Market Linkage of Herbs and Semi-processed and Processed NTFPs Products

A Report Submitted To

Ecology, Agriculture and Rural development Society (ECARDS)-Dolakha
Charikot, Dolakha

Submitted By, Khilendra Gurung January, 2007

Abbreviations and Acronyms
AEC ANSAB APC BDS-MaPS BISEP-ST BSP CECI CERPA CFUGs CITES CoO CPT CTD DFO DPR ESA EU FECOFUN FNCCI FSC GC GEF GMP GTZ HBTL HMG/N HNCC ICIMOD IDRC INGOs IUCN JABAN Kg L/C LFP MAPs MEDEP MS-DS : Agro Enterprise Centre : Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources : Advance Payment Certificate : Business Development Service/Marketing, Production and Service : Biodiversity Sector Program - Siwalik- Terai : Biodiversity Sector Program /New- Era : Canadian Center for International Studies and Co-operation : Centre for Research Planning and Action : Community Forest User Groups : Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora : Certificate of Origin : Custom Point Transit : Custom Transit Declaration : District Forest Office : Department of Plant Resources : European Spice Association : European Union : Federation of Community Forestry User Group Nepal : Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry : Forest Stewardship Council : Gas Chromatography : Global Environment Facility : Good Manufacturing Practices : German Technical Assistance Program : Himalayan Bio Trade P. Limited : His Majesty's Government of Nepal : Herbs and NTFP Coordination Committee : International Center for Integrated Mountain Development : International Development Research Center : International Non Governmental Organizations : International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources : Jadibuti Association of Nepal : Kilogram : Letter of Credit : Livelihood Forestry Program : Medicinal and Aromatic Plants : Micro Enterprise Development Program, Nepal : Material Safety Data Sheet 2

MT : Metric Ton NACRMLP : Nepal Australia Community Resource Management and Livelihoods Project NCC : Nepal Chambers of Commerce NEHHPA : Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association NGOs : Non Government Organizations NRB : Nepal Rastra Bank NSCFP : Nepal Swiss Community Forestry Project NTFPs : Non-Timber Forest Products NTNC : National Trust for Nature Conservation OTL : One-Time-Lock PAN : Permanent Account Number PC : Phytosanitary Certificate PQS : Plant Quarantine Section Qty. : Quantity SBTG : Sustainable Bio Trade Group SGP : Small Grant Program SNV : Netherlands Development Organization TIA : Tribhuvan International Airport UAE : United Arab Emirates UK : United Kingdom UNDP : United Nations Development Program US : United States WI : Winrock International WWF : World Wildlife Fund


Table of Contents 1. Background 2. Objectives 3. Program Implementation Process 4. Why Nepalese NTFPs are important 5. Governments Rules and Regulations 1 1 2 2 2

6. Forest Act, Different Conservation Categories 3 7. Market Status of NTFP Products 4 8. Top Prioritized Herbs and NTFPs of Nepal 12 9. Procedures on Herbs and NTFPs Collection and Trade 14 9.1 Harvesting/Collection/Processing/Export 14 10. Transportation of NTFPs 16 10.1 Domestic: From collection/harvesting/farming center to Road head/Terai trade center or Processing units 16 11. Necessary Procedures/Documents for the Export of Herbs and NTFPs 16 11.1 Procedures in Nepal India boarder 16 11.2 Documents for the Nepalese Boarder Customs 17 11.3 Documentation for Indian Custom Office 18 11.4 Exports through Air 19 12. An Overview of International Market of Herbs and NTFPs 19 12.1 The Indian Market 19 12.2 Product Characteristics of EU Market 20 12.2. 1 Product Groups 20 12.2.2 Quality and Grading Standards 21 12.2.3 EU Standards 21 12.2.4 Packaging and Labeling 22 12.3 Export Status of Herbs and NTFPs and Spices 22 13. Trading Channels of Herbs and NTFPs 23 14. Marketing of Herbs and NTFP at Local level 24 15. Royalty Collection from Herbs and NTFPs 27 16. I/NGOs and Other Organizations Involved in Herbs and NTFPs Promotion 27 17. Requirements/Standards for International Market 28 17.1 Product Standardization (Quality Control and Standards) and International Market Requirement 28 17.2 Niche Market 28 17.3 Market Network 29 18. Outcomes 29 19. Lessons Learned 30 20. Annexes 31


1. Background Nepal with its peculiar convergence of topographic, climatic, and edaphic factors has high floral diversity as well as unique ecosystem diversity. Variation in the topography and land aspects harbors varieties of Herbs and Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). Herbs and NTFPs rendered from forest land comprises highvalue Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs), fiber yielding plants, wild edible plants, rattans, resin yielding plants, dye yielding plants, ornamental plants, tannin and gum yielding plants etc. Further, more than 1600 species of medicinal plants are reported to be used in the traditional medicinal practices by the local people. MAPs much more than a source for traditional healthcare, contribute in important ways to the livelihood and welfare of rural population by providing an alternate source of income and employment. MAPs are commonly known as “Jadibuti” in Nepal and have good reputation in the international market. Many of them are exclusively found in the Himalayas and are by default organic. The total volume of trade is estimated to be 10,000-15,000 tons per year, comprising around 100 species. Market linkage of these Herbs and NTFPs is one of the biggest challenges faced by the individual entrepreneurs as well as by other enterprises. Without proper market information and marketing strategy, there is a maximum possibility of enterprise failure. Therefore, the marketing linkage activities of Herbs and NTFPs products was focused basically on the hand made paper products, natural fiber products, essential oils, major crude herbs, ayurvedic medicine, cosmetic items, food supplements, incense, bamboo products etc. in national and international market. The market linkage activities attempted to identify the exchange/trading channel of crude herbs and herbs based finished products in between Nepal, India and other overseas countries to some extent. 2. Objectives The overall objective of the present research is to promote Herbs and NTFPs in the existing market and search for international market options. The specific objectives are as follows: To know the current situation of Herbs and NTFPs markets. To study on trading channels of Herbs and NTFPs. To disseminate market information of Herbs and NTFPs. To recommend the concerned stakeholders for establishing market based Herbs and NTFPs enterprise.


3. Program Implementation Process The following activities were carried out for the market linkage of Herbs and NTFPs: Herbs and NTFPs harvesting, transportation, processing and export procedures were studied. An assessment of Herbs and NTFPs international markets were carried out. Trading channel of Herbs and NTFPs were studied. NGOs, INGOs and organizations involved in the promotion of Herbs and NTFPs were enlisted. Worksheet (a set of questionnaire) was developed for the marketing information which were duly filled up after the interview with the concerned authority of the company/industry/trading firms. Majority of the forest based/Herbs and NTFPs based processing companies and trading/exporting companies/industries/trading firms were identified collected via self visit, communication (e-mail, phone), yellow pages, directory of Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA), website search. Marketing information on Herbs and NTFPs products manufacturers/traders/exporters, allo and hemp fiber traders/exporters, handmade paper products manufacturers/ traders/exporters, bamboo and crafts traders/exporters were carried out. The forest based/ Herbs and NTFPs based products manufactured by majority of Kathmandu based companies/ industries/trading firms were studied and documented. 4. Why Nepalese NTFPs are important? Nepalese NTFPs are unique in the sense;
• • •

Strictly available in Himalaya, Nurtured by the nature, organic and are beyond the human interventions, Herbs with highly potential principle constituents (chemicals) due to inherent tendencies to grow in harsh environment of the Himalayas.

5. Governments Rules and Regulations Regulations related to NTFP collection, trade and Export: 1. Forest Act, 1993 2. Forest Regulation, 1995 3. National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1993 4. Plant Protection Act 1972, 5. Plant Protection Rules 1975 4. His Majesty’s Government – Trade Policy


5. Export Import control Act 6. Export Import Regulations, 1997 7. CITES, 1975 6. Forest Act, Different Conservation Categories Plants under legal protection (In pursuant with section 70(a) of the Forest Act, 1993) a. Plants banned for collection, use, sale and distribution, transport and export SN Botanical Name Trade Name Dactylorhiza hatagirea 1 Panchaule 2 Bark of Juglans regia Okhar Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora 3 Kutki b. Plants banned for export except processed with permission of Department of Forest SN Botanical Name Trade Name Abies spectabilis 1 Talispatra Cinnamomum glaucescens 2 Sugandhakokila Cordyceps sinensis 3 Yarshagumba Nardostachys grandiflora 4 Jatamansi Parmelia nepalensis 5 Jhyau Rauvolfia serpentina 6 Sarpagandha 7 Rock exudate Silajit Taxus wallichiana 8 Lauth salla Valeriana jatamansii 9 Sugandhawal c. Plants banned for transport, export and commercial purpose SN Botanical Name Trade Name Acacia catechu 1 Khayer Bombax ceiba 2 Simal Dalbergia latifolia 3 Satisal Juglans regia 4 Okhar Michelia champaca 5 Champ Pterocarpus marsupium 6 Bijay sal Shorea robusta 7 Sal Source: Nepal Gazette, February, 2001 7. Market Status of NTFP Products Altogether 140 items of Herbs and NTFPs, including Maha (Honey), Silajeet (Rock exudate) and Mayan (Bee wax) are traded in the market. Whereas other 159 items of Herbs and NTFPs are also have potentiality for the trade. The details of the species, parts used, and their places of availability are presented in Annex: 1. 7

Altogether 98 herbs and herbal products manufacturer, traders and exporters companies, industries and trading firms were identified along with the products they deal with, detailed of which are presented in annex: 5. The following table shows the list of herbs and herbal products traders/exporters along with the list of trading items. SN Company/Industry Products 1 Ace International Pvt. Ltd.; Extracts of different medicinal plants and dry Maharajganj-3, Kathmandu herbal plants 2 Alternative Herbal Products Ayurvedic herbal teas, semi processed herbs and herbal products. (P) Ltd.; P. O. Box: 4555, Products: Ayurvedic herbal teas, Organic teas, Kathmandu Bael squash, Herbal drinks, Dry foods, Ayurvedic cream 3 Arnico International Pvt. Herbs and others Ltd.; P. O. Box: 560 Durbarmarg, Kathmandu 4 Arun Inter Continental Herbs and others Traders; P. O. Box: 4869 Khichapokhari, Kathmandu 5 Arogya Bhawan Works; Dilli 170 Traditional formulation items, 80 Proprietory Bazar, Kathmandu formulation 6 Arvinda Zone Emporium; Herbs P. O. Box: 6466, Radha Bhawan, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu 7 Ashok Trading Concern; Herbs and others P. O. Box: 666; Indrachowk, Kathmandu 8 Baba Enterprises; Herbs and others P. O. Box: 692 Wotu, Kathmandu 9 Babu Ansari; Ward No. 6, Zanthoxylum armatum, Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora, Phul Takra Line, Nepalgunj Gall of Pistacea, Swertia chirata, Asparagus racemosus, Aconitum heterophyllum, Rheum australe, Bergenia ciliata 10 Bahubali Herbal Essence & Essential oils and Extracts Extracts Pvt. Ltd.; Ward No. 4, Gharbari Tole, Nepalgunj 11 B. C. Exports, Nepal; Medicinal and aromatic herbs and plants, high Rauniar Niwas, Indra quality honey Chowk, Kathmandu 12 Bajaj Trade Link; Cardamom, Herbs and others 8


P. O. Box: 1958, Pyukha, Kathmandu Bheri Kirana Stores; Ward No. 5, Nepalgunj, Banke


Bishnu Ayurvedic Medical; Ward No. 9, Mahendrapool, Pokhara Bluebell Herbal Products; P. O. Box: 15, Old Jagati, Chittapol VDC-1, Bhaktapur

Nardostachys grandiflora, Cinnamomum glaucescens, Zanthoxylum armatum, Acorus calamus, Sapindus mukorosii, Silajieet, Rheum australe, Valeriana wallichi, Aconitum heterophyllum, Swertia chirata, Morchella esculenta, Acacia concinna, Cinnamomum tamala Piper longum, Curculigo orchioides, Kasan keshar, Cinnamomum tamala, Elletaria cardomomum, Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora, Bamsalochan






Products: Aloe Vera and Neem Soap, Herbal Shampoo, Suvas, Aloe vera Oil, Aloe vera Hair Oil, Ayurvedic Massage Oil, Ayurvedic Sunscreen Oil, Ayudh Anti-Wrinkles Salve, Charmadika, Ayudex, Ayurvedic Balm, Chiraharan, Dadru-haran, Ayurvedic Face-pack, Piyush, Kidney Tea, Sanjeevani, Ashwogandha Ghrita, Satavari Ghrita, Gastricide Churna, Kamalantak Churna, Ruchiker Churna, Triphala Churna, Kaph Goli, Kasturadi Goli, Aloe vera Capsules, Anti-Diabetes Capsules, Jeevanadi Capsules, Neem Capsules Essential Oils: Anthopogon, Artemisia, Calamus, Chamomile, Citronella, Coriander seeds, French Basil, Ginger, Jatamansi, Juniper berry, Lemongrass, Mentha Arvensis, Palmarosa, Sugandha-kokila, Turpentine, Valerian roots, Wintergreen and Zanthoxylum. Others: Ayurvedic Breast Cream, Ayurvedic Skin Care Cream, Bluebell's herbal beverages (wine and beer) Blue Circle Trading Concern; Herbs and others P. O. Box: 601 Kamaladi-31, Kathmandu Briz Bihari Shyam Bihari; Zanthoxylum armatum, Ginger officinale, Ward No. 5, Kha Line, Cinnamomum tamala, Sapindus mukorossi Tulsipur, Dang Brotherhood Overseas Sellers of Cardamom and Dried Ginger Concerns; P. O. Box: 5855 New Baneswar, Kathmandu Chandra Bhan Agrawal; Swertia chirata, Piper longum, Nardostachys 9

Ward No. 1, Prithivimarg Purano Bazar, Dharan 20 Chaudhary Biosys (Nepal) Ltd.; P. O. Box: 648, Chaudhary Mansion, Kathmandu Chhayangle Trade Links; P. O. Box: 11141 Exhibition Road, Kathmandu Classical Herbal GroupNepal Pvt. Ltd.; P O Box: 2869, Dhapasi, Kathmandu Cosmos Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 12306, Kathmandu Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 14375, Teenkune, Kathmandu Dhorpatan Traders; P. O. Box: 2985, Kalanki, Kathmandu Dip Chand Agarwal; Ward No. 6, Phikkal Bazar, Ilam Durga Exim; Ward No. 14, Shripur, Birgunj D.K.B. Overseas Traders; P. O. Box: 1958 Pyukha Tole, Kathmandu Durga and Dutta Impex; P. O. Box: 2193 Tahachal, Kathmandu Dr Nature Group of Industries; 08 ChhalingKharipati, Bhaktapur Emage Enterprises; P. O. Box: 2920 Baneshwor-34, Kathmandu Emrose International; P. O. Box: 8973 New Baneshwor,

grandiflora, Lohan, Amomum subulatum, Rubia manjith, Elaeocarpus sphaericus, Edgeworthia gardneri NTFP products (Botanical extracts, essential oils)


Herbs and others


Classical Tulsi Herbal Tea, Herbal Cream (Chira), Herbal Spices Cosmetics, Essential oil and Neem soaps



Ayurvedic formulation, consumer goods


Herbs, Natural essential oils

26 27 28

Amomum subulatum, Zingiber officinale, Thysanolaena maxima All kinds of raw herbs Cardamom, Herbs and others


Herbs and others


Bio Tea, Royal herb, Magic herb


Herbs and others


Herbs and others




Kathmandu Everest Herbs Processing Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 1765, Buddha Nagar, Kathmandu Exclusive Enterprises; P. O. Box:1102, Kupondole, Lalitpur

Variety of herbs, Essential oils, Formulated products


Fauz Mohamad and Company; Ward No. 5. Ghosi Tole, Nepalgunj

Pineapple fruits gel, Honey gel, Barberry lotion, Almond oil, Honey water, Cucumber water, Morning nector, Saffron, Wheat germ cream, Quince seeds, Chlorophyll gel, Aloe vera protective cream, Carrot protective cream, Red sandalwood cream, Aloe vera body lotion, Seaweed eye gel, Almond under eye cream, Kajal, Dandelion face vitalizer, Walnut skin polisher, Papaya scrub, peach, Milk protein pack, Pista pack, Clove Oil, Wild turmeric pack, Wintergreen oil cream, Myristica pack, Coconut milk cream, Margosa soap, Bhringiraj hair oil, Thyme conditioner, Henna leaf, Apricot, Avocado body massage oil etc. Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora, Rheum australe, Sapindus mukorosi, Nardostachys grandiflora, Gall of Pistacea, Zanthoxylum armatum, Asparagus racemosus, Swertia chiraita, Valeriana wallichii, Silajeet


37 38

Fleur Himalayan Limited; Gha-3, Pulchowk Lalitpur Gnytri Tread Centre; Ward No. 13, Nepalgunj Gorkha Ayurved Company Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 3666, Kathmandu

Various NTFPs Tablet items: Amati, Amlarin, Arthririn, Asthmarin, Atisarin, Jwaraghna, Leukorin, MV Liv, Pachmola, Pialrin, Pippalyadi, Tensarin. Capsule items: Deoworm, Neem, Rechak, Shaktiton, Shilajit Syrup items: Amati, Kasarin, MV. Liv, Balamrit, UG Tone Churna items: Avipattikar, Ashwogandha, Aritaki, Ingwastak, Sitopaladi, Trifala Others: Gorkha Chyawanprash, Guduchi Hebal tea ( Cinnamon flavour, ginger flavour, mint flavour, lemongrass flavour) and Jumli Herbal Tea Ayurvedic health products, herbal teas, essential 11


Gorkha Exim Pvt. Ltd.;





Balaju, Ward No.: 16, Kathmandu Great Himalayan Traders Pvt. Ltd.; 21/505, Dillibazar, Kathmandu Green Tex International; P. O. Box: 617 New Road, Kathmandu Herbo Nepal Processing Industry; P. O. Box: 4560 Chhetrapati, Kathmandu Hari Om Traders; Ward No. 5, Kha Line Galla Mandi, Tulsipur, Dang Hazi Kirana Store; Ward No. 4, Nepalgunj Herbs Production and Processing Company Limited; Koteswor, Kathmandu Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 8941, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu Himalayan Ginger Products Company Pvt. Ltd.; Kamaladi, Kathmandu Himalayan Special Herbs Industries Pvt. Ltd.; Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur Himalayan Exotic Herbs Nepal Pvt. Ltd.; Jaya bageswori, Kathmandu Himalayan Herbs Trader; P. O. Box: 7823, Baluwatar, Kathmandu Himalayan Herbal Hub; P. O. Box: GPO 3181, 21/505, Dillibazar, Kathmandu Himalayan Herbal

oils and morel mushrooms Medicinal Herbs, Essential Oils, Spices , Herbal Cosmetics, Agro Produce and Medical Equipment Herbs and others

Essential oil, Herbs, Extracts

44 45

Zanthoxylum armatum, Cinnamomum glaucescens, Valerian wallichi, Rheum australe, Sapindus mukorossi, Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora, Nardostachys gradiflora, Bergenia ciliata Medicinal and aromatic herbs Medicinal and aromatic plants, essential oils and value added products



Essential oils: Abies oil, Anthopogon oil, Artemisia oil, Jatamansi oil, Juniper oil, Wintergreen oil and Zanthoxylum oil, Others: morel mushrooms and medicinal herbs Medicinal and aromatic herbs and essential oils


Bojomint, essential oils


Chirayita, Taxus wallichiana (Himalayan Yew), Cardamom and other herbs Herbal soap, herbal tea, herbal pillows, aromatic incense, himalayan honey, morel mushrooms, and medicinal herbs Manufacturers, Large Cardamom, Dry Ginger




Zanthoxylum armatum, Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora,


Processors; Ward No. 5, Ghosi Tole, Nepalgunj 53 Himalayan Miracles; 16/412, Bhimsengola, Baneshwor, Kathmandu Himalayan Exotic Herbs Nepal Pvt. Ltd.; Jaya Bageswori, Kathmandu Imex Enterprises P. Ltd. P. O. Box: 4263, 599 Kamaladi, Kathmandu Jagat Hitman Singh Traders; Chokhachhe, Kathmandu Khaptar Aroma; P. O. Box: 3149 Godawari, Putalighat, Kathmandu Khatu International; P. O. Box: 3585 Kalimati, Kathmandu Kulani Herbal Processing Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 1569 Sunsari, Kosi Maharani Trade Link; P. O. Box: 5541 Kuleshwor-14, Kathmandu Male' International Pvt. Ltd.; Sinchahiti-17, Lalitpur Mechikali Jadibuti Udyog Pvt. Ltd.; Attariya, Kailali Mittal And Co.; P. O. Box: 806 Tripureshwor, Kathmandu Mutual Trading Co. (P) Ltd.; P. O. Box: 452 Makhan Galli, Kathmandu Nachi Import Export Trade; P. O. Box: 3175 Dugambahil-3, Kathmandu Natural Resource Industries Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 410,

Gall of Pistacea, Swertia chirayita, Asparagus racemosus, Aconitum heterophyllum, Rheum australe, Bergenia ciliata Himalayan valerian, Jatamansi distilled rhizome, German Chamomile Swertia chirayita, Taxus wallichiana, Nepali Cardamon and other Himalayan herbs Himalayan medicinal herbs and honey



56 57

Raw NTFPs Essential oils


Herbs, Cardamom and others


Taxus wallichiana, Lycopodium, Jatamansi


Herbs and others

61 62 63

NTFPs and essential oils

Herbs and others


Herb, Bristle


Herbs and others


Organic herbs, essential oils and extract, morel mushroom


Kathmandu 1303, Devkota marg, Purano Baneswor, Kathmandu



Nava Jivan Enterprises; P. O.Box: 1958 Pyukha Tole, Kathmandu Nepal Mentha Products Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 745, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu Nepal Traditional Ayurvedic Medicinal Practitioner Association; Mahaboudha, Kathmandu Nepal Herb Farming and Processing Industry Pvt. Ltd.; P. O. Box: 492, Kathmandu Nepaliexporter. Com; P. O. Box: GPO 12027 Putalisadak, Kathmandu New Arun Impex; Jhochhen, Kathmandu Nutri Safe; P. O. Box: GPO 2455 Kathmandu Palpa Ginger Promotion Programme; Bhairabsthan-8 Bharkot, Palpa Pilgrims Private Limited; 106, Sarathi Marg, Gyaneshwar, Kathmandu Sagarmatha Ayurvedic Ausadhi Udhyog; Gausala, Kathmandu Satya Herbal Products; Ward No. 8, Gaganganj, Peepal Ckowk, Nepalganj

Products available: Anthopogon oil, Artemisia oil (Armoise), Calamus oil, Chamomile oil (German), Citronella oil, Zedoary root oil, French basil oil, Eucalyptus oil, Jatamansi oil, Juniper berry oil, Lemongrass oil, Mentha arvensis oil, Sugandha kokila oil, Wintergreen oil, Palmarosa oil, Zanthoxylum oil, Valerian oil, Rouvolfia serpentina, Chirayita Cardamom, Herbs and others

Dementholized oil, Mentha arvensis oil, Eucalyptus oil, Mentha flakes, Menthol bold crystal, Peppermint oil, Menthol bold crystal BP/USP grade



Herbs and culinary


Raw herbs

72 73

Herbs and others Herbal extracts.



Ginger powder, Dry ginger, Ginger candy, Ginger pouch, Ginger Digestive tablet, Slice of dry ginger Manufacturer, Raw herbs



Manufacturers and exporters of essential oil etc.




80 81










Shambhala Herbal & Aromatic Industry (P) Ltd.; P. O. Box: 4794 Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Shashi Overseas Enterprises; P. O. Box: 1569 20/97, Gyaneshwar, Kathmandu Shashi Overseas Enterprises; Balaju, Kathmandu Shrestha's Export House; P. O. Box: 709 Nagpokhari, Kathmandu Siddhartha Herbal Industry; Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu Singhadurbar Vaidyakhana Vikas Samiti; Anam Nagar, Kathmandu Sudisha International; PO Box: GPO, 8975, E PC: 5362 Putalisadak, Kathmandu S. R. S. Herbs; J. P School Road, Chhetrapati, Thamel, Kathmandu Shree Hanuman Traders; Gha 2/80, Indrachowk, Kathmandu -80000, Nepal Suri Herbal Product Industry; Balkumari, Thimi, Bhaktapur Systematic Industrialization of Nepal (SION); Jawalakhel, Lalitpur Third Eye International Trade; P. O. Box: 2807 Ason, Kathmandu Tibrewala International; P. O. Box: 2204 New Road, Kathmandu

Essential Oils

Herbs & Herbal products

Chirayita, Majhito, Harro, Barro, Amala Medicinal Herbs and others

Herbal health care (Sanjivani, Aaram Massage Oil) Ayurvedic products

Dealers of herbs.

Nirmashi, Jatamansi, Bikh, Chirata, Sugandhawal , Amla, Harro, Barro, Yaarchagumba Herbal products and Shilajeet.

Herbal/ayurvedic medicines/herbal teas

Spikenard oil, Yomogi oil, Moxa and Moxa oils, Maychang oil, Lemongrass oil, Herbal soap Herbs and others

Catechu, Essential Oil, Medicinal Herbs, Herbal & Pharmaceutical Products, Pharmaceuticals/Medicines, Tea, Herbal Tea, and others



92 93



Tibrewala & Sons (P) Ltd.; P. O. Box: 573 Tripureswore , Kathmandu Touch Nature P. Ltd. Thaiba, Lalitpur Traditional Himalayan Herbs; Dilli bazar, Kathmandu Uday Sanjeevani Herbal Pvt. Ltd.; Baneshwor, Kathmandu Unique Himalayan Herbs International Pvt. Limited; Mitranagar, Ramhiti Phant, Bauddha - 6, Post Box: 23162, Kathmandu

Herbs and others

The handmade shop Herbal / ayurvedic medicines





Wild Earth Pvt. Ltd. P.O. Box: 2187 Kathmandu, Nepal Yasoda Enterprises Impex; P. O. Box: 352 Bholadhoka, Lalitpur Zandu Ayurved Nepal; Putali sadak, Kathmandu

Essential oils: Anthopogon Oil , Jatamansi Oil, Juniper Leaf Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Artemesia Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Calamus Oil, Chamomile Oil, Citronella Oil, Curcuma zedoaria Oil, Basil Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Lemongrass oil, Mentha Arvensis Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Sugandhakokila Oil, Zanthoxylum Oil, Himalayan Soti Oil, Sugandhawal Oil Herbal Products: Herbal well-being products, Aromatherapy formulations, Herbal oral care products, Herbal hair care products, Herbal skin care products, Herbal balm, Herbal tea Herbal health care products, herbal soaps, herbal cosmetics Medicinal & Aromatic herbs, Essential oils and others Ayurvedic products

8. Top Prioritized Herbs and NTFPs of Nepal The tenth plan of the Forestry Sector has emphasized on the production, processing and marketing of medicinal plants and other NTFPs in a publicprivate partnership basis. Accordingly, the government has established a national level Herbs and NTFP Coordination Committee (HNCC) to help formulating appropriate national policy, strategies, laws and other legal mechanism to effectively launch the program on conservation and utilization of Herbs and NTFPs. HNCC has compiled a list of 30 species of medicinal plants and other NTFPs for research and development. The species are prioritized based on 8 criteria as: 1. Highly demanded commercial species 16

2. Species having high market price 3. Having potential for domestic value addition 4. Species available over wide geographical range 5. Species harvestable in short rotation period 6. Land fertility requirement for species 7. Species importance for local ethno-botany and 8. Species conservation status The following table shows the average annual export of top prioritized NTFPs from Nepal and annual industrial demand in Kathmandu valley SN Botanical Name Local Name Avg. annual Annual industrial demand in import Kathmandu valley Indian Trade (Kg) Centre (MT) Aconitum 1 Atis 4 1500 heterophyllum Aconitum 2 Bikh 0 500 spicatum Acorus calamus 3 Bojho 14 250 Aegle marmelos 4 Bel 0 25000 Asparagus 5 Kurilo 56 1200 racemosus Azadirachta indica Neem 6 0 680 Bergenia ciliata 7 Pakhan ved 84 520 Chamomilla 8 Chamomile 0 125000 matricaria Cinnamomum 9 Sugandhakokila 0 5275 glaucescens 10 Cinnamomum Tejpat 250 28000 tamala 11 Cordyceps sinensis Yarcha gumba 0 1 12 Cymbopogon Lemongrass 0 775000 flexuosus 13 Dactylorhiza Panch aule 0 0 hatagirea 14 Dioscorea deltoidea Vyakur 0 0 15 Gaultheria Dhasingre 0 5500 fragrantissima 16 Juglans regia Okhar 0 500 17 Lichens (Parmelia Jhyau 80 0 spp) 18 Mentha arvensis Pudina 0 120000 19 Morchella conica Guchchi chyau 0 0


Nardostachys Jatamansi 75 1300 grandiflora 21 Neopicrorhiza Kutki 0 750 scrophulariiflora 22 Phyllanthus Amala 52 50000 emblica 23 Piper longum Pipla 4 72500 24 Podophyllum Laghupatra 0 0 hexandrum 25 Rauvolfia Sarpagandha 10 30225 serpentina 26 Rheum australe Padamchal 6 60 27 Rubia manjith Majhito 56 1000 28 Sapindus Rithha 140 500 mukorossi 29 Swertia chirayita Chirayito 25 21000 30 Tagetes minuta Sayapatri 0 0 31 Taxus wallichiana Lauth salla 0 350200 32 Tinospora sinensis Gurjo 0 20000 33 Valeriana Sugandhawal 75 1350 jatamansii 34 Zanthoxylum Timur 8 5500 armatum Source: ANSAB, 2004. Final Technical Report of Conservation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Sustainable Livelihoods in Nepal; Annex-3, Page-12 & Tiwari et al, 2004. Study on Domestic Market of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Kathmandu Valley; Prepared for Winrock International/BDS-MaPS, Bakhundole, Lalitpur. 20 9. Procedures on Herbs and NTFPs Collection and Trade Custom policies are related to harvesting/collection, processing and transport of NTFPs. 9.1 Harvesting/Collection/Processing/Export His Majesty’s Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation has formulated Forest Act 1993 which regulate the Herbs and NTFP harvesting, processing and its commercial trade. Before harvesting of each Herbs and NTFPs for commercial purpose every concerned entity have to pay the respective royalty and follow the rules and regulations mentioned in Forest Act 1993 and its amendments. Wild Herbs and NTFPs in Nepal are generally harvested from National forest and Community Forest. Collection permits have to be obtained from the District Forest Office (DFO) for the collection of Herbs and NTFPs from government forest or in pasture land and from Community Forest User Groups (CFUGs) for


their collection from Community Forest. For this applicant has to submit an application containing details on the types of herbs, origin, collection quantity and purpose of the collection (domestic use or export). After getting permission from DFO in the form of formal letter, collector/exporter can collect and store, same NTFPs and quantity mentioned in the permission letter. After that collectors/herbs supplier have to pay royalty of the collected quantity of Herbs and NTFPs to the same DFO for release letter. This release letter is a proof of royalty payment by the herb supplier for the Herbs and NTFPs local use and domestic transportation. DFO only gives permits to those Herbs and NTFPs which are not prohibited for export/local commercial trade in raw or unprocessed form. If the Herbs and NTFPs are intended to export then exporter has to apply for the recommendation from same DFO to the concerned customs office at Nepal-India boarder. To export processed NTFPs, its extracts or it's by products, exporter need to take permission letter from Ministry of Forestry and Soil Conservation, Department of Plant Resources (DPR). After submitting two copies of application form in accordance to the DPRs’ format, DPR deputes its staff to inspect the NTFP processing or storing unit to take samples from each container/box. Based on lab study of the samples and applicants information, if the result is equivalent and satisfactory then the containers are sealed and provide recommendation letter to concerned custom office to allow export of consignment. Applicants are charged a NRs. 350.00 per sample for lab test and recommendations are charged as NRs.300.00. Similarly for processed NTFPs, Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) certificate have to be obtained from His Majesty's Government, Ministries of Forest and Soil conservation, Department of Plant Resources (DPR). DPR issues export permit for the processed product. For the NTFPs that are available in wild as well as in wide cultivation practice, the transporter/exporter has to submit the documents to (check post/DPR/DFO) which clearly mention its origin. Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) is very important to export plants and plant products from Nepal. HMG/Nepal Plant Protection Act 1972 and Plant Protection Rules 1975 have made it mandatory for exporter to obtain PC before exporting NTFPs and its products. On the basis of PC, most countries permit imports of plants and plant products inside their country. To get Phytosanitary Certificate exporter has to submit an application to Plant Quarantine Section (PQS) of Department of Agriculture along with supporting documents like enterprise registration certificate, a release letter of DFO etc. If necessary PQS makes arrangements to send its staff to the production site to do necessary examination of NTFPs and its products. If plants and plant products are found in healthy conditions, PC is issued by PQS. PC can be taken from different Plant Quarantine Offices located at the


Customs Posts of Kakarvita, Biratnagar, Jaleshwor, Birgunj, Bhairahwa, Nepalgunj and Tribhuvan International Airport. This service is free of cost. 10. Transportation of NTFPs 10.1 Domestic: From collection/harvesting/farming center to Road head/Terai trade center or processing units. Transportation inside the country from the collection centre to Road head or Terai trade centers have to pass through several NTFPs checking posts. These check posts examine the collected/harvested NTFPs and the respective documents (DFO permission, release letter/CFUG’s letter). If the transporter has necessary documents which match with transported NTFPs only then Herbs and NTFPs are allowed to move further. If not both the transporter and goods are detained for further investigations. Multiple check points have been established just to verify the transporting of Herbs and NTFPs. Transit/Export permits of unprocessed Herbs and NTFPs have to be obtained from DFO. 11. Necessary Procedures/Documents for the Export of Herbs and NTFPs Export of NTFPs on land is done in Nepal through Indian boarder via Kolkota seaport and Bangladesh seaport. 11.1 Procedures in Nepal India boarder Herbs and NTFPs exporting to India is not much complex. Clearance at the customs offices and checking posts at the boarder are sufficient. Goods exported to India by surface transport are to exit from one of these points. SN Nepal India 1 Pashupatinagar (Ilam) Sukhia Pokheri 2 Kakarbhitta (Jhapa) Naxalbari 3 Bhadrapur (Jhapa) Galgalia 4 Biratnagar (Morang) Jogbani 5 Setubandha (Sunsari) Bhimnagar 6 Rajbiraj (Saptari) Kunauli 7 Janakpur (Dhanusha) Jayanagar 8 Jaleshwor (Mahottari) Bhittamore 9 Malangawa (Sarlahi) Sonabarsa 10 Gaur(Rautahat) Bairgania 11 Birgunj (Parsa) Raxaul 12 Bhirahawa (Rupandehi) Sunauli 13 Taulihawa (Kapilbastu) Khunwa 14 Krishnanagar (Kapilbastu) Barhni 15 Koilabas (Dang) Jarwa 16 Nepalgunj (Banke) Nepalgunj road 17 Rajapur (Bardiya) Katarniaghat 18 Prithivipur/Sati(Kailali) Tikonia


19 20 21 22

Dhangadi (Kailali) Mahendranagar (Kanchanpur) Jhulaghat (Baitadi) Darchula (Darchula)

Gauriphanta Banbasa Jhulaghat Dharchula

For third countries export via India, requires further clearance procedures at Nepal/India boarder, Kolkata port and Bangladesh port. From Nepal/India boarder export of the materials to the destination normally undertaken by authorized agents or courier. Exports are permitted only against Advance Payment or Letter of Credit (L/C) to ensure that the payment for the NTFPs and its product is received in Nepal. L/C copy or Advance Payment Certificate (APC) should be authenticated by the concerned Nepalese commercial bank. Nepalese customs releases export shipments only after verifying the bank Certificate of Advance Payment or L/C copy certified by a commercial bank. The exporter has to declare in form BBN I at the time of export that the export earnings will be repatriated in case of transactions under L/C. If payment is not received within 6 months or such extended time as authorized by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the commercial bank has to inform NRB for inquiry into the matter. On all exports Certificate of Origin (CoO) should be submitted to Nepalese customs at boarder. CoO is issued by private sector associations; Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) for industry to export in India and Nepal Chambers of Commerce (NCC) for company to export in third countries. 11.2 Documents for the Nepalese Boarder Customs An exporter has to submit following documents for the Nepalese boarder customs: • Custom Transit Declaration (CTD) in quadruplicate duly endorsed by Nepalese customs office (yellow copy). • Nepal Customs Export Declaration • Commercial Invoice • Packing list • L/C or Certificate of Advance Payment • Certificate of Origin • Enterprise Registration Certificate • Income Tax Registration Certificate/Permanent Account Number (PAN) • Clearance Certificate of Department of Plant Resources for forest and plant based products • Phytosanitary Certificate, Department of Agriculture for plants • Authorization letter in the name of forwarding agent.


After checking all the necessary documents with the consignment, the Nepalese customs office endorses the CTD. Exporter has to pay the custom charges to get clearance. Only then cargo moves to Indian boarder customs office. 11.3 Documentation for Indian Custom Office Exporter or clearing agent has to submit following documents in the Indian custom office at the Indian boarder: • The declaration included in CTD duly endorsed by the Nepal Customs • Invoice-Original • Packing List-Original • Invoice • Authority letter of clearing agent in the name of forwarding agency • Packing List • Certified copy of L/C or Certificate of Advance Payment • The declaration on the CTD and other documents are examined The One-Time-Lock (OTL) of containerized cargo towards third country is checked and if found intact is allowed further transportation. • As to the non containerized goods, such goods is verified and examined on the basis of CTD. If found correct the consignment is cleared for further transportation. • All the four copies of CTD are endorsed by the Indian boarder customs. Out of the four, two copies (second and third) are sent to the Kolkata customs. The first copy is returned to the exporter/clearing agent and the fourth copy is retained with the customs office for the record. • After full examination container move to Kolkata port, the main exit for overseas. • At Kolkata all the related files endorsed by Nepal-India boarder custom office are filed and compared to the original CTD with the duplicate and triplicate copies received in a sealed envelop taken by clearing agent. • Normally within 24 hours, documents are cleared and export permit is provided. After documents are cleared by the Kolkata Customs, Custom Point Transit (CPT) approval is obtained for taking the cargo inside the port. • The cargo is then taken inside the port where the customs checks seals and locks on the wagons or containers and packages, and compares with the declaration made on CTD. • Then the cargo is handed over to the ship's agent inside the port. After necessary endorsements, custom gives back the original, duplicate and


triplicate copies of CTD to clearing agent who takes them again to the Kolkata customs. After Kolkata customs makes necessary entries on all copies, the original is handed back to clearing agent for submission to the Border customs, the triplicate copy is sent to the Border customs and the duplicate copy retained for records.

11.4 Exports through Air Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, is the only international gateway for exporting goods by air in Nepal. Following documents has to be submitted by exporter or clearing agent for customs examinations at TIA: • Nepalese Customs Export Declaration • Authority Letter of clearing agent • Invoice • Packing List • Certified copy of L/C or Certificate of Advance Payment • Certificate of Origin • Enterprise Registration Certificate • Income Tax Registration Certificate/Permanent Account Number (PAN) • Clearance Certificate of Department of Plant Resources for forest and plant based products • Phytosanitary Certificate of Plant Quarantine Section, Department of Agriculture for plants Based on the examination of necessary documents provided by exporter or clearing agent, the cargo has been sealed and cleared for storage by customs. TIA Go down No. 3 is used storage of export cargo. For loading of the cargo into a container, exporter has to reserve space with the concerned airline. Only after that loading of the cargo into a container truck is allowed. After checking and sealing of the container truck by the customs, the cargo is transported to the apron area and unloaded there. Handling fee based on the weight of the cargo is charged. 12. An Overview of International Market of Herbs and NTFPs 12.1 The Indian Market Nepal share enormous volume of high valued Herbs and NTFPs in trade. The importance of Herbs and NTFPs has increased progressively over the last two decades. Herbal commodities are increasingly becoming mainstream consumer products manufactured by multinational corporations amongst other, and sold in super market chains and in a variety of other outlets globally. Food supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fragrances, traditional cuisine, dyeing 23

and coloring agents are just a few of the application where Herbs and NTFPs are finding increasing use day by day. In Nepal, it is estimated that every year about 20,000 Metric Tons (MT) of NTFPs worth US $ 18-20 million are traded. About 90% of the collection is exported to India in the crude or semi processed or processed form, which then supplied throughout the subcontinent by the wholesalers. In 1997/98 almost 93% of all volume of Herbs and NTFPs traded from Nepal went to India with a total value ranging between US $ 12.8-18 million. A study conducted by CERPA (2004) indicates that there is continuous demand of high value Nepalese Herbs and NTFPs in the Indian sub-continent. The table below shows the demand projection of key Herbs and NTFPs from the Himalayas SN Botanical Name Local Name Expected demand for 2004/05 Indian sub-continent (MT) Aconitum heterophyllum Atis 1 410 Berberis aristata 2 Daruhaldi 1830 Cinnamomum tamala 3 Tej patta 888 Nardostachys 4 Jatamansi 866 grandiflora Picrorhiza kurooa 5 Kutki 317 Swertia chirayita 6 Chiraita 1285 Valeriana jatamansii 7 Sugandhawal 216 Zanthoxylum armatum 8 Timur 23 Source: Demand and Supply Assessment by Centre for Research Planning and Action (CERPA), New Delhi, 2004. The above table indicates that almost 5,800 MT of Herbs andNTFPs have projected demand in India from only 8 species out of the total about 20,000 MT from species under trade. From different Indian based wholesalers the next collection points of these valued herbs are Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Hamburg or London. This trade is now gradually taking awareness within the Nepalese rural communities and traders inside Nepal leading to do sustainable harvesting for improved rural livelihoods and establishment of enterprises/industries to provide value added quality products directly from Nepal. This indirectly captures the interest of international enterprises/institutions getting superior product through fair trade. 12.2 Product Characteristics of EU Market 12.2. 1 Product Groups The main international trade takes place in spice and herbs, dried and in crude form, which are cleaned only and not further processed. It is estimated that about


85% of the trade is in this form. The remainder is in crushed or grounded spices, essential oils or oleoresins. The main spices and herbs covered by the EU market are: SN Spices Herbs 1 Pepper (Piper nigrum) Parsely 2 Paprika Marjoram (Majorana hortensis) 3 Capsicum (Capsicum annum) Orenago (Origanum vulgare) 4 Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) 5 Anise (Pimpinella anisum) Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) 6 Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) Basil (Ocimum basilicum) 7 Nutmeg (Myristica fragrance) Bay (Laurus nobilis) 8 Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Mint (Mentha piperita/M. arvensis) 9 Cinnamon (Cinnamomum spp) Savory (Satureia montana) 10 Caraway (Carum carvi) Dill (Anethum graveolens) 11 Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) Tarragon (Artemisia dracurculus) 12 Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) Sage (Salvia officinalis) 13 Turmeric (Curcuma domestica) 14 Saffron (Crocus sativus) 15 Vanilla (Vanilla fragrans) 16 Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) 12.2.2 Quality and Grading Standards As spices and herbs are used in the food chain, the requirement for a clean, bacteria free product is of paramount importance. The Phytosanitary regulations for products imported by all major consuming EU countries are becoming more and more stringent and are enforced by law. The actual quality standards required are set primarily by the importers and major end users against the background of health and safety requirements demanded by EU Food and Drugs Act. The main quality factors considered by traders in selecting spices and herbs are: • appearance, • flavour, • aroma, • colour, • volatile oil content and • cleanliness 12.2.3 EU Standards The European Spice Association (ESA), which represents, 12 major national spice associations in Europe, has now developed an "ESA Contract" which indicates minimum quality standards for imported spices and methods of arbitration and enforcement procedures.


The ESA specifications of quality minima for spices and herbs are as follows: 1. The maximum permissible levels of extraneous matter (herbs-2%, spices-1%). 2. Sampling procedures for routine sampling and for arbitration purpose. 3. The maximum content of ash (between 7 and 10% depending on product), humidity (between 8 and 13%), and the minimum volatile content for each spices and herbs. 4. Maximum heavy metal content (lead, arsenic, copper, zinc). 5. Approved pesticides and treatments. 6. Microbial requirements (Salmonella, Yeast and Moulds, E.coli). 7. Freedom from unsuitable odour and taste. 8. Freedom from infestation (live and/or dead insects, insect fragments, rod contamination). 9. Maximum limit for total aflatoxin. 10. Adulteration. 11. Packaging and documentation. 12.2.4 Packaging and Labeling For EU market, conventional packaging for most spices and herbs is jute or woven polythene bags of variable capacity (25-60 kg), with appropriate plastic to prevent water getting in. The bags must be cleaned and disinfected before being re-used. For some spices steel drums or wooden cases are used. Spices and herbs must be thoroughly dried before shipment without destroying their flavour and colour. Labeling must clearly indicate the name of spice, its state (i.e. whole, broken, ground.....), date, net weight, indication of country of origin and lot identification. The accompanying documentation must provide details of any treatments the product has undergone, the name of the product, weight, country of origin, lot identification/ batch number and year of harvest. Additional labeling requirements are specified by the importer. 12.3 Export Status of Herbs and NTFPs and Spices According to the annual report published by Nepal Overseas Trade Statistics, 2006, during the fiscal year 2002/2003, 2003/2004 and 2004/2005, the export value of Herbs and NTFPs and spices to India and overseas market worth Rs. 1,07,42,74,000/-, Rs. 97,36,68,000/- and Rs. 1,39,30,39,000/- respectively. The crude NTFPs that are being exported to India and overseas markets from Nepal includes: Chiraito (Swertia chirayita), Nagbeli powder (Lycopodium clavatum), Padamchal (Rheum australe), Jatamansi (Nardostachys grandiflora), Timur (Zanthoxylum armatum), Amala (Phyllanthus emblica), Rithha (Sapindus mukorossi), Laghupatra (Podophylum hexandrum), Satavari (Asparagus racemosus), Bojho (Acorus calamus), Pipla (Piper longum), Pakhanved (Berginia ciliata) etc.


Similarly, the essential oils items that are exported to overseas market including India include: Spikenard oil, Lemongrass oil, Wintergreen oil, Mentha arvensis oil, Citronella oil, Palmarosa oil, Chamomile oil, French basil oil, Juniper berry oil,Ginger oil, Zanthoxylum oil etc. The major importing countries of the Herbs and NTFPs and spices of Nepal include: Netherlands, Pakistan, Singapore, UAE, Japan, USA, Germany, China (including Hong Kong), Switzerland, France, Sweden, UK, Spain, Australia, Italy, Taiwan etc. 13. Trading Channels of Herbs and NTFPs In general, trade channel of herbs begins from the harvesters/collectors (CFUGs, herders, farmers), who function as the primary suppliers of the herbs. Herbs from the collectors then decentralize to the different tiers of stakeholders. Collectors have good knowledge on the available local resource, whose assistance in the marketing chain improves the economics of collection and increases the volume of the trade. After harvesting, Herbs and NTFPs are then transported to collection points on mans back up to the road and air accessible areas located nearby the forest or at least 4-5 days walk from collection site. In remote north-western mountains parts of Nepal Herbs and NTFPs from difficult steep dry slopes come to the collection point, the domestic airstrips which fly to south plain of the country. The major airstrips of Herbs and NTFPs trade are Gamgadi, Simikot, Jumla-Khalanga, Jufal and Jomsom in western Nepal. Except some exceptions from Jomsom almost all Herbs and NTFPs from these regions come to Nepalgunj and Surkhet airport. Whereas, the collected Herbs and NTFPs from north-eastern parts are transported to Kakarvitta and Biratnagar via the trade points Ilam, Basantapur, and Lahan. From east to west Nepal, Herbs and NTFPs wholesalers are based in Kathmandu and the Terai plain cities at the Nepal-India boarder where road and air transportation facility is common. From Nepalgunj Herbs and NTFPs move to central wholesalers based in large cities in Nepal Terai and some middle hills cities including Kathmandu. Supply chain of Herbs and NTFPs between Nepal and China also takes place via the transit boarder of (Taplejung, Sankhuwasabha, Dolakha, Sindhupalchok, Rasuwa, Gorkha, Manang, Mustang, Dolpa, Humla and Darchula districts). Taken from different intermediaries, Kathmandu based traders also supply many Herbs and NTFPs in national and international markets in different forms. Between the source and the International markets, Herbs and NTFPs are handled by intermediaries at four levels. Village traders, road-head traders and Terai traders all three located in Nepal while fourth intermediaries are in India or overseas. In general there are three economic agents in Herbs and NTFPs trade, harvesters, traders and wholesalers. Olsen and Bhattarai (2005) described following


generalized model (fig 1) of the flow of Herbs and NTFPs harvested in Nepal and exported to India.

Figure 1: Generalized model of flow of Herbs and NTFPs harvested in Nepal and exported to India 14. Marketing of Herbs and NTFP at Local level Herbs and NTFPs marketing in village level are done by village traders, who have good contact with the local people who normally engage in harvesting herbs during seasons. Village traders are scattered throughout the villages of middle hills and high Himalayas. Harvesters are the local people who gather Herbs and NTFPs for the purpose of selling to traders. These harvesters collect Herbs and NTFPs usually from forest and alpine meadows. Normally harvesters are herders and farmers majority of which are female. Since few years, some essential oil bearing plants like Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus), Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), Mentha (Mentha arvensis), French Basil (Ocimum basilicum) and Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) are cultivated in Terai plains at the south. Similarly many CFUGs and private farmers are also engaged in the cultivation of indigenous Herbs and NTFPs. Some of noteworthy Herbs and NTFPs in cultivation are Bojho (Acorus calamus), Kurilo (Asparagus racemosus), Kutki (Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora), Pipla (Piper longum), Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia serpentine), Chirayito (Swertia chirayita), Timur (Zanthoxylum armatum), Rithha (Sapindus mukorossi), Lauth salla (Taxus wallichiana) etc. Traders are the agents who purchase Herbs and NTFPs from harvesters. Village traders gather huge quantity of Herbs and NTFPs from different harvester for selling to road-head traders or wholesalers. Village traders are based in village beyond the road network. These traders in turn have good relationship with their nearby road-head traders, living at the interface between porter age and road transport or at the end of north Highways. The catchments areas of roadhead traders would be one or more neighboring districts. Road-head traders are the main centers of activity in Herbs and NTFPs trade. Road-head traders sell their products to Terai traders or traders at the major cities of Nepal. The Terai traders living near India-Nepal boarder cities are the most powerful group of intermediaries in the trade. They have broad catchments areas incorporating northern airstrips and road-head traders. These Terai traders have


got good relation with Indian and overseas buyers and always updated with latest business fluctuations related with Herbs and NTFPs. Figure 2, shows clear picture of conventional marketing chain of Herbs and NTFPs in Nepal.



15. Royalty Collection from Herbs and NTFPs His Majesty’s Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, has fixed royalty rate of different herbs and NTFPs in trade. Everybody involving in trade of the herbs has to pay the amount once to the concerned Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, District Administrative Department, the District Forest Office. Normally road head traders pay the royalty to the concerned District Forest Office. After paying royalty of the harvested quantity of the herbs and NTFPs, permission is granted to the traders for further national supply/export procedures. Revenue collected from royalty paid by traders is used to do research, coordination in policies, law enforcements and community empowerment for the conservation and management of same natural resources. Name of Herbs and NTFPs and their respective Royalty rate (HMG/N, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Forest Act, 1993 third amendment) Jara tatha gano jati (Root and rhizome harvesting species) Kaath Ko Bokra Jati (Bark harvesting Species) Paat Jati (Leaves bearing species) Phool Ra Bhuwa Jati (Flower harvesting species) Phal Ra Biz Jati (Fruit and seed harvesting species) Biruwa Jati (Entire plant harvesting species) Gamargin, lohawan jati Annya Jadibuti (Others) The royalty rates of Herbs and NTFPs are presented in annex: 2. 16. I/NGOs and Other Organizations Involved in Herbs and NTFPs Promotion The following are the organizations involved in the promotion of Herbs and NTFPs: 1. Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources (ANSAB) 2. Business Development Service/Marketing, Production and Service (BDSMaPS) 3. Biodiversity Sector Program - Siwalik- Terai (BISEP-ST) 4. CARE- Nepal 5. Canadian Center for International Studies and Co-operation (CECI) 6. Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Agro Enterprise Centre (FNCCI/AEC) 7. Federation of Community Forestry User Group Nepal (FECOFUN) 8. German Technical Assistance Program (GTZ) 9. Global Environment Facility (GEF)/Small Grant Program (SGP), UNDP 10. International Development Research Center (IDRC) 11. International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) 12. International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN/ Nepal)


13. Jadibuti Association of Nepal (JABAN) 14. Livelihood Forestry Program (LFP) 15. Micro Enterprise Development Program, UNDP Nepal (MEDEP) 16. National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) 17. Nepal Australia Community Resource Management and Livlihoods Project (NACRMLP) 18. Nepal Swiss Community Forestry Project (NSCFP) 19. Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) 20. Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA) 21. New- Era: Biodiversity Sector Program (BSP) 22. Sustainable Bio Trade Group (SBTG) 23. Winrock International (WI Nepal) 24. Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF/Nepal) 17. Requirements/Standards for International Market Preliminary marketing assessment of Herbs and NTFPs product revealed that the products manufactured by the community enterprise should meet the following requirements/standards: 17.1 Product Standardization (Quality Control and Standards) and International Market Requirement Quality products Quantity of products Packaging and labeling Sustainable sourcing/Sustainability of the product Timely communication and delivery of items Traceability documentation Business planning/Production projection Proper documentation Laboratory analysis {Material Safety Data Sheet (MS-DS), Gas Chromatography (GC) Analysis, Phyto-sanitary etc.} Certifications (Organic, FSC, ISO etc.) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplements (food items and ayurvedic medicine) 17.2 Niche Market A trading company and/or wholesale market is essential to established in the sppecific location of Kathmandu for marketing of the products that are produced by pro-poor model enterprises of the rural areas of Nepal. The community products should be branded as: Story based For example the handmade paper products that are manufactured by Everest Gateway Herbs Pvt. Ltd. Jiri should be marketed as:


Sustainability story of our paper products The hand made paper in this product is crafted from Lokta bark (Daphne bholua), sustainably harvested from FSC Certified forests of Dolakha, Nepal. Rural communities who manage the forests have established an innovative Pro-poor Model Enterprises that uses traditional paper making methods combined with modern quality control practices. Sheets of natural paper are transported from the paper enterprises to Himalayan Bio Trade's Kathmandu-based facility where a wide range of paper products are printed and assembled. Our company is uniquely positioned to provide traceability or Chain of Custody information on all our paper products. Himalayan Bio Trade’s vertical integration means more benefits stay with the rural communities, forest sustainability issues are closely monitored and product quality is controlled from harvest to finished products. The community products should create the sentimental feelings to the consumers. Home delivery system/ door to door service system for the consumer's items as juice, jam, tea, incense, candle, health care products and other commodities. Contact with offices and organizations and office delivery of the hand made paper products as printing papers, A4 papers, office files, folders, visiting cards, greeting cards, note books, diary and so on. 17.3 Market Network Marketing study of Herbs and NTFPs products revealed that marketing chain among producing/ processing and trading companies is essential for the following reasons: Bargaining power with buyers Product diversifications Cost effectiveness (management, certification costs) Long term partnership/agreement with buyers 18. Outcomes The following are the outputs of the market linkage study of Herbs and NTFPs: 1. Herbs and NTFPs processing/trading companies, including exporters based in Kathmandu and their location were identified. 2. Information on Herbs and NTFPs products produced and/or traded by them was enlisted. 3. Herbs and NTFPs and/or products demanded by international market were also identified.


19. Lessons Learned The following are the lessons learned after conducting the market linkage study of Herbs and NTFPs: 1. Buy back guarantee is the most essential component before establishing enterprises in community level and processing of the products. 2. The enterprises should have provided the production projection of their products for the fiscal year to the buyers. 3. The entrepreneurs/marketing agency should have timely communication with the buyers and timely delivery of the products to the buyers. 4. Herbs and NTFPs business should be practiced in fair and organized way in terms of price and quality. 5. The entrepreneurs/marketing agency should fulfill the quality requirements of the products according to the buyers need. 6. A well equipped laboratory for the quality testing of Herbs and NTFPs should be established and legal hurdles prevailing for the export of herbal products should be identified and addressed. 7. The end use or end products manufactured from Herbs and NTFPs should be identified. 8. Standards and certifications (organic, FSC, fair trade) for the Herbs and NTFPs products should be initiated and maintained. 9. Branded and story based products could catch up the market sooner.


Annexes Annex-1: Herbs and NTFPs commonly available in Nepalese markets
SN Trade Name Talispatra Bisha jara Jimbu Ban lasun Bhojpatra Devdar Sugandhakokila Yarsagumba Soti ghans Lokta Nirmasi Atis Jiwanti Kukurtarul Bhyakur Argeli Somlata Dhasingre ko pat Dhasingraeko biya Dalechuk Dalechuk Dhupi ko pat Dhupi ko geda Nagbeli lahara Nagbeli Guchhi Chyau Jatamansi Kutki Satuwa Jhyau Laghupatra Scientific Name Abies spectabilis Aconitum spp. Allium hypsistum Allium wallichii Betula utilis Cedrus deodara Cinnamomum glaucescens Cordyceps sinensis Cymbopogon jwarancusa Daphne bholua Delphinium denudatum Delphinium himalayi Dendrobium sp. Dioscorea spp. Dioscorea spp. Edgeworthia gardnerii Ephedra gerardiana Gaultheria fragrantissima Gaultheria fragrantissima Hippophae salicifolia Hippophae tibetana Juniperus spp. Juniperus spp. Lycopodium clavatum Lycopodium clavatum Morchella conica Nardostachys grandiflora Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora Paris polyphylla Parmelia spp. Podophyllum Parts used Leaf Root Root Whole plant Bark Heart wood /Bark Fruits Whole part Leaf Bark Root Root Whole plant Rhizome Rhizome White skin Whole plant Leaves Seeds Fruit Fruit Leaf Fruit Whole plant Microspore Whole plant Rhizome Rhizome Root Whole part Root Altitude (m) 2400-4400 2500-5000 2500-5000 2400-4650 2700-4300 2000-2500 2000-2500 3200-4500 1600-2000 2000-2900 1500-2700 3000-4500 Region WCE WCE CE WCE WCE WC WE WC W WCE WCE WC

1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

1500-3000 2300-5200 1200-2600 1200-2600 2200-3500 3300-4500 3700-4100 3700-4100


3200-4500 3500-4800 1800-3300 3000-4500



32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43

Amlabed Karachulthi Padamchal Gurans Anthopogon Majitho Bhutkesh Chiraito Loth salla Ghodemachcha Sugandhawal Timur

hexandrum Rheum australe Rheum australe Rheum australe Rhododendron arboreum Rhododendron anthopogon Rubia manjith Selinum tenuifolium Swertia chirayita Taxus wallichiana Thymus linearis Valeriana jatamansii Zanthoxylum armatum

Petiole Petiole Root Bark Leaves Root/stem Root Whole plant Leaf Whole plant Root Fruits

3200-4200 3200-4200 3200-4200 1500-3600 3300-5100 1200-2100 2700-4800 1500-2500 2300-3400 1500-4500 1500-3300 1100-2500


Low Altitude Himalayan Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) [ < 2000m ] SN Trade Name Scientific Name Parts used Altitude (m) Cymbopogon Leaves 900-1100 Lemongrass 44 flexuosus Cymbopogon Palmarosa Leaves 200 45 martinii Cymbopogon Leaves 100-250 Citronella 46 winterianus Matricaria Chamomile Flower 100-2200 47 chamomilla Mentha arvensis 48 Mentha Leaves 150-2000 Mentha piperita 49 Pipermint Leaves 100-1200 Ocimum basilicum 50 French basil Whole plant Ocimum sanctum 51 Tulsipatra Whole plant Abrus precatorius 52 Rati gedi Fruit 300-1100 Purified Acacia catechu Khayer 200-1400 53 solid/extract Acacia rugata 54 Sikakai Fruit 400-800 Acorus calamus 55 Bojho Rhizome 700-2300 Aegle marmelos 56 Bel Fruit 600-1100 Aegle marmelos 57 Belmul Root 600-1100 Aesandra butyracea 58 Chiuri Seed 200-1500 Aesandra butyracea 59 Chiuriko Ghiu Seed 200-1500 Amomum Fruit 1000-2000 Alaichi 60 subulatum Andrographic Kaalmegh Whole plant 100-300 61 paniculata 62 Titepati Artemisa sp. Leaves 300-2400




63 64 65 66 67 68


Kurilo Thulo okhati Nim ko bokra Nim ko pat Bramhi Chutro ko 69 bokra Rasanjan 70 71 Chutro 72 Pakhanbed 73 Punarnawa mul 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 Bamsalochan Simalko khoto Simal ko phul Salmali mul Palas ko geda Bet Rajbriksha Sanayapati Chakramandi Ghodtapre Kapur Tejpat Dalchini Patha Musuli Kachur Tendupat

Asparagus racemosus Asparagus spp. Astible rivularis Azadirachta indica Azadirachta indica Bacopa monnieri Berberis aristata Berberis aristata Berberis spp. Berginia ciliata Boerhavia diffusa Bombax ceiba Bombax ceiba Bombax ceiba Bombax ceiba Butea monosperma Calamus latifolius Cassia fistula Cassia senna Cassia tora Centella asiatica Cinnamomum camphora Cinnamomum tamala Cinnamomum tamala Cissampelos pareira Curculigo orchioides Curcuma zedoaria Diospyros tomentosa Drepanostachym intermedium Eclipta prostrata Elaeocarpus sphaericus Embelia ribes Eucalyptus spp. Girardinia diversifolia Holarrhena pubescens

Root Root Root Bark Leaf Whole plant Bark Solid water extract Bark Root Root Calcium compound Exudates Flower Root Seed Aerial part Fruit Leaf Seed Whole plant Solid extract Leaf Bark Root Root Rhizome Leaf Aerial part Whole plant Fruit Fruit Leaf Stem Fiber Seed

600-2100 600-2100 1800-3600 upto 900 upto 900 700-900 2000-3000 1800-3000 900-1700 300-1200 200-900 200-900 200-900 200-900 100-1000 150-1400 400-1300 500-2100 1300-1500 450-2000 450-2000 1500-2200 500-1500 100-1500 1500-2700 200-1200 700-1700


Nigalo 91 92 Bhringaraj Rudraksha 93 94 Bayu bidang 95 Masala 96 97 Allo Indarajau

500-2500 150-1500





Sariwa kalo 99 100 Raasna 101 Puskar mul Jasmine 102 103 Okhar 104 Siltimbur 105 106 Daruhaldi Parijat

Nisotha 107 108 Tatelo 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 Mangen Pawanko bokra Kaulo ko bokra Bhui amala Amala (Fresh) Amala (Dry) Rani Salla Sallo ko bokra Pipla mul Pipla Kakarsingi Chitu mul

Bijayasal 121 122 Chandmaruwa Sarpagandha 123 mul 124 Rittha 125 Gujurgano 126 Arjun ko bokra Barro (Phal ko 127 bokra) Harro (Phal ko 128 bokra) Amriso 129 130 Gurjo 131 Guduchi

Holarrhena pubescens Ichnocarpus frutescens Inula cappa Inula racemosa Jasminum grandiflorum Juglans regia Litsea cubeba Mahonia napaulensis Nyctanthes arbortristis Operculina turpethum Oroxylum indicum Panax pseudoginseng Persea spp. Persea odorattissima Phyllanthus amarus Phyllanthus emblica Phyllanthus emblica Pinus roxburghii Pinus roxburghii Piper longum Piper longum Pistacia chinensis Plumbago zeylanica Pterocarpus marsupium Rauvolfia serpentina Rauvolfia serpentina Sapindus mukorossi Stephania spp. Terminalia arjuna Terminalia bellirica Terminalia chebula Thysanolaena maxima Tinospora sinensis Tinospora sinensis

Bark Root Twigs Root Flower Fruit Fruit Bark/root Leaves Root/Bark Bark/Fruit Root Bark Bark Whole plant Fruit Fruit Resin Bark Root/Stem Fruit Insect gull Root/Stem Heart wood Stem/Root/Fruit Root Fruit Root Bark Fruit pulp Fruit pulp Aerial part Root Stem

100-1500 150-900 150-2500 2500-3700 1000-1400 1200-2100 100-2700 2000-2900 200-1200 600 400-1400 2100-3000


470-900 150-1400 150-1400 1100-2100 1100-2100 200-800 200-800 100-1300

100-900 100-900 1000-1200


300-1100 150-1100 500-2000 300-500 300-500



132 Khas-khas 133 Simali Ashogandha 134 Mul Dhayero ko 135 phool 136 Aduwa 137 Sutho

Vetiveria zizanioides Vitex negundo Withania somnifera Woodfordia fruticosa Zingiber officinale Zingiber officinale

Root 100-1200 Root Flower Rhizome Rhizome 200-1800 WCE WCE

1 Maha 2 Silajit 3 Main Honey Rock exudates Bee wax 100-3000 3000-5000 WCE

Other Common Nepalese Herbs and NTFPs Scientific Name Parts used SN Trade Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Atibala Babul niryas Babul ko bokra Pangro Pangar Krishnaguru Ketuki Ghiu Kumari Chhatiwan ko 9 bokra 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Surankandha Akarkara Buki phul Ramphal Sitaphal Soup Nepali Supari Bidhara beej Abutilon indicum Acacia arabica Acacia nilotica Aesculus indica Aesculus indica Agaloca aculina Agava americana Aloe vera Alostonia scholaris Amophophullus campanulatus Anacyclus pyrethrum Anaphalis spp. Annona reticulata Annona squamosa Anethum sp. Areca catechu Argyreia spinosa Baliospermum montanum Bassia latifolia Bauhinia vahlii Bauhinia variegata Bauhinia variegata Benincasa hispida Boehmeria rugulosa Root Gum Bark Fruit Fruit Infected parts Leaf fiber Leaf Bark Bulb

Altitude (m) 200-1100 150 1900-2400 1200-3000 1200-3700 1200-2400 100-300


800-5500 100-500 500-900 Fruit Fruit Seed Root Flower Bark Flower Bark Fruit Bark 300-910 150 200-1300 150-1900 150-1900 300-1700


Danti mul 18 19 Mauwako phul 20 Bhorla bokra 21 Koirala ko phul Kanchanar 22 bokra 23 Kubhindo 24 Darko bokra



25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Gamdol Priyangu Ank ko bhuwa Green tea Ganja Katus Joytismati Jangali jira Musali seto

Lapsi 34 35 Indrayani 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Bhargitwak Gugul kora Salla ko simta Mamira jara Bohori Betlauri Baruntwak Jayapal Haledo Mothe Nagarmotha Nagarmothe

Rakchan 48 49 Dhatur beej 50 Chyau 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 Salparni Kumkum pat Unyu jara Mahuwako phul Pangro Babiyo Kaladana Sankhapuspi Durlavha Pipal ko bokra Kakoli

Brachycorythis obcordata Callicarpa marcrophylla Calotropis gigantea Camellia sinensis Cannabis sativa Castanopsis indica Celastrus paniculatus Centratherum anthelminticum Chlorophytum borivillionam Choerospondias axillaris Citrullus colosythis Clerodendron serratum Commiphora mukul Cones of Conifers Coptis teeta Cordia dichotoma Costus speciosus Creteva religiosa Croton tiglium Curcuma longa Cyperus rotundus Cyperus scariosus Cyperus spp. Daphniphyllum himalense Datura metel Mushrooms Desmodium gangeticum Didymocarpus leucocalyx Dryopteris filix-mas Engelhardtia spicata Entada phaseoloides Eulaliopsis binata Eulophia spp. Evolvulus alsinoides Fegonia cretica Ficus religiosa Fritillaria cirrhosa

Root Fruit Seed coat Leaves Fruit Fruit Seed

1000-2000 300-1500 100-1100 450-1800 200-2300 1200-2900 150-300


Root Fruit Fruit Root Gum/resin Conifers Root Bark Root Bark Seed Rhizome Tuberous root Root Tuber

150-700 1200-1500 1200-2300 300-1600


200-1400 400-700


1500 300-2400


1400-2800 Seed Whole plant Leaf Rhizome Flower Seed Aerial parts Whole plant Stem/Leaf Bark Bulb/Seed 300-1200 300-1000 1200-1800 400-1700 350-1600 150-2600 550-1100 150-1500 3000-4600



62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69

Pitta papada Karu Jethimadhu Khamari Buki phul Vimal Bridhi Bridhi

Kamraj 70 71 Sariwa seto Bankarela ko 72 biya 73 Latakasturi 74 Talamkhana 75 Padampuskar 76 Sajiwanko geda 77 Asuro 78 Asuro ko phul 79 Kancho laha 80 Drona puspi Astismahari 81 (Fresh Hadchur) 82 Eklebir 83 Mauwako phul 84 Bilauni 85 Bilauniko bokra 86 Nagkeshar Nageshwore ko 87 phul 88 Sindure

Fumaria indica Gentiana kurroo Glycyrrhiza glabra Gmelina arborea Gnaphalium spp. Grewia optiva Habenaria sp. Habenaria sp. Helminthostachys zeylanica Hemidesmus indicus Herpetospermum pedunculosum Hibiscus abelmoschus Hygrophila auriculita Iris decora Jatropha curcas Justicia adhatoda Justicia adhatoda Lacifer lacca Leucas cephalotes Litsea glutinosa Lobelia pyramidalis Madhuca longifolia Maesa chisia Maesa chisia Maesua ferra Maesua ferra Mallotus philippensis

Whole plant Root Root/Stem Bark Root Root

150-2400 1800-4000 200-1100 600-3600 100-1600


Root 150-3600 Seed Seed Root, Leaf Seed Leaves Flower Whole plant WCE

1500-4000 500-1200 500-1600 500-1600 150-2400 150-900


Whole plant Flower Bark Flower Fruit stellates/hair glands Fruit Seed Root Bark Root Whole plant Root Bark Seed Leaf

1100-2300 150 1200-2600 1200-2600



89 Rohini phal Aaap ko Koya 90 ko gudi 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 Murwa Bakaino Champawati Jiwak Resvak Lajjalu Bakul Shobhanjan Mulberry leaf

Mallotus philippensis Mangifera indica Marsedenia tenacissima Melia azedarach Michelia champaca Micostylis sp. Micostylis sp. Mimosa pudica Mimusops elengi Moringa oleifera Morus nigra

150-1800 300-700


700-1100 600-1300


200-1200 150-1100



100 Kapikachhu beej Bajradanti ko 101 jara 102 Kaphal ko bokra 103 Jipatri 104 Kamalkeshar 105 Nilkamal 106 Pani amala 107 Mungrelo 108 Nundhiki 109 Gandhaprashrini 110 Kaaiyo phul 111 Kaaiyo pat 112 Mugdaparni 113 Chabo 114 Kawakchini 115 Marich 116 Isamgol 117 Rudilo

Mucuna pruriens Murraya paniculata Myrica esculenta Myristica fragrans Nelumbo nucifera Nelumbo nucifera Nephrolepis cordifolia Nigella sativa Osyris wightiana Paederia foetida. Pavetta indica Pavetta indica Phaseolus tribulus Piper chaba Piper cubeba Piper nigrum Plantago erosa Pogostemon bengalensis Polygonatum cirrhifolioum Polygonatum sp. Polypodium vulgare Potentilla fulgens Premna integrifolia Prinsepia utilis Prunus cerasoides Psoralia corylifolia Pterocarpus santalinus Pueraria tuberose Punica granatum Ricinus communis Ricinus communis Roscoea purpurea Rosmarinus officinalis Boerhaavia diffusa Santalum album Sapium insigne Saraca asoca Saussurea lappa


150-1200 400-1050


Bark Aril Stamen Flower Seed Whole plant Flower Leaf Whole plant Fruit Fruit Fruit Seed husk Leaves Rhizome Rhizome Root Whole plant Bark Seed Bark Seed Wood Root Fruit/Bark Fruit Root Rhizome Flower, Leaves Bark Heart wood Stem/Latex Bark Root

1200-2300 600-800 600-800

900-2600 300-1800 250-1500 250-1500


900-4100 150-1300 1700-4600


Mahameda 118 119 Meda 120 Beshafej Bajradanti ko 121 jara 122 Gineri 123 Dhatelo 124 Paiyun ko bokra 125 Bakuchi Raktachandan 126 127 Bidari kanda 128 Darim ko phal ko bokra 129 Ander 130 Eerand mul 131 Kshira kakoli 132 133 134 135 136 137 Rosemary Punarnawa ko bokra Shrikhanda Khirro Ashok ko bokra Kustha

2400-4150 1700-2700 1300-2400


300-1500 700-2700 150-2400 150-2400 1500-1900 600-1500


500-1800 150-1400



138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147

Kuth Kusum Sal dhup Nagbala Balu Setak chini jara Bihi Kantakari Kantakari Padari

Lodhatwak 148 149 Jamun beej 150 Imili 151 Tukiphul Kakanash 152 153 Gochhur 154 Parbar panchang 155 156 157 158 159 Indrayani Thingure salla Prishniparni Sisno jara Bayar ko bokra

Saussurea lappa Schleichera oleosa Shorea robusta Sida humilis Sida spinosus Smilax spp. Solanum nigrum Solanum surattense Solanum xanthocarpum Stereospermum chelonoides Symplocus paniculata Syzygium cumini Tamarandus indica Taraxacum officinale Thunbergia grandiflora Tribulus terrestris Trichosanthes dioica Trichosanthes tricuspidata Tsuga dumosa Uraria lagopus Urtica dioica Zyzyphus mauritiana

Root Fruit/seed Exaduate Whole plant Root/Seed Fruit Fruit Fruit Bark Bark Seed Fruit Whole plant Fruit Whole plant Whole plant Fruit Whole plant Root Fruit

2000-3300 200-300 150-1500 500-1100


900-2900 300-900 300-900 150-250 1000-2500 300-1200 200-400 300-1300 150 600 1200-2300 2100-3600 1400-2400 500-4500 200-1200


Annex-2: Royalty Rates of Herbs and NTFPs
SN Trade Name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Atis Asarephool Indreni Unyau Kachur Kakoli Kamraj Kalomusali Kukurtarul, Bantarul Kutki Kurilo, Satawari Khaskhas Gamdol Gujargano

Scientific Name
Aconitum heterophyllum Citrullus colosynthis/ Trichosanthes palmate Dryopteris flix-mas Curcuma zedoaria Fritillaria cirrhosa Helminthostachys zeylanica Curculigo orchioides Dioscorea spp. Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora Asparagus spp. Vetiveria zizaniodes Brachycorythis obcordata Stephania spp./ Cissampelos

Royalty rate/ kg in NRs.
15 8 10 8 5 5 6 6 5 10 5 2 10 5


15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39

pareira Tinospora sinensi/ T. cordifolia Gurjo, Guduchi Nardostachys grandiflora Jatamansi Mahonia napaulensis Jamanemandro, Daruhaldi Taraxacum officinale Tukiphool Cyperus spp. Nagarmothe, Mothe, Kasur Delphinium denudatum Nirmasi Rheum australe Padamchal Bergenia ciliate/ B. ligulata Pakhanbed/Pasanved Dactylorhiza hatagirea Panchaule Piper longum Pipala/ Pipli/ Murjhang Potentilla fulgens Bajradanti Allium wallichii Banlasun Maesa chisia Bilaune Aconitum spicatum Bish Polypodium vulgare Bishafej Aconitum palmatum Bishama Acorus calamus Bojho Selinum tenuifolium Bhutkesh Coptis teeta Mamira Podophyllum hexandrum Laghupatra Paris polyphylla Satuwa Sarpagandha/Chandmaruwa Rauwolfia serpentine Urtica dioica Sisnu Valeriana jatamansi Sugandhawal Setakchini, Kukurdaino Smilax spp.

2 15 2 5 5 50 5 2 Per piece 500 10 2 10 5 7 5 10 3 4 70 5 10 50 2 15 5

Kaatha Ko Bokra Jati (Bark Harvesting Species) SN Trade Name Scientific Name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Okhar Angeri Kaphal Kalchuri Chutro Chhatiwan Jamanemandro Tatelo, Totala Dar Dhupi Nepali dalchini, Sinkauli Palans Pawan, Kaulo Paiyun Bakaino Juglans regia Lyonia ovalifolia Myrica esculenta Litsea glutinosa Berberis sp. Alstonia scholaris Mahonia napaulensis Oroxylum indicum Boehmeria rugulosa Juniperus spp. Cinnamomum tamala Butea monosperma Persea spp. Prunus cerasoides Melia azedarach

Royalty rate/ kg in NRs.
100 5 100 5 8 5 2 5 5 25 10 20 5 10 2


16 17

Bhojpatra Bhorla

Betula utilis Bauhinia vahlii

15 1

Paat Jati (Leaves Bearing Species) SN Trade Name Scientific Name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Asuro/Adusa Unyu Kumkum Chumlani Jagar, Jigar Tokla Thinguresalla Talispatra Titepati Tejpat Tendupat Dudhelahara Dhasingre, Machhino Dhupi Nagbeli Nundhiki Bhalayo Bhorla Masala Malata Lemongrass Lothsalla ko Pat/Danth/Sinka Sal Silaginella Sunpati Hinguwa Adhatoda vasica Dryopteris flix-mas Didymocarpus leucocalyx Skimmia laureola Tsuga dumosa Abies spectabilis Artemisia spp. Cinnamomum tamala Diospyros tomentosa Gaultheria fragrantissima Juniperus spp. Lycopodium clavatum Osyris spp. Semecarpus anacardium Bauhinia vahlii Eucalyptus spp. Macaranga spp. Cymbopogon flexuosus Taxus baccata Shorea robusta Selaginella spp. Rhododendron anthopogon Camellia kissi

Royalty rate/ kg in NRs.
1 1 2 25 2 1 2 5 50 2 2 1 25 2 5 1 1 50 10 50 50 25 10 1 3 50

Phool Ra Bhuwa Jati (Flower Harvesting Species) SN Trade Name Scientific Name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Asuro, Adusa Koiralo/Kachanar Gurans, Chimaal, Sunpati Tukiphool Dhanyero Nageswor, Nareswor Padampuskar Buki Adhatoda vasica Bauhinia variegate Rhododendron spp. Taraxacum officinale Woodfordia fruticosa Mesua ferrea Iris nepalensis Gnaphalium spp./Anaphalis

Royalty rate/ kg in NRs.
1 0.50 2 5 1 5 3 1


9 10 11 12 13 14

Mauwa (Pahadi) Rukhakamal Simalko Phool Annya Phool Aanka ko Bhuwa Simal ko Bhuwa

spp. Englehardtia spicata Magnolia grandiflora Bombax ceiba Calotropis gigantean Bombax ceiba

2 25 3 1 4 4

Phal Ra Biz Jati (Fruit and Seed Harvesting Species) SN Trade Name Scientific Name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Ander Amala Asna, Saj Indrajau, Madhisekhirro Indrayani Utis Okhar Kantakari Kaayiyo Phal Kauso Kusum Koiralo/Kachanar Khotesallko Biu Champawati, Chanp Chiuri Chilauneko Geda Jangali Jira Jangali Jwano Jamun Timur Dhalekatus Tigedi Debdar Dhaturo Dhupi ko Geda Nagbeli ko Paudar Nageswor, Nareswor Palans Pangra Pani Amala Pipla, Pipali, Murjhang Ricinus communis Phyllanthus emblica/Emblica officinalis Terminalia tomentosa Holarrhena antidysenterica Citrullus colosynthis/ Trichosanthes palmata Alnus nepalensis Juglans regia Solanum xanthocarpum Pavetta indica Mucuna prurita Schleichera oleosa Bauhinia variegate Pinus roxburghii Michelia champaca Bassia butyracea Schima wallichii Centratherum anthelminticum Syzygium cumini Zanthoxylum armatum Castanopsis indica Cedrus deodara Datura spp. Juniperus spp. Lycopodium clavatum Mesua ferrea Butea monosperma Entada phaseoloides/ Aesculus indica Nephrolepis cordifolia Piper longum

Royalty rate/ kg in NRs.
2 1 2 1 8 50 5 1 2 2 2 1 200 500 3 25 5 5 1 8 1 5 100 2 3 20 5 5 5 1 10


32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61

Bakaino Ban Karela Bayar Barro Budhani/Jhyau Bet Bel Bhadracha Bhalayo Bhujetro Mauwa (Terai) Mauwa (Pahadi) Ratigedi, Lalgedi Rajbriksha Ramphal Ritha Rukhakamalko Phal Rudrakchha Rohini, Sindure Lapsi Sagiwan Sallako Simta Sal ko Biu Sikakai, Rasulla Simalko Phal Siltimur Sitaphal Sugandhakokila, Mayalgedi Hadchur Harro

Melia azedarach Herpetospermum pendunculosum Ziziphus mauritiana Terminalia bellirica Lichen Calamus tenius Aegle marmelos Semecarpus anacardium Butea minor Bassia latifolia Engelhardtia spicata Abrus precatorius Cassia fistula Annona reticulate Sapindus mukorossi Magnolia grandiflora Elaeocarpus sphaericus Mallotus philippinensis Choerospondias axillaris Jatropha curcas Cones of Conifers Shorea robusta Acacia concinna Bombax ceiba Lindera neesiana Annona squamosa Cinnamomum glaucescens Viscum album/ V. articulatum Terminalia chebula

50 1 2 1 3 5 8 2 5 3 3 5 2 2 2 25 5 5 2 1 2 1 3 3 2 2 6 3 1

Biruwa Jati (Entire Plant Harvesting Species) SN Trade Name Scientific Name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Amalbed Eklebir Gurjolahara Ghodtapre Chiraito Titepate Dronapuspi Punarnawa Bhringraj Rheum australe Lobelia pyramidalis Tinospora sinensis/ T. cordifolia Centella asiatica Swertia chirayita/ Swertia spp. Artemesia spp. Leucas cephalotus Boerhavia diffusa Eclipta prostrate

Royalty rate/ kg in NRs.
5 5 2 0.50 15 0.50 5 8 0.50


10 11 12

Majitho Yarsagumba Somlata

Rubia manjith Cordyceps sinensis/ Cordyceps spp. Ephedra gerardiana

3 10,000 5

Gamargin, Lohawan Jati SN Trade Name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Kakarsingi Gokuldhup Main Maha Laha Silagit Salla ko khoto Sal dhup

Scientific Name
Insect gall on Pistacia integerrima Bee wax Bee Honey Lac gum Rock exudates Pinus roxburghii Shorea robusta

Royalty rate/ kg in NRs.
10 5 5 10 40 50 3 5

Annya Jadibuti (Others) SN Trade Name
1 2 3 4

Scientific Name

Royalty rate/ kg in NRs.
10 1 15 3 5 200 5 15 2 5 3

Hemidesmus indicus Anantamul Pyrularis edulis Aamphi Karbela Karajchulthi/Chulthi Rheum australe petiole Aamilo 5 Kaladana Eulophia spp. 6 Guchhi Chayu Morchella spp. Piper chaba 7 Chabo 8 Jhyau Parmelia spp./Lichen Pueraria phaseoloides 9 Bidarikanda 10 Sadharan Chayu Wild mushroom Rumex nepalensis 11 Halhale Source: HMG/N, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation.

Annex- 3: List of Herbs and Herbal Products Traders/Exporters
Company/Industry Ace International Pvt. Ltd. Alternative Herbal Products (P) Ltd. Mr. Govinda Ghimire Arnico International Pvt. Ltd. Address Maharajganj-3, Kathmandu P O Box:4555, Kathmandu Tel 4412467 6632942 Fax 4445572 Email

P. O. Box: 560 Durbarmarg, Kathmandu



Arun Inter Continental Traders Arogya Bhawan Works Mr. Sudeep Kumar Rimal Arvinda Zone Emporium

PO. Box: 4869 Khichapokhari, Kathmandu Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu


4412407 4421143

Ashok Trading Concern Baba Enterprises

Babu Ansari, Banke Mr. Babu Ansari Bahubali Herbal Esence & Extracts Pvt. Ltd. Sanjaya Kumar Jain B. C. Exports, Nepal

PO. Box: 6466 Radha Bhawan, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu PO. Box: 666 Indrachowk, Kathmandu PO. Box: 692 Wotu, Kathmandu Ward No. 6, Phul Takra Line, Nepalgunj Ward No. 4, Gharbari Tole, Nepalgunj



4221686 4223708 4223109






Bajaj Trade Link

Bheri Kirana Stores Mr. Mohamad Yusuf Bishnu Ayurvedic Medical Chanchala Tamrakar Bluebell Herbal Products Mrs. Riddhi Amatya Blue Circle Trading Concern Briz Bihari Shyam Bihari

Rauniar Niwas, Indra Chowk, Kathmandu PO. Box: 1958 Pyukha, Kathmandu Ward No. 5, Nepalgunj, Banke Ward No. 9, Mahendrapool, Pokhara P. O. Box : 15, Old Jagati, Chittapol VDC-1, Bhaktapur PO. Box: 601 Kamaladi-31, Kathmandu Ward No. 5, Kha Line,











Briz Bihari Sukla Brotherhood Overseas Concerns

Chandra Bhan Agrawal Mr. Chandra Bhan Agrawal Chaudhary Biosys (Nepal) Limited Mr. Praveen D Chhayangle Trade Links

Tulsipur, Dang PO Box: 5855 New Baneswar, Kathmandu Ward No. 1, Prithivimarg Purano Bazar, Dharan P O Box: 648, Chaudhary Mansion, Kathmandu PO. Box: 11141 Exhibition Road, Kathmandu P O Box: 2869, Dhapasi, Kathmandu




4221260 4223746




Classical Herbal Group-Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Binod Adhikary Cosmos Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rajendra Singh Panta Mr. Shanker Bahadur Vaidya Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Mr. G. Kashinath Dhorpatan Traders



P O Box: 12306, Kathmandu

4426556 4423016


Dip Chand Agarwal Durga Exim

D.K.B. Overseas Traders Durga And Dutta Impex Dr Nature Group of Industries Dr. Uttam Lamichhane

P O Box: 14375, Teenkune, Kathmandu PO. Box: 2985 Kalanki, Kathmandu Ward No. 6, Phikkal Bazar, Ilam Ward No. 14, Shripur, Birgunj PO. Box: 1958 Pyukha Tole, Kathmandu PO. Box: 2193 Tahachal, Kathmandu 08 ChhalingKharipati, Bhaktapur

4478010 4487675 4487673 4279489








Emage Enterprises

Emrose International

Everest Herbs Processing Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Laxman Babu Shrestha Exclusive Enterprises Ms Sabina Singh Fauz Mohamad and Company Mr. Falz Mahamad Fleur Himalayan Limited Mr.Ajay B.Pradhanang Gnytri Tread Centre Mr. Tanka Prasad Sharma Gorkha Ayurved Company Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Prem Raj Tiwari Gorkha Exim Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Ram Hari Subedi Great Himalayan Traders Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Netashwa Mani Dixit. Green Tex International Herbo Nepal Processing Industry Mr. Mishak Sheakh Hari Om Traders Mr. Shiva Dayal Sony

PO. Box: 2920 Baneshwor-34, Kathmandu PO. Box: 8973 New Baneshwor, Kathmandu P O Box: 1765, Buddha Nagar, Kathmandu




4781769 4782770


P O Box:1102, Kupondole, Lalitpur Ward No. 5. Ghosi Tole, Nepalgunj Gha-3, Pulchowk Lalitpur Ward No. 13, Nepalgunj

5526989 4415743



P O Box: 3666, Kathmandu



Balaju, Ward No.: 16, Kathmandu 21/505, Dillibazar, Kathmandu PO. Box: 617 New Road, Kathmandu PO Box: 4560 Chhetrapati, Kathmandu Ward No. 5, Kha Line Galla Mandi, Tulsipur Dang Ward No. 4,

4357717 4357716







Hazi Kirana Store




Mr. Mustag Ahamad Jusgard/ Mr. Anis Ahmad Jusgard Herbs Production and Processing Company Limited Mr. Jawahar Man Bajracharya Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Parbat Gurung Himalayan Ginger Products Company Pvt. Ltd Mr.Samir Dhungel Himalayan Special Herbs Industries Pvt. Ltd. Ms.Baruna Ghimire/ Mr.Ram Kumar Sharma Himalayan Exotic Herbs Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Mr.Dinesh Kumar Basnet Himalayan Herbs Trader Mr.Laiku Lama Himalayan Herbal Hub



Koteswor, Kathmandu

6630067 6630452


P O Box: 8941, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu Kamaladi, Kathmandu

4428773 4437827 4222002



Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur


Jaya bageswori, Kathmandu



Himalayan Herbal Processors Mr. Mohamad Ishak Himalayan Miracles

P O Box: 7823, Baluwatar, Kathmandu PO. Box: GPO 3181, 21/505, Dillibazar, Kathmandu Ward No. 5, Ghosi Tole, Nepalgunj 16/412 , Bhimsengola, Baneshwor, Kathmandu Jaya Bageswori, Kathmandu







Himalayan Exotic Herbs Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Dinesh Kumar Basnet Imex Enterprises P. Limited



PO. Box: 4263, 599 Kamaladi, Kathmandu




Jagat Hitman Singh Traders Mr. Jagat Man Singh Baniya Khaptar Aroma

Chokhachhe, Kathmandu


PO Box: 3149 Godawari, Putalighat, Kathmandu PO. Box: 3585 Kalimati, Kathmandu PO Box: 1569 Sunsari, Kosi



Khatu International Kulani Herbal Processing Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Bharat Kumar Basnyat Maharani Trade Link Male' International Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Govinda Pokhrel/ Mr. Bhaskar Karmacharya Mechikali Jadibuti Udyog Pvt. Ltd. Mittal And Co.

4270734/ 4227090 25-562070

PO. Box: 5541 Kuleshwor-14, Kathmandu Sinchahiti-17, Lalitpur


5530518 5543317


Mutual Trading Co. (P) Ltd. Nachi Import Export Trade Natural Resource Industries Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Parikshit Khemka

Attariya, Kailali PO. Box: 806 Tripureshwor, Kathmandu PO. Box: 452 Makhan Galli, Kathmandu PO. Box: 3175 Dugambahil-3, Kathmandu P O Box: 410, Kathmandu 1303, Devkota marg, Purano Baneswor, Kathmandu PO.Box: 1958 Pyukha Tole, Kathmandu P O Box: 745, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu

91-550506 01-6613814 4222948



4461848 4461948

Nava Jivan Enterprises Nepal Mentha Products Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rakesh Kumar


4218335 4264428



Adukia Nepal Traditional Ayurvedic Medicinal Practitioner Association Nepal Herb Farming and Processing Industry Pvt. Ltd Mr.Kailash B. Shrestha Nepaliexporter. Com

Mahaboudha, Kathmandu


P O Box: 492, Kathmandu



New Arun Impex Nutri Safe

Palpa Ginger Promotion Programme Mr. Tul Bahadur Adhikari Pilgrims Private Limited

PO. Box: GPO 12027 Putalisadak, Kathmandu Jhochhen, Kathmandu PO Box: GPO 2455 Kathmandu Bhairabsthan-8 Bharkot, Palpa



4212269 4258427

57-520365/ 57-529393

Sagarmatha Ayurvedic Ausadhi Udhyog Mr. Rupan Poudel Satya Herbal Products

106, Sarathi Marg, Gyaneshwar, Kathmandu Gausala, Kathmandu



Shambhala Herbal & Aromatic Industry (P) Ltd. Mr. Krishna Ram Amatya Shashi Overseas Enterprises Mr. Shashi Shashi Overseas Enterprises Mr. Sashi Meelan Kachhyapati

Ward No. 8, Gaganganj, Peepal Ckowk, Nepalganj PO Box: 4794 Durbar Marg, Kathmandu





PO.Box: 1569 20/97, Gyaneshwar, Kathmandu Balaju, Kathmandu

4422287/ 4350952




Shrestha's Export House Mr. Yumesh Shrestha Siddhartha Herbal Industry Mr. Dhruv Raj Bhattarai Singhadurbar Vaidyakhana Vikas Samiti Dr. Ram Narayan Sah Sudisha International

PO.Box: 709 Nagpokhari, Kathmandu Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu Anam Nagar, Kathmandu




4770174 4770660


S. R. S. Herbs

PO Box: GPO, 8975, E PC 5362 Putalisadak, Kathmandu J. P School Road, Chhetrapati, Thamel, Kathmandu Gha 2/80, Indrachowk, Kathmandu 80000, Nepal Balkumari, Thimi, Bhaktapur Jawalakhel, Lalitpur





Shree Hanuman Traders



Suri Herbal Product Industry Mr. Suri K. Rimal Systematic Industrialization of Nepal (SION) Mr. Bhabeshwor Das Third Eye International Trade Tibrewala International Mr. Manoj Kumar Agrawal Tibrewala & Sons (P) Ltd. Traditional Himalayan Herbs Mr. Kedar Upreti Uday Sanjeevani




PO. Box: 2807 Ason, Kathmandu PO Box: 2204 New Road, Kathmandu PO. Box: 573 Tripureswore , Kathmandu Dilli bazar, Kathmandu Baneshwor,









Herbal Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Giri Prasad Basyal Unique Himalayan Herbs International Pvt. Limited Mr. Rana Bahadur Rawal Yasoda Enterprises Impex Mr. O.B. Shrestha Zandu Ayurved Nepal Mr. Shyam Acharya


Mitranagar, Ramhiti Phant, Bauddha - 6, Post Box: 23162, Kathmandu PO. Box: 352 Bholadhoka, Lalitpur Putali sadak, Kathmandu






Annex- 4: List of Handmade Paper Products Traders/Exporters
Name of Exporters Get Paper Industries P. Ltd Mr. Milan Dev Bhattarai Nepali Paper Products P. Ltd. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Shrestha Giftland Enterprises P. Ltd. Mr. Padma Ratna Dhakhwa Tibetan Handicrafts Industry Mr. Nima Sherpa Bagmati Paper Industries P. Ltd. Mr. Naresh Lal Shrestha Paper Crafts Address Bansbari Telephone 4370819 Fax E-mail 4434914


4285306 4281459


Nag bahal







4493407 4483224

4491080 4483224





Industry P. Ltd. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Shrestha Western Nepal Crafts P. Ltd. Kanpou Nepal Marina Paper P. Ltd. Ms. Marina Shrestha Nepal Charkha Pracharak Trading Co. P. Ltd. Mr. Sunil Chitrakar Aseatic Traders & Exporters Mr. Raju Shrestha Makalu Paper Products Mr. Sunil Shrestha Freedom Export Nepal Crafts Collection P. Ltd. Mr. Nagendra Kumar Bhandari Everest Art Paper Mr.Lakpa Geljen Sherpa One World (Nepal) Trading Mr. Dilli Ratna Tuladhar SST Impex



Thamel Chakupat Chandol

4352182 5526807 4416968

4417208 5526807 4426349


5533197 5521607



4410595 4410765






4268369 4256034 4370371 4370808

4266477 4370808

Old Baneshwor






Kel Tole

4229122 4256901



Lotus Paper Crafts P. Ltd. Himalayan Crafts Mr. Prakash Man Shrestha LT Enterprises Akar Export Hatale Udyog P. Ltd. Ms. Kamala Shrestha Namaste Collection P. Ltd. Lydia Trading P. Ltd. Mr. Kamal Shrestha Stupa Trading Concern Mr. Namgel Lama Celtic Tiger P. Ltd. HLK P. Ltd. Danphe Exports & Imports Traders Paper World Nepal Nepal Handicraft House Superior Handmade Paper Product Ms. Ambika Shrestha Pramila Handicraft Ms Kamala Shrestha Natural

Balaju Koteshwor

4351115 5546514 4498539

4350812 4436938

Jawalakhel Kapan Sitapaila

5527719 4474680 4274012

5527719 4472609 4351724

Harihar Bhawan Khumaltar



5521622 5523322



4211385 4415378

4423543 4220543

Bishal Nagar Thamel Lazimpat

4363341 4253444 4249444 4426009

4258985 4224247

Subidha Nagar Sinamangal

4376845 4378717 4481087 4479680 4494039

4436795 4416719 4480217







Papercraft Mr. Ichchha Karki Bhaktapur Craft Paper Mr. Niranjan Nepal Handmade Paper Products Mr. Gopal Shrestha Manushi Art and Craft Ms. Padma Shakya Nepal Export Ms. Nayankali Budhamagar Nepal Paper Crafts Ms. Reeta Bhandari Nepal Women Crafts Annapurna Handmade Paper Craft Mr. Gautam Bir Tuladhar/Ms. Dibya Tara Tuladhar Aries Trading Mr. Surendra Man Maharjan Arts of Wisdom Craft Mr. Bidhya Man Shakya Association of Craft Producers Ms. Meera Bhattarai Atlanta


6610795 6611071


4376137 4276977






4470238 4488963 4231729 4413536 4231614



4410149 5524307 4254238









Ravi Bhawan

4270721 4275108






Traders & Exporters Mr. Raju Baniya BN Int'l Export & Cargo P. Ltd. Mr. Neer Kumar Thapa Baraha Trading Concern Mr.Umesh Basnet CML Pebs Concern Ms Pratibha Sharma Chamunda Hastakala Centre Mr. Lal Thapa Chhepu International Mr.Nabin Shakya Classic De Everest Mr. Gautam Dakshamani Collection and Crafts Mr. Durga Jyoti Shakya Cotton Crafts Ms. Shanti Shrestha DMS Export Mr.Dinesh Maskey Daphne Paper Mill Mr. Rajeshwor Karki Diki Continental






Old Baneswor

4473358 4492312





4491937 4489593


Dilli bazar




4259171 4262785



4223481 4256133 4259749 4252268 4493630 4260402


Buddha Nagar


4417681 4419081



Export Mr. Kelsang Lama Dudh Raj Global Business Network Mr. Mohan Dutraj Eco Craft Nepal Mr.Radha Krishna Dhaubadhel Enam Trading Mr. Anil Chandra Mandal Espero Craft Enterprises Mr. Komal Raj Shakya Europe Export Traders Mr. Madhav Prasad Pandey Exports of Nepal P. Ltd Mr. Upendra Rana Fine Handicrafts Mr. Anil Ratna Shakya Folk Nepal Mr. Dhan Kumar Rai Gateway Global Organization P. Ltd. Mr. Suman Bogati General Paper & Paper Products



Katunje Bhaktapur

6612782 6612782 9851034599










5527916 5523608








Rabi Bhawan






Mr. Mahesh Dev Bhattarai Handicraft Nepal Narendra Shrestha Himalayan Lotus Crafts Mr. Sunil Shakya Independent Expo House P. Ltd. Mr. Parash Sharma Jatan Import Export P. Ltd. Mr. Kamal Begani Joshi Enterprises Mr. Ram Bahadur Joshi KL International Mr. Kanhaiyan Lal Shah Kumari Handicraft Suppliers Mr. Kiran Shrestha Millenium Crafts Mr. Gautam Bajracharya Nat Handicrafts Mr. Bandi Nigma Sherpa Nepal Craft Paper Industries P. Ltd. Mr. Mahesh Kaji Shrestha

Kalankisthan 4279917








4474794 4498942








Rudramati Marg

4430320 4421263






4478875 4478339






New Weave Paper Industries Mr. Aang Chhewang Sherpa Oriental Express Mr. Dibya Lal Joshi Palistha Enterprises Mr. Ashok Narsingh Shrestha Panchashil International P. Ltd. Mr. Narayan Prasad Pradhananga Paradise Art Traders Mr. Bijay Kumar Shrestha Quick Export Mr.Bhuwan Dahal R&R Handicraft Exporter Mr. Raju Ranjitkar Rapti Trade Channel Mr. Chandra Prakash Acharya Rigal International Trading P. Ltd. Mr. Laxmi Kanta Nepal Rising Traders & Exporters Mr. Punnakhar


4249214 4496614




Kobahal, Lalitpur












4228779 4256999








4223247 4221492



Dhakal Samadhi Export P. Ltd. Mr. Basu Dev Dahal Sana Hastakala Mr. Chandra Prasad Kakshapati Saurav Impex Mr. Uttam Das Shrestha Shree Impression Mr. Lil Bikram Thapa Sitauri Export P. Ltd. Mr. Dipesh Man Munakarmi Sunrise Export Mr. Dil Bahadur Shrestha Tilicho Handicraft Industries Mr. Bhoj Raj Aryal Western Nepal Craft P. Ltd. Mr. Jagadish Kumar Upreti


4427918 4499000



5522628 5526985













4469322 4469487





Annex- 5: List of Hemp/Allo/Products Traders/Exporters
Name of Exporters Eco-Himal Bunai R.P. Impex Shangrila Trade Concern Mr. Ramesh Bikram Thapa Address Maharajgunj Thamel Jhochhen Phone 4374204 4416095 4246891 Fax 4373377 4416109 4250086 4240751 E-mail


Aseatic Traders and exporters Mr. Raju Shrestha Stupa Trading Concern Shangrila Export and International One World (Nepal) Trading J.P.N. Exports Arpan Intl. Pvt. Ltd. BTS Cuulong Trading Tibatan Wool Crafts Cuulong Trading Nepali Bhangro Udhyog P. Ltd. New Dahal Traders Amulet International Trading Kailash Exports Everest Fashion Fine Weaves P. Ltd. Amrita Crafts P. Ltd. GML Plus P. Ltd. Royal Creative Exports C.M. Trading Enterprises Akar Export Das Multiple Export Mr. Naresh Das Euro Cargo and Export P. Ltd.


4410595 4410765 4423484 4211285 4415378 4358924


Dhobichaur Naya bazar

4423543 4220543 4412679

Thamel Thamel Sundhara Thamel Naradevi Thamel Sallaghari Thamel Thamel



5525825 5540825 4258871 4252052 4263768 4258871

4430258 4417128 4417277

Thamel Sundhara

Thamel Thamel

4258090 4268264 5525178 4359366 4350230 4240757 4244345 4263963 4436515 4426080

4258292 4473791 5525906 4350204 4220045 4218453 4436516 4426081 4472609 4425912

Kapan Thamel

4474680 4426704 4435095 4266774 4264149




A-One Export and Import Nepal Chakra Pracharak Trading Co. P. Ltd. Motherland Traders Singakalpanagar Traders Sadle Traders The Atlas Export Sana Hastakala P. Ltd. Mr.Chandra Prasad Kakshyapati Freedom Export Lovely Collection Hand made paper products Shrestha Crafts Enterprises Mr. Laxmi Gopal Shrestha Unique Paper Crafts P. Ltd. P. H. Exports K & P Craft Amrita Craft P. Ltd. Diki Continental Exports Shambala Traders & Exports Everest Fashion Nepal Paper Crafts P. Ltd. Handmade Nepal

Thamel Kupondole

4440336 5533197

4441636 5521493


4480534 4423756

4474229 4422264 6612114 4226590 4257343 5526985

Sallaghari Thamel Kupondole

6612059 4227304 4252268 5522628

Sallaghari Kalanki Gongabu

4268369 4256034 6611472 6612420 4376137 4276977 4353262

4266477 6610350 4278088 4353526

Ravi Bhawan


4272822 4332261 4440154 4220045 4266696 4410818

Thamel Thamel Thamel Thamel

4424842 4440298 4240757 4244345 4224067 4256919 4411043 4423925 5525178 4224873 5534331

Sundhara Bagh bazar

5525906 4413038


Crafted in Kathmandu P. Ltd. K.L. International Nava International Aries Trading Mr.Surendra Man Maharjan Chhepu International Mr. Nabin Shakya Collection and Crafts Ms. Durga Jyoti Shakya Cotton Crafts Ms Sharada Rajkarnikar Cotton Craft Ms Shanti Shrestha Export of Nepal P. Ltd. Mr. Upendra Rana/Ms Brinda Rana GG Enterprises Mr. Gunja Gopal Bhajju Godavari Handicraft Ms Gaura Giri High Himalaya Garment Mr. Netra Raj Giri Kailash Pashmina Industry Mr. Damodar Neupane Kumari Handicraft


Chhetrapati Tibuckchhen Chhauni

4260448 6610515 6610414 4271098

4228179 6610212 4273778

Battis putali

4491937 4489593



4259171 4262785






4223481 4256133 5527916 5523608 5527871











Rudramati marg

4430320 4421263



Suppliers Mr. Kiran Shrestha Nepal Traditional Crafts P. Ptd. Mr. Upendra Shamsher JB Rana Samadhi Export P. Ltd. Mr. Bashu Dev Dahal Samasti Handicraft Ms. Malika Shrestha/ Shanti Vaidya Sanjhya Craft Mr Sarbagun Ratna Tamrakar Six Seasons P. Ltd. Mr. Manishree Ratna Bajracharya Suruchi Enterprises Mr. Murari Prasad Bhattarai Tamu Overseas Trade & Exports Mr. Ishwor Gurung The Planet Export Mr. Diwakar P. Thapalia


5523608 5527915



4427918 4499000


Mahaboudha 4267389


Yatkha Bahal

4216676 4259076 4258999 4258985






4230469 4244085





Annex- 6: List of Bamboo Crafts Traders/Exporters
Name of Address Exporters Nepali Craft Ravi Bhavan Trading Pvt. Ltd Nepal Chakra Kopundole Pracharak Trading Phone Fax E-mail 4275108 4272676 4270721 5533197 5521493


Co. P. Ltd. Aseatic Traders & Thamel Exporters Akar Export Kapan Himalayan Crafts Laxmi Wood Craft Bansbari HLK P. Ltd One World (Nepal) Trading Crafted In Kathmandu P. Ltd. Alpine Cargo P. Ltd. Mountain Packers & Movers Traders Western Nepal Crafts P.Ltd. Nepal Craft Gallery Phoenix International Exports Kailash Exports Jyoti Trading House BTS Culong Trading K & P Craft Stupa Trading Concern Amrita Crafts P. Ltd Freedom Export Euro Cargo & Export P.Ltd. Das Multiple Export Sun Rise Traders & Export Sai Baba Export Thamel Thamel Naradevi

4410595 4410765 4474680 5529271 4371465 4371440 4253444 4249444 4251942

4412679 4472609 4371971 4224247 4251842

Thamel Thamel Thamel Chakupat Thamel

4416845 4423544 4352182 4417208 4352171 5521339 5523997 5523997 4258640 4250319 4262951 4258090 4258292 4268264 4473791 4228951 4258871 4424842 4440298 4211385 4415378 4240757 4244345 4268369 4256034 4266774 4264149 4426704 4435095 4442842 4440298 4255109 4440154 4423543 4220543 4220045 4266477 4266774 4425912 4440154 4267013

Thamel Bhurungkhel Thamel Thamel Dhobichour Thamel

Thamel Thamel Thamel Thamel


Kalika Export House Lydia Trading P. Ltd. World Link Export Rising International Diki Continental Export Brave Gorkhas Enterprises New Age Creation P. Ltd. Jashu Garment P. Ltd. K L International J B Art Center JPN Exports Bagmati Paper Industries P. Ltd. Tibetan Handicrafts Industry Village Crafts Exporters Yetiland Exports P.H. Exports C.M. Trading Enterprises R.P. Impex New World Link Export Superior Arts & Handicrafts Phoenix International Exporters Buddhist Ritual Arts & Handicrafts Shrestha Crafts Enterprises

Samakhusi Khumaltar Chhetrapati Thamel Thamel Thamel Battisputali Suryabinayak Chhetrapati Thamel Sinamangal Dhumbarahi

4267013 4351593 4351665 5521622 4226820 5523322 4260624 4258546 4221492 4230605 4230429 4224067 4266696 4256919

4271652 4260894 6616511 4260448 4228179 4260448 4491080 4493407 4410744 4410743 4414114 4259329 4254295 4260073 4223662 4267843 4332261 4426080 4426081



4416095 4441695 4250086 4268539 4250169 4249978 4251507 4258640 4250319 4262951 4486316 4491953




4353262 4353526


Siddhartha Handicrafts and Garments P.Ltd. Nepal Crafts Collection P.Ltd. Asian Exports Jaya Bangalamukhi Enterprises Rising Traders & Exporters The Shangrila Trade Concern The Atlas Exports Namaste Paper & Craft Centre Sunrise Export Kumariz Export Nepal Namaste Collection P. Ltd. Cross World International Tibet Trade

4226714 4231724

Thamel Thamel

4436180 4436795 4370371 4440548 4356963 4413873 4248859 4258441 4258441 4221492 4230605 4230429 4246891 4240751 4252268 6610079 6610218 4256342 4219006 4247567 5534164 4257343 4268665 4230393 5536059

Thamel Jhochhen Thamel Bolachhen Chhetrapati Jhochhen Harihar Bhawan Jyatha Thamel

4221492 4230605 4230429 4252042 4253527 4253527

Annex-7: Lists of Herbal Incense Traders/Exporters
Name of Exporters Amrita Craft P. Ltd. Anita's Enterprises Ms Anita Rouniyar Aries Trading Mr.Surendra Man Maharjan Aseatic Traders and exporters Mr. Raju Shrestha Atlanta Traders & Exporters Mr. Raju Baniya BN Int'l Export & Cargo P. Ltd. Mr. Neer Kumar Thapa Address Thamel Makhantole Chhauni Phone Fax E-mail 4240757 4220045 4244345 4264067 4226510 4271098 4273778



4410595 4412679 4410765 4423484 4427877 4427877


4263424 4250200


Brave Gorkhas Enterprises Mr. Resham Bahadur Pokhrel Chamunda Hastakala Centre Mr. Lal Thapa Chhepu International Mr. Nabin Shakya Collection and Crafts Ms. Durga Jyoti Shakya Enam Trading Mr. Anil Chandra Mandal Everest Cashmere Industry Mr. Chiranjivi Kafle Exports of Nepal P. Ltd Mr. Upendra Rana Fine Handicrafts Mr. Anil Ratna Shakya Folk Nepal Mr. Dhan Kumar Rai Freight Links Nepal Mr. Shambhu Raj Panta Gautam Gift Emporium Mr. Gautam Ratna Shakya GG Enterprises Mr. Gunja Gopal Bhajju Gupta Art Supplies Ms Neelina Him Handicraft & Loom CompanyP. Ltd. Mr. Balendra B. Singh HLK Enterprises P. Ltd. Mr. Him Lal Kapri JJ Store & General Suppliers Mr.Ram Raja Prasad


4249444 4224247


4470869 4470869

Battis putali Naradevi

4491937 4489593 4489593 4259171 4259010 4262785 5548870 5548870


New Baneshwor

4477064 4474274

5527916 5527871 5523608 Jawalakhel Lazimpat Thamel 5534588 5526870 4426009 4252602 4249146 4249146


5537776 5539206


4246874 4265009

Makhantole Bansbari

4245697 4223627 4416591 4373202 4373201


4253444 4224247 4249444 5529911 5544042 5540471



Joshi Keywest Handicraft Enterprises Mr. Gyan Bahadur Bajracharya Kumari Handicraft Suppliers Mr. Kiran Shrestha MR Pashmina Industry Mr.Maheswor Lal Shrestha Nepal Charkha Pracharak Trading Co. P. Ltd. Mr. Sunil Chitrakar Nepal Export Co. P. Ltd. Mr. Murari Prasad Gautam Nepal Traditional Crafts P. Ptd. Mr. Upendra Shamsher JB Rana Nepal all Production & Marketing Establishment P. Ltd. Mr. Hari Prasad Sharma News Carpet & Pashmina Industries P. Ltd. Mr. Raju Lama Panchashil International P. Ltd. Mr. Narayan Prasad Pradhananga Quick Export Mr.Bhuwan Dahal R & R Handicraft Exporter Mr. Raju Ranjitkar Sanjhya Craft Mr Sarbagun Ratna Tamrakar Shangrila Export


5533228 5535358 5535358

Rudramati marg Jaya Bageswori

4430320 4424294 4421263 4495120 4492066


5533197 5521493 5521607


4422801 4414174


5523608 5527871 5527915


4410485 4410195

Swoyambhu 4272864 4254182



Thamel Bafal

4420653 4423600 4228779 4282950 4256999 4216676 4259076 4257051 4257051

Yatkha Bahal Thamel


Mr. Ram Babu Pandey Siranchok Enterprises Mr. Suk Bahadur Gurung Sufficient Export & Import Mr. Ram Sharan Thapalia Tamu Overseas Trade & Exports Mr. Ishwor Gurung The Myad Hater Enterprises Mr. Rajendra Bahadur Deuja The Planet Export Mr. Diwakar P. Thapalia The Shangrila Trade Concern Mr. Ramesh Bikram Thapa Tibetan Handicrafts Industry Mr. Nima Sherpa


4253444 4224247


4264793 4229967


4230469 4230469 4244085 4436764 4410339



4424231 4412083


4246891 4240751


4820044 4820043


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