I have this recipe from my mother in law, who makes the best sarmalute in the world.

Your will be equally delicious if you are careful to get all these ingredients.


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1 kg chopped pork (leg) – it shouldn’t be too fatty 3 eggs 5-6 big onions 150 g rice 1 pickled cabbage – if you don’t have any, you can get a fresh one and boil some water and scald the cabbage leaves and then use them (Mel’s notes) bacon tomato sauce dill 2-3 laurel leaves pepper

1. Mix the pork with slightly fried onions, the eggs, the rice and the dill. Don’t add salt, if you have pickled cabbage.

. 4.2. 3. Leave the pickled cabbage in cold water so it will eliminate most of the salt. Then. Chop the cabbage spine and use it to coat the cooking pot. roll it until you get a roll and close the ends. Use a tall pot. Take a piece of cabbage leaf and put a tablespoon of the meat and rice mix at the basis. Continue the process until you finish the mix.


. in rows. Set the rolls next to one anoter.5.

. pepper and laurel leaves and cover with water. 7. put cabbage leaves enough to cover all the sarmalute.6. you can add the bacon. Put two spoons of tomato sauce. In the middle. On top.

The rolls of sarmalute are ready when the cabbage can be cut easily with a fork. When the water is starting to boil. add the corn flour and stir until you get a homogenous paste. As it stat warming.7. and some salt (very little). Pofta buna! (Enjoy!) Mamaliguta – Corn bread corn flour salt water Put the water to boil. They can be served with cream and mamaliguta. Fill in with warm water every now and then. You should take it away from the fire when the content is a nice homogenous yellow paste. . Let the rolls boil about 3 hours. add a little bit of corn flour so you can check when it starts boiling. on a small fire.

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