The Grill

December 7th 2008 AD
That’s right, AD. After the birth of Christ. I didn’t want you to accidentally think we had brunch at The Grill 4000 years ago.


Three Main Tables
  

Soup/Salad Omelet Chef Lunch Entrée

Soup/Salad Table
 

Tasty Tortilla Soup Why waste space with roughage? I mean, there’s an omelet chef right next to you with no line and you’re having a salad? Twenty bucks for the buffet and you’re stuffing your face with rabbit food? Salad is what your food eats.

Omelet Chef
 

Quite large (the omelet, not the chef) The usual choices, plus
 

House-made breakfast sausage Goat Cheese

Ingredients were placed on top and not cooked with the omelet – not cool.

Entrée Table

Good Variety
   

Indian-style lamb dish Tasty meat-stuffed tomato Open-faced sandwich Other stuff that I forgot Open-faced turkey sandwich was as big as my face

Portions too large


Portions were too large; not enough room to try everything. A bit expensive for brunch

Drinks weren’t included

My neighbor’s giant tree is dropping leaves all over my front yard.
(Not really The Grill’s fault, but still….)

Questions??? Comments???

Note the above use of three question marks for increased emphasis on your inquiry.

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