Ready, Set, FUCK. by aigoo104 dedicated to Kristel Anne Chua. ♣ "Taemin. I love you.

" Minho said as he pulls me closer to him, enclosing me with his arms. I looked up at him with such happiness in my face. "Hyung, I love you too~ Long before, I love you so much already. I~" I am in the middle of finishing my sentences when he stopped me by planting a soft kiss right on my lips. It's soft, sweet and delightful. I closed my eyes and let myself savor that sweet feeling. But then I felt someone shaking me. After that, I heard a very familiar voice calling my name. /Something's wrong/ I thought. That's when I start to open my eyes and reality strikes me. He is sitting beside my bed, clutching on my bed covers. "Good thing you're awake already. We got photoshoot schedule today so hurry up and get dressed. AND." I felt my temperature rise up

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