them sitting side by side. remembering the newspaper clippings and old photographs. Another and another. He crosses his heart. the ups and downs. He opens it He looks through the pages. Carl closes his eyes. He turns to the page marked: STUFF I’M GOING TO DO. He managed to bring the house to the falls. in their chairs. and puts Ellie’s drawing back. and sits..MOMENTS LATER Carl walks from the house and calls from the porch. Carl sees something he The blank pages at the end are no longer blank. photos of their ordinary life together. Beneath it. Ellie has written: “THANKS FOR THE ADVENTURE -. Celebrating birthdays. hadn’t before. together.. Carl picks it up. Quiet.NOW GO HAVE A NEW ONE! LOVE. Carl’s face warms. The ADVENTURE BOOK rests on a table near him. Carl sighs. Ellie lived the life she wanted: she saw adventure in everyday life. He closes the book. takes a deep breath.” Carl smiles. CARL Russell? On the arm is . He looks to Ellie’s chair. EXT. But as he does. save the distant sound of the falls outside.79. He looks over to Ellie’s empty chair. Carl surveys the room. the dreams of young Ellie. CARL’S HOUSE . but Ellie never made it. A WEDDING PHOTO of the two of them. On a picnic. Russell’s sash. Nothing. ELLIE.

A shadow crosses Carl. This gives him an idea. INT. The house lifts off! CARL Wahhoo! The house floats off into the sky. mountain rocks with a thud. It It lands atop the Carl struggles to push a refrigerator from the porch.. scans the skies. Carl adjusts his steering. and falls. CARL Russell! RUSSELL I’m gonna help Kevin even if you won’t! Russell fires up a LEAF BLOWER and steers himself off into the sky. Then another. Furious. The balloons have lost too much helium. Beside it sits Carl and Ellie’s chairs.. FLOATING The house soars into the air. side by side atop Paradise Falls. But Russell is nowhere to be seen. He struggles. LIVING ROOM Inside the house. CARL No. Slowly. but the house doesn’t budge. he THROWS a chair off his porch. tables. sails billowing. EXT. hanging from a BUNCH OF BALLOONS. CARL’S HOUSE. dressers. Carl throws them all out of the house. one corner of the house lifts. He looks up to see Russell floating off. Chairs. CUT TO: The GRAMOPHONE smashes onto the rocky ground. leaving a huge pile of things. Russell! No! Carl runs back to his house and tries in desperation to lift it. . CARL’S HOUSE.80. teeters.

81. FLOATING .CONTINUOUS The house flies off into the sky. CARL’S HOUSE.CONTINUOUS The door swings open. Oh boy.DAY Russell steers through the clouds toward the DIRIGIBLE. CARL Dug! DUG I was hiding under your porch because I love you.) Good boy. CARL (O. CARL EXT. Can I stay? CARL Can you stay? Well. You’re a good boy! EXT. They turn to look. Russell flies past with the leaf blower. EXT.S. Dug. you’re my dog aren’t you? And I’m your master! DUG You are my master?! Dug lunges forward and overwhelms Carl with dog kisses. DIRIGIBLE . KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. CARL’S HOUSE. smashes into the wall. DUG Oh boy! Carl’s eyes go wide. PORCH . OPEN SKY . He . Russell? INT. DIRIGIBLE Russell steers wobbly toward an open dirigible window. INT. Behind them.CONTINUOUS Dogs play poker.

DIRIGIBLE . She’s . Alpha enters.CONTINUOUS Russell releases the balloons and picks up the leaf blower. INT.82. MUNTZ What? INT. DIRIGIBLE. RUSSELL Ooph! He tries again and TUMBLES through the window. ALPHA Master! The small mailman has returned. miserable and scared. ready for action. RUSSELL Let me go! Muntz enters. Russell blows the leaf blower at the dogs. INT. MUNTZ Where’s your elderly friend? Russell blows the leaf blower in Muntz’s face. mesmerized. Just wait till they get a look at you. CAGE ROOM Muntz stares into the bird’s cage. RUSSELL He’s not my friend anymore. DIRIGIBLE Dogs tie Russell to a chair. MUNTZ And they wouldn’t believe me. Yes! RUSSELL Don’t worry Kevin! I’ll save - Growling dogs move toward him.

Muntz slams the door. RUSSELL Where are you keeping Kevin!? INT.83. which I’m not . RUSSELL I’ll unleash all my Wilderness Explorer training! Muntz is about to throw a switch when he looks out the porthole. RUSSELL Let me go! BETA Scream all you want.CONTINUOUS Muntz sets Russell down and walks to a control panel. Light emerges from the floor. RUSSELL Hey. Muntz grabs the leaf blower and drags Russell out. is opening. INT. GAMMA None of your mailman friends can hear you. DIRIGIBLE. Flying toward him is CARL’S HOUSE! MUNTZ Alpha! Fredricksen’s coming back. Russell REACTS. small mailman. DIRIGIBLE. MUNTZ Well. Muntz pulls the switch and walks out of the room. Guard that bird. where are you going? finished with you! MUNTZ Nice talking with you. If you see the old man. Fredricksen can’t be far behind. TROPHY ROOM Muntz drags Russell through the trophy room. RAMP ROOM . Russell is on the ramp. if you’re here. you know what to do.

LIVING ROOM Carl steers toward the cockpit. CARL’S HOUSE. then hooks his cane onto his back. he slides down the ramp as it lowers. pulling the house closer to the dirigible ramp.84. MUNTZ Where are you. revealing Carl’s house sneaking up behind. They land safely together. INT. INT. closer and closer to the edge. DIRIGIBLE The dirigible turns. It’s Russell! Tied to his chair. . Carl slides to Russell. DIRIGIBLE. still bound. RUSSELL Mr. down in the front hall. He’s fighting for a cause.CONTINUOUS Carl flings the hose. He hears SCREAMING. EXT. Using his cane as a zip line. Fredricksen? EXT. RAMP .CONTINUOUS Carl sets Russell. Carl carries Russell into the house. Fredricksen! Dug! CARL Bring ‘er over! Dug winches in the hose caddy. catching him just as Russell slides off the ramp edge. DIRIGIBLE. INT. COCKPIT Muntz enters the cockpit and takes the wheel. CARL’S HOUSE . CARL Russell! Carl steers his house to the dirigible. HOOKING it to the ramp railing. He dons Russell’s sash.

GAS CELL AREA Dug leads Carl “backstage” through a vent shaft into the dirigible. Let’s go You stay here! . DIRIGIBLE. Russell STRUGGLES against his bonds. POINT! Dug points to a grate in the wall. CARL Don’t worry Kevin. I want you Dug follows. CARL I’m getting Kevin. CAGE ROOM They emerge through a grate near the ceiling.. INT. They sneak past two biplanes. Carl and Dug duck into the shadows and watch unnoticed from above.85. we’re on our way! Alpha enters. RUSSELL You came back for Kevin! get her. They look down into the room where the bird is kept in a cage. leading a group of dogs. CARL How do we get past these dogs? DUG Uh. DIRIGIBLE. INT.. HALLWAY Carl and Dug sneak down a hall. RUSSELL But I want to help! CARL I don’t want your help. INT. CARL Kevin! The bird recognizes Carl and CRIES OUT. They see dogs ahead and hide. DIRIGIBLE. safe! Carl leaps back into the dirigible.

bangs his cane. He INT.MOMENTS LATER Carl drops down from the ceiling and stands on the cage. CARL Who wants the ball? DOGS Me! I do! I want the ball! CARL Then go get it! Carl throws the ball. my minions. CARL (whispers) What do we do now. HALLWAY OUTSIDE OF CAGE ROOM . He grabs a ball from his cane and waves it in the air. CAGE ROOM .CONTINUOUS The dogs pile into the hallway in pursuit.. All the dogs turn. DIRIGIBLE. DOGS I’m gonna get there first! Oh gonna get the ball! I’m gonna get it! Gamma catches it. ALPHA Allow no one to be entering through these doors. chomping on a tennis ball on the end of Carl’s cane. GAMMA I got it!! Behind them Carl shuts the door. DIRIGIBLE. GAMMA Uh-oh. INT. The dogs realize their .86. Dug? Dug is lost in ecstacy. The dogs scramble after it. mistake. Guard well that bird.

COCKPIT Muntz scans the horizon. comes to life. FRONT PORCH Russell STRUGGLES to break free of the chair. DIRIGIBLE. DOG WALLA He’s in Hall D! He’s in Hall B! It’s the old man! . Russell SCREAMS as he falls.87. Russell grabs onto it and the chair jostles free. INT. The hose unspools. DIRIGIBLE. RUSSELL I want to help! He manages to get his arms free. DIRIGIBLE. COCKPIT The melee of conflicting reports from the dogs continues. CARL I’m sorry Kevin. falling thousands of feet down. The house drifts away from the dirigible. Russell reaches the end of the hose. of here. CAGE ROOM Carl opens the cage door. INT. RUSSELL Ha ha! Except that all his struggling causes the chair to hop out on the porch and fall off. INT. Suddenly the in-ship communicator Let’s get you out DOG WALLA (on radio) Master! He’s gone! The old man! He’s here! He’s got the bird! The bird’s gone! What? MUNTZ Calm down! One at a time! EXT. CARL’S HOUSE.

checking in. Muntz stares. three spitfire airplanes emerge. swaying in the wind. RUSSELL Whoooaaah! The house floats off. The planes fall into formation and fly toward the house. What’s that noise? From beneath the dirigible emerges. swaying beneath it on the hose. DIRIGIBLE. it is clear they are being flown by DOGS. MUNTZ (into radio) Grey leader! Take down the house! EXT. BETA Target sighted. As they get closer.88. . Dug and the bird escape through the trophy room. BETA (into radio) Grey leader. GAMMA Grey 2.. EXT. CARL’S HOUSE Russell clings to the end of the hose. dangling from the hose.CONTINUOUS From beneath the dirigible. OPEN SKY . OMEGA Grey 3. MUNTZ Does anyone know where they are?!?! On cue. TROPHY ROOM Carl.. slack-jawed. The Dog Squadron Leader bites down on a squeaky bone chew toy that fires poison darts. The biplanes fire and strafe Carl’s house with darts. Russell SCREAMS. checking in. checking in. Russell SPLATS into the dashboard window of the control room and SQUEEGEES across. INT.

89. He throttles him with his arm and lifts his sword. He hears growling and turns around. He grabs a sword INT. DIRIGIBLE. OUTSIDE OF TROPHY ROOM . cane to defend himself. He raises the sword over his head to strike and his back CRACKS loudly. from the wall display and attacks. OLD MAN SWORD FIGHT! Muntz smashes his trophy collection as he swings for Carl. Behind the door. TROPHY ROOM Muntz swings his sword at Carl but misses. DIRIGIBLE. . There stands Alpha and INT. Come Carl uses his He falls backwards. The dogs give chase. He slams it shut. Muntz CRACKS his back free and kicks Carl in the chest. He has the upper hand now. spit it out! Carl spits his FALSE TEETH at Muntz. the other dogs. Fredricksen? on. Dug hears and BITES Muntz on the leg. His sword gets stuck in a mounted skeleton. DIRIGIBLE. Dug jumps on the door and barks.CONTINUOUS Locked out. Muntz kicks Dug loose and out the door. MUNTZ Any last words. DUG Hi. He’s stuck! Carl raises his cane over his head and his back CRACKS too. CARL Come on. HALLWAY Dug runs. Kevin. Muntz is waiting for them. Carl swings his cane and hits Muntz on the head. Carl and Muntz STRUGGLE to move. knocking him against a trophy. The tennis balls bounce the cane off Muntz and smack Carl in the face. INT. Muntz pulls the sword free.

He dangles out over open air. cases slide after him. COCKPIT Meanwhile Alpha backs Dug into the control panel. Carl falls through but manages to grab the frame with his cane. a LEVER. TROPHY ROOM Muntz is knocked off balance. INT. MUNTZ Enough! I’m taking that bird back with me alive or dead! Carl trips and falls to the floor. the final blow. smashing and destroying anything that gets in his way. who struggles to protect the bird. The broken trophy cases barrel straight toward Carl! Carl is thrown into a window which bursts open. DIRIGIBLE. DIRIGIBLE. He sees the biplanes circling the house. Kevin! Carl climbs back inside. DIRIGIBLE . Muntz is a wild man now. He slides to one side. Russell hanging beneath it. EXT.CONTINUOUS The entire dirigible rocks wildly to the side. Trophy He bumps a Muntz is about to deal The dirigible tilts to the other side. Carl collects his teeth and motions for Kevin. . INT. The ship corrects again. Muntz comes at Carl. CARL Come on! Muntz advances on Carl. CARL Come on.90.

Alpha’s head is stuck. but then notices the RADAR SHADE. Dug hides behind the steering wheel. He ALPHA I will have many enjoyments for what I am about to do. The dogs all Surprised at Dug’s moxy. Dug jams the shade over Alpha’s head. As Alpha lunges again. Dug. COCKPIT Alpha throws Dug viciously across the room. INT. . EXT. SIDE OF DIRIGIBLE . trapped by the cone. DOG WALLA Yes. Alpha lunges at Dug through the steering wheel. MISC DOG He wears the Cone of Shame! ALPHA (high-pitched voice) What? Do not just continue sitting! Attack! The bump caused his collar to go funny again. Muntz follows up. howl with laughter.CONTINUOUS Carl climbs the work ladder up the side of the dirigible. Alpha sits. knocking a radar shade off the control panel. Alpha throws him again and Dug crashes into the steering wheel. ALPHA (high pitched voice) No! No! Stop your laughing! Get this off of me! DUG Listen you dog! Sit! All other dogs sit too.91. Dug cowers. The dogs all GASP. Alpha. DIRIGIBLE. pushes the bird along as he goes. Alpha moves in.

he climbs up onto the porch. Muntz closing in. CARL’S HOUSE Russell TRIES TO CLIMB the hose. Carl is climbing the side of the dirigible for dear life.92. Fredricksen alone! Russell CLIMBS! He’s more machine than boy now. out. DUG Alpha? I am not Alpha. RUSSELL (out of breath) I can’t do it! Behind him. Russell yells to them. The biplanes close in. His hands are about to give The biplanes head straight at Russell. Biplanes shooting the whole way. CARL (far in the distance) Russell! RUSSELL Huh? Carl calls for help: the WILDERNESS EXPLORER CALL. RUSSELL Hey! (pointing down) Squirrel! All the dog pilots snap to attention. GAMMA Squirrel? OMEGA Where’s the squirrel?! . RUSSELL You leave Mr. he is(realizing) Oohhhh! EXT.

crash into each other. Carl HOISTS the Muntz appears on top of the dirigible with a rifle! A bullet blasts through Carl’s balloon strings. but it’s Dug! CARL Dug! Dug jumps up on Carl. EXT. ... DUG Master! The house bears down on them. Carl defends himself with his cane. He watches Carl and the bird climb. They run to meet it. Muntz catches on to a rung of the ladder.. knocking Muntz off the ladder. Carl GASPS. Suddenly. a trap door opens. Muntz descends the ladder. Let’s go! The dog pilots CARL Russell!! Over here!! Russell steers the house toward Carl. BLAM! He climbs up himself. bird up onto the porch. parachute out. TOP . RUSSELL Mr. CARL Come on. EXT.DAY Carl and the bird make it to the top of the dirigible. A third of them break or shoot skyward. licking his face.93. GAMMA I hate squirrels.. Fredricksen! The house slows and lowers atop the airship. Kevin! Carl helps Dug onto the porch. DIRIGIBLE. crashing onto the dirigible. Muntz grabs Carl’s foot. The house plummets. The planes dive. SIDE OF DIRIGIBLE Carl climbs.

INT. Dug and Kevin run into the living room. DIRIGIBLE. Dug and Kevin run toward the front porch. Dug and Kevin still inside. No! CARL Leave them alone! Russell and others duck inside and slam the door. Carl struggles to hold on. Dug and Kevin back away from the door. The house tilts. CARL’S HOUSE Russell. holds on for his life. The house teeters on the very edge of the tail fin. Russell! CARL Get out of there! Russell. TOP The house slides farther over the edge.. The house slides on to the dirigible’s tail fin. Russell.. Carl holds desperately to the Muntz storms toward the house. HALLWAY Russell. threatening to tip off at any second. Carl digs in his heels and is just able to stop it.94. hose. Muntz POUNDS on the door with the butt of the rifle. The house slides toward the edge. Carl is THROWN from the house onto the airship. The hose caddy is ripping free from the house! The bolts pop from the wooden siding. BLAM! A bullet smashes the door jam next to them. CARL’S HOUSE. Carl . EXT. CARL No! Carl SCRAMBLES to grab the hose trailing from the sliding house. Holding the hose. it’s about to go! INT.

.CONTINUOUS The hose caddy breaks free. CARL Russell! Hang on to Kevin! Don’t let go of her! INT... He Dug and the He lifts his rifle and sights Through the window. EXT.95. Muntz lunges after them. INT. TOP Kevin! CARL Chocolate! Carl holds aloft a bar of chocolate. Suddenly. bird huddle together. pushing past Muntz and knocking the rifle from his hands.. He falls.. Russell and Dug hanging from her side.. CARL’S HOUSE . the bird. DIRIGIBLE. But balloon strings tangle around his leg and pull him back. Kevin leaps through the window. It’s thousands of feet from the ground. Muntz hangs for a moment. CARL’S HOUSE. . LIVING ROOM Kevin lunges. Carl yells out. EXT. Muntz breaks through the door. TOP Muntz KICKS the door. EXT. Muntz leaps after them. DIRIGIBLE. CARL’S HOUSE.. LIVING ROOM Confused. Russell follows Carl’s directions. Carl has an idea.

The babies . Carl LAUGHS heartily as Dug jumps on him and licks his face. followed by the bird and Dug. He puts his arm around Russell.. Mr. MOUNTAIN. Carl is left holding the hose. out. sitting on Kevin. LABYRINTH GATE .AFTERNOON Carl and Russell hold and cuddle the baby birds. peck at Carl’s head. now empty. DUG Oh I am ready to not be up high. The hose curves beneath the tail fin.96. Fredricksen. Dug and Kevin stand on the tail of the airship floating off over the clouds. Carl looks into the distance. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. RUSSELL That was cool! Russell and Dug dangle from it. holds on to the hose with her beak. kid! Russell climbs up. Carl smiles. toward the edge. Carl LAUGHS. DIRIGIBLE. The bird He PULLS himself Finally it swings CARL You know. it’s just a house. His house. Carl. and disappears. Russell. EXT. floats softly down into the clouds. relieved. RUSSELL Sorry about your house.. You’re so soft. CARL Ow! Ow! Ow! RUSSELL Look at you. CARL Don’t jerk around so much. TOP PANTING. Carl and Russell LAUGH.

INT. The babies run to the bird. CARL You know what? Keep ‘em. A little Carl and Russell wave. where’s my cane? it here.97. CARL Huh. Kevin starts HACKING. RUSSELL Bye Kevin! The bird looks back toward Carl and Russell and CALLS OUT one last time before disappearing into the mist. waiting for the babies at the gate to the LABYRINTH. RUSSELL Ready? Carl gives a thumbs up. DIRIGIBLE. gift from me to you. They COUGH up tennis balls. CARL/RUSSELL (disappointed) Awwww! RUSSELL I wish I could keep one. COCKPIT . Carl has misplaced something.LATER Carl and Russell both wear matching leather flight helmets and goggles.. I just had She COUGHS up the cane. One stops to HISS at Dug. Babies start HACKING too. Kevin CALLS OUT. Time to go. CARL Ready! .. The bird family enters the labyrinth.

Jimmy. Dug and all of MUNTZ’S DOGS stick their heads out the dirigible windows. Russell is tanned and dirty. Old man Russell Carl takes his place next to Russell... (hands badge) For Assisting the Elderly. CAMP MASTER STRAUCH For Extreme Mountaineering Lore. The Camp Master CLEARS HIS THROAT uncomfortably.... DISSOLVE TO: INT.. The Camp Master hands Carl the badge and continues down the line. .. Russell.. Sir..and by receiving their badges.98. looks for his dad in the audience. Each Junior Wilderness Explorer stands next to his father. CARL (to Camp Master) I’m here for him. someone that.S. CAMP MASTER STRAUCH Uh. barking as they fly into the sunset. who pins it to his son’s sash.. CARL (O.) Excuse me. CAMP MASTER STRAUCH Congratulations. As the Camp Master announces the achievement he hands the father a badge... coming through. DIRIGIBLE Muntz’s dirigible ascends into the sky.. Brandon. Congratulations. (hands badge to dad) For Wild Animal Defensive Arts.... the following Explorers will graduate to Senior Explorers. Pardon me. EXT. Congratulations. AUDITORIUM CAMP MASTER STRAUCH . And alone. Russell? Is there. uh.

CAMP MASTER STRAUCH Alright. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CARL Red one. RUSSELL Wow. BARKING in approval. I think that covers everybody. Carl smiles.99. They salute each other. It’s Ellie’s GRAPE SODA PIN. Carl Russell’s mom sits in the audience with Dug. Muntz’s dogs sit in the back. Carl pins the badge onto the missing spot on Russell’s sash. Cars pass by. CURB OUTSIDE FENTONS ICE CREAM PARLOR .. returns it. CARL Red one.. RUSSELL Blue one. and for performing above and beyond the call of duty. Russell has chocolate and Carl has butter-brickle. DUG Grey one. CARL Russell. So let’s give a big Explorer Call to our brand new Senior Wilderness Explorers! Ready everybody? Russell proudly The Camp Master leads the audience in the WILDERNESS EXPLORER CALL. Russell gives Carl a hug. shows her the badge.DAY Carl and Russell sit on a curb licking ice cream cones. . for assisting the elderly. I would like to award you the highest honor I can bestow: The Ellie Badge.

just as Ellie imagined it. I’m not. its ladder in the handicapped parking spot. Overhead. you’re cheating. They LAUGH. CARL No. RUSSELL That’s a bike! CARL It’s red.100. PARADISE FALLS . RUSSELL That’s a fire hydrant.AFTERNOON On top of Paradise Falls sits Carl’s house. Russell GIGGLES. CARL Maybe I need new glasses. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. MUNTZ’S DIRIGIBLE is parked. Red one. isn’t it? RUSSELL Mr. Fredricksen. THE END .

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