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Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Muslim Resistance and Spanish Rule  Moro Wars (1565-1663) – “Moro Wars” is a word coined by historians to explain Spanish attacks on Moro land and the counterattack of Muslims to the Spanish dominion in the country specifically in Visayan areas.  Spanish Assaults Against Spanish Rule – January 1, 1570 - The Spaniards led by Juan de Salcedo attacked and defeated Muslim settlements in Mindoro. – They had skirmishes in Mamburao and Lubang. – Juan de Salcedo was paid gold and as ransom for the prominent Muslims who were captured. – 1577 – Sultan Sri Lela of Borneo visited Manila and asked help from Governor General Sande to defeat his brother, Seif Ur-Rijal who forcible dethroned him – Sande agreed in exchange for Spanish control and influence in Borneo. – 1578 – Spanish naval fleet with 1,500 Filipinos, 300 Bornean warriors and 400 Spaniards attacked and defeated Seif Ur-Rijal. – April 20, 1578 – Sultan Sri Lela was restored as Sultan of Borneo. – Spain declared Borneo as vassal of Spain. – 1581 – Sultan Sri Lela got killed by Sultan Seif Ur-Rijal who returned to power. – Succeeding expeditions were organized to retake Spanish control in Borneo, which lasted ‘til 1616. – Over 5,000 Filipinos in succeeding expeditions took the brunt of fighting for Spanish wars. – June, 1578 – Upon the instruction of Sande, Capt. Esteban Figueroa with his men fought Raja Pangiranan Buddiman who was the brother in law of Sultan UrRijal. – Christian Filipino forces won over Muslim fighters. – The Rajah surrendered his territories: Tawi-tawi, Jolo, Taguima and Zamboanga and

accepted that his people were under the Spanish vassals. – Pangiran gave Figueroa 12 pearls and 5 pieces of gold. – March, 1579 – Governor Sande gave the following orders to Captain Gabriel de Rivera: To require Muslims in Mindanao to pay tribute to the Kind of Spain, establish a fort in Tumbao and induce them to accept Catholic missionaries. – March 13 – The expedition arrived in Pulangi; there were friendly Datus who recognized Spanish conditions. – Some major Muslim leaders like Datu Dimansakay of Maguindanao refused any negotiations with captain Rivera and instead, moved his camp deeper in the interior to avoid contact with the Spaniards. – May 8 – The expedition was back in Cebu with minimal accomplishments due to uncooperative Muslim leaders. Spanish Attempts to Colonize Mindanao – The Spanish government in Manila, after assessing its gains in Mindanao, decided to colonize Maguindanao and convert the Muslim area to Christianity. – Capt. Esteban de Figueroa – Assigned to prepare the fleet and design the attack in Mindanao – The captain left for Mindanao with 50 vessels, 214 Spaniards, Jesuit missionaries and 1,500 Christian Filipinos. – April 20, 1596 – The expedition entered the mouth of Pulangi which made the Maguindanao leaders, again, retire deeper in the interior, with the Spanish captain giving chase. – The first clash took place in Buayan where the seat of Muslim government in Mindanao was located. – Raja Sirungan – Aided Sultan Dimansakay in fighting the advancing Spanish and Christian Filipino warriors. – Captain Figueroa was struck in the by Ubal—the younger brother of Sirungan—and died—which meant defeat to the Spanish. – Ubal was also killed by the guards of the Captain. Muslim Counterattacks

The expedition attacks Dulag in Leyte and his warriors burned down churches. The group of Muda and Sirungan proceeded to the Calamanianes. – Datu Buisan – He assumed the position of Sultan of Maguindanao and named Raja Muda after the death of his older brother. burning churches. Negros and Cebu. – Muslim attack was split into two— the group of Dati Buisan sailed north. homes and taking 800 captive Visayan prisoners. – The fortifications were later abandoned due to lack of effective results. and took captives. skipped Visayas and raided Bicolandia.– 1599 – Muslims of Mindanao led by Datu Salikula of Maguindanao and Datu Sirungan launched their counterattack against Christian Filipinos and Spanish settlements in Visayas. He also did the same to the nearby towns. – Datu Buisan.000 warriors riding in 50 sailboats that attacked coastal towns in Panay. – Muslim counter attack was composed of 3. towns. – The group of Buisan also captured the same number of captives including clergymen. – February. – Gallinato ordered construction of two fortifications to protect his troops and to have a base for intrusions to the Muslim area. Mindoro and up tp Balayan. Raja Muda of Maguindanao and Raja Sirungan organized another devastating attack with 145 vessels. Sultan Dimansakay.000 Filipinos. – October 29. 1602 – An expedition was led by Sergeant Juan Gallinato and Alcalde Mayor of Cebu with 200 Spaniards and 2. Chapter 8 . raided towns in coastal areas and captured 700 natives. 1603 – Buisan and his allies organized another Muslim expedition with 50 war vessels and a large number of warriors.